tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEvening Massage Class Ch. 02

Evening Massage Class Ch. 02


My lovely wife Catherine is 46 and in better shape now than she was even in her twenties. She works out, runs, jumps rope, stretches and rides her bike. What an awesome, cute little body she has and such a beautiful face too.

She recently wanted to take a massage class at the local college so she could give me better massages. I was all for it. This is the second part of the story. If you read part one first, this will make a little more sense. But it should still be enjoyable on its' own. I hope you like it.

Well Catherine had gone back to her Community College Evening Massage Class. We had discussed the fact that there was some nudity in the class and after considering that, Catherine had decided to continue anyway. So after that following week she returned home very excited and frankly, horny!

She told me all about her first real experience in her class. There were only six students and five were male. She was the only female in the class. The others were all in their twenties and thirties and she was 46, but they all made it crystal clear they thought she was HOT.

Everyone in the class would be taking turns massaging all the others over the next six weeks. That first week of actual massage, she had a partner named Jason who massaged her and she in turn massaged him.

Although she was given the option of special treatment by the instructor so she could have remained partially dressed, she choose to undress completely, just like the others in the class. She saw all the others naked at one point or another and they all saw her naked as well for as much time and it took to undress and get under the towel.

She even agreed to serve as a model for the particular issues that come up with a female body. Since she was the only female and she acknowledged the high level of curiosity amongst her classmates to see her, she let the instructor use her body to teach the class.

I found that to be strangely exciting, thinking of other men seeing my wife naked.

All the students were gathered around her table as she lay there in front of them naked.

The instructor showed the class how to massage a woman's breasts, how to be careful when massaging near her vulva and how to properly massage a womans' buttocks. This uncovered her and let all the guys see her naked body right up close.

When she came home she explained in great detail what happened and how she was feeling about it. She realized she was much more excited and aroused than she thought she would be. She also found seeing nice fit, young men naked was very exciting to her.

That was all last week. Today was a week later, Friday evening and her next class was tonight. This was going to be her actual third week of class and her second week of students massaging each other. She was getting ready to leave and she called me into our room because she said she was nervous and wanted to talk about it. I really love that about Catherine.

We base our relationship on total honesty and trust. That is why I ask her to tell me all the details and all the truth about what happens to her in her life. Even about her thoughts. I do the same for her.

I said in a little bit of a provocative and teasing voice, "So my dear Catherine ... are you excited about your massage class tonight?" We were in our bedroom and she had just gotten out of the shower and finished drying her hair. She was now standing naked in front of our dresser, with her underwear drawer pulled open and deciding what to wear. I always love looking at her, especially when she is naked. I added, "I must say, you are looking mighty fine!!!!"

She said, "Oh Honey, Yeh I am. I'm very excited about it. I even have been watching what I ate all week and I lost 3 pounds, can you tell?" She turned sideways and gave me a profile looking like she was sucking her tummy in, but she wasn't.

It had gotten even a little tighter. She looked awesome. Bubble butt poking out behind her, firm breasts pointing straight out in front of her and her tummy nice and flat and toned and even that little mound protruding at her pussy. I love that.

I said, "Oh Yes, I sure CAN tell. You look so hot. I also notice you shaved your pussy so nice and smooth. But I see you've added a little something there haven't you?!?" I was referring to her pubic mound. Usually she kept it so smooth and soft when she shaved. She must have been letting it grow all week and she had trimmed it tonight into a cute little down-pointing triangle shape.

The triangle was narrow at the top, maybe one inch wide and started about one and a half inches above her clitoris. "Miss Clitty" as she has named her. You see Catherine's pussy is simply beautiful. It's also fairly long and a lot of it shows up front. It comes up high and Miss Clitty starts only an inch and a half below her bikini line.

So this triangle tapered downward and the point ended right above Miss Clitty. It was amazing how this tiny patch of pubic hair drew so much more attention to her. When you looked at her, your eyes were drawn to her gorgeous vulva.

Catherine replied, "Ya I did add a little patch here, cause last week when Jason did my tummy, he slid the towel down so far the top of Miss Clitty was showing. I wanted a little more definition on where my pussy started."

