tagRomanceEverclear Plantation Ch. 2

Everclear Plantation Ch. 2


I woke to the sound of Blue barking on the front porch as he always does. He has an ongoing feud with a riverboat that makes its way up the river every other day. The sun was just rising and shown in the windows. The home was quiet as always other than blue. I called him and he came into the bedroom and put his big head on the bed and looked at me with his big soulful light-blue eyes and a silly look on his face. Blue is a large hound, originating in Australia and the breed is called Catahula Hound. They are known for their brown and black patches on mostly white fur. Blue’s ears are dappled with brown spots. He has the biggest mouth and teeth I have seen. A gentle dog that is good in the field and has never injured a rabbit.

I lay in bed for a while and thought of last night and how beautiful Terri looked in the moonlight. Her white skin and perfect body as she gave herself to me in the tub and then again on the soft new grass in the garden, played through my mind's eye. How complicated my life suddenly became, but how simple to respond to our needs. I got up and dressed and Cara was busy around the house already. She prepared breakfast for me in the kitchen in the out building away from the house. The kitchen was kept separately to ensure a fire would not destroy the home. I ate eggs and grits, with toast and fresh marmalade.

Today was a big day on the plantation. The sugar cane was ready for harvesting. Today Terri’s husband would lead his men into the fields to set them on fire to burn away the leaves and drive off insects and other vermin that populate the cane. After the fire has gone out the workers will gather the stalks onto wagons and bring heaping piles of cane to the processing plant at the end of the row of oaks, past the workers homes.

My job is pretty simple during these events. I was expected to ride around the fields to make sure everything was going as planned. Terri’s husband always kept everything going like clockwork, so there was really very little for me to do. I usually spend the time hunting, since all sorts of animals are on the move during the fires.

I went down the back stairs and into the garden. The day was warm and the sun was bright. I looked to the tub remembering and then I saw Terri beyond the tub near the first big oak tree closest to the home. She was painting. I walked over to her and stood at a little distance behind her. She was so absorbed in her painting that she didn’t see me. She was painting a scene with her son and two other children climbing in a tree. They were playing tag and leaping from branch to branch. Her rendering of the faces was inspired. She captured the joy and simplicity of a child’s world. Terri was wearing a pair of her husband’s bib-overalls and a short-sleeved cotton shirt underneath.

Her hair caught the morning sun. I walked quietly up behind her and put my hands on her waist and said, “Good morning beautiful.”

She turned to me and said, “I thought that was you. I didn’t think you would be up this early in the morning.”

I wanted to hug her and kiss her, but of course I could not. “I am going to take Blue with me and do a little hunting while I check on the work”, I said. Terri asked if I would like company, that she used to hunt with her father and was a pretty good shot. I said, “By all means, I would love some company. I planned to leave in about a half an hour. Will that give you enough time?”

She said, “I’ll be ready” and began to pack up her paints and canvas.

Blue can always tell when we are going to go hunting. He stays close to me and keeps looking at me to see if I am starting for the barn. I asked the groom to prepare two horses for Mrs. Anderson and myself. I went into the house and picked out a couple of flintlocks, one for me and a lighter one for Terri, then stocked enough powder and shot to last the day. As I was heading out the door, Cara brought a basket and said, “You’ll likely get hungry today and I fixed enough for someone else special” and she winked at me. Now, how could she have caught on so quickly?

Terri joined me on the way to the barn. She was wearing a loose skirt that came to her ankles just above her riding boots. She had on a black wide brimmed hat and a plaid shirt. When we got to the barn, the groom was finishing my horse and was getting ready to rig Terri’s horse. He apologized for not having them ready already. Terri said, “Non-sense, I will saddle my own horse. That’s the least I can do for her, if I am going to be on her back all day.” The groom looked at me a little surprised and I nodded that I thought Terri was right.

I watched Terri brush her mare and was taken by the contrast between her small body and the big Appaloosa. The mare did the usual tricks and Terri quickly let her know who was boss. We mounted and rode north to the first Oak tree where Terri was painting, where we turned left down the center of the rows of oaks and children climbing in the trees and playing in the grass. Blue came running to catch up with us, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He took the lead and wandered from the left to the right side of the road ahead of us, just checking things out. He startled a few children that looked up from their game of marbles as he dashed by them.

