tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEvening Commute

Evening Commute


After a day of meetings in town, I find the commuter train that will take me to the lot where I've parked my car. It's late rush hour in fall, which mean it's already getting dark. I miss the late sunshine, but the warm temperatures of the Indian summer weather we've been having are a pretty good tradeoff. On the platform, I put my tote down and fold my sweater into it. I'm wearing a knit pencil skirt and a silk knit tee shirt. My legs are bare, and the outlines of my bra can be seen beneath the weave of the shirt, but I'm hardly indecent. I'm beginning to think that should change. Hmm. Let's see if we can rustle up some trouble.

I stroll up the platform to the front car. Most of the stations along this route have exits toward the rear cars, so I expect the front car to be comparatively empty. I'm wrong; it's packed. Ah, I see why: the bar car is situated here. All the men in suits are clutching plastic cups of ice and booze. And yeah, it's nearly all men. The bar cars are slated to be abolished in a few months; the old boys club looks like they want a last hurrah. I step in, pleased by the wordless acknowledgement my entrance receives. My nipples stiffen slightly. I look down the aisle for an empty seat, and find only one: a middle seat in a three-seat bench, with an older stocky man in a grey suit with a tablet on the aisle, and a lanky fellow in pinstripes with a half-full drink at the window. I nod at them, "May I?"

Neither of them looks delighted at having to accommodate a third, but they have the good manners to nod back and say "Please do." I put my bag on the floor at my feet and settle in.

I want to make some mischief here, but it takes me a few minutes to formulate a plan. After the conductor has come by to collect tickets, I begin squirming in my seat as if in discomfort. I make a few small "ow!" noises, and am rewarded with inquiring looks from my seatmates. Finally I exhale in feigned frustration and reach under the back of my top to my bra hook. "Oh my god, I can't stand this!" I mutter. I unclasp the hook and loosen the d-cups away from my breasts. I sigh in relief. Pinstripe's eyes widen. Next, I reach up my sleeve to pull the bra strap through, so I can slide my arm out. Then the same on the other arm. I pull my bra out of the bottom of my top and stuff it into my bag. My tits flop a bit with all this exertion, my nipples tent the front of my shirt.

"Are you all right?" Grey Suit asks.

I unload my vent: "Ohhh, you men just have NO idea. Those things are so uncomfortable – they use the stiffest plastic to make the stays, and they're digging into my skin," Then I gasp in embarrassment. "Oh, gosh, I'm SO sorry! I shouldn't be taking my clothes off in public! Geez!" My hands cover my giggling face.

Both men, now fully interested in the trouble my breasts are having, reassure me that they took no offense. Hah! Of course not! My line cast, it's now time to start reeling them in. Grey Suit does my work for me by asking innocently, "Er, what are 'stays'?"

"They're little bits of plastic that support the sides of bras with bigger cups," I offer, but I see his face still clouded by incomprehension. "Here: let me show you!" I pull the lacy garment back out of my bag and drape it across my lap. "See? These little pointy rib-like things, just outside the cups." Each man has half of the band in his lap, and both make oh-now-I-get-it noises as they finger the delicate material. "That's the price you pay with bigger breasts, I guess, " I pout. Both men blink, looking from the cups to my tits. I pretend not to notice. "I swear, I think they've broken my skin!" I complain. I reach around under my arms to rub the area of my sides where they've 'cut.'

As if the idea just came to me, I ask Grey Suit if he'll look to see if I'm right about my injury. Before he can disagree, I lift the side hem of my top to expose the skin next to my breast. My shirt still covers the breast itself, and I cup my other hand around it, as if to make sure nothing more is exposed. My nipple pokes through the fabric between my fingers, and I squeeze it for Pinstripe's benefit while pretending to pay my attention to Grey Suit. He peers at my bare skin. "I don't see anything," he says, sounding doubtful.

I pout some more, "It's SO sore" and pull the top back down, rubbing my imaginary wound.

Pinstripe, who has finished his drink, boozily suggests, "I should check the other side!" and bless his cheek, abruptly pulls up the other side of my top. In my surprise, I don't block his tug, and all of a sudden, my whole tit is exposed. I cover my areola with my hand as soon as I can, but the whole rest of my pale globe is bare. Pinstripe examines the 'injury.' "Oh yeah, wow, that looks painful." He says, unable to suppress his grin.

"It does hurt," I lie. His index finger traces the skin there, sending a shiver through me. I allow myself a subtle caress of the boob I'm groping. "Mmm, that's nice," I whisper. Both men exhale audibly.

Glancing at his drink cup, now empty of all but a few ice cubes, Pinstripe has another idea. "Would you like me to rub ice on it?"

"Oh, gosh, no!" But instead of denying consent, I quickly qualify my objection. "I couldn't impose. It wouldn't be right!"

He overrules: "Not at all. It would be my pleasure." He emphasizes the last two words in an unmistakable come-on. I blink innocently and nod ever so slightly. He takes an ice cube and gently touches my skin. The cold makes me gasp and close my eyes for a moment. Grey Suit shifts in his seat, frustrated he didn't have the ice cube idea first. I lift my breast a bit, and Pinstripe slides the ice into my underboob area. The small cube dissolved, Pinstripe's fingers take its place caressing my titflesh. He looks at me, murmuring, "Poor, poor titty. Bad bra to hurt such a pretty titty." I sigh and bite my lower lip. At this point, Grey Suit reaches over into Pinstripe's cup and fishes out another cube. He lifts his side of my shirt and administers the cold treatment. I let go of the breast I'm holding. Both tits are now fully exposed, and I'm reveling in the touches of these two strangers. Pinstripe takes the last of the ice cubes and passes it over my nipples, one at a time. I shiver with the cold and my excitement.

