tagSci-Fi & FantasyEvergreen Forest Ch. 12

Evergreen Forest Ch. 12


Anna trembled. She couldn't stop shaking any more than she could stop 'subtly' rubbing against the knee of the fey before her.

Nictice smiled smugly, rubbing her knee slowly and deliberately against Anna's trousers. Anna knew she could tell Anna wasn't resisting the attention. Anna didn't care. She couldn't make herself care.

About an hour ago, she'd been administered a drug that completely eliminated her sex drive, thus at last clearing the mind of the former nymphs' sex slave. The only problem? The drug had side effects once it wore off.

Side effects that made it quite impossible to stop humping this fey's leg like a...she didn't let herself complete the thought.

Nictice was very beautiful. The umbra hag had pitch-black skin and hair, with shining turquoise eyes and a sleek black dress. Unlike most fey, though, she didn't seem quite as preoccupied with sex. At least, not before getting Anna to...

"Come now, dear," Nictice whispered. She kissed Anna on the cheek, eliciting a gasp of desire from the blonde. "Accept my offer. I give you arcane power beyond your wildest dreams. You can force those dryads to be your toys, instead of the other way around." She winked. "Because we both know without my power you'll be their slut within minutes. Especially in this state." For emphasis, she pressed her knee even harder, clearly enjoying the whimper that escaped Anna.

Anna knew this was wrong. But she was far too distracted to think of any alternatives. All she was sure of was that she sorely regretted wearing trousers right now. "Wh...what price?"

Nictice smiled triumphantly. "You serve me for a year. No more. And I won't make you do any sexual acts..." She leaned in, voice lowering to an erotic whisper. "...that you don't beg me for."

Also unlike most fey, umbra hags weren't capricious, or just too dumb to control themselves. They were full-on evil, sadistic monsters. Nictice would use all the magic she had to keep Anna begging, Anna knew. And after a year of such treatment...would she even have the mind left to realize she was free to go?

A tear trailed from her eye. Nictice gave a little sympathetic look. "Now, now. If you want a better deal, I'll offer you a little bet: If you can stop bouncing on my leg like a dirty whore for just ten seconds, I'll shorten it to five months."

"T-ten?" Anna gasped as the knee increased its ministrations slightly.

The cruel smile returned. "Just ten seconds. No, make it five. Five seconds. Ready? On the count of three, remain still."

Anna whimpered.


She and the umbra hag both knew full well that she wouldn't be able to stop at all.


The hag would count to three, and Anna would just keep dryhumping like a deranged slut. She couldn't help herself anymore.


And with that word, Anna's world went dark. She could barely see Nictice now—just two glowing turquoise eyes.

She let out a scream as the magic took effect and she came. And came. And came. She couldn't stop humping. Instead, she collapsed onto Nictice, yanking off her trousers with the frantic haste of an animal and actively straddling Nictice's leg, grabbing the leg with both hands and letting her juices pour down and lubricate it. Moaning uncontrollably, she bounced up and down upon the knee so hard that Nictice almost fell to the ground.

Of course Nictice wouldn't play fair. Even with guaranteed victory, it was more fun to cheat.

"Oh, yes, pet," Nictice rasped in Anna's ear as the young woman orgasmed. "You'll say yes. I'll make you feel like this forever, and you'll never want to leave. You're mine, bitch. You're—"


Now Nictice did fall to the ground, though Anna scarcely noticed. She just kept humping, right up until the object of her maddened self-pleasuring dissolved into smoke.

As it did so, the darkness cleared, and the orgasm abruptly ended. Anna found herself lying on the ground, a sweaty, sticky, half-naked mess.

She looked up, shivering.

Yilra stood before her. Well, the legless ranger didn't so much 'stand' as 'hang', as two woman were holding her up by the waist. She was holding one of her crutches like a club, while the other was nowhere to be seen.

The two women were nearly identical. Like Anna, they had blonde hair and blue eyes, though their hair was much longer and looked a good deal less practical. In addition, their eyes were very big and very...vacant. They both wore simple white undershirts and short skirts. Their long horns identified them as lust sprites.

Yilra looked at Anna and grimaced. "Get your pants back on. We've got work to do."

"H-how—" Anna gestured feebly at the two sprites.

"Ooh! Oh, gods, she's pointing at us!" One of the sprites giggled and waved. "Hi!"

"We're, like, huge fans of how slutty you are!"

"We're slutty, too!" The sprite beamed dully. "Wanna fuck?"