I teased, "Are you sure you didn't just want every eye glued on the sweet little pussy of yours? Cause that's what's going to happen you know." She stuck her tongue out at me and said, "You're the one who got the big hard on when he heard that six men saw my 'sweet little pussy' as you call it!"

I laughed and said, "I admit it turns me on, but you must admit you loved it too." She made a face where she rolled her eyes up toward the corner and scrunched up her lips like she was thinking about it and after a bit she said, "O.K. Yeh, I will admit it turned me on a bit."

Let me interject here that Catherine and I have worked hard over our 22 plus year marriage and our two years of dating before that to be able to talk frankly about everything. We found early on that she and most of her girl friends found it hard to talk about their own bodies, especially sexually. And she initially was annoyed at my fascination with her anatomy. She pretty much viewed all men as 'pervs'.

But Catherine was wise enough to realize that if her husband was THAT interested in anything, she would benefit if she could understand it. So she purposely began to talk with me using terms like breasts, boobies, titties, nipples, nips, aureole, vulva, vagina, pussy, clitty, butt and fanny. After just six months, but it did take a FULL six months, she was able to say pussy without hating it and without feeling dumb. A big step for her.

After a year she got used to the language and any embarrassment and shame she had imagined was soon gone. She now can talk with anyone about anything concerning her body or mine. This was when she also began to be able to really look closely at her body and see how wonderful it was.

I always told her that the female form was clearly God's greatest creation. We would get a big mirror and she would be naked and I would show her all the exquisite details of her great body that attracted me and all men. I especially focused on her pussy. She never realized before how magnificent it is and how much men love to see them.

We found out together through our discussions, that she and most women just don't appreciate their bodies. They take them for granted, maybe because they see themselves naked every day. They just don't realize how men are wired to react to them. The fact is that just seeing a compound curve creates excitement in men. Curves that curve two or more ways at once fascinate men. It's in our DNA.

The breasts, the shoulders, the small of the back the curve of the hips in every way, standing or laying down, the rise and curve of the female buttocks, those wonderful butt cheeks, the thighs and on and on. Also necks, feet, calves, tummies. Men just simply love women's curves. Then there is the amazing way God created women to look as they move. I think it was his way to attract men to women to keep the race going.

When a woman simply walks, and especially when you watch a naked woman walk, you will see so much movement. This is visually hypnotizing to men. What women don't understand is ALL the movement that goes on. You see, even as the body moves as one unit, there are many, many different parts moving on their own.

Each breast moves independently. Have you ever seen a woman run and watch how her breasts bounce? My gosh!! They go in every direction imaginable and each one is doing it separately too. Then the hips and butt, oh man!!!!, they go forward, out, side to side, up and down and at every imaginable angle too – ALL AT ONCE!!!! It's just so fun to watch.

Sorry, I got a bit off topic there. The point is Catherine has had years to understand this and now she is beginning to see how men see her as a woman. And she is just now beginning to see and experience what men refer to as "pussy power". I will say right here, that most men hope their women never find out about it. Some of these men will try to never even let on they are excited by their women.

I wanted to help Catherine find out about it to experience for herself how powerful she is as a women. I believe I can trust her to handle it and not abuse it or be unfaithful with it. She got a little taste of it last week.

Anyway ... there she is standing naked and she chooses a matching bra and panty set from Victoria's Secret. They were very pretty, all yellow and satin. Not see through at all, but very, very sexy with a tiny little panty and a bra that let her breasts show a lot. She slipped into them while I adored her every move. My "adoring her every move meter" was proving that in my pants too.

She turned to me and asked if I liked it. I could see the very edge of her areola and THAT was maybe sexier than seeing all of it. The material was so smooth looking and it fit her nicely. You could just see where her nipples were, but it looked classy. The crotch of her panty was not quite wide enough to cover all of her femininity, which looked incredible. I told her so and she was happy.

