tagRomanceEverclear Plantation Ch. 1

Everclear Plantation Ch. 1


Chapter 1: Everclear Plantation, 1832

Terri and I first became acquainted when she moved to Louisiana in 1832 during the boom times. I had just completed renovating my small plantation home forty miles north of New Orleans, set back a little from the Mississippi. Her husband worked for me and managed the plantation commerce.

We grew sugar cane and shipped it down to New Orleans. The crop was reliable and the plantation prospered. I had fifty-three Negroes working for me and they lived on the plantation in fourteen two-family cabins under the oak on the road leading back to the sugar cane processing plant. I had selected the most reliable workers to take care of the cooking and housekeeping. My brother and his wife lived in my home along with me. My wife returned to Boston after only a few months of living in the slow-moving south. She preferred the theater to nights at the Sugar Shack, a local tavern and eatery next to the river. I preferred black beans and rice to Lobster Newburg.

I had to go into New Orleans to talk with my lawyer about some finance matters. It takes about eight hours by buckboard and that is with a change of horses at the halfway point. It a long ride but the scenery is beautiful. I made this trip about every month. Terri’s mom lived in the French Quarter and she asked if she could go along with me. I said sure and asked if she had a place to stay overnight.

She laughed and said, “Yes, with my Mamma." I said, “Sure, if that is the way you want it." Terry had move in about a month before and she was really fine to look at, and she had a lot of exuberant energy. I would go out of my way to be around her whenever I could, without drawing the attention of her husband.

We started out the next morning, just before the sun came up. The workers were already getting the day started in the kitchen and in the barns. I greeted them all with good mornings all around. They really were the ones that made the plantation work and they made me feel like a guest in my own home. We boarded the buckboard and drove out under the oaks. There were already children climbing in the trees and a few mothers nursing their young ones on their front porches. The horses were frisky and felt the adventure of the trip.

As the morning sun came up over the Mississippi it cast a warm pink orange glow on everything and made the water look like wine. Terry was sitting next to me on my right and pretty face reflected the warmth of the June morning. She was wearing a long blue dress and a white hemp blouse, with a drawstring at the open neck. With the rhythm of the buckboard, I could not help but notice her breasts bouncing and I was very aware of our hip touching and brushing against each other’s as we made turns. She smelled like vanilla flowers, if there is such a thing. We kept the conversation light and made each other laugh all the way to New Orleans. When we arrive, I dropped her off at her mom’s home and went off to meet my lawyer.

The next morning after we I was done with my lawyer, I met Terry at Brannon’s for a late breakfast and some eye-openers for the road. Breakfast was good as usual, and her company was extraordinary. She seemed to have resolved something that I knew was bothering her during her visit with her mom.

The trip back seemed to pass quickly. While we rode, she told me a little about her marriage, and the her husband seemed more interested in his work than he was in her and that he was spending way too much time at the Sugar Shack. Bill had worked for me for about a year and he always did a great job. I admired him for the way he treated the workers and made sure they were taken care of. He brought Terri to the plantation only a month ago and I was surprised myself how he paid so little attention to her and tended to leave her alone most of the time. They had a ten-year old boy who couldn’t get enough of the plantation, exploring and playing with all the other kids.

As we neared the turnoff to Everclear Plantation, as it was called, the sun was setting and we could see its last golden rays streaming through the cypress and oak trees behind the white houses. We rode into the yard and dogs barked and the kids ran in front of us, excited to see us back, because I always brought penny candy back. John the stable manager met us and took the horses. We got our packages from the back and headed toward our homes. In the shadows behind a large oak between Terri’s house, and us she turned to me and said thanks for taking her and she gave me a hug. Her hot body next to mine and the feel of her soft hair against my cheek was wonderful. She kissed my cheek and we parted and started to walk again. She slowed and stopped, then turned to me and kissed me quickly on the lips and then ran to the house.

I went inside and Cara, my maid, brought my dinner and set it on a table on the front gallery. I enjoyed the meal and enjoyed the view of the river as the boats moved up and down the waterways, now just silhouettes and small light so other boats and barges could see them. After reading a bit I decided to take a bath and go to bed. I asked Cara to prepare the tub and make it hot. My muscles were sore. The tub was outside near the rear garden inside a sheltered area. It offered minimal privacy, but I enjoyed the view and smell of the garden when I was in the bath.

When I got to the tub the sun was fully set and it was dark out, with only stars and sliver of a moon for light. The workers were all inside and either sleeping or relaxing. I stripped off my robe and got into the tub. It was hot and it took me a while to lower myself into the water. I added some soap and some oils to the water and mixed it around until there was a mountain of soap bubbles on top of me and then I just relaxed and listened to the night. It was so quiet. I could hear the singing frogs and one of the workers away off in the distance playing a harmonica very sweetly. I closed my eyes and thought for a moment about how lucky I was and reflected on the ride home with Terry and the surprise kiss she left me with.

