tagIncest/TabooEver Notice? Ch. 05

Ever Notice? Ch. 05


An Oedipus County Epic

This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. All characters are 18 or over. It's all pretend, folks.


They necked like a couple of teenagers, and technically one of them was a teenager, for a good fifteen minutes, barely pausing to take a breath. Finally, Eric's mother pushed him away. In the light from the forgotten movie, Christina's eyes were glassy and raw.

"I need to clean up. Meet me in front of the theater in ten minutes." She contemplated him a moment, licked her lips, then placed a warm hand on his still rigid, still bare cock. "Don't forget to put this away." She stood up and swirled away. Eric watched her go, admiring her full ass in her little skirt, and the shakiness to her legs.

Eric settled into the seat and relaxed for a few minutes. Finally, he stuffed his softening cock away and zipped up. The rasp of the zipper made one of the ladies two rows up turn her head. Eric gave her an insolent smile that she probably couldn't see.

He stood up, tossed a handful of popcorn into his mouth, and swaggered out of the theater.

He waited patiently on the sidewalk outside for his mother. It took her longer than ten minutes, or at least it felt that way, but when she appeared she was worth the wait. She had scrubbed her face, subtly applied new lipstick and eyeshadow. Her red blouse was unbuttoned severely, showing considerable cleavage. The flush in her cheeks and spreading across her chest gave her color that her pale skin normally lacked. Her eyes lit up when she saw him, and a broad smile spread across her full red lips.

Eric held out his hand and she took it. She leaned in to kiss him lightly on the lips, right there in the middle of the street. It could have been the chaste kiss of a mother and son, but the electric charge Eric felt at her touch hardened him instantly. He walked awkwardly down the street by her side.

"What...uh... what happens next?" he said, a little uncertainly. He liked this new closeness with his mother. He liked in particular having his balls drained by a beautiful buxom woman, regardless of his relation to her. But even though he was a good looking guy and he'd had a few girlfriends, the furthest he'd gotten with a girl was the furthest he'd gotten with his mother so far.

Her urgency to leave led him to believe something more might happen. Standing alone on the sidewalk had given him time to think, and the enormity of what was happening was beginning to war with his general horniness and hope of getting laid.

"You're going to drive us home," Christina said, "and we are going to pick up where we left off in the theater." She snuggled close to him, threading an arm through his, pressing one heavy tit against his arm. Christina looked up at her son, and he saw love and lust and possessiveness in her brilliant blue eyes. He relaxed a little bit, but grew harder if anything.

They found the car and Christina tossed him the keys. Something told him to open the door for her, and the smile she flashed at him when he did made his heart skip a bit. He hurried around to the other side and started the car. He had a vague idea of where he was going, but would have to ask his mother for directions.

While Eric pulled out of the parking lot, his mother began unbuttoning her red blouse even further. Eric caught a glimpse of a black bra and milky white tits. He forced his eyes on the road. Christina untucked her blouse, fluffing out the tails, and then proceeded to spread her legs. Her skirt inched upwards. She reached down and helped it along, giving herself more room to spread her legs even wider. Long expanses of her creamy thighs were exposed, drawing Eric's eyes to them. She planted one red high heel against the glove box, dragging her skirt even higher.

He blew through a stop sign, barely noticing.

"Watch the road, sweetie-bear," Christina admonished. "Let Mommy relieve herself a little bit. You got me so worked up in the theater, I just need to play with myself a little." As Eric watched out of the corner of his eye, his mother palmed herself, her hand largely hidden by the skirt. Her wrist began to move in slow circles, and Christina moaned.

Her other hand reached out to grip Eric's thigh. His cock was an iron bar, awkwardly wedged down the other leg of his shorts, and he knew precum had soaked through his boxers already. Much more of this, and it would soak through his shorts as well.

"Oh, honey," Christina said, her voice rising a little with each word. "You have such a big, beautiful cock. And your cum is so delicious and thick and creamy. I could drink it all day. I could nurse your dick all day, just sitting on my knees between your legs, feeling you thrust between my lips until you erupt. And you cum so much, sweetie-bear! My virile son with your thick cock, you're going to make Mommy so happy."

