tagIncest/TabooEver Notice? Ch. 01

Ever Notice? Ch. 01


An Oedipus County Epic

This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. All characters are 18 or over. It's all pretend, folks.


"Ever notice," Eric started to say, but paused. How to put this delicately?

Tom looked at Eric expectantly, slowly dribbling the blue and white basketball in his hands.

"Have you ever noticed," he continued, "how every woman around here over the age of thirty is smoking hot?"

Tom squinted at Eric. He was a slight kid, a few inches shorter than Eric, but lean and wiry and really quick. The score of the game was tied, even with Eric being a little taller and a little stronger. Tom was half-Korean, with short dark hair, blue eyes, and a golden complexion. He wore a Star Wars t-shirt unironically, and spent most of his time playing computer games, but he had a hoop in his driveway and knew how to use it.

Tom was a bit of a nerd, but basically okay. He was also the only friend Eric had made in his mother's neighborhood, and the only person he could talk to about this sort of thing.

Eric's mother Christina had gotten a new job as a vice-president at Xybochem, forcing her to pick up stakes in North Dakota and move far west to her present location. Although she had custody of Eric, and he was an adult at 18, she had left him behind in the cold northern state to stay with relatives and finish out his senior year of high school. Eric was grateful. He loved his Mom, and missed her, but he didn't want to leave all his friends behind or start over at a new school in his final year. He had plans to go to NDSU with his best friend Matt, too.

Still, that didn't mean he couldn't fly out to visit his Mom during spring vacation. It was a totally square thing to do, but he hadn't seen her since Christmas, and it honestly was weird not having her around. Staying with Aunt Stacy and Uncle Ralph was fine, they took good care of him and he helped out around the house, but it wasn't the same.

Although nothing was the same anymore, nor could he expect it to be. His Mom's new house dwarfed the old North Dakota homestead, and even sported a back patio and a pool. Plus the weather was nice enough to use it almost year 'round, a far cry from what Eric was used to. That wasn't the only adjustment.

Since moving out west, Eric's Mom Christina had been on a total health kick, working out, eating better, the whole nine yards. She'd lost a ton of weight, looked fit and spectacular, and seemed to be dressing in really skimpy clothes all the time. T-shirts that were a couple sizes too small, that molded closely to the thrusting curves of her large breasts. Shorts that were really too small, too, exposing long, smoothly muscled legs. That was during the weekend, when Eric first arrived, and after work on weekdays. At night it got even weirder. Christina would go upstairs and change into some kind of negligee, brightly colored and virtually see-through, then loosely wrap herself in a housecoat and come back downstairs to give Eric a chaste kiss goodnight.

In fact, the night previous, a Tuesday, while Eric had studiously attempted to focus on the television and ignore the barely hidden pulchritude of his mother, she had stepped in front of him, bent at the waist, and pressed her lips against his forehead. He barely heard her "Good night, sweetie," as his eyes had been instinctively drawn to the acre of deep, inviting cleavage she displayed, and the way her huge, heavy breasts had swung deliciously with her movements.

Eric wasn't going to share any of this with Tom, his new friend, who himself had a gorgeous mother, but he felt he could safely talk about generalities. Like, on Sunday he went grocery shopping with his mom. It was his first real exposure to the town after flying in on Saturday morning, and his teenage hormones were thunderstruck by the unending array of beautiful, sexy, well-built older women all over the place. Eric felt like he'd stumbled across the Lost Valley of Retired Playmates. He was 99% sure that he actually saw Kara Kleavage, the porn star, in the vegetable aisle.

It wasn't that girls Eric's age weren't around, or weren't attractive, it was more like you'd expect them to be so, while the older ladies back in Eric's hometown tended to look more like middle-aged ladies were supposed to look -- heavy-set, beaten down by life, planning their husband's murders.

Maybe it was just a west coast thing, maybe there was something in the water. He had to talk to somebody about it, and Tom was pretty much the only somebody he knew.

Tom was smirking now, a knowing look in his eyes. "Yeah," he said, still bouncing the basketball. "I've noticed. Hard not to. Half the teachers in my school are MILFs, all my friend's moms are total knockouts. I think Xybochem leaked some kind of hormone into the local water supply. My theory is that it's dormant in their teens, but goes into action the closer women get to menopause."

