tagIncest/TabooEver Notice? Ch. 06

Ever Notice? Ch. 06


An Oedipus County Epic

This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. All characters are 18 or over. It's all pretend, folks.


Eric and Christina cuddled for a while, getting their breath back. But eventually someone's stomach rumbled, and they extricated themselves from the tangle of sheets, threw on some modicum of clothing, and went down to the kitchen. Christina reheated some of the steak from the other night for Eric, and made some buttered pasta and a quickly tossed salad.

When Eric offered to split the steak with his mother, Christina giggled. "I've had enough protein today, thank you." Her hand dropped to his thigh and caressed him. "And I might have a snack or two before bed."

Eric blushed and shoveled food into his mouth.

When Christina piled the dishes into the sink, Eric came up behind her and cupped her breasts under her thin t-shirt, the only article of clothing she wore. Christina arched her back, shoving her ass into his hardening dick and her tits into his palms. Her head nestled into his shoulder and she turned to kiss his chin and cheek.

Eric kissed her back, his hands roaming down her smooth stomach to grip the hem of the shirt which rode low on her hips. He started peeling it up her body, and in a moment, his mother was once more naked in his arms. She giggled throatily as he pulled her down onto the kitchen floor. She pulled his boxers off, freeing his enormous hard-on.

They didn't speak. Just grunted and cooed, gasped and sighed, as Eric's thick fuck-tool buried itself to the hilt inside his mother's steaming snatch. Christina spread her legs wide, and Eric, gripping her calves, began to pound in and out of his mother. Christina soon began to thrash beneath him, her climax coming quickly, and Eric was able to coax two more out of her before he dumped another load deep inside his mother.

The dishes forgotten, they made their way through the house, pausing to fuck in as many rooms as possible on the way back to Christina's bedroom. By the time they made it to her bed, exhausted, sweaty, and spent, it was late. Neither of them had the energy to fuck again. Instead they curled into one another's arms and each of them fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Down the street, the Parks had a similarly eventful night. After waking from the dreamless sleep that followed their furious fucking, Alice slid out from under her dozing son, pulled on a robe, and went to make dinner. She shook Tom awake before heading down to the kitchen, and the boy gradually roused himself.

Alice threw some leftovers in the wok, added some noodles, and opened a bottle of red wine.

Tom came down eventually, dressed in boxers and a t-shirt. He smiled, kissed his mother on her cheek, caressed her ass, and set the table without being asked. Alice smiled at her son's solicitude. He could be helpful when he wanted something.

They ate dinner in comfortable silence. Alice dragged her chair next to Tom's and twined her leg around his. He draped an arm over her shoulder. "S'good, Mom," he said, with his mouth full.

"Chew with your mouth closed, dear," Alice admonished. "And thank you. It's not much, really."

"Tastes good," Tom said. "You're a good cook, Mom."

Alice kissed him on the cheek. When they finished dinner, Alice left Tom to deal with the dishes and went upstairs to change.

Tom whispered tunelessly as he filled the dish washer. Despite his outward calmness, inside he was a whirl of emotions. Confusion, lust, love, jealousy, guilt, all bounced around inside his head. He wanted to fuck Christina Henderson, but he also felt like he was more than a little bit in love with his own mom. It bothered him that she didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that he wanted to be with another woman. And he was jealous of Eric for getting to fuck Christina, while also jealous that his mother wanted to fuck Eric. It all made him feel stupid and childish and bitter and confused.

With a sigh and a grunt he collapsed into an easy chair in the living room. He sank his head into his hands and tried not to think about things, but whenever he closed his eyes, he saw Christina writhing on the end of Eric's dick. Which made him pretty excited. But then Christina would morph into Alice, which made him pretty irritated. He also was beginning to suspect that maybe Eric wouldn't be cool with him tapping Christina, either. This whole thing was beginning to feel a little off.

Tom sighed again. Like fucking your own mother wasn't off to begin with.

Suddenly he realized that he was alone in the living room. His mother had gone upstairs some time ago and not returned. He wondered how long he had sat in the darkened room, letting his thoughts get away from himself.

Tom rose and headed upstairs. The second floor was dark, but he saw a sliver of light emanating from his mother's room. Her door was half closed. Tom approached.