At the end of the row of oaks, we saw the men getting ready for the days work, some on horseback, some in wagons and some loading equipment. Terri saw her husband and told him she was going to go hunting with me and wished him luck on the day’s fires. I was surprised that he did not even seem to pay any attention to the fact that his wife was going to be with me all day. We cued our horses on to the road by the swamp.

We rode along the dirt road with the swamp to the left and sugar cane to the right, until we came to an open grass field where the cows grazed. On the other side we saw a deer next to the cypress trees. She was a beautiful doe with a young dear with her. Blue began to work the field. We were interested in birds and rabbit today. We stopped in the shade of a large oak in the middle of the field and loaded our muskets. Terri was very familiar with loading the gun. I thought she had loaded a little more powder than the musket was designed to hold and was afraid the kick would be too much for her. I was just about to say something to her, when blue yelped and a rabbit darted out ahead of us at about twenty-five yards. Terri quickly took aim and fired. Right on the mark, the rabbit dropped. Blue ran ahead and sniffed it and then gently picked it up and brought it to me. I put it in the game-bag and tied it to my saddle. “Terri,” I said, “That was really good shooting. Your dad did a good job of teaching you. Remind me never to cross you” and we laughed.

The day passed in the most pleasant way, with our conversations growing more personal and revealing as the sun move to the west. Throughout most of the day we could see the fires and smoke from the cane fields behind us. I told Terri that I needed to at least put in an appearance or the men would be disappointed. We headed toward the fires and the workers.

As we approached, I could see there was some excitement and it didn’t take long for me to figure out what was wrong. The fires had been kicked up by the wind and were being blown down on the workers. The field where Terri had shot the rabbit was ablaze and a young boy was standing in the middle of a grassy area with fire on three sides of him. It looked like the fire was about to close the circle on him. Terri and I kicked our horses into a gallop. By the time we got close, the fire had slipped across the top of the semicircle and completely enclosed the boy. I turned my horse into the fire and figured if I could get through the fifteen feet of flames, I could get to him in time. But my horse is a pretty smart animal and he had other ideas.

He recognized the danger and reared up and twisted away, dumping me to the ground. I picked myself up, just in time to see Terri bolt past me through the fire and into the clearing next to the boy. She reached down and helped him get on the horse behind her. The fire was closing in and the smoke was thick. I lost sight of her and by then my horse returned to me, hanging its head in embarrassment. I mounted him quickly, just as Terri came flying through the smoke and flames. I went to her and could see she and the boy were none the worse for wear, except for black smudges on their faces from the mix of sweat and smoke. The men gathered around as the boy jumped down. They applauded her and slapped the boy on the back.

The fires and smoke prevented us from taking the direct route back to the barn, so we took the long way around. We left the men to contain the fires and immediately forgot about them. Terri was riding in front of me and I was admiring her little fanny on the saddle. I rode up next to her and she was smiling and said, “I know what you were looking at. I could feel you eyes.” and giggled. I told her I could not help it.

Terri’s face was smudged with soot and her blouse was too. I told her the rode we were on would take us to an oxbow in the river where the current was gentle and the spot secluded. I said I would wash her face there and we could eat some of the food that Cara prepared for us. She said ok and said, “Do you think I could was this blouse too?” I said, “Definitely, and I noticed your dress is pretty bad too” Terri, said, “And maybe my petticoats.” I decided that it is difficult and painful to ride with an erection, and wished we were there already.

The sun was setting behind the trees and the color of the Mississippi in the evening sun was remarkable. We moved off the main road to a smaller road that led to the oxbow. When we got there Terri and I got off the horses. Blue went to investigate the edge of the trees around the edge of the green, lush grass next to the bank. I took Terri in my arms and looked into her smiling eyes. I brushed some of the soot from her cheek and then kissed her.

Our tongues met as if long-lost cousins, trying desperately to catch up on missed opportunities to meet. I moved my hands from the small of her back down to cup her but. She arched and pushed her hips into me and pressed against my throbbing cock. I pulled her blouse up from under her dress and moved my hands under it to her soft back. Then I pulled her blouse from the front of her dress too and felt her waist and traced the curve up her torso until my thumbs found the bottom of her breasts. I slid by arms around her under her blouse and continued to kiss her and crush her hot body to mine.

