tagIncest/TabooEver Notice? Ch. 09

Ever Notice? Ch. 09


An Oedipus County Epic

This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. All characters are 18 or over. It's all pretend, folks.

Christina drove. She took them into town, down to the gentrified area with lots of whimsical little shops and eateries and wide lanes for leisurely strolling.

She and Eric walked arm in arm, while Alice and Tom maintained a discreet distance, the sort that any normal mother and son would show in public.

Alice wore a cute black dress with a scallop neck that showed considerable cleavage, over which she had a white button up sweater. Tom had changed into a Star Wars tee and a pair of jeans. Eric was dressed similarly, although his t-shirt was a plain blue-gray. Christina had decided on a deep blue tapered skirt with matching jacket, and white blouse and hose, complete with short heels that accentuated her calves and the curve of her ass. The jacket couldn't quite button in the front, but she looked stunning. The blue really accentuated her eyes, as well as the contrast of her pale skin and fiery hair.

The foursome walked and talked a while, enjoying the warmth of the early spring day, browsing and window shopping. Neither Tom nor Eric could avoid checking out one another's mother, nor the inordinate number of attractive older women and single mothers who seemed to propagate the area. Once again, Eric wondered what secret x-factor lured all the stunning women to the area.

Most of the husbands and boyfriends Eric saw tended to be flabby, graying, or looked unhealthy. Some of them seemed affixed to their phones or bluetooths, all but ignoring the women at their sides. It all seemed unreal to Eric, like he had landed on some kind of alien world. He also noticed more than a few teenaged boys hanging with these older women, and wondered for the first time how many sons and mothers were doing what he, Christina, Alice, and Tom were doing. The surreality of it all made him dizzy.

They did bump into one younger guy who seemed to have his act together. Shorter than Tom, he was blond and bespectacled, but in good shape and seemed to enjoy the company of the woman with him. And who wouldn't? She was slightly taller than him, long-limbed, pretty in a pugnacious way, with long wavy auburn hair and tits even larger than Christina's. They were pushing a baby carriage out of a shop when Alice noticed them and waved. "My lawyer's son and his wife," she explained.

The couple with the carriage swung over to exchange pleasantries, and Alice introduced Bill Smith and his wife Karen to her son Tom and her friends Christina and Eric. She didn't identify the Hendersons as mother and son, but there seemed to be some glitter of understanding in Bill's eyes when he shook Eric's hand. Understanding, and a complete lack of judgement.

"How was your mom's sabbatical?" Alice asked Bill, as Christina cooed over the baby, and Karen showed off her 3-month old daughter, Janey. Eric wasn't terribly interested in the kid, but he made small talk with Bill, who, while a proud parent himself, was willing to talk video games and sports with Eric. Bill was only a senior at the local university, which surprised Eric. He decided to ask Bill a few pointed questions about the school.

He didn't think that his mother noticed, but he caught her beaming at him from across the carriage while he talked to Bill. That image gave him weird and uncomfortable thoughts and derailed the conversation. Luckily he was saved by the baby's wail.

Tom grew silent as the women chatted and Bill and Eric talked. There was something special about this little family unit, with the mom and the dad and the baby, which struck him deeply. He looked at his mother, and how her face lit up at the cute little girl, and he was reminded again of how much he truly loved and admired her, how much he wanted her to be happy, and how much he wanted to be the man who made her so. Crazy thoughts occurred to him, thoughts that made him half-hard and dazed with love and lust, but he came back to himself suddenly as Janey began to cry.

"She's getting hungry," Karen explained, and the Smith's excused themselves, wishing the four of them a good evening. Eric completely sympathized with the little girl; he would be hungry all the time with a mom like that. He allowed himself a slight smile at the realization that he did have a mom like that.

Christina and Alice dragged Tom and Eric into a few clothing stores. The moms had decided they wanted dinner at an upscale restaurant, and the boys' casual dress wouldn't do.

Tom was unusually quiet while Alice picked over the shirts, and she looked up at him. "You okay?" she asked. He nodded, forced his thoughts to focus on the present, and smiled.

In short order they found themselves in suit jackets, dress pants, and button-down shirts. Eric balked at trading in his red chucks, and Christina relented.