Framed by the doorway, Alice sat at her vanity, clad in a diaphanous pale blue gown. It was open, revealing that she wore a delicate bra, panty, and hose combination in a rich turquoise. The lingerie was designed to conceal little, while revealing a great deal. Her long hair was swept up and pinned back, her makeup subtle but artfully applied. She looked gorgeous, although the look was marred somewhat by the annoyance writ across her pretty face.

"Took your time," she whispered, but then raised her voice. "Oh, Tommy, I didn't see you there." She moved to sort of cover up herself with the gown, but twisted on the seat at the same time to give him a look at her long, toned legs in their bright thigh-highs.

"I was just getting ready for bed," she continued, her tone gradually warming and taking on more playfulness. She stood up, again displayed more charms than she hid, flashing an acre of delicious cleavage at him as she bent over slightly while rising, her heavy tits swaying pendulously on her chest. She reached up and pulled the pins from her hair, letting the dark locks spill invitingly down her back. "I didn't mean to leave the door open so far."

Alice approached the door, giving her hips an exaggerated sway with each step. "Why, Tommy, you're looking at me so strangely. If you weren't my son, I'd say you were checking me out. I know I'm wearing just my underwear, but a son shouldn't look at his own mother in that way."

Slowly Tom smiled. He was back on familiar ground. The doubts and insecurities faded into the background. Alice was going through one of her little roleplaying sessions, playing the startled but aroused mother. She did this every once in a while, and it never failed to get Tom excited. "Uh, sorry Mom," he said. "I just can't help it. You're just so hot."

Alice's eyes widened theatrically. She placed an arm across her bra clad breasts and a hand across the front of her panties, as if she could deflect her son's burning gaze. "Sons aren't supposed to say those kinds of things, either." She made as if to close the door all the way, forced to unveil her tremendous tits barely restrained in her bra to do so.

Tom put a hand up to keep the door open. He pushed only a little, and it swung open widely. Alice retreated. She tried to look afraid and uncertain, but couldn't quite pull it off. Her full lips kept pulling into a smile.

"Oh!" she said. "Tommy, that's not proper behavior for a good son. I know you've been sneaking peeks at me now and then, but I never expected you to be so... so... forceful." Her breasts heaved as her breathing increased.

"You're right, Mom. I have been sneaking peeks. I can't help it. Your huge tits and tight ass make me so hard, Mom. I just have to look at you. Every night I go to bed thinking of you, thinking of what I want to do to you."

Alice blinked. Tom could see a tiny wet spot forming at the front of her thin panties. He knew her industrial strength bra hid her hardening nipples, but the way her tits rose and fell on her chest, he also knew those nipples were awfully hard.

But then she changed the script. "And... how long have you been thinking of doing these 'awful' things to me?"

Tom paused. Some of those uncertain feelings suddenly swam out of the background. Some part of him, threatened perhaps by the presence of Eric and his mother's obvious and declared attraction to him, made Tom give his mother an honest answer for once.

"About... about five years," he said. The tone of his voice changed, away from the playful banter, towards his normal speaking voice. Alice's eyes narrowed and she suddenly cocked her head. "You probably don't remember the actual day yourself, but it was a little after dad left. You were just getting back into the dating scene, with that first guy. Gary. Gary Whathisname."

"Thorndike," Alice said softly. She was watching Tom intently. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts, playfulness evaporating, suddenly serious.

"Yeah, Thorndike," Tom agreed. "Anyway, I was shooting hoops in the driveway by myself one sunny Saturday afternoon in the month of July, and you came out of the house with a dog-eared paperback, a bottle of suntan lotion, and a folding chair. You had this silly floppy hat on, and those bugeye glasses of yours, and you were wrapped in one of those old beach towels we used to have."

"With the rainbow stripes," Alice said.

"That's the one," Tom said. "Anyway, I just dribbled the ball and attempted a few shots, but out of the corner of my eye I watched you set up the chair and the book and the lotion. And then you unfurled the towel and set it down at the base of the chair, and I saw what you were wearing underneath, and Jesus Christ, Mom, I'm pretty sure I started puberty then and there."

Alice blushed. She thought she might know what he was talking about. "Oh my God, Thomas, I do remember that day. That old black bikini I had from, oh, before you were born. I was too fat to wear it in public, but I wanted to work on my tan. I hoped it would impress that jerk Gary."