I opened my eyes aware of some change. I looked across to Terry’s house and saw there was light coming from her bedroom window. In a few moments, I saw her through the window in the dress she had worn that day. I saw her walk back and forth in front of the window a couple of time. I chided myself for peeping, but I could not help myself. She was so enchanting. The smell of the garden, with roses and honeysuckle and the hushed sounds around me were the orchestra for what was to follow.

Terry began to remove her blouse. Her back was to me and I could see her white shoulders and then her back. She was not wearing a bra, because her breasts were so pert that she didn’t need one. She turned to the side and I saw her fullness and profile of her face and remembered touching her lips only an hour before. She pushed down her skirt and let it fall and I could see her slender hips. She busied herself picking up her things and then pulled on a long gown and sat at the vanity brushing her hair. She got up and moved out of my view. The lamp went out.

I closed my eyes and thought about how great life was. About ten minutes passed and I lay in the tub with my eyes closed. The brass tub with its wide rounded edge, looked like a kettle that the cannibals prepared their favorite stew in. The brass was always kept polished by the maid and it was warm to the touch as brass can be. It was sunk into the ground, so the edge was a little less than three feet above the soft grass around it.

With my eyes closed, I heard the quiet footsteps of someone approaching. I opened my eyes and was pleased to find Terry standing near the tub with a teasing look on her face. I asked what she thought she was doing, can’t a man have any privacy. She laughed and said, “No. And besides, who would want to look at you anyway.” and giggled. “I’m going to the buckboard to get something I forgot." I asked her why it couldn’t wait until morning. She said she needed it now. I said to her, “C'mere, I cant reach a spot here on by back."

She laughed and said, “What will you give me?

She was stunning standing there facing me with her back to the garden. Her gown with its open top fell down over one shoulder. I could see her breasts through the thin fabric and the dim light from behind her shown between her legs through her gown. Her face was young and made her look like a fairy nymph rising out of my roses. She stood there teasing me for a moment and then slowly approached the tub peaking over the edges and smiling. She saw all the soapsuds and decided it was safe to get closer.

She came and sat on the edge and smiled at me. I told her where the spot was that I couldn’t reach and she got playful and splashed me with water. I splashed her too. As she leaned down to scoop a handful of water, her gown billowed down and I could see her perfect breasts and dark nipples. Her gown became a little wet from all the splashing, though most if it was self-inflicted. I had a pitcher of Gin and Tonic and she asked for a glass. I said, “If you are trying to get me to stand up to reach it I will, so don’t be frightened. Terri said, “You don’t frighten me mister” and went over and pored us both tall glasses and added sliced limes to them. I admired her sweet ass as she went.

She came back to the tub and handed me the cold drink and then she sat on the edge of the tub. I offered a toast to the successful trip into New Orleans and to the beautiful warm night. We talked quietly as we sipped our drinks about the way we felt when we kissed earlier.

Terry reached for my hand and caressed it, moving her fingers up and down my forearm. She felt the water and said, “Mmm, that feels nice." I told her to join me. She said, “No, don’t be nasty” smiling coyly. I said, “Try just one leg. You’ll like it. I won’t move." Terry pulled her gown up and lifted her left leg over and straddled the edge of the tub, gathering her gown in her lap at first. I had never seen her legs before and they were long and perfectly white in the starlight. Her inner thighs looked so soft and touchable. I was becoming aroused and began to gather more bubbles around my mid-section. She giggled, and then her mood became more serious, like female panther stalking its prey.

She pulled her gown to the sides, unfolding the material in her lap and then slowly pulled it up and around her slim waist. Her dark pubic hair stood in stark contrast to the white soft skin of her thighs and flat abdomen. She put the other leg in and stood up in front of me, my face was even with her sex. Terri took her gown completely off and threw it into the grass. I looked slowly up her stomach, to the bottom of her round breast and over her pert nipples to her face. Her long hair was hanging down, reaching to me and providing intimate shelter. Slowly she put her feet on both sides of my hips straddling me and then lowered herself, bending to kiss me.

I moved her hair apart and put my hands on both sides of her sweet face and pulled her mouth to mine. Her taste and probing tongue quickly fired us to frenzy. My hands found her breasts and caressed them. My fingers tracing her nipples and feeling them harden. I pulled her right nipple into my mouth and Terri sucked in air with a hiss and arched her back. The sent of her sex, among the smell of roses and honeysuckle found my nose. We kissed again, our tongues wildly exploring each other and I moved my hand to feel her stomach and then her abdomen, until I could feel her soft pubic hair.

I continued until I found the little button and circled my fingertip around it and up and down each side. I could feel the heat coming from below and ventured further with my middle finger to her entrance. She was very juicy and ready for me. I traced her slit until I felt the opening and gently moved my fingertip around its perimeter. I moved my hand and put my arms around her soft ass, stroking it, adoring the contours. Terry, with just a little encouragement began to lower herself onto my shaft. She was soo tight and I filled her up. We made love that way for a long time and I paid each nipple and breast alternating attention until she and I both came.

We collapsed in the tub, which now had most of the water splashed out of it and sighed, giggled and then laughed, until we had to cover each others mouths to keep from being heard. We got out and dried each other with a big towel, kissed and said goodnight.

To Be Continued...

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