Yilra rolled her eyes. "Girls—"

"We're really, really, really, REALLY..." The sprite blinked. "Uh. What was I saying?"

"Ooh!" The eyes of the other sprite lit up. "We're really good at fucking!"

Yilra scowled. "Girls."

"Oh, yeah!" The sprite gave an actual moan at the thought. "Oh, so fucking good at fucking."

"Ooh!" The other giggled. "That rhymed!"

The sprites both sighed in unison. "God," one said, "I'm so horny right now, I could fuck a horse." She paused. "Ooh! I am horny!" She pointed to her horns, giggling like a child that had just heard its first grown-up joke. "We're horny hotties! Tee hee!"

"Girls!" Yilra snapped. "We have work to do."

"Oh, right." One sprite pouted.

"Yes, Yilra." The other sprite also pouted.

"Now, then." Yilra turned back to Anna. "We have to—OW!"

Anna had managed to get to her feet and slap Anna in the face. She glared. "How dare you! Y-you—you let me think I'm cured, that no fey will ever be able to use me like a sex toy ever again, and don't tell me what I'll—what I'll—"

"Okay, look." The redheaded ranger bit her lip. "I know, I know, I should have told you. I'm not a ranger for my people skills, Anna. I saw how happy you were and wanted to put off letting you down."

Anna felt her cheeks flushing. She hadn't been this angry in ages. She felt her emotions rising and...and...

"Look, I'm sorry, okay?" Yilra rolled her eyes. "There, I said it. But we need to get moving. Alright?"

Anna grabbed Yilra by the shoulders, glaring. "No! No, not alright! I—I just want to...to..."

She yanked Yilra close and seized her in a hungry kiss, thrusting her tongue into the shocked ranger's mouth. The sprites looked surprised, but more than a little bit thrilled. Yilra thrust one hand down the struggling Yilra's pants and stuck two fingers into her cunt before she could even react.

"Anna—no, get off—" Yilra struggled, but the sprites didn't seem eager to help her. Indeed, they seemed to be pressing her a bit closer.

Anna kept kissing Yilra, moaning loudly. "Gotta...fuck...please..."

The lust sprites exchanged excited looks, at last understanding what to do. Lust sprites needed permission to have sex with someone. Anna had just given it.

Giggling madly, they descended on Anna, pushing her away and dropping Yilra to the ground. Anna could only gasp in pleasure as one of them grabbed her legs and spread them wide, sticking her tongue in and running it over Anna's vagina a few times. She looked up, face already sticky with Anna's juices, and grinned at Anna's overwhelmed face.

Their lust aura was taking effect on the already lust-crazed Anna, and these sprites were clearly in no mood to play. Ignoring Yilra's shouts, the other sprite ripped Anna's shirt clean off and started licking her breasts, burbling with pleasure at the ensuing moans of bliss.

"Gonna—*schlup*—fuck you," one moaned, kissing, licking and sucking hungrily at Anna's pussy.

"so good," the other gasped, flicking her tongue over a nipple. She beamed stupidly at Anna as Anna's hand crept over to the sprite's cunt. "Oh! Ooh, th—thank y—oooooh!" She squealed as Anna's fingers began pounding in and out, in and out.

The other sprite squealed, too, as the pleasure passed through their hivemind. And then Anna's other hand found her, and she quickly rolled around for easy access as Anna began fingering her with equal passion.

All the while, the sprites kept licking and sucking, and Anna kept moaning. When one of their cunts came to hover over her face, she let one of them lick her hand clean as she raised her head to lick the sprite out. She couldn't keep them straight. It didn't matter. All she knew was that she had to fuck them. She had to fuck them forever. She had to stop listening to Yilra's shouts. Stop thinking.


One of the sprites—the one licking Anna out—slumped over. Anna gave a concerned moan, and the other sprite brainlessly moved over and took her sister's place, slurping hungrily at her cunt. Anna started to moan again—


Anna gave a whine as the other sprint slumped over as well. She looked up.

She saw Snatch looming over, Yilra's other crutch raised over his head as he beheld what Anna had, in one hour, become. "Sorry 'bout this."

She blinked, a bit of sprite juice dribbling from her open mouth. "Hunh?"



"So you don't know anything we can use?"

"No." Snatch grit his teeth. "I woke up and the dryad was gone. The crutch was next to me."

Yilra's eyes narrowed. "I don't like it."

"Me neither."

"They wanted us back on the move. What the hell?"

"We need to get over the river. We'll work things out then. These whores may be clever, but they sure as hell can't make it across the Wraithstream." Dryads were not generally known for their mobility.