The maitre de eyed Eric's feet while deciding where to place them, but he didn't say anything, and the four of them soon sat down for an excellent and incredibly expensive meal. Alice and Christina bitched about work, while Eric and Tom discussed video games, movies, and compared their favorite sports teams.

It felt like a normal, relaxed, family dinner, at least for Eric. Tom noticed a level of tension between his mother and Christina, but unwilling to ruin the mood, he said nothing. He raised an eyebrow when Alice ordered a second glass of wine, but if she noticed his expression, she didn't say anything.

At last, with dinner over and leftovers boxed up, the foursome returned to Christina's car. "Anyone for ice cream?" Christina asked.

"I'd love to," Alice said, "but honestly I'm bushed. You can get dessert if you'd like, Tommy."

Tom shook his head. "Nah, I'm okay. Got to maintain my girlish figure, anyway."

No one so much as laughed politely at Tom's lame joke, which made him a little self-conscious. Christina barely heard him, scrutinizing her friend instead. "Are you sure?" Christina asked. "My treat?"

Alice demurred. "Thank you, Chris, but no. It's been a lovely evening after a long day, and I'd just like to get home and unwind a little bit." She smiled slightly. "With my son."

Christina nodded. She started to smile too, turning to grab one of Eric's hands. "Yeah, okay, I know what you mean. I guess skipping dessert isn't a bad idea."

The Parks recovered their car from Christina's place and bid them good night. While Eric and Christina walked around the house towards the pool in the backyard, Tom took the wheel and headed home. Although he had his own concerns, he wasn't ready to voice them yet. Instead, he wanted to know what was going on between his mother and Christina.

"So... you wanna tell me what happened?" Tom asked after pulling out of the driveway. He sensed more than saw his mother's sharp look. There weren't a lot of street lights in their neighborhood, and the interior of the car was entirely dark.

Alice sighed. "I did something stupid."

"How stupid?"

"Thomas. Is that any way to talk to your mother? I should wash your mouth out with soap."

"Don't try to change the subject."

"You are an impertinent boy. Who's the parent here?"

"Apparently I am. You still haven't answered my question."

They had made it home during the short conversation. Tom turned into the driveway, parked the car, and shut the engine off. He didn't open the door. Instead, he shifted in his seat and looked at the silhouette of his mother.

Alice sighed again. "I was... I made a play for Eric. To Christina. I mean, I offered to take him off her hands."

"Jesus, Mom," Tom barked. He felt a sharp pain in his chest, wounded more deeply than he expected he would be at the idea. "I thought we talked about this, and that we both agreed that would be a bad idea."

"Yeah, well, I said it was stupid. Besides, I was horny, and not really thinking straight. You should know all about that."

It was Tom's turn to sigh, and if he sounded more than a bit like his mother in doing so, that was hardly surprising. He hesitated, but plunged forward. "Are you saying that what we have, what we do, is a stupid idea?"

"No!" Alice said quickly. "No, that's not what I meant."

Tom wasn't sure he believed her. He started to get a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to open the door, flee the conversation, escape into the house and a video game or a movie or something. But he forced himself to plough on. "Mom. Am I... am I not enough for you?"

A sharp intake of breath from the other side of the darkened car. "No, Thomas," Alice said. She paused, took a deep breath. "The opposite, in fact. You're too much for me."

The sick feeling was getting stronger. "What does that mean?"

"It means... it means that I love you very much. So much that it scares me sometimes. You're my son, and even though you drive me crazy on a regular basis, I love you with all my heart. But at the same time, you're my lover. And not just any lover, but the most sexually compatible partner that I've ever been with. And even after all this time, even though I am much older than you and your mother to boot, you're not tired of me. You still love me."

Tom reached out a suddenly shaky hand, and felt his mother grasp it in the darkness. "Of course I do, Mom."

"But," she said, "You're about to graduate high school and go to college and start your life. You're going to leave me, like every other man does. Only, in your case, you're supposed to leave me. And I'm supposed to be okay with it.

"And I'm trying, Tommy. I'm trying to be okay with it. And to make myself be okay with it, I tried to force something that can't be forced. I mean, okay, if I had to admit it, I think Eric is gorgeous and I would enjoy being with him... but I know it would just be a fling. He's not my son. He's not my Tommy."

Tom knew Alice was crying now. He squeezed her hand, momentarily speechless.

