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Some may remember this, as I posted it previously as an illustrated story. I took down the illustrated version, so I thought I'd put up the text version again. The illustrated version is available ( and a future story is going to have an illustrated version as well, though it won't be posted to Lit ) so just ask if you'd like to have me email it to you.

Thanks to everyone who read, voted, and commented on the original.


Andrea stepped down off the bus, feeling self-conscious. She shifted her daybag to the other hand, and hurried away from the stop, positive that everyone on the bus knew exactly what she was doing.

The feeling was silly, but it hadn't stopped her from worrying through the entire ride across town. In a block or two, she would be safely inside, and she could forget all about it.

Andrea turned her thoughts to the weekend. She didn't have much in the bag — just one change of clothes, and a few other, more important things. If things worked out as planned, she wouldn't be dressed very often anyway. That's where the lube, her vibrator, and everything else in the bag would come into play.

Between work and class, she and Steven had barely seen each other for the last month. Andrea had to work long hours to pay for her apartment, now that her roommate had moved out. She really needed another roommate, or to convince Steven that they should move in together.

Regardless, Andrea's fingers and her vibe weren't cutting it any more. She needed him badly, and now that their schedules had finally worked out, they had a whole weekend together — a long weekend.

Andrea had managed to convince one of her friends at work to take her shift, giving her Friday off as well. That provided the opportunity to surprise Steven today, adding one more day of fucking until neither of them could think straight.

Andrea was already wet thinking about it, and her panties would have been soaked, if she was wearing any.

Her heart nearly stopped when she walked around the corner and saw Kyle getting out of his car. No. You were supposed to be gone already, she thought with frustration. Her boyfriend's roommate should have left yesterday for a job.

Kyle noticed her and nodded as she approached. "Hey, Andrea."

Andrea tried to keep the irritation out of her voice when she said, "I thought you had a job this weekend."

"Permit hang-up, so we can't start until Monday." He held up a hand and said, "Don't worry. Steven said that you were coming over, so I'm crashing at a friend's place for the weekend. Thought you had to work today, and were coming over tomorrow."

Relieved, Andrea said, "I got today off, so I was coming to surprise him."

"I just need to grab a movie, and I'll get out of your hair."

Andrea's cheeks warmed a little when she caught Kyle's eyes darting away from her nipples pressing against her blouse. She followed him to the door of the apartment, hoping that he would keep his word and leave quickly. She was absolutely in heat from lack of sex.

Kyle grabbed the doorknob, and made a surprised face when he found it locked. He shrugged, retrieved his key, and unlocked the door.

Both he and Andrea froze in place as the door opened to reveal clothing scattered everywhere around the front room. In the center of it all, a redheaded woman on her knees was sucking Steven's cock.

Kyle quickly shut the door, but the damage was already done. Andrea spun and walked away, her eyes filling with tears. She barely registered Kyle muttering, "Fuck — dude," as he turned to follow her.

"Hey, hang on," Kyle called out as he hurried to catch up. "Sorry," he said as he reached her. "Do you need a ride home?"

The next bus wouldn't come around for some time, and the last thing Andrea wanted to do was sit at the bus stop — probably bawling the whole time — until it did. She took a deep breath and nodded.

"C'mon," he said, and gestured toward his car.

Andrea sat silent in the passenger seat of his car, too hurt and stunned to even come to grips with the truth yet. She hugged her bag against her and fought back tears.

Kyle glanced over every so often as he drove, and finally said, "I promise you — I had no idea. I can't believe he..." After a sigh, he added, "Steven's an idiot. You were the best thing that ever happened to him."

"Thank you," Andrea responded in a soft voice. She actually felt a tiny fraction better when she heard the sincerity in his words. He sounded almost as if he was as upset with Steven as her.

The rest of the ride was silent. Kyle had said what he needed to say, and the chaos of emotions surging through Andrea kept her from speaking. She managed a thanks for the ride when he pulled up in front of her apartment, and then went directly to the bedroom.

Once safely home, the bottled up emotions within Andrea boiled over into a torrent of anger and tearful sobbing.


Andrea's depression had burned away in the heat of her anger by the next morning — an emotion made all the stronger because she'd awakened from a sex dream, reminding her of what had happened, and her own needs.

