tagSci-Fi & FantasyEvergreen Forest Ch. 14

Evergreen Forest Ch. 14



In this chapter, the thief runs afoul of a male dryad, and Nipper the catgirl, having already been taken once, struggles against the dryads' mental commands.

This chapter contains mind control, nonconsensual relations, drug-induced submission, and gay sex (which, if not your thing, feel free to skip it when it comes around).


Snatch awoke to the strong smell of vanilla and the tinkling sound of fey laughter. Something covered his eyes. When he tried to reach up to remove it, he found his arms and legs were both bound fast as well. The thief could feel mossy grass beneath him. He tugged nervously at his bonds, realizing he was completely naked. That was pretty much par for the course.

He groaned. What the hell happened?

They'd escaped the orchid dryads and their allies and fled over the bridge. He. Yilra. Anna. Nipper the catgirl had been...left. The Wraithstream behind them, they'd assumed they were safe—flower dryads apparently weren't very good at crossing chasms.

And then Snatch had noticed there were still orchids growing everywhere.

The fey had struck quick as a shutting beartrap. Snatch had been grabbed first. Cords looped around his body had yanked him off his feet and into the brush. And then...

Guess I hit a tree root or something, he thought, noticing a pain in the back of his head. It didn't hurt quite as much as he'd have expected—either he'd been out for days or someone had deliberately healed him. If it was the latter, he could guess why.

He wasn't sure which possibility pissed him off more.

"Oh, my," said a male voice. Snatch felt whatever it was on his eyes crawl away, giving him his sight back. He craned his neck to see—it was some sort of bug! A big, long thing, with lots of legs and a plated body like a pillbug. A millionpede! Or something like that. "My guest is awake!"

Snatch's eyes adjusted quickly to the shadows. He was tied to rusty metal stakes in the ground. They were in a dark glade, lit only by faint starlight from above. A small pile of random doodads—wagon wheels, weapons, porcelain dolls—lay a short distance away. At the top lay Snatch's pack and scythe.

A tall man with long pointed ears loomed over him. The man looked to be in his early twenties, with long, curly red hair and bright green eyes tinted with what was cruel diversion or honest delight. His skin was quite pale. His bare, hairless chest was toned and muscular. Snatch wasn't by any means delicate, but this man like he could snap the thief in two with one hand.

But Snatch found his gaze drawn down below to the creature's cock. It was rock-hard, beet-red, and at least eight inches long. Snatch quickly looked away, feeling curiously uncomfortable. Almost...flustered. That wasn't like him.

"I'm so glad," the fey said cheerfully. He knelt beside Snatch, hand running lightly over Snatch's naked chest. Snatch squirmed, realizing to his horrified confusion that his whole body was covered in some sort of strange yellowy pollen. The fey smirked. "I really wanted you to be awake for this."

"Get off me, greenthumb," Snatch snarled.

The fey's grin only widened. Greenthumb? Ah! I've been rude." He patted Snatch on the head. "We aren't introduced. My name, little thing, is Hillsii. And you?"

"Go fuck a walrus. Orally."

Hillsii giggled. "Oh, you're too much."

"Fuck off."

"Hm." Hillsii bit his lip. "Well, I still need a name. I think I'll call you...'Beggar', I think." He brightened. "Isn't that a nice name?"

"Don't call me that. That's a fucking awful name." That said, Snatch did not plan on telling Hillsii the name he really went by. He'd chosen the nickname at a less streetwise period in his life and he knew it would give Hillsii nothing but amusement to hear.

"Oh?" Hillsii's eyebrows raised. "You don't believe it suits you? You believe I'm...bad at names?" He frowned sadly. "You wound me, Beggar. But I think it does suit you. Splendidly, at that. You seem like the type to beg for..." His eyes glanced coyly downwards. "...favors."

Snatch looked at the pollen on his chest, pointedly ignoring Hillsii's slight pelvic thrust at the last word. "What the fuck is all this stuff, anyway?" He had to stall the inevitable as long as possible. Not again. Not gods-damned again.

"This?" Hillsii trailed a finger down Snatch's belly, causing Snatch to twitch uncomfortably. "This is pollen, Beggar. The sweet things over yonder," he gestured in a direction, "took you, and fucked your tiny mortal brains out. And you didn't know it, of course, but they were actually covering you in their...them."

"Their pollen." Snatch's mind worked like a rusty iron beartrap. "We're pollinating...you?"

"Yes!" Snatch couldn't help but notice that the gleeful fey's finger was still traveling down. It was at his navel now. The pollen seemed to totally cover his body. "Your pretty mouth speaks truth, Beggar. You, and the catgirl, and perhaps that precious girl from the nymphs, in time—you're all just lovely carriers." He chuckled. "You're very lucky, Beggar. Most of my brothers aren't as keen on explaining the biology to their toys. But I think it's just so fascinating. You're getting information none of your compatriots will ever learn."

"Yeah, well—" Snatch stiffened as the finger began trailing onto the base of his cock. To his horror, he hardened instantly. He started thrashing, but the finger stayed on, slowly stroking along his shaft.

"Once you entered our region, the 'pollen', aheh, 'bloomed'. Which is why you can see it now." Hillsii grinned, showing sharp teeth. He was clearly pretending not to notice Snatch's struggles. "We'll fuck you, and fuck you, and keep on fucking you until you can't even remember your own name. And then..." His finger tapped the tip of Snatch's cock. "You'll be ours."