"You weren't fat, Mom," Tom said. "I mean, don't get me wrong, you look fantastic and fit now, but you looked great in that suit. Plump, but in a good way. Your big breasts and big butt, the way it stretched the material." Tom was turning red, but Alice could see the front of his boxers tenting outward.

"And then you started to put the suntan lotion on." Tom looked up, as if beseeching the heavens. "I've been a goner ever since. I've been a twisted, horny, mother-obsessed little boy."

Alice stepped towards Tom and took his arms in hers. She slid into them, pressing her big breasts against her son's strong chest. She rested her cheek against his. "Why didn't you ever tell me? We've been lovers for almost half a year, and you've never mentioned this before today."

Tom drew in a long, raggedy breath. Alice held him, wondering. "I guess," he started, "I guess I'm just a little worried. I mean, I've been talking about fucking Christina, and you've been talking about banging Eric, and I don't want things to change between us. I want you to know how much you mean to me. How much I love you, and love being with you."

"Oh honey," Alice said. She kissed him on the lips. "You don't have to worry about that. I love you too, very much, even if you do drive me crazy most of the time.

"I'm a little jealous about your obsession with Christina, and maybe my nonchalance regarding Eric is part of my way of dealing with it. But let's be realistic. I'm your mother. What we have is great, and its fun, and I cherish it. But it can't last forever. You're going to have to find another woman sooner or later, and I'm going to have to be able to deal with it.

"If the first 'other' woman you're with is one of my good friends, and I'm there to see it and maybe even participate a little, it will be easier for me." Alice sighed. "I guess we should have talked this over a little bit more, huh?"

"Yeah, that would have been good. But we're talking now, aren't we?"

Alice kissed Tom again. "It's hard sometimes, forgetting that I'm your mother, and thinking that I alone know what's best for you. I've been making decisions for you for so long, its second nature. But I can't do that for you anymore. Our relationship isn't like that now, and never will be again, will it?"

"Mom, you'll always be my mom. And you'll always be the person I love most. I honestly... I don't see myself finding another woman ever. No one could replace you."

Alice smiled, but it was a sad kind of smile. "You say that now," she stared to say, thinking of what she would look like in another ten or fifteen or twenty years. Thinking that she might like grandchildren some day – some day far away.

But Tom silenced her with a kiss. "No one," he said.

"Thank you, baby," Alice said. She blinked back sudden tears. "Argh, don't make me cry, you little hooligan. You'll ruin my makeup."

"Sorry, Mom," Tom said with a little laugh.

"Is this what you were thinking about downstairs? Is this why you kept me waiting so long?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess so. Sorry about that."

Alice smiled again, a happier smile this time. "No, that's okay." She plucked at the edges of her gown, pulling it up and away from her body. "I guess the mood for this game is dead. I really like this set, too."

Tom's strong hands wound around her waist. "I was just going to peel it off, anyway," he said, kissing her lightly.

Alice let his hands roam over her body, moving up to cup her breasts. "What did you do after you watched me?" she asked. She couldn't remember. She recalled coating herself in lotion and picking up her book, and possibly falling asleep in the warm drone of the summer day.

"That day?" Tom asked. Alice grunted affirmation. "I went up to my room and looked at you for what seemed like forever from my window. I would have jerked off all over myself if I knew how that worked then. Instead I just watched you and touched my hard dick through my shorts and felt really, really guilty."

"Poor baby," Alice mewed. "If I had known then, I might have... huh."


Alice gently pushed her son away. "Go to your room."

"What?" Tom repeated, somewhat sharply.

Alice gave him a slow wink and curled her full lips up into a sensuous smile. "Go to your room. I have an idea. Don't worry baby, I'll be along in a minute or two."

Tom looked at his mother for a few seconds, his brows knit together. "Okay," he finally said, and somewhat dubiously. "I'll be waiting for you."

Tom dutifully retreated to his bedroom. He flipped on a light, pulled the blinds, whipped off his t-shirt, and threw himself into the middle of his queen-sized bed. He folded his arms behind his head and waited. And waited. And waited.

As the clock on his nightstand slowly changed, Tom grew gradually more irritated. What was taking so long? What was she doing? He had half a mind to get up, go down the hall, throw his mother on her bed and fuck the shit out of her.

