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Evening Class


My wife Faith is a teacher at evening class, with an all-male class, and tonight was the last night of the year. Traditionally the last night was party night, and tonight was to be no exception.

She had kept me intrigued in the past telling me stories about the men in the class, with one man in particular, who not only kept inviting her out for a drink (an invitation she had put off each week) but was probably the most lecherous, although they were all a little naughty in their innuendos and bantering, often to the point of being certainly bawdy, if not almost lewd. But she loved it, and usually gave some of it back whenever she felt she could get away with it. She was also something of a tease, for she told me each week how she made a point of sitting perched on the edge of the desk, this position allowing the class to see right up her skirt, for she always sat with her legs parted a little and usually wore skirts which had a slit, and this slit was usually worn at the front. Sometimes she had even worn fishnet tights instead of nylon ones, as she said that fishnets didn't hide as much so that they could always tell the colour of her knickers!

But tonight was to be party night, and she had decided that, as a treat, she would wear stockings and suspenders. She said that she intended giving the men a better view of her thighs, and had asked me to help her choose her outfit, so I was fully aware of her intentions.

"I'm also wondering whether or not I should accept that invitation for a drink afterwards," she said.

"I think you should," I told her, "in which case I now know what you ought to wear."

"Remember then that I intend wearing stockings and suspenders!" she laughed.

"I am remembering!" I told her. Then I went to her wardrobe and took out an extremely short mini-skirt which she usually only wore only on holidays as an alternative to a sundress. It was so short and tight that it barely covered her crutch when she wore it on holiday, but she usually wore matching knickers underneath, which made it appear a purpose-made outfit.

"They'll be able to see my stocking tops and even my suspenders without my perching back on the desk," she gasped, " and almost be able to see my knickers every time I move!"

"I know!" I replied wickedly "That's why I don't think you should wear any knickers at all!"

She looked at me with an expression I found it difficult to fathom, then with a equally mischievous grin she looked me fully in the eye and said, "Right! I'm game! Just so long as you realise it was your suggestion in the first place!"

"And no bra, either," I added. "But you can wear this top!" And I handed her another of her holiday items – a halter top with a 'plunge-to-the-waist' neckline and no back at all, the material being see-though fine lace, which allowed her nipples to be plainly seen, and which meant she could usually only wear it indoors when we were on our own.

She looked at me again in that strange sort of way, and then said, "I might just as well be completely naked. They'll all be able to see everything most of the time. And how dare I go for a drink dressed like that? For one thing what will John think, and for another, how am I going to be able get into a pub dressed like that?"

"I would imagine that John would be thrilled if you accept his invitation dressed like that!" I laughed. "I can see you getting a good pawing at least from him. If he doesn't he would not be worth going for a drink with!"

She laughed in her turn. "In that case I think you had better be in bed when I get home in case you get upset at what I might get up to!"

I laughed, then said, "Quite sincerely – you are free to get up to whatever you want, and I genuinely promise that whatever you do will be the exact opposite of upsetting me – it will actually excite me!"

She finally dressed in my chosen outfit, put on a fairly long coat, and explained that John would probably want to bring her home in his car, so she would not take hers this time. So I ran her to the college in my own car so that her mode of dress was not obvious to anyone she might meet on the way, dropped her off after kissing her and once more re-assuring her that whatever she chose to do that evening would receive my fullest blessings.

It was well after midnight when I heard the front door open. I crept to the top of the stairs as I heard her say quite loudly, "It's all right, John. He sleeps like a log once he has gone to bed. Nothing will disturb him." We have two lights in the hall – a soft glow type which is normally left on most of the time, and a very bright fluorescent one which we only use when doing any type of work in there. So, as if to emphasise her meaning, she switched the intensely brilliant light fully on! Her hair was mussed up, and apart from her tall-heeled shoes she was completely naked! In the bright light I could see, as she turned from switching on the light, that her back was covered in patches of something dark – probably mud, and one of her breasts was similarly coated. Her shaven pussy, puffy and fiery, seemed to glisten with moisture in the harsh hall light.

