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Evenings With Diane


If you've read Tim-Andre's story "Thinking with My Dick," you know that his fondest wish was to get a certain white MILF pregnant. First, he convinced himself he was in love and that she loved him as well. Before he successfully got her knocked up, he made sure to introduce Diane to me on an evening out with some of the rest of the guys from work. We met the two of them at a local bar and we all promised to be on our best behavior, but I couldn't help categorizing his new white girlfriend as a "hausfrau" of the first order. Well over thirty and sporting a noticeable amount of "middle-aged spread." Don't get me wrong, she appealed to a lot of men as a MILF. I understand that a lot of other black men love the extra upholstery on their women. Tim-Andre informed me that Diane had given birth to a biracial child five or six years previous and that she was still trying to get her son back from his father in Africa with Tim's financial help and moral support. As far as I was concerned, he saw his white woman as both a convenient lay and a means to an end, but I tried not to say it out loud and thus spoil our friendship.

Still T.A. seemed to be content sharing space (among other intimate things) with her, and in a matter of less than three months together as a couple, Tim-Andre boasted to all the rest of us at work that his white hausfrau was carrying another biracial baby—his . He beamed insufferably as he let that information slip around the workplace.

We were both employed by the same local automobile dealership at the time. Tim occupied the position of service manager; while I worked as a transmission specialist. This all happened before the automobile economy buckled prior 2008. Diane got knocked up with Tim-Andre's baby in October 2006, and she gave birth to his son, Roddy, in July of the following year. By this time, she'd also gotten her first born son back from his natural father--an African black man from Ghana who she'd met in Graduate School at Michigan State University eight or nine years earlier. Soon after T.A.'s son Roddy's delivery Diane was pregnant once again with Tim-Andre's second baby a daughter, Brenda, who was born the next April.

If you read Tim-Andre's story about his courtship of Diane, you might have thought that I was totally against his relationship with that "hausfrau." However, I discovered over Halloween of 2009 that I could not have been more wrong...

Tim-Andre told me he wanted both me and his cousin, Taggert, to "know his Diane" (that's the way he put it) the same way he knew her. His cousin Taggert drove up from Houston Texas, while my dear friend from work, also invited both of us to share in a special Halloween celebration so to speak. He told Diane that since it was no secret that both of us had a strong desire to experience what she was like sexually, that he'd decided to encourage all of us to indulge in a multi-encounter. It turned out that she was totally in agreement with the idea. Later, I implicitly understood that this wouldn't be her first multi-partner experience.

Taggert has a biracial daughter in Texas from a former white girlfriend down south, but he'd never met T.A.'s little boy and girl [not to mention Diane's biracial son from her first interracial encounter over a decade ago]. Although I was a bachelor and should have been constantly on the prowl for women my own age, I had already met all their children since Tim-Andre's family and I socialized frequently.

Anyway, like I said, Tim-Andre wanted both of us men to see his wife in the same sensual way he saw her. With her thick, delicious, inviting pussy jutting out from fine, outstanding hips, she had delectable thighs and well suckled breasts that no hetero man could resist. Yes, I admit it; I was surprised he wanted to show her off as if she were some trophy wife. But believe me, even after three kids, she still exhibited the very best in what any man could desire in a sexual partner.

That Halloween weekend, I reserved the hotel room and Tim-Andre and Diane made arrangements for two nights of babysitting. That evening I let the three of them (Diane, Taggert and Tim-Andre) into the suite I reserved, and then the three of us men went down to hotel bar for a single drink. When we returned to the room ten minutes later, Diane had stripped down and laid herself out on the full sized suite couch. I swear one of the most sensual women I'd ever seen had propped herself up on a single elbow, her long dark hair flowing around her naked shoulder, breast and arm. The blue pools of her eyes, pupils wide looked intently at each of us. I could tell by the look on Taggert's face that he was as impressed as I was--and very turned on. As you can guess that didn't just reflect in our faces, either. As Diane smiled alluringly, all three of us sported extremely stiff hard-ons.

