tagSci-Fi & FantasyEvergreen Forest Ch. 13

Evergreen Forest Ch. 13


Anna awoke.

The first thing the young woman was aware of was that she was a little bit...upside down. She dangled by her feet, her long blonde hair cascading down into the darkness. It was very cold. Cold enough that she could feel her hardened nipples beneath...

...Okay, the second thing she noticed was that she was bound head-to-toe in sticky webbing. It was wrapped snugly around her belly, thighs, and each individual breast, like a perverse pair of pajamas. It granted absolutely no warmth. At least it kept her breasts well-supported.

The third thing was that, even now, she was still horny as hell.

She groaned. Not even the lump on her head could distract her from the burning need below—or above, she supposed. The drug was aptly named "Prostitute's Kindness": She felt like she could screw a legion of whores, male or female.

"Oh!" chirped a high-pitched feminine voice. "Good, good, you're awake!"

She craned her neck. Something was descending from above. She squinted, trying to make it out.

She quickly wished she hadn't. For descending down from a thin length of shimmering silk was a black-eyed, eight-legged spider the size of her fist. It was pale lavender, and a blue star shape was imprinted on the top of its abdomen. Worst of all, though, was its face. It didn't have mandibles, but a shark-like mouth. With teeth.

It—or she—grinned, showing those teeth. "I've been waiting."

She shivered—and then shivered again, enjoying the slight rubbing sensation she got when she moved in the webbing.

The spider's head tilted. "Oh, go ahead and rub if it'll make you feel better."

She really did try to stop herself, but she couldn't help it. She started squirming eagerly, letting the soft, squishy silk rub against her breasts and vagina. She gave a little gasp at how good it felt.

"Yeah." The spider sounded nonplussed. "Figures. I actually get someone like you in my web, but too early. Far too early."

"Wh...what are you?" Anna asked as she gyrated her hips.

"Arachne Girl." The spider grimaced. "In a few more decades, I'd be a hot fairy girl with white hair and a big fetish for this kind of thing, and most Arachne Girls would be thrilled to fuck you then. But..." With two legs, she gestured to the rest of her form. "I'm still in the early stage, and at this stage? I gotta eat."

"E-eat?" Anna's eyes widened, then screwed shut as she managed to rub against a particularly sensitive spot.

"Yeah. Sorry." The spider actually did seem to sound regretful. "I don't get human prey often. Can't really pass it up, right? No hard feelings?"

"Uh...unh..." Anna gave a loud moan. This felt amazing.

"Uh, right." The spider coughed. "Well, listen, you seem to be...taking your time in getting off. I'm gonna hit you with the poison when you hit orgasm. Maybe it won't hurt as much then? 'Cause, it's gonna hurt. A lot."

Anna gave a dopey smile, not exactly listening. "Uh-huuuh..."

"Wow. You, uh, sure are going at it there." The spider took a deep breath. She sounded very uncomfortable. "Tell you what, why don't I tell you a story while I...wait for you to finish."

Anna gave a hoarse cry of bliss.

"Yeah. I'm gonna take that as a 'yes'." The spider lifted up, out of sight. A faint glow began to stream from up above. "You'll like this story. You kind of know some of the characters in it, in fact. By which I mean this is literally just me scrying what's happening to people you've met." She sounded proud. "I'm really good at scrying. I read current and past events in the webs. Cool, right?"

From below, a high-pitched stream of nonsense words was her only response.

"Great. Let's start."


Kaytei looked around, big blue eyes wide and vacant. She was lost.

"Lust sprite," she whispered. "Lost sprite. Lost, lust. Hee!"

Lust sprites were not known for their intelligence. In fact, they were more known for being incredibly stupid. Getting lost was practically the default state of being for them. More uncommon, though, was getting separated from their hivemind-linked sisters.

The petite blonde wore a thin white undershirt that barely seemed to conceal what lay beneath, along with a little red miniskirt that concealed even less than that. A pair of nubby red horns sat upon her head, barely poking above her long hair.

She rubbed the third little bump on her head, the product of getting hit over head with someone's crutch, and looked around dazedly.

She'd awoken alone about an hour ago, her cunt and mouth covered in strange yellow powder. She'd heard giggling from all around. She'd giggled back. A plump-lipped redhead had emerged from cover, kissed her, and led her over a vast bridge. She hadn't resisted, though she had tried to kiss the redhead back more than once.

They'd deposited her here, somewhere in the Always Green Forest. Or whatever it was called. Pretty flowers grew all around in the meadow, and it was very dark—not that that was a problem for her.

