tagSci-Fi & FantasyEvergreen Forest Ch. 05

Evergreen Forest Ch. 05


Snatch lay on his belly in the soft grass, his eyes shut tight.

Snatch was not stupid.

He'd been through a lot. He'd made a lot of bad calls. Trusted a lot of the wrong people. But he was not stupid. He knew the nymphs were never going to let him leave. Not if they could help it. They would play every cheap card in the deck, pull every trigger, loose every servant of theirs—anything short of actually tackling him themselves was fair game. Nymphs were bound by their word, but words could only cover so much ground.

But Snatch was not stupid. He was not broken. And he knew exactly how all of this worked, even if he'd never had it worked so thoroughly on him before.

These nymphs didn't know who they were dealing with, and they were about to pay the price.

Snatch remembered exactly where he'd left his pack. His pants were soaked with precum, but true to their words, the nymphs had allowed him to keep his 'dignity'. No matter how hard he'd begged, and how hard his cock had strained against the cloth, the nymphs had never given him the release he'd so desperately needed.

The 'release' that he'd known would have made him their slave forever.

He gave a grim half-smile against the grass. Their own mistake.

They had promised to give him three chances; now he was on his last. If he lost this one, they would be allowed to finish the job, to make him their permanent fucktoy. A part of him wanted that. A quiet part.

Snatch wasn't an especially brilliant or clever man. He knew that—that hadn't been his part to play. All he'd ever needed was simple common sense, a decent memory, and quick instincts. And now that he thought he understood what was going on, he knew that would be enough. He hoped that would be enough.

He remained totally still as his mind raced. His pack lay right at the clearing's edge, as before, and he'd spent the last few minutes listening intently. Poor Anna's screams of desire had been a bit distracting, but nothing he wasn't used to. That was the one helpful consequence of adventuring with a young and weak-willed druidess—one tended to get accustomed to the sounds of intercourse.

Incidentally, he found it a little unsettling that he knew exactly what the screams of a young woman being played with by horny plants sounded like.

Aside from Anna, he'd heard nothing. Not a snapping twig, not a shifting leaf. The whole clearing was still. Empty. Snatch didn't trust much anymore, but he was pretty sure Cicuta wouldn't have thought to block his hearing. Would she?

It didn't matter. It was time to move.

Snatch slowly got to his feet and looked around. Anna was still being held captive by the vines. The pool was still there, its shining drugged water as inviting as ever.

As if, he thought, scowling. Shrugging off its allure, the thief turned and bolted for the edge of the clearing. No vines sprang to trip him up, no buxom fey appeared to grapple him. He looked down at the satchel, blinking.

Can it really be that easy?

He reached down and grasped the satchel. Perhaps it was.

"It's not."

He spun. Cicuta was there, her emerald eyes shining with amusement. "Ready for Round Three, toy?" She thrust out her naked chest for emphasis, large breasts bouncing tantalizingly.

"You can't really read my mind, greenthumb."

She put her hand to her mouth in mocking disapproval. "Greenthumb? My little toy's been racist all this time." Her lips curled upwards. "We'll have to train that out of him, won't we?"

"Nymphs are a race?" Snatch's left hand began surreptitiously rummaging through the satchel. He needed to move fast. Cicuta's voice, cruel as it was, was like a sweet song to his drugged ears. He wasn't sure his willpower would hold out long, and the last thing he needed now was to end up at her knees begging for forgiveness. Not when he was so close. "I'd say they're more like a virus."

"Oh, dear." She wagged her finger at him. "I think a punishment is in order."

Snatch tried to ignore the momentary thrill he felt at the idea of Cicuta 'punishing' him.

"Anyways, of course I'm not really in your head." Cicuta's hand strayed down to her clit, stroking gently as she spoke. "You just want me to be." Her eyes glazed over a bit as the rubbing sped up. "Sooo... ba-a-a-a-adly..."

"Actually, you've just placed enough triggers on me to make a dog think it's a dragon." He pulled out a small leather pouch on a cord. "That's your gimmick, ain't it?" He waved the pouch at her. "Near-fuck your 'toys' til they pass out, place a couple spells on 'em so you can set up a reel of voices in their head, convince 'em they just want to belong to a nymph with control issues?"

Cicuta's smile dropped a little, curdling into an ugly grimace. Her stroking stopped. For a moment, she looked like she was going to yell at Snatch, or even attack him.

Then she seemed to regain control, and she went back to rubbing like nothing had happened. "Busted."

"I gotta wonder how many spells you've put on your... sisters?" He sucked in air through his teeth. "Tell me they ain't biological."