"And I know you want to be with Christina, and I thought that would help me too. I was being stupid and horny and selfish, and I hurt Christina, and now I'm hurting you, and I just feel awful."

"Mom," Tom said, finally finding his voice. "I keep trying to tell you, and you never listen to me. You have never listened to me. I love you. Yes, as my mom. You'll always be my mom, I know that. But I love you beyond that. You're my girl. You're my best friend. You're the first thing I think about when I wake up, and you're the last thing I think about when I go to sleep.

"I'm not going away to college. I want to stay here and be close to you. And I don't plan on going anywhere else anytime soon.

"I'm not sure what else I have to do to prove to you what you mean to me. I'm not entirely an undateable dork, you know. I've had chances to date someone my own age. If I wanted to. And I don't. Jesus, Mom, it's a Friday night during school vacation and I'm hanging out with my mom. Do you think I would do that if I didn't want to?

"I'm here because I want to be here. I'm with you because there's nowhere I'd rather be. I love you, Mom. And I'm not ever going to leave you."

Alice was crying silently now, and when he was done talking, Tom reached awkwardly across the front seat to pull her into his arms and hug her close. He knew, even though she didn't say it, that she still didn't believe him. He knew because he knew her. But that was okay. He would make her believe, even if it took the rest of his life.

Tom smiled as his mother's arms finally came up to wrap around his shoulders. "I love you, Thomas Park," she said, muffled by his shoulder, tears staining his new jacket.

"I love you, Alice Park," he said. His own eyes were beginning to water, but he forced himself to keep an even keel. His mother generally wasn't one for the waterworks, but it had clearly been an emotional day for her.

Alice released him. "Let's go inside and clean up," she said. Her lips brushed his, wet and salty with her tears. "And then I need some good, hard loving from my boy."

They hurriedly exited the car and entered the house. Alice practically fled up the stairs to her bedroom. Tom allowed her a few moments, leisurely removing the recently purchased jacket and tie, as well as the button down shirt, and draping them across the sofa. He kicked off his shoes and made his way upstairs, pealing off his t-shirt as he went. He didn't even think about the bags of clothes and towels left in the car.

In the hall, he paused to tug off his socks and shimmy his pants down his legs.

He nudged the door to his mother's bedroom open with a knuckle and stepped into the room wearing only his underwear.

Alice lay seductively across the top of her queen-sized bed, having shucked off her sweater and dress and shoes. She wore only her sheer black thigh-highs and a golden necklace. She had taken time to scrub her face, but hadn't reapplied any make-up, save for a quick pass of violet lipstick.

Tom smiled, swept his boxers down his legs, and climbed on to the bed. He was already hard. Just looking at her was enough to do that to him. Her sultry eyes, her high cheekbones, her full lips. Those massive tits, narrow waist, wide hips, and sculpted legs encased in her black stockings. So gorgeous, so desirable, and yet maternal at the same time. And that was the kicker for Tom. That this lovely, beautiful woman who wanted him to fuck her was in fact his own mother blew his mind on a daily basis. The forbidden aspect of their relationship was a huge part of the attraction.

The bed creaked under Tom as he walked on all fours towards his mother. She smiled and reclined against the cushions, raising her arms up to embrace him as he moved across her. He kissed her on the forehead, then her left eye. Her right eye. The tip of her nose. Alice giggled, squirming beneath him. His erection nudged against her belly, leaving a thin trail of precum on her flesh.

Tom's lips found his mother's. They yielded against him, opening up, her tongue coming out to play with his. Her fingers danced across his shoulders, down his back, across his ass. His engorged cock bobbled between them, while her heavy breasts rose and fell on her chest, nipples pointing straight up. Tom lowered on top of her, feeling her breasts squash against his pecs, her nipples digging into his skin. Her body was warm, lush, pliant.

Tom kissed his mother's chin. He swept his tongue up along her jawline and nibbled on an earlobe. Alice squirmed. Tom could smell her arousal, and the press of her thighs against his hips encouraged him to speed things up. Instead, he continued to take his time.

He kissed the hollow of her throat. Her left shoulder. His tongue dragged along her collar bone. He pressed his face against her right breast and rolled himself into her cleavage. He inhaled deeply, savoring her subtle perfume and her natural scent beneath that. His lips found her dark nipples, licked and nibbled and slavered over them. He pressed her huge tits against his cheeks, each globe almost eclipsed his head.