Terri’s hands were on my back and moving around feeling my muscles and contours. She moved her hands down to my belt and unbuckled it and pulled it out through the loops and tossed it in the grass, her eyes open now and smiling at me. Next, she unbuttoned my fly. I began to unbutton her blouse, at first slow and then quickly, nearly ripping the buttons off. She pulled back and took her blouse off and then her camisole. Her breasts were more beautiful than I remembered from the night before. Her nipples were erect. She quickly pushed her dress down, along with her petticoats. She stood there totally naked, except for her boots. I was stripping too. As I pulled my jeans down, my cock stood fully erect and got in the way.

Terri sat down cross-legged on the grass and began to remove her boots. The sight of her pussy, with her legs open as she struggled to remove her boots drove me crazy. I had only my shirt on and it was unbuttoned. I kneeled down in front of her and asked if I could help. I finished unlacing the boot she was working on and then pulled it off and then I placed her leg as far out to her side as it would go. Then I took her other boot off and placed her leg out to the other side. Her legs were spread wide and wing-like legs framed the center of her crotch. She leaned back on her hands behind her and arched her torso and breasts up, inviting my attention. I kneeled between her legs and reached over the top of her to place my mouth on her huge nipple. I sucked it in and Terri sighed. I put my arms around her waist and then to the center of her back and pulled her to me. I kissed and sucked on her other breast. Her head remained back and her hair fell free of her shoulders. Here neck was long and delicate. I kissed along her graceful neck. Her eyes were closed, drinking in my touch.

Terri caressed my ass and then moved her hands to find my cock, sliding her hand first from the head to the bottom of my shaft and then she squeezed gently. Then she slid her hands up my cock and with her right hand massaged the head, feeling its texture like a huge strawberry. Her other hand cupped my balls gently. I laid her down in the soft grass and traced kisses down her chest to her belly button and then to her pubic area. I rubbed her clitoris and felt it turn hard and proud. The heat from her opening below called my fingers into action and the ventured down to feel her open sex. Terri took my cock and urgently guided it to its mark. I felt her wetness on the tip of my cock and the felt her juicy channel close in around. I felt the slight resistance as my penis passed by muscles that modestly try to keep the entrance to her vagina closed, past them to her hot juicy cavern. Terri cried, “Oh yes, give it all to me. Put your manhood all the way in and fill me up!” I entered her to the hilt slowly. Her muscles contracted and she quivered as I slowly pushed my cock in and out of her. She pulled me harder to me with her long arms and her hips were churning under my hips. I pushed hard against her clit so it was being given as much attention as her vaginal walls.

With each thrust, the head of my cock was exploring deep within her sex. My cock felt so big and I knew I was reaching the most sensitive parts. We fell into a rhythm and my cock was hitting the right spot with each stroke. With each stroke I pulled my penis nearly out of her completely and then all the way back inside. Terri kept begging for me to fuck her harder and I did until she came, shuddering. Her muscles contracted and relaxed spasmodically around my happy cock. I kissed her hard on the mouth and our tongues and mouth tried desperately to reproduce what our sex had just accomplished. Terri realized and I kissed her neck and found her nipples again.

I sucked one into my mouth and gently at first and then as she began to respond, I bit harder and pinched her other nipple with my fingers and thumb. She began to move her hips again, under my impalement. Her vaginal muscles began to stroke my cock and I pumped in and out of her. We continued this way until I could not stand it any more. I doubled my pace and fucked her until we both came. I told her, “God, this isn’t right, but I love you. What a strange hand we have been dealt. I just want to lay here with you for eternity.” Terri said, “Me too. Why couldn’t we have met before?” I thought about our age difference. Terri was twenty-four and I was thirty-five. I felt blessed that she would find such an old guy fascinating.

We lay there for a little while with our bodies curled into each other and then Terri stirred and stood up. The warm glow from the setting sun bathed her body and she stood in front of me with her legs slightly apart. I could see our juices that flowed down the inside of her creamy white thighs. I kneeled in front of her and kissed her hips on each side of her sex, that soft sensitive skin that curves in. I stood up and Terri said, “Last one in is a rotten egg” and sprinted to the water and waded in. I followed her. The water was warm and we splashed around and sat in the soft sandy bottom. I used my hands to wash her all over and she did the same to me. My cock could hardly stand the attention it was so sensitive, but I endured. We put our clothes back on and on cue, Blue returned from his searching in the woods and barked at us to get going. He was hungry.

We arrived back at the barn and took care of the horses, taking their tack off and brushing them, checking their hooves and finally feeding them some oats and barley. We headed toward the house and in the quiet, behind our favorite tree kissed and held each other for a while and then parted for our respective homes.

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