"Cousin and niece, actually."

"You're one creepy greenthumb, y'know that?"

"Does that turn you on?" Her free hand strayed to her breast and began tweaking a nipple. "How wrong it is? I could make you think you're Anna's brother. I could marry you two." Her eyes glinted. "Then I could steal you both away from each other. Defile a fake rite and make you think it was real. Doesn't it turn you on how little control toys get?"

Snatch was disturbed to find that it did, just a little. "You really did a number on us, didn't you?"

"And how does it make you feel..." She slipped a finger into her pussy, her voice turning into a half-moan. "That... I'm gonna make you... f'get all this. With your... your, uh... trigger things."

Snatch blinked. "Did you just say 'trigger things', greenthumb?"

Cicuta stopped rubbing. She looked down, eyes narrowing. "I did, didn't I?"

She was silent, looking troubled.

"Yeah, somethin' you maybe don't know." Snatch shrugged. "Placing triggers ain't healthy on anyone, target or caster. Came in handy for me and a friend once. The triggers you place've been wearing your mind away an' making you more vulnerable. In a month or so, you'll be nuttier than Anna."

She blinked.

"And I bet even that turns you on." He rolled his eyes. "You nymphs are all alike. Play at being big an' dominant, but you melt your own brains out so you can control, what, four other people? This is why humans rule the world an' you rule half a forest. Fey. You're all... fey." He jabbed a finger at her, his irritation threatening to boil into anger. "Can't think ahead. Can't think about anyone but yourselves. Just a bunch of petty, murderous..."

Snatch struggled for words. He didn't usually talk this much to people.

Recovering from her shock, Cicuta glared. "Shut up, toy."

"Yes, Mistress," he said unthinkingly.

Wait, what?

Cicuta looked surprised as well. She stared at him, her jaw dropping a little bit. He stared back at her, heart slowly sinking.

Then, she laughed. "Well, well, well. It seems you're as weak-willed as ever, my cute, stupid toy. You could have used this time to run, but you just couldn't bring yourself to leave, could you? Toy. Horny toy. Toy gonna stay still, now, 'kay? Still an' quiet. Good toy."

Alrek—Snatch bristled, trying to resist the trigger. He struggled to move his arm, but nothing happened. Toys didn't need to move. Horny toys only moved when Mistress wanted them to.

"Well?" She took a step closer, locking her bewitching eyes with his, pulling him into her world with nothing but a lustful stare. He felt his will quailing beneath her gaze, but inside, his mind raced. "Beg me to touch you."

"Please, Mistress," he whispered, "touch me."

His heart was pounding, but he felt a small sense of relief at the new command. Cicuta didn't realize how weak her control was: This command canceled out previous ones.

She smirked. "Stupid, horny fucktoy."

"B-brainless, demented wh-whore." Alrek brought the pouch up and, before Cicuta could react, tied the pouch's cord around his neck.

"Excuse me?" Cicuta laughed, not seeming to care about the pouch. "I think you want to please me for that. Get on your knees. No!" She grinned evilly. "Roll in the mud and beg my forgiveness, naughty toy."

"F... fuck you, Cicuta."

Snatch was a man full of nothing but common sense, but he couldn't help but relish the look of shock that streaked across Cicuta's pretty face. He waved the pouch from its string. "Rabbit's foot. Blocks all conditioning." He rolled his eyes. "Reality, but you really lucked out when you managed to condition your sluts, didn't you? About as smart as a drunk wyvern."

"Aw, you stole a bunny's foot?"

He turned, as did Cicuta. Lisura and Esca were approaching. Lisura's arms were crossed. Esca had her hand to her mouth in a sincere gesture of horror.

"She did get lucky," Lisura snapped. "I got caught in a patch of whorelip during a... demon attack. I called for help. I thought she was going to free me, but instead..." She gestured to her surroundings.

"Oh, uh, hi, sisters!" Cicuta sounded nervous. "You, uh, heard all that?"

"Every word." Lisura's eyes narrowed. "And you should know I'm pretty good at knowing my own mind. I've already removed your little 'additions'."

Cicuta visibly swallowed. "On Esca, too?"

"That's right!" Esca giggled. "She found all seventeen of..." She hesitated. Snatch, Esca and Lisura had each seen the same glint enter Cicuta's eyes. "... them?"

For a moment, there was silence. Lisura was the one swallowing now.

"Seventeen?" Cicuta asked, her voice quiet.