Eric looked at Tom for a moment. He didn't know Tom too well, but... He knocked the basketball out of Tom's hand and darted past him for a lay up. "You're fucking with me."

Tom laughed. "Yeah, I'm fucking with you. It's not that weird. I bet you're just horny, being away from all those cows in North Dakota, and your mind is playing tricks on you."

"We don't fuck cows in North Dakota," Eric said. "That's more of a South Dakota pastime."

Tom laughed, accepting the basketball that Eric sent spinning towards him. "I have been woefully misinformed." He mimed rushing the basket then twisted into a three point shot that bounced harmlessly off the rim. "Shit!"

Eric rebounded, went back to the end of the driveway, dribbling. He was horny, he had to admit, at least to himself. He'd broken up with his girlfriend at the end of January, and of course the way his Mom was acting wasn't helping him any.

"Now," Tom said, "Christina is pretty hot." He mimed Eric's mother's measurements with two hands, making a perfect hourglass. "She fits in around here, for sure."

Eric felt his face flush. Dudes just didn't talk about other dudes' moms like that, back where he came from. He also felt a stab of guilt for totally agreeing with Tom. He bounced the basketball more aggressively and moved down the driveway towards the basket.

"You would know, I guess," Eric said with a little anger. "Your mom looks like a porn star."

Eric expected anger, or even a raised fist. Instead, Tom laughed, almost knowingly. "A supermodel, let's say," Tom corrected. "You should see her in a bikini. Your eyes would pop out of your head. My mom could be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. She's way hotter than that chick who was on it this year."

Eric lost track of the ball, utterly shocked. Tom, unphased, scooped up the ball and went in for an easy two points. He caught the rebound and whirled around, expecting to find Eric right behind him. Instead, Eric stood where Tom had left him.

"You okay?" Tom asked. No mockery in his voice, just genuine concern.

Eric couldn't guess what his expression looked like, but he could feel the blood in his cheeks and knew he must have looked like an idiot. "No, I, um, all of a sudden, I don't feel so hot. I think I'll head back to my Mom's place."

"You sure? Maybe you just need a bottle of water. There's aspirin if you need it, too. We could play XBOX or something."

"No, I'm just gonna take off. Thanks, though." Eric's tongue felt numb. It was all he could do mouth the words. He turned and stumbled out of Tom's driveway and began the long walk back to his Mom's house.

Culture shock. That's all it had to be. It was just weird hearing a son talk the way Tom had just talked about his mother. Not that he'd been exaggerating. Alice Park was a gorgeous woman. Korean-American, dark hair shot through with red and gold highlights, golden skin, dark eyes, full lips, high cheekbones. She could have been a model, as Tom said. But she was built like a porn star, as Eric claimed. Alice's own t-shirts and short shorts displayed a curvy body that decried the stereotype of petite Asian women.

Eric put his hand in front of his face. Tom probably thought he was some kind of loser. Alice was indeed an attractive woman. Was it really that odd for her own son to admit that fact? Just because it never happened back in North Dakota... well, it probably never happened for a reason. Eric's Mom had been the prettiest mother on the block when he was growing up, but even back home she couldn't have held a candle to Alice. In her new digs, Christina had certainly blossomed, and now Eric would be hard pressed to admit which of the two was the hotter. Probably Alice, just to be safe, to keep from inappropriate thoughts that had been popping up all too commonly of late.

Christina and the Parks lived in a remote, hilly section of town, and it was practically a half mile between the homes. That gave Eric a lot of time to think, and though his brain ping-ponged back and forth, by the time he reached his mother's front door, he had convinced himself that he had overreacted, that his own confusion from the last few days had made him think crazy things, and that he would probably have to apologize to Tom the next time he saw him.

Eric went into the house, plopped on the living room sofa, and turned on the television to veg out for a while.


Tom watched Eric leave, a curious smile on his lips. The poor guy had no idea what was going on. He almost felt sorry for Eric, but he had a pretty good idea of how things would turn up, so didn't feel too badly. Tom could tell that his frankness had shaken the other boy, but he'd also been entirely honest with Eric.