Next she put on a modest white tee shirt and some blue shorts and her sandals. She looked marvelous and she was ready to go. She said, "How do I look?" I said, you look like a goddess to me. You look great." Catherine says, "Now Honey, are you sure you're still O.K. with me being the only female in the class and the guys will see me change?"

"You mean they will see you naked, right?" I clarified. She said, "Yeh, that. Are you O.K. with it?" I said, "Are you? How do you feel about it?" She said, "I'm nervous, but excited too. I like to be seen naked by men as long as they are respectful and polite so, Yeh, I have to say, I'm good with it."

I said, "Me too Darling'!" I hugged her and walked her to the door. She gave me a great kiss good bye and drove off to her class.

Well the next nearly three hours I stayed busy so the time would pass. About 8:45 I hear her car pull up. I opened the front door for her and welcomed her in. She shut the door and threw her arms around me and kissed me and hugged me tight and she was grinding herself into me.

I said, "Oh aren't we in a horny little mood, eh?" She said, "Yes I am, let's go upstairs so you can give me some of your great lovin' Big Boy!" She tried to tug me up the stairs, but I just said, "Oh Neeww, not so fast! I have to hear about the class first. Tell me all about it and I promise we will have LOTS of fun!." She said, "Oh..O.K."

I had some cheese and crackers all ready on a plate and some wine chilled and glasses ready in anticipation of this "story time". So we grabbed the plate and I poured us each a glass of wine and we sat in the living room and she began her story.

"Well we all get there a few minutes early' cause Tony (the instructor) told us we have to start on time and be professional. He had the windows on the door taped over again. And since the class is in the basement, there are no other windows to worry about."

"He had the three tables about two feet apart from each other in a line in the middle of the room. There was a towel on each table, but they looked smaller than last week."

"Everyone was saying Hi to each other and talking. Every guy asked to be my partner, but Tony just started talking and read off names of who would be with whom this week so I walked to the table in the middle which was where he read my name to be. My partner was a guy named Dylan. We were all paring up and I asked Dylan to go first."

"Tony claps his hands and says, "Good evening class. I am so glad to see all of you again and I have a great class planned for us tonight. We will do a shortened, but complete full body again and I will show you the sciatic nerve. This is one of the most common pain complaints of all. Has anyone had one go bad?"

Catherine has had sciatic nerve trouble. After delivering a baby the nerve got pinched and she had to go to a chiropractor for a while. So she raised her hand and said she had trouble after a pregnancy. Two other people had had problems as well.

"Tony said, "Great, we'll get your details later. Now let's get going. Whoever is on the table first get into your towel and let's get started. Remember everyone! Remain PROFESSIONAL or you will be out of this class. Now let's go!"

I said, "So what happened next?" Catherine said, "Well Dylan is about 38 or 39 I'd say and he is about five foot ten and trim and muscular, not huge. He took off his shirt quite fast. No one was wearing much as the weather has still been so blasted hot. We were all dressed in shorts and tee shirts."

"Dylan takes off his shorts and he's in a pair of boxers. I looked around so I wouldn't be staring at him and YIKES!!! I saw two other guys naked. Jason, my partner from last week and Ryan, another guy."

"I saw Jason just as he was turning to get his towel on so I saw his penis and then his bare bottom. I got a little tingle in my tummy thinking I had massaged him last week and I had my hands all over his bare bottom and I have lightly touched his penis and even his balls! It was so weird to think that, you know?"

"So I tried to look away and then I saw Ryan from the front. Ryan is about six foot two. But Honey he has a whopper!!! That penis of his looked like it was seven inches long just hanging down! He saw me looking and I gave him a discrete, 'nice package' smile and he responded with an equally discrete, 'thank you for noticing' smile. I could see his penis start to get hard when he saw me smile at him."

"Mr. 'Big Penis' Ryan as I'm calling him now, quickly laid down on his stomach. I could see he had a nice butt too and Honey, I'm afraid my thinking is changing to be a little more like yours, cause I thought to myself, Ummmm .. nice butt and in a week or two I will be massaging it with my bare hands and I think I'll get a nice close up view of that big sausage too and I MAY just 'accidently' bump into too so I can touch it." She continued, "Honey, I hope my thinking like that doesn't upset you, does it?"