Obviously it didn't take too much coaching for the three of us men to disrobe. Taggert and I had flipped a coin down in the hotel bar to see who got to go first. Tim's cousin had won. He knelt down beside her on the love seat, and his fingers slowly stroked her thighs and pussy. "We'll start with the fingers, but I fully intend to move forward from there in no time," he murmured.

Diane purred as she exhaled breathily. "Ooo..."

My eyes stayed riveted onto the two of them. Diane's pale white thighs parted between his probing black fingers and she started to moan under his ministrations. One by one, finger after finger slipped in and out of her labia. I watched as Taggert manipulated her clit for over three minutes. Suddenly, Diane turned red in the neck and upper chest. She twisted under his grasp and a noticeable stream of liquid squirted up into the air above her abdomen and thighs. Apparently T.A. warned his cousin that Diane was a natural squirter and Taggert should take advantage of the fact.

After that happened, Taggert pushed himself up to mount Diane and the sounds in the room became fully sensuous. Sounds of the love seat cushions bouncing, sounds of two people exchanging heavy breathing, sound of the slurping smacking flesh and wetness that a woman's pussy makes when she's been compromised by a sizable cock. As many of you men out there probably know there's nothing like the voyeuristic enjoyment of seeing another man take the woman you want in order to totally rekindle the desires deep inside the masculine libido. Especially when she's basically someone else's woman and you know you're next in line.

Taggert climaxed, and then he coaxed Diane to another fully stimulating orgasm. Her face and neck flushed beet red as she rode out what appeared to be incredible climactic sensations. I watched the white translucent liquid leak out from her pussy to coat the sofa cushion under her loins.

After that it was my turn. How does a man begin to explain enjoying the sweetness of taking a woman? First off, Taggert had left behind a substantial amount of liquid semen to provide natural lubrication for me. Soon the thin skin and nerves of my erected penis bathed in the warmth and wetness of her vaginal sheath. Damn, I just wish I could make my words glow like Diane makes hers glow when she does her best writing. I can only tell you how exciting it is to get turned on by erotic fantasies when you're balanced on top of a woman's hips and thighs, and then go burrowing in deep with my cock in order to indulge in total personal satisfaction within the pussy of the subject of those fantasies. She ran her fingers along the side of my head and pulled my lips down to kiss her. Such an enticing kiss. With such prompting, I soon climaxed spurting an enormous amount of liquid energy deep into Diane's vagina. I made sure my tongue was locked in her mouth when I came. Happily my orgasm forced her to respond in kind. Diane shuddered and trembled beneath me, panting and turning beet red once again. My dick became saturated with her spurting juices--just as my own spurting juices spewed deep inside her.

She whispered in my ear: "You're going to come and visit us more often, won't you?"

Hey, I was a bachelor without much of a sex life. Of course, I readily agreed.

Later on, as Diane kissed her husband, Tim-Andre, and I heard her thank him for the delightful evening—especially his sharing her with the two of us. Eventually, all three of us stopped counting the number of times a masculine, black erection slid in between Tim-Andre's wife's pink labial lips as the night crept its way into dawn. We used the love seat, the bed, the writing desk, the rug, spreading ourselves all over the suite...

That was the very first time I'd made love to Diane. Happily, it was not to be my last.

I should tell everyone that the auto economy had pushed me down into part time work at the car dealership. Fewer people were buying cars. Fewer yet were getting major repairs on their cars. Turns out I could not keep up my own car payment and my apartment rent; so early in November, I moved in with my dear, dear friends Diane and Tim-Andre. As this story lays bare, I have rather shamelessly indulged in a blatant kiss and tell policy. With T.A.'s blessing, Diane began to share her bed with two men every evening. Once the bad auto economy forced me to move in with them as my job got cut down to part time, I ended up as a permanent house-guest, and all of our lives changed. I became a full time tag-along baby-sitter and an extra evening's late night companion. I was there for convenient babysitting, quick runs to the store, you name it. I decided to adopt the role as part time husband and handyman while I stayed in their home. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the extra benefits of acting as a part time husband. The children (being very flexible as kids go) understood that daddy's good friend Lee stayed over for an extended sleepover every night with the blessing of their mother and dad.