Tom bounced the basketball idly, then went into his own house, dumping the ball in the bin by the back door. He threw on his XBOX and blew up aliens for a while. He kept a close eye on the clock, though, and when 5:15 rolled around, he shut down the game and went up to his room. He stripped out of his sweat stained clothes and padded into his bathroom.

Tom turned on the shower and let the heat rise in the room. He brushed his teeth before sliding the glass door aside and stepping under the spray. He scrubbed himself thoroughly, working up a considerable lather, before he heard a loud knock at the door. Tom smirked to himself.

Having announced her presence, Alice Park glided into the room. "Is Eric around?" she asked.

"He left hours ago, Mom," Tom said. His smirk widened. Between his legs, his freshly scrubbed cock began to thicken and grow. He swiped his palm across the glass, clearing the fog from the heated air.

Alice smiled broadly and shucked off her suit jacket. "Oh, good," she said. "I see my baby boy got all clean for Mommy."

Tom watched in open admiration as his mother kicked off her heels, and quickly divested herself of her outer garments, a charcoal gray business suit that looked better on the floor than on her, somehow. She stood for a moment on the bathroom tiles barefoot, clad only in a burgundy colored bra and panty set. She reached up to remove her hairclip, and let her long, dark, colorfully highlighted locks spill around her shoulders.

Tom swept one hand across the glass to clear it once more, while his other hand slid up and down his turgid cock without any urgency.

Alice smiled and pursed her lips coquettishly at her son. She quickly whipped off her bra and yanked the panties down her legs, revealing her glorious, gorgeous nude form. Tom drank in the sight of his naked mother; her high, proud, full breasts tipped with dark suckable nipples; her narrow waist and flaring hips; the lush convexity of her springy backside; the neatly trimmed patch of hair above her dewy cleft.

The shower door slid open and Alice slithered in beside Tom. She groaned appreciatively as the hot spray from the showerhead anointed her sore and tired muscles. She pressed her plush form against her son, sighing appreciatively as his hardness thrust against her slightly rounded belly.

Alice's lips pressed against Tom's, and he instinctively parted his, letting his mother's tongue dart between them to taste him, and duel with his own tongue.

"It's so good to be home with my big, strong man," Alice cooed. Tom's arms slithered around his mother's waist and his hands cupped her buttocks, giving them a squeeze. Alice hissed and ground her pelvis against his.

"I missed you too, Mom," Tom said. He kissed her throat and trailed his tongue upwards to catch an earlobe, but quickly retreated when he tasted an earring.

"Sorry," Alice giggled. She sounded like a school girl, not a 38 year old professional woman with a mortgage and an 18 year old son. "I guess I was a little eager to get some hot lovin' from my little boy," she said with another giggle.

"That's okay, Mom," Tom said. "There's plenty other places I want to put my lips."

"Oh my. Such as?"

Tom cupped his mother's large breasts, teasing her sensitive nipples with his thumbs. She sighed happily as Tom lowered his head and traced her collarbone with his tongue. His lips pressed against the top of her left tit, and he kissed and licked his way down the slope to her nipple, which he captured between his teeth and nipped delicately. His other hand cupped and kneaded her other breast, paying special attention to the thick, rubbery engorged nipple. As Tom's lips closed around her breast and he began to suck, Alice's breaths came quicker.

She reached between them to wrap both hands around Tom's large, rigid cock. Her slim fingers caressed his hot, hard flesh with familiar precision, both hands sweeping from top to bottom slowly, sensuously. Her thumb caressed the mushroom head, urging the generation of precum, and as it poured out onto his cock and her fingers, she used the slippery liquid to coat his cock from tip to root.

The shower water pounded against Tom's back, some of it around him to splatter Alice as well. As she manipulated his cock and allowed her son to suckle her delectable breasts, she began to maneuver the both of them around, so that she stood beneath the spray. It took a little bit of coordination, but they pulled it off. Alice dipped her head back, and, releasing her son's cock for a moment, soaked her long mane of hair and swept it back.

She felt her son's hand cup her sex, and one of his long expressive fingers caressed her nether lips, just lightly touching her, teasing her, just the way she liked it.

Alice grabbed Tom's cock with both hands once more and levered the weapon towards her. The head brushed up against her drooling pussy. They were about the same height, but this was never a good angle for the two of them. Still, she liked dragging his cockhead across her engorged clit and feeling the thick head part her lips as it slid across them.