The scent of her arousal filled the car. Sweat poured down Eric's forehead. He was breaking several traffic laws, but in the middle of the afternoon, traffic was still light. He hoped he wouldn't draw a cop. In his shorts, his cock throbbed and flexed, and he wondered if he would climax just listening to her talk and moan, and the wet squelchy noises coming from between her legs. He was pretty sure he could do it, and almost certain he would, if he didn't make it home soon.

His knuckles were white on the steering wheel, which he gripped with both hands.

His mother's free hand reached up to caress his bicep, then across his shoulder and neck and up to thread through his short, reddish-brown hair. "You're going to fuck Mommy," she said, low and husky. "I want that thick gorgeous cock of yours deep inside me." She shuddered, gripping the back of his head tightly, as her body thrashed in the seat beside him.

Was this really happening? he wondered. Could this possible happen for real? His mind was awhirl. He was lucky he hadn't had or caused an accident. He pulled onto his mother's street and aimed the car for her house.

The car thumped over the bottom of the driveway and almost slammed into the garage before he had it under control. He snapped his seatbelt off and lurched for Christina, wrapping his arms around her, kissing her fiercely again, his mouth thrusting into hers like an angry cock. She mewled under him, thrusting her big, heavy tits against his chest. She wrenched her hand out from between her legs and placed it against his cheek, fingers splayed. Her fingers were slick with her own juices, the aroma intoxicating.

"House," Christina spat out, shoving Eric away. "Inside," she added. She fumbled with her own seatbelt. Eric looked at her blouse, barely attached to her, and the way the seatbelt was trapped between her huge tits in their lacy black bra. He helped her unfasten herself, kissed her again, and backed out of the car.

Christina spilled out on her own side, her limbs shaky and weak, and Eric hurried around to help her to her feet and up the walk to the front door. His hands roamed all over her, while she searched her purse for the housekey.

Finally she found it, fumbled with the lock, and in a tumble of limbs, the two of them bumbled into the house. Christina toppled, landing on her back, and Eric fell with her. He caught himself with his palms before he could crush her. She looked up at him with eyes wild and unfocused.

"You okay?" he asked. She mustered a nod. Eric kicked the door closed with his foot and leaned down to kiss his mother again. Her lips parted with a sigh, and her tongue wrestled with his own. As Eric's crotch settled against his mother's skirt, he felt the pressure building down below. He broke away from her, gasping. "Mom, I can't..."

"Oh, baby, of course, its okay," she cooed. They shifted, Eric rising to his feet, Christina settling on her knees. She looked wild and sexy beneath him, as she hooked her fingers in the waistband of his shorts and pulled both them and his underwear downward with a savage jerk. His rampant cock rose up to slap her in the face, leaving a trail of precum across her cheek. She laughed a little, letting him know it was no trouble.

As soon as her slim fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, he felt his balls tremble and the rising, delicious agony of his impending explosion. "Mom," he groaned, unable to say more.

Eric's mother quickly angled his cock towards her. Eric braced his arms against the door as her full, red lips slid over the crown of his dick. He felt warmth and moisture and the light touch of her agile tongue. His cock swelled in her mouth, the mushroom head expanding as his orgasm erupted, cum racing up his flesh tube to spray across her tongue. He inundated her mouth with several thick pulses of cream. He saw her throat working as she swallowed his viscous spend. All the while her bright blue eyes looked up at him with love, lust, and adoration.

At last, his flood subsided, and she sat back on her haunches, licking her lips. Eric slumped against the door, his dick softening a little, but still half-hard and dripping.

"So much, so soon," Christina said wonderingly, when her mouth and throat were clear. "Oh, sweetie-bear, you are going to spoil me."

She stood up on shaky legs, using her little finger to tuck a curl of silvery semen between her lips. With an inviting smile, she spun slowly and walked down the hall. Her high heels clicked on the floor. Off came the white sweater, dropped to the floor. She shucked off her red blouse quickly, and it fluttered after the sweater. She turned into the living room just as she reached behind her to unzip her skirt, and Eric heard it slithering down her legs as she disappeared around the corner.

Eric caught his breath. His cock, which had barely flagged, was gaining strength once more. He shucked off his shoes, peeled off his t-shirt, and shuffled down the hall while kicking off his shorts and underwear.

His mother waited for him in the middle of the room, standing with legs slightly spread and hands on her hips. She wore only her red high heels, black bra, and panties. She was framed by afternoon sunlight, which made the pale and pastel colors of the décor glow around her.