She lay in the grass, pouting. Where had Brytni gone? She was horny—as always, she laughed out loud at the pun—and didn't even have her fellow sprite to alleviate the boredom a bit.

Kaytei rubbed her finger over her pussy a few times, biting her lip. This is boring.

A twig snapped. The sprite spun around—or, to be precise, rolled over, as it hadn't occurred to her yet to get up. Her undershirt jiggled from the movement.

A tall man with a slight goatee and wavy dark hair advanced from the foliage. His eyes were dark blue, almost black, and he was wearing simple clothes—an unbuttoned white shirt and a pair of simple trousers. Kaytei drooled a little on the grass, looking openly at his chiseled physique...and the big tent in his pants.

"Uh." She closed her mouth and started getting up. "Hi! You look horny."

He raised an eyebrow, looking her over.

She giggled. "Well, I'm horny too. Heehee! Horny! But I mean, like, I wanna fuck."

"Oh?" His voice was deep, and clearly meant to sound commanding. For Kaytei, it was enough.

"Ooh, yeah, baby." She stood up, smirking. She twirled a ringlet of her hair with a finger. "I wanna fuck you." She cocked her head. "You wanna fuck me?"

Lust sprite seduction tactics weren't exactly very subtle.

He didn't say anything, but he took a step closer. She gave a whine. "Pleeeease?" Maybe he hadn't heard her. She decided to make sure. "I really, really wanna fuck."

"Do you."

She beamed vapidly. "Mm. Oh yeah." She clapped her hands together excitedly. "So you wanna fuck me?"

"Hm." He raised an eyebrow. "Beg."

"Huh?" She blinked.

"Beg for it. Beg for my cock."


"Yes. Beg more." His dark eyes glittered. There was no kindness in those eyes.

She frowned. A tiny, tiny part of her wanted to refuse. But lust sprites were born shameless, and it wasn't as if usual lust sprite tactics would work here with just one of her. She assumed a lusty look. "Ooh, please, big boy. Please, fuck me, fuck my brains out."

He smiled slightly. "My, but you are a slut, aren't you?"

"Ooh, yeah." She was getting into it now. "I'm just your horny slut." She tittered at the pun, then grabbed her big breasts through the undershirt and bounced them together. "I just gotta have your cock, baby."

"Hm." The man stepped forward. His hand grabbed her shoulder and began to force her to her knees. Somewhat confused, she went along with it. "You're even worse than the human women."

"Mm..." She looked straight across at the tent, panting at the sight. "Yeah, yeah. Oh, I'm just awful."

"Stupid fey whore." The man laughed. "You'll make a fine addition."

"Yeah..." She leaned in, letting her hot breath condense on his pants, moistening the tent. "Mm. 'M gonna fuck your brains out..."

"No, I think not."

She looked up at him, giving a vacant grin. "Oh, just ask me to fuck you already!"

"Heh." He pulled at her undershirt. "Why would you ever cover yourself like this? Why hide what you are?"

"I know," Kaytei moaned. "The ranger made me, though."

He seemed to stiffen. "Ranger? There is a ranger roaming these woods?"

"Yeah." Kaytei rolled her eyes. "She's pretty hot, but no fun at all." She felt a bit jealous. "Who cares about her? I'm right here." For emphasis, she pulled the shirt off, allowing her bounteous breasts to bounce free.

"Hm." The man reached down, stroking one of her breasts. She groaned at the touch. "So you are."

He pushed her to the ground. She gave an "Oof!" of surprise as he began removing his trousers.

Her eyes widened as his cock sprang free. It was massive. And there was something else—a queer metal cylinder. Was it some kind of dildo? If not, she didn't care. He set it down on the ground, chuckling darkly. "This almost doesn't seem necessary. You already know your place, don't you, little slut?"

"Mmm...yeah, baby. So, you'll fuck me?" She smiled enticingly, spreading her barely-clad legs wide.

The man only smiled. He took off his shirt and descended upon her, pinning her arms to the ground.

She squirmed, but his grip was iron. "Uh...was that a yes?"

He leaned close, kissing her neck softly. She whimpered. "No, see, um, I actually kinda need permission. It's a lost sprite thing. I mean, a lust spurt thing. I mean...oh..."

He lifted up, smirking at the suddenly unsure fairy. "I just need to erase some little...holdups, don't I? Stupid slut." His grip on her little wrists tightened. His knee pressed up her skirt and into her crotch. "You think you have a choice? This is what you really want. You were asking for it."