She got on the bus with her bag again, but it was empty this time. She needed something to carry home the things that she'd left at the cheating prick's apartment.

When she turned the last corner, she didn't see Steven's car at the apartment. He also hadn't answered when she called his cell.

Fucking coward, she thought as she dug out her keys from her purse. She decided to find all of her things, throw her copy of his apartment key on his bed, and never speak to him again. He wasn't even worth screaming at.

Andrea unlocked the door, her stomach going sour when doing it reminded her of not only of what she'd seen yesterday, but how much time and love she'd devoted to Steven.

When the door opened, she was surprised to see Kyle, because she hadn't noticed his car when she walked up. The look on his face said that he was just as surprised to see her.

Kyle was bare-chested — completely bare-chested. Andrea was a little surprised to discover that he shaved his chest, and even more surprised by the tingle it caused between her legs. She'd never really paid much attention to him, because she was dating Steven, but now, it was hard not to notice his muscled chest, and his rugged, handsome face.

Andrea realized that she was staring when his eyebrows twitched upward.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were home," Andrea said with a wince as she put her keys away. "I just came to get my stuff."

"Go ahead. Let me know if you need any help finding something. I might know where he stashed it."

Andrea could hear irritation in Kyle's voice, but she could also tell by where it sounded the strongest that he was mad at Steven, not at her. "Thanks," she said with a smile.

"No problem," Kyle responded, and then turned back to the television.

Andrea's eyes wandered to him one more time as she walked toward the bathroom. Despite the hurt of Steven's betrayal, she still had a well of need inside her from the long dry spell, and the sight of Kyle with his shirt off was tapping into that.

A little shiver shook her as she crossed the threshold into the bathroom to retrieve her things there. Once again, she glanced at Kyle when she left the bathroom for Steven's bedroom. This time, he looked her way as well, and their eyes locked for a moment. Andrea's cheeks warmed, and she averted her eyes — but not before smiling at him again.

Andrea gathered up what few things of hers were in the bedroom, and then went on a hunt. It didn't take her long to find the pair of panties that Steven had kept after the first time that they had sex. She stuffed the panties into her bag, relieving him of his trophy.

The more she thought about it, the madder Andrea got. She doubted that she was going to be able to avoid confronting Steven, regardless of her thoughts when she arrived to find him gone. She zipped up her bag, and walked back into the front room with a thousand biting comments flitting through her head.

Kyle looked over from the television and asked, "Find everything?"

Andrea nodded, and then relaxed her jaw, because her teeth were clenched in anger.

"You okay?"

"Just... You know..."

"Yeah," Kyle said with a sympathetic shrug. "Pissed off, hurt, frustrated..."

"Very frustrated," Andrea said before she could think about it. Looking at him made that particular emotion quite acute. Despite everything that had happened the day before, she'd still awakened wet and aroused from a hot dream. Now that she considered it, the mystery man who had fucked her so well as she slept reminded her of Kyle.

"You want to wait around until the next bus? I could give you a ride."

Andrea's first thought when he said that was, I'd love to ride you right now.

She was a little shocked by just how much her sexual needs were taking control of her. Her body was positively screaming at her that there was a half-naked, attractive man sitting right in front of her who would probably be more than willing to help her out.

Andrea walked in behind the couch and said, "You're too sweet."

"It's no problem. Besides, we're sort of in the same boat."

"What do you mean?"

"I went out with that girl he was with a couple of times recently."

Andrea laid her hand on his shoulder. "Oh my god — I'm sorry."

"It's no big deal. Wasn't like it was anything serious, but it still pisses me off."

Andrea unconsciously stroked her fingers over his shoulder. She only realized what she was doing when his shoulder quivered, and she felt a chilly pinch from her nipples stiffening. He was wearing Curve cologne — her favorite. Andrea's fingers slipped over toward his neck, her eyes dropping to his bare, muscular chest.

He closed his eyes for a moment, and drew in a deep breath. "Do you use some kind of lavender lotion?"

She smiled, and nodded. "You're wearing Curve, aren't you?"

"Yeah," he replied, his eyes looking deep into hers.