The bra was thick-banded, with dark underwire cups to support her titanic breasts, but the tops were lacy and see-through with a kind of floral pattern to them. Her panties were black as well, high-cut on her hips, and similarly diaphanous. He could see her neatly trimmed red bush peaking through the material, while the front panel glistened with dew.

Her eyes widened and her lips pulled up into a wicked grin as she beheld him, naked except for his socks. As she looked him up and down, he hurried to pull those off, and stood before her completely nude.

"Oh, Eric," she sighed. "You're so beautiful."

He blushed. "I was going to say the same thing," he said.

"Oh really?" She cupped her tits in their bra. "You don't think my breasts are too big?" Her hands dropped to her sides. "Or that my hips are too wide, or my ass too big?"

Eric shook his head. "You are perfect in every way, Mother."

She shivered a little and closed her eyes. "Thank you, sweetie-bear," she said. He crossed the room towards her, his rampant cock leading the way. She held her arms open and embraced him, wrapping her strong arms around him, pushing her rounded belly against his smooth abdomen, sandwiching his dick between them. Her bra encased tits flattened against his chest as he held her close. His lips sought hers, found them, and kissed her deeply. She moaned into his mouth. Her hands found his bare ass and squeezed.

Eric's strong hands found his mother's own cheeks, and he enjoyed their plush springiness. He kneaded her ass, and felt her groin press against his. He felt her heat and moisture against his skin, and he knew she was as ready as he was. He was going to fuck his mother. Insane, yes, but it was going to happen. Nothing could stop him.

He released her full, matronly ass and reached up to grapple with the clasp of her bra. He had it free in a moment, even though there were more hooks than he was used to, as if the bra wanted to be off. His mother stepped back a bit, allowing him to pull the garment off of her and toss it to the floor.

Christina's big, beautiful, motherly breasts were bared to her son's hot gaze. Milky white, round and soft, with large coral pink nipples, they filled his hands and spilled out over his palms. They were heavy and gorgeous and begging to be kissed. Eric leaned over and pressed his lips against her throat. Slowly, he half-kissed, half-licked his way down the slope of her pendulous right tit, until he reached the hard nubbin at its center. He closed his lips around it and sucked, lightly at first, then with growing insistence. Christina hissed, threaded her fingers in Eric's hair, and pushed her tit into his face.

Eric palmed her other breast, kneading the sensitive flesh with his fingers and hand. He tweaked her nipple between forefinger and thumb, and used them to mimic the actions of his mouth.

Christina reached between them to grasp his rampant cock with one hand, slowly, delicately jacking his prick. Precum squirted from the tip, coating her palm and wrist.

Eric switched tits, licking and kissing and suckling from her left teat, while his hands slid across his mother's impeccable body and cupped the full cheeks of her ass once more. His fingers slid into the waistband of her panties, and began insistently tugging them downward. They caught a little bit on the curve of her full ass, but Christina paused in her own ministrations to assist him. Eric distinctly heard a wet sucking sound as the front panel was peeled away from her pussy.

Christina bent at the waist, slithering her panties down her long legs, tugging them free over her heels. Eric dropped to one knee to watch the process, admiring how physics affected her pneumatic form. But his eyes quickly locked on the holiest of holys, the center of her being, the cleft at the juncture between her creamy thighs.

His mother's pussy was neatly trimmed, with just a patch of vibrantly red hair on the pubis. The lips were coral pink like her nipples, distended and glistening with moisture, a golden, intoxicating dew that spread across her thighs and crotch.

Impulsively, as he'd never done it before, he leaned in and kissed her pussy. She groaned, suddenly gripping his head. Her juices stained his lips, sweet and salty at the same time.

Eric looked up at his mother from between her thighs. She looked down at him, head framed by her mountainous breasts. Her eyes were half-lidded, glazed with lust. Eric had never seen a woman as turned on as his mother appeared to be. Every stupid fumbling sexual encounter in his past paled in comparison to this moment – like a candle standing against a supernova.

"Are you going to eat Mommy?" Christina whispered.

Eric swallowed. "I don't... um... I've never..."

Christina smiled a motherly smile. "Don't worry, baby. C'mere, I'll teach you." She took his hand and pulled him to his feet. She sauntered over to the sofa and sat down, breasts jiggling happily. She casually spread her legs and leaned back, with her ass on the edge of the cushion and her pussy thrust out at Eric.