"Thanks for a wonderful evening, John," she was saying. "I know we only had the one drink, but it was worth not wasting time drinking when it meant we could spend more time fucking. I feel almost sore from the times we have done it, but remember you will only have to ask in future and my cunt will be yours. If my husband answers the phone tell him you are John from Evening Class with a bit of a problem. He'll call me over and you can say whatever you want then. He won't hear you, for he always leaves me to speak quite privately on a telephone, as if he shouldn't eavesdrop! But can you fuck me once more before you go?"

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, but I'm exhausted. I don't think I have any come left in me, and I wouldn't be able to get it hard again very easily! Let's leave it for another time, in the distant future, say, such as tomorrow night?"

His hand was rubbing her pussy quite tenderly as they were speaking, and her hand was hidden as it groped inside his trousers. Suddenly she bent down and took out his now limpish prick and kissed it fully on the helmet before returning to kiss him not only on the lips but inserting her tongue into his mouth the way she had only ever done with me previously. At least as far as I knew, that is, but I felt certain I was right in this respect.

When they broke apart she looked straight at him, still holding on to him by the waist, and asked, "How would you like me to dress tomorrow? Or would you rather come here so that I can look absolutely wanton when I open the door to you – no long coat to go out in like I had to do tonight. My husband won't be in until the early hours, so we can suck and fuck as long as we like before you go home to your own wife."

"I'll leave it to you how you dress, in that case," he answered. "Just as long as I can see and taste that fabulous pussy of yours whenever I want to, just like we did tonight. But I shall have to be going. My wife thinks I am at a friend's house playing cards, but it is time I was home. Until tomorrow, then, Faith," and once again they embraced and French-kissed. But eventually they had to break apart, and with a last look at Faith in her dishevelled state he returned to his car, Faith standing fully lit up in the doorway for his benefit, although she knew she could not been seen from the road owing to the bend in the drive and the trees flanking the drive.

As soon as he had walked round the curve she closed the door, and without looking up at me said, "You can come down now. I want another drink while I tell you the full story of tonight!"

I followed her into the lounge, where she poured out a large whisky for me, and an even larger neat gin for herself. She made no attempt to cover herself, although I don't know why she should after her displaying herself as she had done for John.

"Now sit down, play with yourself if you like, but don't touch me until I have finished my story or I'll never be able to remember all the details, and I want to tell you every single element of it."

I sat down opposite her, and although she played with finger after finger in her cunt as she told me the story, never once did I attempt to touch her until she had finished.

"I arrived in my long coat, as you know," she began, "and just as I entered the classroom I met John – the man who has repeatedly asked me out for a drink after class. Once again he asked me, and I told him that as this was the last night I would agree, but that there were conditions. When he asked what they were I told him that firstly he had to make sure that he was seated right at the front of the class. I also made it clear that no one else had to know that we would be going for a drink together afterwards no matter how tempted he might be, hinting that he might wish to boast about it. When he asked me why I thought that, I told him, as mysteriously as I could make it, that, as tonight was party night, things might be said which could alter any teacher/student relationships."

"I remained in my long coat until the rest of the class had arrived, although three of the men had sent their apologies, as they had already started their holiday."

"John had done as instructed, and had taken the seat in the centre at the front, then I walked round to the front of the class and said, 'As you know, tonight is 'let-your-hair-down' night, and I intend doing just that. You must all be aware that I have always been fully aware of the fact that whenever I have perched on my desk you have all done your utmost to look up my skirt. Every one of you! And I have always let you! Well, as this is the last night as a special treat I've put on stockings instead of tights so there won't be anything obstructing my knickers tonight, but I must insist that you all remain in your seats until I give permission for anyone to stand up. Agreed?"

"They all agreed, their smug grins indicating that they thought that they were ahead of me, and that they would be able to see my knickers properly. I was soon to prove them wrong!"

"I told them, though, that my coat was staying on for the time being. I could hear them whispering about stockings and suspenders versus hold-ups, and inwardly I was roaring with laughter as to how they would soon see more of me than anyone other than you had ever seen."