Andrea surrendered to her need, and the intoxicating scent of his cologne. "It drives me crazy," she said as she moved in behind him and let her hands slide down his chest.

Andrea leaned over him as, delighting in the feeling of his hot skin beneath her fingers. She'd asked Steven to shave for her several times after he persuaded her to go completely bare, but he had always made excuses. She could see the bulge in Kyle's jeans, and wondered how she'd possibly ignored it before.

Kyle smiled up at her, his muscles tightening. "How crazy?"

Andrea's voice dropped into a sultry whisper when she answered, "This crazy," and leaned down to kiss him.

For some reason, the light stubble on his chin excited her just as much as his bare chest. Her right hand stroked over his chin, while her left continued to explore his body. The kiss quickly grew impassioned, her tongue twining with his.

Kyle's fingers wrapped around Andrea's wrist, pulling her down to him. At the same time, he curled an arm around her to run his fingers through her hair, twining the digits into her blonde tresses.

Andrea was a little taken aback, at first. Since her first experimentations, she'd always been sexually aggressive. It was rare when she didn't drive any sexual encounter, and Kyle switching up the roles on her caused her heart to skip a beat. His arms held her as surely as iron bars, though she had no desire whatsoever to escape.

He pulled away from the kiss with a deep groan, and let the hand on the back of her head drop down to the back of the couch. He maintained his grip on her wrist, and used it to swing her around the couch.

Andrea gasped, sensing his need for her in the strength of his grip, and the hunger in his eyes. As she walked around to the front of the couch, he let go, but only long enough to grab her other wrist and pull her to him once she was within reach.

Andrea sat down hard, a little off-balance from both his unexpected tug and the sheer animal attraction of him. For the first time in her life, Andrea felt like the prey, not the hunter.

She quickly discovered that she liked it.

Kyle kissed her hard, lifting the tail of her candy-striped tank up to expose her belly to his hand. He pulled her back against him as they kissed, his fingers tracing along her tummy and the top of her skirt, giving her chills. His other hand slipped around to join the first, and suddenly tugged her top up over her breasts.

"Oh yeah," he quietly growled, and cupped the firm globes in his hands.

Andrea gasped as he squeezed her breasts, and rubbed the stiff, pink tips. He leaned in to suck the near one, and Andrea shuddered from the touch — far too long denied.

Kyle released her nipple with a hard slurp, and then turned her face to him as he lifted his head. While his lips pressed hard against hers, he tugged her skirt up to reveal her blue trimmed panties. Andrea whimpered as he pinched her nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

Andrea moaned into the kiss, and then sucked in a stuttering breath as his fingers pressed against the damp spot on her panties. That touch didn't last long, as he almost immediately jerked the cotton aside to expose her wet pussy to his fingers.

Kyle looked down as he parted her nether lips, and then dipped his middle finger deep into her saturated canal. "Damn, you're wet," he said as he wriggled his finger inside her.

"Oh, that feels good," Andrea sighed. "Don't stop."

Kyle offered her a crooked grin, and then really went to work. Andrea's breathing soon turned to pants as his fingers danced over her folds. The digits seemed to know how to touch her, just as well as her own. He found her every sensitive spot with just the right pressure, quickly building a hot tingle behind her mound.

Andrea reached over to feel his cock through his jeans, and licked her lips as she got a sense of him through the denim. From the very first touch, she knew he was big, and that only heightened the excitement of his talented fingers making her quiver.

As his fingers moved faster and Andrea's passions mounted, she fumbled with his belt, trying to unhook the buckle. Her awkward attempts were made even more difficult when he started paying more attention to her clit, causing her to writhe in his grasp. She'd never had a man finger her pussy for this long before — let alone so well.

Andrea managed to pop open his belt buckle just as Kyle centered two fingers over her hood and rubbed them back and forth, rolling her swollen clit beneath. Jolts of pleasure shot up her spine, causing Andrea's fingers to dig into the couch cushions and curl around his leather belt — squeezing it tight in her grip.

Right as the first little itch of climax crept up on her, Kyle's fingers slipped down to wriggle between her folds. Andrea whimpered in protest and grabbed his wrist, trying to force his fingers back to her clit.