"B-but—no, I—" Her words were cut off as he lifted her arms over her head and stuck something around her wrists with a clang. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers as she realized she'd just been manacled.

She looked back at him. Only now did she register that cruel look in his eyes. Lust sprites had one rule. They were the lowest of the Low Fey, but they had one rule. "...what're you doing?"

"Heh." He grabbed her chin, forcing her to meet his eyes. He raised the cylinder so she could see it clearly.

Then, something deep within her—the part of her that was fey, or perhaps the shred of her that was demon—rebelled. She started screaming in terror, but he held her down. She tried to bite his hand, but he pushed the cylinder between her teeth and practically down her throat. She was reduced to lying there, moaning in fear, the cylinder held between her lush lips.

He lifted up, then, and pounded his cock into her moist cunt. Tears streamed from her eyes as the one rule lust sprites had was rudely violated, but it did not take long for her moans of protest to turn to moans of lust despite herself. She needed to fight this. She wasn't strong enough to fight this.

He sank down, forcing his dick deep within her, and she gave a groan. Lust sprites were not meant to understand such concepts for long, and her fears fled her. She beamed stupidly at what was clearly her prey—or as well as she could with what was probably a big dildo in her mouth. She started sucking it out of reflex, something which seemed to amuse him greatly. Lust sprites loved to torment their prey with pleasure, and amusement was clearly pleasure, so she sucked all the harder. She had to make him happy!

A muffled cry escaped her, now, each time he came down. She couldn't help herself. "Mm! Mmf! Mmah!" In waves, the lust aura sprites possessed began leaking out, filling her prey, making his cock even bigger and his own grunts all the more animalistic. Even through her cries, she kept trying to suck the dildo.

He laughed—maliciously, not that she realized it—and came down once more. And she came. And came. And he came down again, and again, roughly using her orgasming body until he climaxed as well. All she could do was scream into the dildo. All semblance of thought left her.

As she lay there, still cumming, he reached over and yanked the dildo from her mouth. It left her lips with a wet *smack*, still dripping some of her saliva. He looked at it, then at her. "You pathetic, stupid slut."

She just burbled happily, still beyond rational words. Orgasms lasted long for lust sprites.

Sighing, he pulled out of her vagina. Another *smack* sounded. "Even by the standards of your sinful sex, you are a stupid, stupid slut, aren't you?"

"Uh..." Her mind trailed after his words like a drifting cloud, trying and failing to comprehend. She just kept beaming. "Uh-huuuh!"

He lowered the wet cylinder down to between her legs, and she could only give a blissful beam. Was he going to fuck her with that?

"Beg." He put one finger into her still-filling vagina, tickling her clit. "Beg for the Conversion. Beg to serve the Chosen Commander. Beg, you little brainless bimbo."

She squirmed at his touch. "Ooh...ooooh...OOOOH!"

"Hm." He smiled indulgently. "You truly are a walking sex toy. The men will be pleased with you."

He rested the cylinder right by her vagina and uncapped it.

Kaytei the lust sprite heard squelching. She could only babble her eagerness.


The forest was dark. The canopy above cut off nearly all light, but Yilra was pretty sure it was night anyways. Only faintly glowing orchids lit the deer path she lay on.

The ranger lay there, quiet as blowing ash. Her enchanted crutches were gone, and so the legless ranger was essentially stuck here. Again.

She'd gotten lucky before. The lust sprites who'd happened upon her had been exceptionally easy to control—lust sprites preferred to get the permission they needed by crowding their target, and this had made it simple for the Toxin Ranger to hit them with basic Suggestion Juice doses. Derived from the drool of an orgasming hypnotist who'd had his brain fried by his own triggers, Suggestion Juice was one of the most basic tools of a trained Toxin Ranger.

But the lust sprites were gone now. She, Snatch and the unconscious Anna had made it across the Wraithstream, leaving the sprites alone in the dryads' section of the forest. And leaving Nipper alone as well. The poor catgirl had been separated from the group, and Yilra couldn't shake the feeling that that had been a deliberate strategy. Heavens knew where Nipper was now.

Yilra shuddered. Probably getting her mind fucked out. Maybe Nipper was the lucky one—surely that'd be a desirable state for any fey. But she had seemed somewhat different from most fey Yilra had met.

Regardless, they were all in trouble now.

Yilra tried to remember. They'd made it over the bridge, dragging Anna along. They'd gone into a dark part of the forest.

Snatch had begun to notice orchids.

And then they'd struck.

They'd gone for Snatch immediately. Yilra had just seen a blur of motion—creatures moving faster than the human eye could register—and then he'd been gone.