"We're leaving?" Yilra frowned. "But what about Nipper?"

"Hmph. Probably ditched us." Snatch's eyes narrowed to slits. "Catgirls. Can barely remember their own names, let alone whose side they're on."

Yilra looked skeptical. "She might be in trouble."

"Oh, please. She's a fey. Fey generally leave other fey alone."


Nipper gave a loud cry as yet more little flowers crept into her vagina. "Unh! Oh, no, I can'—can' hold moaaarrrrr..."

The only response from the dozen-or-so beautiful young women surrounding her was more giggling. One of them twirled her fingers around one of Nipper's erect nipples, abnormally plump lips curving upwards in a wide smile.

They weren't all dryads. Some of them were lust sprites. They seemed to have allied for the sole purpose of driving Nipper bonkers with pleasure. The lust sprites had similar bee-stung lips, though emerald green, as well as almost cartoonishly big breasts. Their skin was very pale, covered in tattoo-like images of crawling green vines.

"Nnnnooooohhhh." Nipper's complaint was lost to pleasure as little tendrils crept from the flowers around her to coil around her nipple, twisting and rubbing with just enough strength for her to feel it.

Their soporific breath didn't affect fey quite the same as it did humans, it seemed. Nipper wasn't feeling the least bit tired, or stupid. She just felt more—oh!—sensitive than ever.

"We gotta hold you here, pussy," one of the petite girls cooed in Nipper's fuzzy ear. "We hold you 'til Crypta come back."

"Ooh, come," another sprite sighed, planting little kisses along Nipper's bound arm.

"Ooh, yeah," another squealed. This one was openly masturbating, her fingers thrusting in and out of her cunt with superhuman speed, as the sight of Nipper bound, drugged and helplessly enthralled was apparently just a bit too much for her. "You gonna come an' come so you don't tell the humans what the dryads want."

Nipper blinked, trying to comprehend. And then her eyes rolled backward into her skull and she didn't care anymore as three more little flowers forced their way into her already stretched vagina. The little vines were pulsing, tickling and rubbing against her clit without mercy.

"You're ours now," a dryad hissed in her other ear. "We're gonna fuck you so good until Crypta comes to take you away."

"But—" Nipper moaned loudly as the flowers tickled a particularly sensitive area. "But I'm fey," she whimpered. "You aren't s'posed to...to..."

A red-haired beauty began tracing over Nipper's lips, even as she spoke. Nipper's eyes widened as she recognized magic at work. "Oh, no, you're not even gonna—"

Suddenly, a wave of pleasure coursed through her...from her lips? Her eyes widened to the size of saucers as the dryad kept running her fingers against her mouth, over and over again, singing softly to herself. It felt...amazing.

"This what ours feel like," a lust sprite said happily. She leaned in, eyes glinting. "Wanna try?"

"Nn...nn..." Nipper couldn't get the word out. She was too busy frantically licking her lips with her rough tongue, shuddering at the new sensations.

Then the sprite took her in a hungry kiss, and Nipper's world turned to fireworks. Nipper moaned, trying in vain to lean into the embrace and only falling back down. She heard the dryads and sprites giggling at this, but she didn't care. She had to kiss these creatures. Now.

The sprite lay atop her, straddling her waist, her breasts rubbing against Nippers. Yet more flowers were entering her cunt, and her nervous system was doing cartwheels. It was too much. Hypersensitized, coping with what basically amounted to a new sex organ, and she hadn't exactly been a prude to begin with. She had never been as slutty as she was right now.

She screamed her orgasm into the kiss, not even caring that her fellow fey were laughing at her. She was hornier than ever before, and she loved it. A few dryads started scratching her ears, laughing with delight as her screams hit a new octave. They started talking to her like she was a child.

"Who's a good pussy!" one crooned in her ear, tickling the interior.

"Oh, you is!" another sang, giving her breasts long, loving licks and kisses with those wonderful, wonderful lips.

"We gonna keep you wike this," they sang and cooed and bubbled in her bliss-filled ears, "foweveh an' eveh...wittle pussycat, stupid wittle pussy...not wet you tell 'em what we do...an' then Cwypta give you to them..."

If she was physically capable, Nipper would have fainted with bliss.


Goblin's Note: Sorry about the delay on this one! Updates may be a little slow for a while. :(

As always, let me know if there's anything you'd like to see.

NEXT CHAPTER: One of those lust sprites is introduced to a strange man, and Yilra meets a pair of satyrs.

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