Tom had not yet released her breasts. Sucking, caressing, licking, kissing -- he even wedged his head into her cleavage and pressed her tits against his cheeks. Her son loved her tits, and always had. But he was going to leave a hickey somewhere if she wasn't careful, so she released his dick and gently pushed him away.

Tom lifted his head, a slightly dazed and intensely aroused look on his face. He was so damn cute, sometimes. Cute and sexy.

Alice slid down to her knees. The water streamed over her head, spraying Tom's chest. It flowed down across his abdomen and dripped down his thighs and off the tip of his cock as Alice levered it downwards. It felt like rain falling above her, only a little bit spraying her head and allowing streams of water to wash across her cheeks, back and breasts.

Tom watched his mother kneel and instinctively gripped her shoulders. The spray of water slightly obscured his vision, but he didn't want to let go and adjust the volume. He felt his mother's hand angle his cock downward, and then a warm wetness enveloped the end of his cock. He felt her tongue lash his cockhead. He spurted streamers of precum, and she lapped it up. Slowly and sensuously she devoured him, sucking him deep into her mouth. Her tongue caressed the bottom of his cock, while her cheeks hollowed around his girth. He felt her throat close in around him as he slid deeper and deeper, and at last her nose pressed against his abdomen, above the small patch of trimmed pubic hair that he possessed.

"Fuck, Mom, you give the best blowjobs," Tom gasped. His mother held him there for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, before a loud slurping sound, audible even above the roar of the water, echoed in the shower, signaled that she had released him. He felt more than saw her taking a few deep, gasping breaths and wondered briefly how she was breathing at all between his cock and the flow of water, and then she swallowed him again and he forgot everything but the feeling of being deep inside his own gorgeous mother's throat.

He thrust his hips slowly, gently, fucking her face, and she took him gladly. Twice more she swallowed him whole, before releasing all but the head and first few inches. Her hand gripped him lightly, stroking insistently, while her lips and teeth and tongue held the rest of him imprisoned and caressed him. Her other hand cupped his balls and rolled them in her palm, offering gentle squeezes that urged along his orgasm.

It didn't take long. It never did, honestly, and who could blame Tom? His mother was hot as a firecracker, and as skilled as a whore. He was just lucky that she preferred using him to satisfy her raging libido rather than a string of potential new dads. Or worse, the football team at school.

Weirdly, it was the thought of his mother being gangbanged by the football team that set him off. The image of his mother laid across a locker room bench covered in a layer of teenage cum triggered an intense and guilty climax. Tom's orgasm exploded out of him, coating his mother's mouth with streamers of thick, creamy cum. She let all but his cockhead slide out from between her lips as his weapon shuddered and shook and spat its first load into her mouth. She gulped eagerly, swallowing his semen with gusto, and eventually the flood subsided. She let the last few ribbons, just as thick as the first, spray across her tits, but they were almost instantly washed away.

Alice rose to her feet, swallowing and purring like a contented cat. "You taste so sweet, Tommy boy," she said. Alice licked her lips and kissed Tom passionately. He tasted his own cum on her tongue, but didn't mind. He was used to it by now.

Alice's hands never left her son's member, and his hardness never flagged, either. That he could cum so much and so often was probably the key to keeping his mother satisfied. The flipside, of course, was that he was glad he had a lover who could keep up with him. His previous girlfriends, teenagers all, had never put out as often or as well as he wanted.

They had both hit the jackpot when Alice decided to seduce her son, shortly after his eighteenth birthday. Six months had gone by, and though she emptied his balls daily, often several times a day in fact, she was yet to drain him completely. Not that Alice hadn't tried, or that Tom hadn't let her. They were both simply insatiable.

Even now, Alice was twisting and bending in the confined space of the shower stall. She spread her arms across the glass door, mashing her big, pendulous breasts against the frosted glass, arched her back and raised up on the balls of her feet. Her full, curving ass rose upward. Tom grabbed it with both hands and squeezed her cheeks, pulling them apart to let her asshole wink at him.

Alice reached between her legs to grab Tom's swaying cock and aim it towards her pussy. Over her shoulder she said, "Now its Mommy's turn. I want my son's thick, juicy cock deep inside me, and I want you to fuck me until I beg you to stop."

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