The conductor makes her way back through the car. Desperate to continue our play unimpeded, Grey Suit shifts so that his back blocks the view from the aisle, making a show of putting his tablet away. Pinstripe urges me, "Lean forward." I rest my head on the seat back in front, and he pulls the back of my shirt down where it belongs. This posture lets my still uncovered breasts swing free, and my new friends happily grope my tits without detection. My pussy is creaming. Grey Suit's fingers are thick, Pinstripe's are long and sinewy. They're both doing a bang-up job.

Once the coast is clear, I lean back again, exhilarated by the danger. Pinstripe dips his head to take a pink nipple in his mouth. He slurps louder than he should; Grey Suit shushes him. I hold his head to its work. Grey Suit follows suit, licking the length of the other nipple, swirling it around with his tongue.

I slide my hands onto both men's laps. I have to feel their dicks. Dear god, I want to fuck them both. Grey Suit slides his hand up my inner thigh, exploring my drenched panties. I squirm, trying to be quiet, but the other passengers are loud and drunk and paying us no mind at all. He pushes aside the gusset between my legs and dips a fat finger into my bald and aching pussy. I lean down to Pinstripe and lick his ear. In a moment, we're kissing, our tongues wrestling as deep as they can go. Soon, his hand is up my skirt as well, separating my labia to accommodate two sets of fingers.

Just when I'm about to climax, the train begins to slow. Grey Suit looks up, crestfallen. "My stop," he says sadly.

"Stay," I urge.

"Can't. Wife's picking me up." I smile fondly and give him the nipple for one last lick.

As the train stops, I arrange my clothes into a semblance of order. Grey Suit kisses me goodbye, and nods at Pinstripe, his partner in crime, as he leaves. The train pulls out, and I turn to Pinstripe. "What about you?"

"I'm going where you're going," he grins, stroking my covered tits.

"I'm next," I answer, and stuff my bra back into my bag. "Wanna get off too?"

He laughs at my double meaning. "Yes, please!"

I stand in the aisle a little forward of our seat. Pinstripe gets up to stand behind me. "I need cover," he whispers, and I immediately feel the reason. His hard cock presses into my back. I will be amazed if he can walk at all with that erection. We depart behind a clutch of other commuters, and hold back while the crowd surges to the exits and the hard on deflates. The evening air is still warm, but a cool breeze freshens the parking lot. I walk toward my car, parked in a dark corner of the lot. Pinstripe follows, taking my hand.

"You do this kind of thing often?" he asks me as we walk.

"Do what?" I ask innocently.

He chuckles. "Take your shirt off in public."

I laugh and counter, "Hey, wait a minute. You're the one who took my shirt off."

"Yeah, well, you didn't stop me, did you?"

I stop and put my hand on his chest. "Why on earth would I stop you?" I put his hand back on my tit. He inhales sharply. "Car's over here," I say, and take two steps away from him. At the third step, I take my bag off my shoulder and remove my shirt entirely. He's treated to my naked back; he hustles to catch up to me.

"Holy shit, there are cameras here!" he cautions.

"Then whoever's watching can see my tits!" I giggle and hit the unlock button on my key.

My car is parked back end toward the wall, underneath the branches of a tree. Opening the back door, I drop my bag on the floor, toss my top into the front seat, and slide butt first over the seat. As I slide, I spread my legs. Pinstripe takes off his jacket and folds it neatly next to my top. He leans in over me, kissing my tits and feeling up my skirt. He pulls off my panties, finally. I love the breeze on my pussy. I wriggle out of my skirt to fully enjoy the sensation of being naked in the night. Before I know it, his pants are undone, and his hard, long cock is probing my entrance. I begin to squirm, anything to get him to enter me. He does at last, thrusting into my wetness. "Holy shit, you're juicy," he groans.

I moan. "Give that hard cock to me, baby, Fuck the shit out of me. Come on, harder!"

"You want it hard? Take it all, honey!"

He begins slamming into me. I love it. I try to meet him on every push, but he's stronger than I am, and within a few minutes, my head has reached the far side door. I put my hands up to brace myself. My tits are bouncing like crazy with the force of his thrusts. His hand goes to my clit, and begins pressing hard on it. I writhe against the pressure, building up to the climax I've wanted since I boarded the train. And then I explode. I cry out and shout with every pulse of my orgasm; I don't care who hears me. In fact, it turns me on more to think we might have witnesses. After what seems like forever, I come off my peak. Pinstripe, however, has a way to go, and he continues his assault on my inner passage. I don't know if I've ever had a man harder than he is. I want to return the favor, so I start clenching my still-vibrating pussy muscles. His eyes go wide and within a second or two, he shouts "Fuuuuuck!" His come shoots into me hot and thick. I swear I can feel it in my guts. He buries his head in my tits; I press them together against his hair.

In a moment, he's breathing evenly again. I wonder if he can recover enough for me to blow him; I bet he'd like a titty fuck. He pulls himself off me, however, and pulls his pants back up. At my look of disappointment, he smiles ruefully. "Gotta catch a train." We kiss for a minute. I press my nakedness against him to try and convince him otherwise. "Some other time," he sighs. The sound of the next train grows near; he leaves me to return to the platform. He disappears into the crush of exiting commuters.

I still sit naked on the back seat of my car. I don't care if any of the new arrivals notice me. I find a package of moist towels under the seat and carefully mop up my dripping pussy, imagining what more fun we could have gotten up to. A breeze chills my nipples, reminding me that I am not yet at home. I think for a moment if I should redress for my drive. Fuck it, it's dark. I slide behind the wheel bare-assed. I pull the seatbelt between my breasts and click it into place. Giving my nipples a pinch, I pull out of the lot. It is dark, but my neighbor's motion-detecting sidewalk lighting is pretty bright...

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