He had just about reached the end of his patience and was about to get up and do something – anything – when he heard a light knock at his door. "Yes?" he said, a little more sharply than he had intended.

"Tommy?" his mother's voice came through the door. "Are you in there?"

"Yes," he said, exasperated.

"Can I come in?" she asked.

Tom grumbled to himself. She was back to playing some game. Fine, he would play along. "Uh, I guess so."

Slowly the door opened, and Alice stepped into the room. Despite himself, Tom's jaw dropped open. Alice wore her sunglasses on the top of her head, pinning her hair back, and had shucked her turquoise lingerie for the black bikini. The ties were longer on her than it used to be, as she really had lost considerable weight, but the triangles over her breasts still strained to contain the massive spheres of flesh, and the triangle of fabric between her legs still molded itself perfectly to the contours of her pussy. Tom also caught the scent of cocoa butter, and knew that his mother had thrown on some suntan lotion to complete the effect.

And that effect was a nearly instant, almost painful erection that left Tom momentarily dizzy.

"Oh!" Alice said in mock surprise, surveying her son lying on his bed in nothing but a pair of boxers. The tent growing at his crotch was impossible to ignore.

"Is everything okay?" Alice asked tentatively.

"Uh, yeah. Of course," Tom said. "Why wouldn't it be?"

"Well, you ran into the house so quickly. I mean, your basketball didn't even stop bouncing after you dropped it before the back door slammed closed behind you. I thought maybe you hurt yourself."

"Oh," Tom said. "Oh my fucking God, Mom, you are the greatest," he added, somewhat softer. She lit up, beaming at him with an enormous smile. Tom fumbled with his next line, eventually coming up with, "Um, uh, no I'm okay. Nothing wrong."

Alice slid across the floor on bare feet and half-turned to sit herself down on the edge of Tom's bed. Her hips were in line with his, just a few inches apart. "Then what made you run in the house so quickly?"

"I don't... uh... I saw a bee?"

Alice laughed lightly. "I'm not sure I believe you." Her hand nudged his hip, causing the erection mostly trapped by his boxers to sway a little. The motion also caused Alice's large tits to sway enticingly in their bikini prison. Her nipples dented the fabric. "What is this? Were you masturbating, Thomas?"

"What would give you that idea?" Tom said lamely.

"The fact that you're half-naked on your bed, with what looks like a painful erection? You can tell me, you know, its okay. Everyone does it." She shifted slightly, allowing one arm to cross his hips, a flat hand to lie across the bed to balance her as she turned at the waist to face him. Her barely contained breasts heaved against the bikini top. Tom's eyes were drawn to them like magnets.

"So where's the magazine? Or were you looking at something naughty on your phone?"

"What?" Tom said. He pulled his eyes away from his mother's amazing tits and looked at the curious look on her face. "I don't have any of that stuff."

"Then what were you looking at that made you all... horny?" Alice said the last word with a girlish giggle.

The hole at the front of Tom's boxers opened, allowing the iron-hard stalk of his cock to be glimpsed. Alice licked her lips. There were noticeable dark spots on the front of Tom's boxers as his precum soaked into the fabric. "Were you... oh, Tommy, you naughty boy. Were you looking at Mommy putting her lotion on? Is that what got you all hot and bothered?"

Tom nodded. "Oh, yes Mommy. Yes, I'm afraid that's exactly what happened."

She rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly, but said, "Young men shouldn't be looking at their mothers like that. It's inappropriate. I know that having a sexy, young mommy with a huge rack must be very distracting for you, but sons and mothers are not supposed to have sexual thoughts about one another. It's very wrong."

"Why does it feel so right, Mom?"

Alice smiled sweetly. She looked down at Tom's crotch, and pretended to notice his situation for the first time. "Oh my goodness, Tommy!" she said dramatically. Still bracing herself with her left hand, she reached out tentatively with her right to touch his cock through the thin material of his boxers. "You're so very hard, son. And oh so very big."

Deftly, Alice reached into the opening and fished out Tom's rampant cock. It stood up proudly, defiantly, from his boxers, a long column of angry aroused flesh, with a thick reddish-purple head that dripped with clear fluid. Tom flexed, and his cock jumped, squirting a dollop of fluid from the tip. Alice's slim fingers instinctively curled around the root, leaving much of the prick exposed. She marveled theatrically, titanic bosom heaving.

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