All the while, Alice's hands swept up and down his back, across his shoulders, caressing the back of his head. She mewled and cooed beneath him, thrusting her shoulders forward and driving her tits into his face. Her hips rose up as well. Tom could feel the heat coming off of her moist pussy. He was so hard for her.

Still kneading and caressing her magnificent breasts with his own hands, Tom kissed his way down her smooth belly. He kissed her little belly-button like it was a mouth, eliciting high pitched giggles and a twisting of her torso. He trailed butterfly kisses down and along her left hip, and left big wet kisses on the inside of her thigh.

The muscles in her thighs bunched and jumped. She was agitated, eager. Her womanly scent washed over him. Tom breathed deep. He looked at her beautiful, pink, weeping pussy and licked his lips. Tom raised his eyes, looking up at his mother's beautiful face framed by her huge tits, and smiled. Alice's eyes narrowed with lust, and her full lips twisted into a grimace. Tom felt her hands on the back of his head, urging him forward.

"Enough teasing, baby," she said with a lustful moan. "Eat Mommy."

Tom slid forward. Alice's thighs lifted up onto his shoulders, and his hands went underneath to cup the globes of her delectable ass. Tom pressed his lips against hers, felt her moisture soak into his skin, his nose press against her neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair, and heard his mother gasp. Tom parted his lips and snaked his tongue out to tease his mother's folds, to taste her, to tease her, to pleasure her.

Alice's heels bounced across his back and her fingers sank into his scalp. She thrust her hips up into his face as he began to eat her out in earnest, his agile tongue finding each distinct fold and lashing across it. He licked and nibbled and kissed and slurped, rewarded with a flood of her juices that would not ebb. She was coming already, and he hadn't so much as breathed on her clit.

Tom drank up her offering with an inner smile, delighted with himself that he could make her feel so good. Just as she began to relax, and a dreamy, satisfied grin slid across her face, Tom gripped her ass cheeks tightly, and dragged his long tongue up from the base of her weeping gash to the top. The tip of his tongue grazed her sensitive clit and Alice screamed. Tom kissed the little nubbin, trapping it between his lips, and began to gently suck.

Alice went wild. Tom was sure he would have bruises on his back, and he wondered if her nails would leave scars in his scalp. He held on tightly to her ass as Alice's hips rose and fell, a monster orgasm shaking her from head to toe. When the aftershocks faded, Tom pulled himself away. He sat back on the bed, proud cock angrily erect and throbbing between his legs as he surveyed his handiwork.

Alice sprawled in the middle of the bed, a boneless heap. Her large breasts rose and fell rapidly as she fought to get her breath. But she wasn't done, any more than her son was. She pointed at his crotch. "That cock," she gasped, "needs to be in this pussy. NOW."

Tom smirked, some of his old confidence returning, and fell upon his mother once more. Her legs spread beneath him, and one hand reached down to grip his length and guide him to her sacred hole. Her fingers felt like fire as they wrapped around his length. He was ready to explode, and knew he wouldn't last too long for this first bout of the evening.

He felt her lips part as his glans nudged them aside, felt the delicious wet heat of his mother's pussy envelop him as he sank to the hilt into her in one smooth stroke. Tom grunted and Alice gasped. He looked into her eyes and saw love and lust and something else he couldn't quite identify. She smiled at him in that way she did, the way that made a tingle run down his spine. He smiled back at her and leaned forward to kiss her. His lips, still coated with her own juices, met hers, and she opened her mouth wide to spear him with her tongue, to taste the result of her orgasm on her son's face.

While they kissed, Tom began to slowly thrust in and out of his mother. His cock sawed deep, driving forward. Alice's hips met every thrust, urging him on.

Tom thought of the Smiths, and the little baby they had, and how happy and right and perfect their family looked. And he wished he could have that with the woman he loved. He wished he could give Alice a baby. And in that moment he erupted. His mouth pressed against hers, his tongue dueling with hers, his cock buried deep inside her, aching for her womb, his full balls slapping against her ass. His cock throbbed and swelled and exploded, sending spiraling jets of jism deep into her core. Thick, swirling jets that roared out of him and splattered her insides, filling her up to the brim.

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