"Anyway, I said that we would have the last lesson, although much shorter than previously, after which we would then eat our party cakes and share the couple of bottles of wine I had provided. I would then ask them all to write down their answer to a simple question after which I would give the answer and also remove my coat. But there was also a promise which they all had to make – that not one of them would ever let on to anyone else what might happen in this classroom this evening!"

"They all agreed, a little subdued, but evidently looking forward to my removing my coat. I gave the final summary of what we had done throughout the term, then asked John as he was nearest to the front, to pour out the wine for everyone else, and asked Mike to take round the cakes which had all been pooled onto one large plate. As soon as we had all eaten I asked them all to take out a pen or pencil and a piece of paper for my final question, which I would collect and then remove my coat as I gave them the correct answer."

"They all looked a little eager now, and pens and paper were produced immediately, and they all looked up in anticipation for my question. When it came there were loud chuckles, and instant hurried scribbling, for the question I asked them all was, 'What colour do you think my knickers are?'"

"I collected the papers, glanced through them, then put them on the table, after which, very deliberately, I unbuttoned my coat but held it together until with one swift shrug I dropped the coat onto the floor, revealing myself in the exceptionally short skirt and displaying both stockings and suspenders for their incredulous gaze plus the almost non-existent transparent lace top. I reminded them all of their promise not to move without my permission and then told them to watch carefully, and two things would now happen. Firstly I would sit for them in exactly the same position I had sat in every lesson for the past term, and then I would sit in such a way that they could see who was right at guessing the colour of my knickers. I stood quite still for a few seconds whilst they all became excited in expectation, although none of them could possibly have anticipated what they were actually going to see. Then, placing both hands firmly on the table behind me, with one swift leap backwards I not only placed my bottom on the table, but both feet as well spread apart in front of me! I was not only showing them that I was minus any knickers at all, but was actually flaunting what they had never expected to see – my gaping pussy in all its shaven glory!"

"Then I reminded them all once again that they could only move with my permission, although every one of them was now fumbling under the desk – presumably touching himself and trying to have a surreptitious wank. They nodded their agreement as much as they could with their eyes almost popping out, and so I said again that as this was the last night of the term, and we were now just about at the end of the night's lesson, I would allow them to leave one by one as I called them out of their place. Immediately they looked as if none of them wanted to leave, but I grinned as I continued that this meant that if they appreciated me as a teacher over the term, then I would permit a little indulgence and would not report any of them should they decide to snatch a kiss. 'After all, you have been a wonderful class' I praised them.' And then I proceeded to call out their names one by one to wish the goodnight, but adding that no arms were to go round my neck. 'That position for a kiss is reserved for my husband!' I explained, 'but nowhere else is taboo! Which means your hands can go anywhere else!' I audaciously added, hoping that they would grasp my meaning. And they did!"

"I called out the first name, and Mike came bounding eagerly towards me, his mouth meeting my open one for an unquestionably sex-laden tongue kiss as his hand hesitantly touched my naked thigh. I grasped his hand with mine so as to slide it upwards along the bare flesh until it reached my wet gaping pussy. When he found that my only reaction to that was to reach my tongue further into his mouth he plucked up enough courage to really diddle me. Finally, though I broke away and wished him 'Goodnight', and reminding him that others were awaiting their turn, that being sufficient of a hint to tell him that he had had his share for tonight. He left, vowing that he would be joining my class again next term!"

"I must admit that they were all extremely good in obeying my wishes. Even though every single one of them had a good grope they made no moves to go further, and all of them obediently left without any fuss, although my pussy was actually dripping by this stage. That is, until John's turn, and I had purposely left him until last. As he was the only one left in the room I was able to speak more frankly to him as I told him that he would have to leave in a minute or so in order that the others might have no suspicion about our arrangements. I would accompany him for one drink, I told him, but that I had other needs than a drink, nor would he need to use alcohol to release any of my inhibitions, as he could see! But then I told him that because he would in all probability want a kiss later on he could not kiss me on the mouth, but that he could do so anywhere else if he wished. "

" 'On one condition,' he countered. 'That you tell me where you want me to kiss you!'"