I passed along my new address to my family without thinking anything of it. However, about two weeks into the new arrangement, I was home in the afternoon with Diane and we began to enjoy some intimate contact time together in bed. The unbelievable softness of her loins had just allowed my cock to ingress and find pliable moist warmth within her body, when, all of a sudden, the doorbell rang. I grunted, reluctantly pulled out of her fascinating heat, got up and pulled my pants on, and headed toward the front door. In the meantime, Diane climbed out of bed and loosely wrapped a short white terrycloth robe around her body. She followed me out into the living room just as I opened the door. There stood Gina Marie Hamilton, my mother, in a total state of shock as she took in the sight of both of us standing together—me shirtless, my pants just barely on, and Diane hardly dressed at all. Now you have to know that even though my mother realized that I had varied my dating habits as far as other races go, that wasn't really the problem in front of her. Since Mom had given birth to me as a young woman of sixteen, Diane was nearly the same age as she was.

Diane smiled and said, "Don't just make her stand there, Lee, invite her in."

I invited Mom in out of the November chill.

Of course, when she stepped inside, my mother brought some of her own chill in with her. "What...what is all this, Lee?"

"Well, Mom..." I shrugged. "It's exactly what it looks like."

She turned to Diane. "Oh, my God! Does your husband know?"

"Yes, Gina, Tim-Andre knows."

"Is there something else I need to know?" My mother looked at me. "Are you and T.A. on the down low?"

I could see Diane fighting back a snicker. Then I answered. "We don't have to be, Mom. We get plenty of satisfaction the way things are."

Her face screwed up. "Oh Jesus-God! Tell me it ain't so!"

I wish I could. I sighed. I was still fighting back my obvious erection; so I also wished I had never got up to answer the door.

"Let me fix you some coffee or tea, dear," Diane said politely, walking into the kitchen.

"Would you two mind getting dressed first?" Mom suggested. Thus, accidently my mother discovered our not-so-secret life together.

After my mother left that afternoon, we went back to bed. Together. To make love. Diane smiled, and held me close for at least an hour. "She'll get over it, Lee."

Of course, the real question was, would we?

Thanksgiving came and went. My mother invited us all home to her house and happily things went without any drama. We survived quite nicely. My grandfather, T.A. and I indulged in TV football (plus chasing children) while the ladies prepared, served and cleaned up after dinner. Diane told us that Mom had managed to keep things very cordial when they worked together in the kitchen.

I wasn't scheduled to work the next morning; so, on Black Friday instead of a "Friday-after -Thanksgiving shopping spree," Diane made an appointment for her and the kids at a local portrait studio, hoping that she might avoid the crowds. Wrong! Every family in the area must have made an appointment and by ten o'clock the studio was already running an hour behind easily. I went out to get a haircut and came back to the studio afterward still caught up in the long wait.

Kids naturally get cranky in situations like that so I carried their youngest daughter or played ball with the boys every now and then until each child had had it with the wait.

But that's not quite what I wanted to write about. I guess I didn't really know how lucky a man my friend Tim-Andre was until I spent a couple of hours accompanying his wife and kids around. The white lady standing on black heels with the stretch jeans that went all the way up past her well-padded ass was a sight to behold standing out even in the crowd of well dressed women in their festive, holiday best attire. Of course, I already know I'm prejudiced. The fact that she had a clingy cashmere sweater with a plunging neckline didn't hurt either. I stared appreciatively all that long morning knowing that I'd have the chance to possess this self-same MILF later in the day or evening.

Eventually the family sat for their portrait and we all went out for fast food. Naturally an older amply built white woman, three biracial children and a younger black man attracted a lot of attention out dining together.

That night Diane insisted upon paying me back for my nurturing job of taking care of her kids by nurturing me intimately in exchange.

I thought I'd tell you about a very sensual incident which happened one early December weekend when the temperatures dropped and the snow fell. Tim-Andre and I had gone in on the purchase of a gigantic bed--large enough to support three people at once--first for our recreation and afterward to allow all of us to fall sleep together. Since Diane slept in the middle, she thought she got the biggest benefit of our choice during freezing nights.

One early winter's night--Monday maybe--the rumble of a snow plow scraped across the

pavement well after midnight. The noise disturbed our slumber; however, Diane was a very sound sleeper and she fell back to sleep immediately.