Lisura hesitated. Then she rushed forward, raising her hand as if to strike—

"Shiver for me." Snatch heard Cicuta's fingers snap. And just like that, Lisura froze in place. So did Esca, Snatch noticed. He felt an odd sense of deja vu, but otherwise, nothing.

The two captive nymphs' eyes widened.

Cicuta walked around Snatch, chuckling as she approached. "You think I'm stupid, stupid little Lisura?" She reached over and stroked one of Lisura's pert nipples. Lisura moaned, though her eyes were filled with panic.

"I know you too well, my sweet cousin," Cicuta murmured. "You have so many triggers, I've forgotten half of them. Only seventeen? You hoped I had only seventeen? I must have... dozens. Scores, maybe!" She tittered. "I just remember the ones that matter, and all that matters now to you is that I have you under. Complete. Control."

She leaned in and whispered something. Whatever it was, it made Lisura moan louder. Snatch noticed the nymph's pussy was getting very wet. Cicuta smirked at this as she sauntered around Lisura and began kissing Esca's neck. Esca shivered at every little touch. "Mm. Sweet... little Esca. You... mm... have no idea what's... in store for you."

Snatch had no intentions of getting involved. He only sympathized a little, after all, and attacking Cicuta now would open him up to attack. Still, he watched. Part of him wanted to look into saving Anna, though he doubted it would be possible at this point. Part of him was just curious to see how it would end. So he lingered, retrieving items from his satchel that had scattered.

He couldn't resist watching, of course. He was still horny as hell.

At last, Cicuta pulled back. Snatch saw Esca lean slightly to the side, craning her neck to keep Cicuta's kisses on her skin as long as possible. Cicuta laughed. "And it turns you on. So much. So fucking much!"

Esca gave a little keening whine.

"And I'm about to erase your memories of this," she said. "You're going to wake up a good little puppy, ready to ravish your aunt with that wonderful tongue of yours once again. And I want you to know it's going to happen." Her voice went husky. "I want you to beeeg for it."

Esca kept whining.

"Do you want it, Esca?" Cicuta gave a cruel grin. "Whimper twice if yes."

Without hesitating, Esca whimpered twice.

Cicuta turned to Lisura, eyes glittering. "And you. You I'll make moan for it." Her hand strayed down, tickling Lisura's pussy with sadistic glee. "Moan."

"Ohh..." Lisura whispered.

"Moan," Cicuta hissed. "I will make you beg. You're my toy. You always were. You have always longed to please me, right?"

"Ohh.... nnn..."

Cicuta began tickling faster, forcing a whimpering laugh out of her captive. "Moan for me, my little slut!"

"Oh! Oooooohhhh!" Lisura squirmed against Cicuta's merciless fingers. "Hee! Oooooh!"

Cicuta leaned back, letting her hands fall away. She took in a deep, steadying breath. "Good sluts." Snatch noticed her face was flushed bright red. "Good sluts."

After a moment, she turned to Snatch. "So, if I might ask, why haven't you tried to run yet?"

He looked around, then rolled his eyes. He picked up the last item from his satchel—an old dishtowel cast onto a nearby shrug. Gods, they really went through it all, didn't they? "Why should I?"

"I don't know." She tilted her head mockingly. "Maybe you really don't want to leave, toy, deep down?"

Snatch shrugged. "You can't control me without the triggers, and I've got no more of your poison in my blood. Since you gave me your word at three chances, and you can't just tackle me without breaking that word... I mean, I'm not in any hurry." He stuffed the towel in his satchel and straightened.

Cicuta raised her eyebrow.

She snapped her fingers. Lisura and Esca unfroze.

"Ooh, Cicuta," Esca whispered, "you've caught us a juicy one!"

"I always do," Cicuta purred.

"He's already ripe for us," Lisura said, smiling seductively at Snatch's tented crotch.

Snatch stared. He took a step back. "You promised."

"I lied."

"You're nymphs! You can't break a vow!"

Snatch turned and tried to run for it. He made it about three feet before getting tackled to the ground by Esca.

"Evergreen nymphs." He heard Cicuta cackle. "Welcome to our world, toy!"

"NO!" And yet in spite of his struggles, Esca easily ripped his pants off with one hand and rolled him over with the other, giggling.

The nymph straddled him with a bright smile. "Wanna be mine?"

He stared up at her. He could feel her pussy's juice rubbing against his cock, lubricating it. He wasn't in all the way, but he could already feel his cock trying to rise up, stab inwards. He'd been denied this for so long, and now to be dropped right into it...

He couldn't fight.

He rolled over to land on top of Esca, and for a moment, he was free.

He cast his satchel aside and ripped the pouch off his neck.