And then Anna had been gone.

And then one crutch. Then the other.

Yilra lay there, in the darkness of the deer path, and shuddered again. The fey had left her. And she couldn't shake the feeling there was a good reason.

But the pair of gleaming yellow eyes in the darkness was not letting her concentrate.

Her heart stopped. She pushed herself up with her arms, watching the eyes.

Another pair blinked into existence. They watched her, looking amused. Yilra started breathing heavily.

A sibilant male voice drifted towards her. "What have we here?"

Another answered it. "Cernuum, I believe we've found another one of the human whores."

"Oh, my." One of the pairs slowly drew closer, stepping into the faint light. Yilra could make out very little save a face—glowing dark green eyes, short lavender-colored hair, slight sideburns. His expression was utterly pitiless as his voice slightly normalized. "They do seem ever-so-common these days, Callosum."

"I'm sure the word has simply spread. They flock to us, Cernuum." The other pair emerged as well. This man was much larger, with red hair and a stronger jaw, but his eyes were just the same. He was a bit closer, and Yilra could tell he wasn't dressed.

Cernuum raised an eyebrow. "But can we accommodate them all, Callosum?"

"We must try." A large hand reached out towards Yilra, and she stiffened as he roughly caressed her cheek. "See how desperate she is. How frantic she is to keep her legs spread for us."

Cernuum laughed. "So be it."

He stepped closer. Yilra swallowed.

Though not as tall as Callosum, Cernuum was...big. Easily a foot above the somewhat short Snatch, Cernuum's naked body displayed an almost unrealistically muscular physique. His skin was ruddy brown, his teeth perfect white—and sharp, Yilra could have sworn.

Of course, his mouth wasn't exactly where she was looking now.

She was still holding herself up off the ground by her arms, and thanks to Cernuum's hunched posture, she was right on eye level with Cernuum's manhood. She bit her lip. It was very large. Not ridiculously so, but even with her limited understanding of the male anatomy—mostly learned from rescuing would-be explorers from nymphs and pixies—she could tell that this man was above-average.

More importantly, though, something about it called to her. She stared at it, slightly bobbing, and realized her mouth was hanging open. She quickly snapped it shut, eliciting laughter from above.

She looked up, eyes wide. Cernuum loomed over her. He reached down, one big hand wrapping around her throat as the other caressed her arm, and lifted her slightly.

He looked pleased.

Callosum, however, was scowling as he sniffed the air. He leaned over to Cernuum. "Dearest, this is not one of our cousins'. She's...naked."

Even in her state, Yilra registered this and blinked. She wasn't naked. She was actually completely clad—literally the only member of their group who'd been able to stay that way, in fact. Clearly, Callosum wasn't talking about clothes.

"Oh?" Cernuum blinked. He leaned down, sniffing Yilra's hair. Yilra shivered, watching his cock bounce slightly as he bent over. "So she is. I suppose that's why the others left her behind."

"Poor girl." Callosum smiled at her. "They must have decided she was an inadequate vessel."

"Heh." Cernuum's hands wrapped around Yilra's waist, easily lifting her up to eye level. Then he kept lifting her above his head, bringing her legless crotch closer and closer to his mouth

Yilra's eyes widened as she felt a long tongue snaking between her, delicately lapping over her labia several times. "Uh...unh..." She struggled, but Cernuum's grip was unbreakable, and something about that tongue made her feel weak inside.

Cernuum lowered her back down to eye level, still holding her upp. She stared across at him, feeling strangely frail. He smirked. "I can think of a few things she can be a vessel for."

"Oh, dear." Callosum sounded annoyed. "Cernuum, no."

"Oh, come on, Callosum." Cernuum leaned in, eyes boring into Yilra. Yilra trembled in midair, her sharp, jagged mind scattered by that ruthless gaze, by those powerful hands on her hips. "Think about what fun we might have with her."

"We should just let her go. She has no part in his."

"Oh, I don't think that's what she wants." Cernuum planted a soft kiss on Yilra's open lips. She jerked at the touch. "Is it, little one?"

Yilra stared into Cernuum's eyes. You know what you want, the eyes said.

But I don't, she thought.

You don't?

I—I do, but—

So confusing. So hard to think.


The eyes flashed.

"Y-yeh," she whispered. She could barely get the word out.

"Cernuum! Stop bewitching the poor girl. We agreed we'd get out of the orchids' game and...stop all this ugliness." But Callosum sounded different now. Yilra couldn't look at him—couldn't ever look away from Cernuum's glimmering eyes—but he sounded...fascinated.

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