"Kneel down," she said softly, huskily. "Just like that." Her fingers teased her pink folds, parting them for him. "Now, sweetie-bear, you're an excellent kisser with a very flexible tongue, so you're already more than halfway there. What you want to do, is basically plant your mouth here, and French kiss my pussy." Her fingers slid her pussy open even wider, then glided upwards to their apex, where a little pink button winked at Eric. "But pay special attention to this.

"In fact, lean forward, just extend your tongue, and give my clit a few little licks."

Eric did as requested. He put his strong hands on her thighs, bent forward, and stuck out his tongue to flick her clit. The muscles in her thighs bunched and jumped and Christina howled. She grabbed his head and threaded her fingers through his hair once more, pushing him downward. "Jesus, baby, that was perfect. Now kiss me."

Eric pressed his lips against hers, tasted her juices, and slithered his tongue out into her depths. It wouldn't go nearly as far as his cock, or even a finger, but it was pretty flexible, and he made it dance for her. Her scent made him giddy, and her taste was like ambrosia on his tongue. Her juices flowed into his mouth, coated his lips, slid down his chin. He loved how she tasted, and how she reacted to everything he did. Christina moaned and groaned and hissed as Eric went to work. She gripped his head tightly and pushed him down into her pussy, even as her hips hitched forward.

"Such a good boy," she urged, "treating his Mommy so well."

His lips captured her clit and he sucked lightly, as if it were a nipple, and suddenly she was screaming, convulsing around him, her fingers tightening on his head like vises. "Oh God, oh God, oh God... Errrriccccc!" she howled.

Her thighs came together, trapping his head between them. He released her clit, and lashed at her again with his tongue, lapping up the juices streaming from her spasming pussy. She shook and shuddered for long moments, mewling and crying, making soft sounds that were muffled by her thighs. Slowly she came back to herself. The grip of her hands and thighs lessened. Eric raised his head and looked into his mother's eyes. They were wild and wanton and smiling. Her hair, disheveled, sticking to her forehead with sweat, her massive breasts rising and falling rapidly as she breathed – she looked so fucking sexy.

His mother. Sexy, wanton, wanting. Eric wouldn't have believed it if someone else told it to him, but here he was, kneeling between her thighs, his lips and chin stained by her juices, her taste on his tongue.

She grabbed his arms and hauled him to his feet, still gasping. She brought his lips down to hers and she kissed him fierce and hard, apparently unmindful of the golden liquid covering his face. When the broke away, she looked at him seriously and said, "That was the most intense orgasm of my life."

Her eyes dropped down to the tower of flesh jutting from his groin, pointing at her, casting its long shadow across her smooth belly. "So far," she added, licking her lips.

"Are you ready, sweetie-bear?" she asked. She kissed him lightly on the lips again. "Are you ready to mount your own mother, and drive that big, beautiful cock of yours into her wet and hungry pussy?"

"Jesus Christ, Mom," Eric coughed out. As hot as the situation was, her language had his blood boiling. He unconsciously hitched his hips, thrusting his cock towards her. It wagged in the air, sending a scalding spray of precum to drip across her belly.

Eric hunkered down, eager, his mind clouded with lust, focused on one thing and one thing only. But the sofa was too tall for him to kneel and too short for him to stand, so it took a few agonizing moments for them to coordinate their movements. Eventually Christina just laid across the cushions and pulled Eric down on top of her. He growled as her legs parted and his cock nudged against the patch of fur atop her pubis.

Christina reached down between them and took him in hand. She pointed his weapon at her weeping gates and slowly, sensuously, teasingly allowed the mushroom head to swipe across her pussy lips. Eric tried to thrust, but she let him glide his length effortlessly across her, lubricating his cock with her fluids, but not allowing him to dive in just yet.

"Have you ever done this before?" Christina asked huskily.

Eric shook his head.

Christina gave a sexy shiver at his movement. "Oh, baby, I hoped, but I wasn't sure. I really want to be your first. I'm so happy." She rubbed his cockhead against her pussylips again. "Now, I'm going to line you up, and when I do, I want you to drive in as hard and fast as you can, over and over. Can you do that for Mommy?"

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