Esca gave a squeal of delight as he lifted up and pounded his cock into her. Ecstasy filled his whole body, roared through his mind like wildfire. Her body trembled as she gushed with slick, sticky ecstasy all over his manhood. "Ooh, yes! Yes! More! More!"

She tried to wrap her legs and arms around him, but he noticed Lisura and Cicuta holding her wrists and ankles, spreading her limbs wide for him to explore. He understood. His mistresses wanted him to play a game.

He pulled his cock out. Esca's eyes widened. "Wha...no! Nonononono! Fuck me! Fuckfuckfuckpleasefuck!"

Tease her, Cicuta hissed in his mind.

And he obeyed. He began rubbing his cock against her pussy, not quite entering, as he took one of her breasts in his hands and licked it. Her moans of longing only made him more determined. He would make her beg, as the nymphs had made him beg. Cicuta commanded it.

"Stop it! I hate you! Stop! Oh! Oh yes yes yes dammit fuck me fuck me!"

He took the nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it as he kept rubbing. His cock was very slick now, and the more aroused he got, the more energy he put into torturing Esca. He licked her. He kissed her. He sucked her. He reached down and tickled her pussy until she turned blue. He made her curse him and thank him and beg him and worship him. And it felt so good to be in control for once. Alrek tormented her with a glee he'd never felt before.

And then Cicuta and Lisura let go.

Esca looked up at him. He hesitated, just for a moment.

By then, it was too late to react. The nymph rolled him over, straddling him with ease and plunging his cock into a warm, wet sheathe. With the speed of a hummingbird's wings, she began bouncing in his lap, over and over.

He shook and cried out in bliss. She grabbed him around the neck and began kissing him fiercely, giving a growl of anger tainted by overwhelming lust. "Mm... fuck you... mmm*shmack*yesss..."

He gave up on regaining control. He was too aroused himself to fight back now, and he never wanted to. All he wanted to do was to kiss this gorgeous, perfect creature, to fuck her again and again. To be hers. He kissed her back with equal savagery, doing his best to buck back against her, to pleasure her.

With such intense stimulation, he would have thought they would come instantly. But Cicuta made them wait. He was under her control again, as he desperately wanted to be, and he would wait until she told him to come. Obeying her made him feel so unbearably good. Why had he ever tried to fight?

He sank into Esca's arms, sank into her mindlessly sweet pleasure, sank into her pretty green eyes.

When they did come, it was an explosion of pleasure Alrek would never forget. Esca gave a squeal of joy as he screamed out his lust, shuddering in her arms. She bounced faster on his shaft, drawing every drop of cum out with her slick, tight walls. They spasmed against each other for what felt like hours.

And then Esca was being lifted off. She struggled, moaning. "No! Wanna... wanna fuck more! Moremoremore!"

Alrek reached towards her, eyes widening. His cock was suddenly cold. He needed her. He needed Esca.

A moment later, though, he felt another soft body descend upon him, and he found himself gazing into Lisura's half-lidded eyes. She smirked, holding up several plump red berries. "Hungry, pet?"

He stared up at her, too exhausted to respond. He just moaned.

"Aw, are we tired?" she cooed. He moaned again. Her smile turned wicked. "We can fix that."

As he started to moan again, to beg for a chance to rest, she popped all four berries into his mouth.

He gave a jerk. "Wha... ahhh?"

"Slutberries." She kissed his cheek. "That's what I call 'em, anyways. They got you good and horny, didn't they?"

"Ah..." He gave another jerk. His cock was rising again, and an overpowering lust was filling his weak body. "Y... yes! Oh... oh, n-no..."

"Good." She reached down, stroking his cock affectionately. "Now, the healthy dose is usually just half a berry, but I think you'll enjoy this too much to care. Won't you?" She beamed down at him.

"Can't... oh... blglg..." He felt drool running down his chin. His limbs were trembling too severely for him to move.

She smiled. "Relax. You don't need to think for what I'm about to do to you, toy." She reached up, sucking what remained of the berries off her fingers in an achingly sensuous move. "This—mm—will just make—mm—me a bit slutty. Well, a bit sluttier." She winked. "But you?"

He was trembling even more violently now. He longed to plunge himself into her, but he couldn't even speak now, couldn't even move. He could only gibber at her and pray she'd understand enough to fuck him, fuck his brains out, just give him some release.

"Oh, you..." Lisura tapped her chin, looking unsure. "I really don't know what's happening to you right now." She leaned down, kissing him gently. He couldn't even return the kiss. "But I bet it'll make you notice this."

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