"I knew that he was just wanting me to talk dirty, so I humoured him. 'You can kiss either my tits or my cunt,' I told him, whereupon he grasped his penis through his trousers to relieve the discomfort caused by the pressure of his swollen prick, then put his face right up against my thighs, his tongue going right inside my gaping hole whilst his hands reached up and grasped both my breasts at once. Scooping out his tongue but still keeping hold of my breasts he transferred it to my own mouth, where I could taste the tanginess of my own juices." "But it was impossible to continue in the classroom, as I reluctantly had to tell him. Another teacher or even a cleaner could pop their heads round the door any time, and in any case, he had to be seen leaving the classroom alone to keep up the charade for the benefit of the others in the class, who were probably still hanging round outside."

" 'You go now,' I told him. 'Drive off, and then come back again for me when the others think you have gone. I'll be in the car park with my long coat on again.'"

"He smiled agreement and went out, and I could hear him talking to the others outside, but I trusted them to keep entirely quiet about what had transpired this evening."

"I put on my coat, left the room, and wished 'Good night' to the odd person I met, then went out into the car park. Soon I heard a car entering, rather than leaving, as most of the cars were already doing, and assumed it was John. It was, and he chivalrously got out to open the passenger door for me."

" 'I presume you are hoping I will give you another view of my cunt as I get in,' I laughed. 'I'm sorry, but there are too many people around at present, but once I am in the car I will unfasten my coat all the way down for you.'"

"I kept my word. As soon as he had moved out of the car park I unfastened the coat all the way down and pulled it aside, whereupon his eyes started roving up and down my body. I quickly pulled my coat back into place, admonishing him slightly but nevertheless laughing – 'You're supposed to keep one eye on the road!' I scolded him. 'Let's get for that drink, for that's what I promised my husband – that I would accept your offer of a drink, and I wouldn't want to deceive him, would I?'"

"So I told him to turn into the nearest pub, have our drink, then to find somewhere where we would be secluded and undisturbed, as I was too hot with my coat on and that I could then leave my coat in the car. I told him that if we could find somewhere secluded he could then do whatever he wanted with me, to me, at me or on me! He looked quizzically at this remark, but as we were just about level with a pub he turned into its car park."

"I left my coat on, naturally, and we ordered drinks. Finding a quiet corner we went to sit there whilst we sipped them. 'I am in something of a hurry.' I said to him softly so as not to be overheard. 'I'll want you to take off everything I am wearing as soon as we get to where we are going, but I shall keep the coat on, naturally, until we are out of here.' "

"He agreed, and we could not finish our drinks fast enough. And in spite of the possibility that I might be seen I also took off my coat before getting into the car, giving John (and anyone else who might have been looking) another flash of stocking and suspender!"

"Once in the car he lost no time in driving away, as I said, 'Right - take me wherever we are going as quickly as possible. I'm dying for a piss and I don't want to ruin your upholstery. But I'll let you watch, of course, after you've torn my clothes off me!' "

"We had hardly gone more than a mile or so when he turned into a side turning, something like a farm entrance, but which seemed to peter out into a high-hedged field. Skilfully he stopped the car quite close to this hedge so that it could not be seen from the road at all (at least, I presumed that we could not be seen as we could not even see the road)."

"There was a full moon, as you know, and so we didn't need any light at all, so he switched off the car lights and we were completely alone in this meadow, yet we could see another quite plainly". " 'Tear them off if you can't unfasten them quickly,' I ordered him, and as he started by ripping off my halter-necked lace top I assisted by snapping at my skirt zipper and flinging that aside, too. All I had on, now, were my stockings and suspenders, having kicked off my shoes in the car before getting out, so I simply fell backwards, ignoring the mud which I had fallen into, and grasped both ankles to wrench both legs apart as wide as possible as I started to piss in a steaming cascade, absolutely drenching my skirt which was still between my feet.'

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