Are you aware of the old World War II male romantic dream about a man not wanting to wake his lover until he's ready to slip in between her thighs? Ian Fleming wrote about that in one of his James Bond novels...I'd read that novel as young man. I also mentioned this to my grandfather in order to verify that such a thing were possible.

The next thing Diane knew I'd carefully rolled her over on her back, carefully lifted up her filmy nightgown, and balanced myself atop of her thighs. Diane squeaked a few noises of disapproval as I moved into position. As you can guess this particular wakeup call was effectively long, thick and blunt. At first, Diane protested meekly, but to little avail. I knew what I needed, and I demanded that she submit. However, I really should have used more lubricant so I might've accessed my destination slightly easier.

The rest of the encounter went pretty much as you can imagine. I settled deep inside T.A.'s and my MILF and continued to thrust possessively making the bed creak and filling the bedroom with wet squishy noises until my scrotum blasted a warm wet dark semen tribute directly into her white loins. By this time, the two of us also woke her husband, and Tim-Andre had a go at his wife right after I withdrew from those tender loins. Later she told us she was glad I came as much as I did for that was just the lube she needed to deal with Tim-Andre's notable presence.

Afterwards she warned me never to take her so cavalierly again.

Both of us guys showered for work before Diane climbed into the shower. Apparently, she allowed the warm water to sooth her soreness. Then it was time to wake Emil up for school and to take care of the other two kids.

Later that December, right around Christmas, life had taken a turn for the unexpected. Diane informed Tim-Andre and me that she'd missed her period. T.A. shook his head and told me that if she was pregnant, it had to be mine. They both tried to explain to me that the way her body worked, that my being the new baby's father was the most likely scenario. I took close to a week to contemplate the facts of the situation. Tim-Andre's insurance would cover the cost of the medical treatment. I would still be on the hook for the same amount of rent and grocery expenses (as well as my car payment) and I would also have the good fortune to share the woman of the house over the next several months.

However, after weeks enjoying unprotected sex with Diane, she turned up pregnant with my baby. Sounds like bachelor's nightmare, doesn't it? I hadn't turned twenty-four yet and here I was about to become a father. Yet, there was something comforting about how all this had turned out.

I'd sent out an informative letter to several mutual friends announcing that Diane missed her period -- all true, of course. So she needed to verify the contents of my letter, and I was accused of being "Mr. Kiss and Tell" afterwards. As many of her friends knew, she, her husband and his big mouth work mate [me] had been an active threesome since early November. We spoke to the doctors about what they thought about Diane's condition and they conceded that she suffered from a condition that wasn't as rare as most people thought. She'd had Emil from her first relationship with her Ghanaian lover at Michigan State and even though they'd lived together as an active sexual couple for three more years, Diane didn't (or couldn't) have a second child by him.

When she met Tim-Andre in 2006, Diane almost immediately ended up pregnant again with their son, Roddy. A man who Tim-Andre arranged for Diane to meet and fuck was the probable father of her daughter, Brenda. Turns out she'd had a lengthy affair with him. Diane hid that fact from T.A. for while, but I suspect deep in his heart, he knew the situation anyway. However, as far as little Brenda and everyone else were concerned T.A. was her dad.

Then around Halloween when the bad auto economy forced me to move in with them after my job got cut down to part time, once I ended up as a permanent house-guest, Diane's life changed once again. She and Tim-Andre had a full time tag-along baby-sitter and an extra evening's companion. I mentioned many of the other changes have happened in my life, and in spite of any protestations to the contrary, I believe that I decided to adopt the role as part time husband and sexual partner while I stayed in their house.

In the meantime, I shared dinner with the family, Diane did my laundry and ironing and when she felt like it, we went to bed together to make love or occasionally just to fuck for a grand recreation.

That leads us to a New Year's Eve's dinner out. Three children and three grown-ups went

out to celebrate Lee's return to full-time employment status at the dealership. Although our community is not paranoid about interracial relationships; a white woman out with two black men and three biracial children did attract a few uncomfortable stares from the rest of the patrons. Especially since both of us guys were a decade to well over a dozen years younger than Diane.

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