I said, "No as long as you don't think about having sex with anyone else, I'm fine. I think you are starting to see how much power there is in the visual aspect of sexuality."

"Oh Thank you Dr. Sigmund Freud." she said teasingly and then laughed. So did I.

"Anyway I turned back to Dylan as he slipped off his boxers. He didn't try to hide from me at all and I could see his penis. I am about 200% sure that nearly every man just LOVES to get naked in front a woman. They are all just so happy to show off their stuff are they? Well Dylan's penis was quite average and nice looking. As he got on the table he handed me his towel and asked me to cover him as he rolled onto his tummy."

"It was sort of fun cause he laid on his tummy and his butt was showing. And you know how you always like me to raise up and look over my shoulder to make my fine butt flex up and show it off? Well when he did that and looked over his shoulder at me his butt flexed up real nice like that too."

Here she turned to me looking fllustered and said, "See! .... You've got me noticing things like a dang MAN! I'm turning into a man on the inside aren't I. Now that's a little scary for me Honey."

I laughed it off and said, "Now that you know how to notice what turns a guy on, you will know what to do to turn any man on. The trick to being seductive is to be able to think like a man. And I'd say you are beginning to do that."

Well Catherine was into this story and she continued right along. "Dylan had almost no body hair at all. And he had a very nice butt. It was so smooth and nice, it looked almost like a women's. I had the weirdest thought that I'd like to kiss a woman's butt some time and lay my face on it to see if it really is as fabulous and fun as you say it is to kiss mine."

"Anyway ..... I finally laid the towel across his hips and butt after looking at him for a bit longer."

At this point we each sipped our wine, I had to adjust my hard on that had joined us on the couch as it got even bigger.

Cath kept going with her story. "Well we started by massaging backs first tonight. We began with the head, neck, ears, shoulders and arms and hands. Then the back was next. As I was doing his back he was saying how great it felt. Maybe I'm getting better already.Tony also announced we would work the gluts for the sciatic nerve."

"So all of us 'massagers' had to uncover one side of our person's buttocks. I moved Dylan's towel and it came too far over. I could see his balls. I still am not used to seeing that. I tried a couple of times, but no matter what they were showing so I left it. We watched Tony as he would walk around and demonstrate."

"I felt like I was massaging a woman's butt, cause it was so smooth. I loved it, it felt great and I was having fun. A couple of times I just laid my hands out flat, almost spanking him as I laid them down, one on each of his smooth cheeks, and just squeezed his cheeks digging in my fingers and then shaking his butt cheeks around."

"Dylan did the look over his shoulder thing and gave me a queizical look like, What's up? I just smiled and whispered to him, "Sorry, your butt's just fun to play with, that's all." He blushed and turned his face back and laid down again.

Tony made us go all over that butt cheek, even way down the crack. He told us to get the lower curve where it joins the thigh. When I did that I hit his balls again."

"He didn't really say anything. Now Honey, here is the weird part. I liked it when I was bumping into his balls. I kept slipping my hand a little closer to where I was nearly rubbing the top of my hand against his sack with each stroke. It was so fun too. And I noticed he had to raise up a minute and he reached under himself and adjusted his penis. I must have been getting him aroused bumping into his ball sack, huh?"

"We finished up the other side too and Tony says, "O.K. class, Listen up. Finish with the legs. So I did his legs. Again when I got to the top of his thighs I kept hitting his balls gently. It didn't seem to hurt him, they were just sort of getting in the way. I said, Dylan I'm sorry I keep hitting your balls, are you O.K.?"

I felt a quick thrill hearing her say 'balls' to another guy. I didn't think it was possible but I just kept getting harder and harder as my little cutie of a wife kept surprising me with her story.

th continues, "He replied in a near whisper, "Oh Yeh Catherine, it actually feels great, hit them hard once and see, really, go ahead and try it." I looked around and no one heard him say that cause they were all talking to each other too. Since I wasn't the one on the table, no one was really paying attention."

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