Kyle easily resisted her attempt to regain control, and pinched her nipple in response. "Oh, that's a beautiful pussy," he whispered in her ear, and then planted several kisses on her neck.

"Please make me come," Andrea whimpered. "It feels so good, but I need to come so bad."

"You want me to make your pussy come?"

"Make my pussy come. Rub my clitty — please."

Kyle growled as his fingers glided back to her hood. A sharp sigh escaped Andrea when his finger slipped beneath the protective sheathe to rub her juices directly into her swollen bud.

The itch behind Andrea's mound returned almost instantly when Kyle started rubbing her clit with fast side-to-side strokes again. She was so wet that she could hear the squishy sounds of her folds sliding over each other, and feel drops of her juices spattering against her thighs. Warbling, pained-sounding cries bubbled from her lips as she ascended toward a peak.

"Do it. Come for me," Kyle demanded in a low, quiet voice, his lips right next to her ear.

Andrea cried out as she reached the cusp of oblivion. "Oh! Oh! Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes..." Her throat tightened, choking off her words into a sharp, coughing sound, and then she came.

A series of long, loud whimpers followed Andrea's scream of release, and her hair whipped as her head lashed back and forth from the ecstasy shooting through her. Her fingers curled so tightly that she bunched up the stiff couch cushions between them. She growled when Kyle thrust two fingers deep inside her and kept rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Andrea's hips bucked, trying to get more of his fingers inside her, and pressing her clit harder against his thumb. Her face flushed red hot, matching the feeling of hot tightness between her legs. She kept coming, releasing the pent up need that had built inside her for the last month.

The orgasmic thrashings of Andrea's body slowed as her climax played out. She continued to twitch for a short while afterward — her pussy walls clamping down tight on Kyle's buried fingers. She moaned in protest when the digits slipped from her with an audible slurping sound.

Andrea looked over at him as he sucked his fingers clean. "My god," she groaned. "That was... Oh — that was fucking incredible."

"Thought you liked it," Kyle responded with a little chuckle, and then kissed her still-hot forehead.

"Nobody has ever made me come with his fingers before," Andrea told him, her voice soft and languid from the warm glow of satisfaction filling her from head to toe.

Kyle adjusted his swollen erection, causing a final, sharp jolt of bliss to ripple through Andrea's pussy. She reached for the button of his jeans, anxious for more.

Kyle popped open the button and pulled down the zipper, revealing the outline of his cock beneath the burgundy-striped boxers. He lifted his ass just enough to pull down his pants, letting his cock spring free.

"Oh my," Andrea breathed when she saw him. He was an inch or so longer than Steven, and thicker as well. What really drew her attention was that his shaving hadn't stopped at his chest. Only a thin trail of hair on his stomach pointed down to his smooth-shaven cock.

Andrea immediately cupped his balls in her hand, loving the feeling of the smooth orbs. This was something else she'd unsuccessfully tried to talk Steven into. She loved the way a man quivered when she licked and sucked his balls, but hated the kinky hairs tickling her and getting caught in her teeth.

Andrea sat up with the intention of leaning over his lap to take him in her mouth, but Kyle levered up from the couch to stand at the same time. He pulled his jeans down to almost his knees, and then grabbed her wrist.

"Oh!" Andrea exclaimed as he pulled her from the couch, guiding her to her knees. She dropped her panties before she knelt down, as the cotton was uncomfortably digging into her from being pulled aside. She tilted her head and leaned in to caress his dangling orbs with a broad swipe of her tongue.

"Oh yeah," Kyle groaned from her ministrations. He put one hand on her shoulder, and twined the fingers of the other into her blonde locks.

Andrea lapped his tightening sack, and his cock bumped against her forehead as it twitched. She traced the creases with flickering touches of her tongue tip, and then looked up at him to say, "I love it all smooth."

Kyle moaned as she maintained eye contact, while running her tongue up his shaft. She ended the teasing lick with a flicker of her tongue over the swollen head.

Andrea returned to his balls, and sucked the right one between her lips. She simply caressed it at first, but then sucked a little harder. Kyle's fingers tightened in her hair, and she let him slip free, but only to take his other orb in her mouth.

Kyle groaned and breathed heavily as she continued her loving labor on his balls. Without warning, he slipped his hands under her arms.

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