Snatch felt his cock twitching slightly.

"Oh," Hillsii said, blinking as if surprised, "is that a hard cock I spy? Why, Beggar!" He beamed. "Are you getting hungry?"

Snatch glared bitterly.

Hillsii just smiled back. He took in a deep breath, as if considering something. At length, he spoke. "You're going to suck my cock." He leaned down. "And I think you're going to beg for it."

"Never gonna happen." Snatch resisted the urge to spit straight up in the air at the fey. "Fuck you."

"Oh, Beggar..." Hillsii put a finger to his chin, shaking his head slowly. "I'm really much smarter than you. You should trust my judgment." He leaned closer still, his eyes sparkling. "I'm very good at predicting the future activities of my...toys."

There was silence for a moment. Snatch swallowed, staring up into those bright, confident green eyes. "I'm straight," he said, feeling suddenly very off-kilter.

Hillsii just smiled. He leaned in almost close enough to kiss...and blew warm, vanilla-scented air at Snatch's face.

As before against the tongue orchid dryad Crypta, Snatch closed his mouth and held his breath. The air wafted around him. He knew how to handle drugs. And without them, his will was iron. He would let himself suffocate before he took in a single damn breath.

"Oh, come now." Hillsii smirked. He reached up and stroked a hand along Snatch's cheek in an almost tender gesture. "Darling? It's time."

Snatch stiffened. He was suddenly hearing an indistinct voice in his head—a voice that sounded both distant and near, everywhere, inescapable, undeniable.

It was Crypta's voice. And it was getting clearer.

"Open wide," she sang.

Like it was on a hinge, his mouth opened. Wide.

"Goooood boy!" the voice cooed.

Snatch gasped as the magical trigger sent waves of pleasure flowing down to his member. And as he gasped, tainted air surged inside and sent his head spinning.

He blinked. The world suddenly seemed...a lot hazier. Like he was low on oxygen. He breathed in again. No, it was no better. The only thing he could see clearly was...was...

Hillsii. Snatch's eyes widened. The male dryad was...he was glowing. His bright, mocking eyes bore down on Snatch, practically crushing the thief's suddenly very feeble will. Fuck. No. Don't breathe any more. No more!

Hillsii laughed, and it was the most beautiful sound in the world. He reached down and tickled Snatch's testicles lightly, and Snatch gave a little mewl.

"Goooood boy!" The pleasure came again, and this time Snatch breathed in even deeper, trying to get more in, trying to trigger that voice again. All that came, though, was more fuzziness, more weakness, more...


"You see," Hillsii was saying, though it was difficult to concentrate on his voice when his cock was right there, pulsing in front of Snatch's face, big and hard and begging to be sucked, "the more we fuck, the more the pollen sinks into you, reacting to our magic. When dioecius dryads combine their magic...the host bears the brunt. Their brain gets turned nice and simple: Perfect for servitude." He beamed, swinging one leg over and straddling Snatch's legs. "And wouldn't you like that?" His eyebrows arched. "Beggar?"

"Y-y..." Beggar—Snatch wasn't sure. Something about this felt straight. Strange. Felt strange. He squinted, taking in a deep breath to steady his racing heartbeat. Hillsii was so handsome, and lying there felt so nice, and that cock looked so beautiful. Surely...surely...

"Let me help you decide," Hillsii said smugly. Snatch felt a firm, rough hand wrap around his cock and began to stroke. He gasped from the sensation. Hillsii leaned down, lips brushing against Snatch's. "The answer is 'yes'."

"Yes," Snatch whispered.

Crypta's voice was syrupy and smooth like sweetened oil. "Oh, such a good boy!"

Snatch moaned as the pleasure sank into him. "Oh, yes," he heard himself repeating. "Yes. Yes, Hillsii."


"Master. Yes, Master." The air was feeling thinner and thinner, and Snatch's breaths got heavier and heavier as the fingers continued to stroke him. And the more breaths he took, the more beautiful everything seemed, the more everything Master said sounded smart and perfect, just like Master, just like Crypta, and he just couldn't think straight with those fingers on his shaft, stroking him, teasing him, pulling him along like an animal on a leash. He would say whatever Master wanted him to say.

"Good boy." Snatch felt a little burst of pleasure—not as much as from Crypta's voice, but enough to make him shiver. "Good toy." Hillsii's eyes left Snatch's as he moved down lower. "Good Beggar."

"Yes," the thief heard himself saying, his voice weak. "I'm your Beggar. Yes, Master."

"You want me to fuck your brains out, don't you?"

Beggar felt Master's tongue run along Beggar's glans. "Yes!" the thief gasped. "Oh, yes."

"Well, you're going to need to swallow my seed." Master's fingers kept toying with Beggar's member, but his face rose back into view. He was smiling, as if this fact was obvious.

"Yes. Yes." Beggar felt his mouth watering. The image of that big dick came into his mind and stayed there. Yes. Of course.

His Master began to climb up his body, ceasing the attentions to his cock altogether. But still Beggar felt as though something was attending to it. Soft hands, softer than Master's. Warm lips. Wet tongues. "Obey," Crypta whispered in his mind. His skin was tingling all over. "Obey. Obedience is pleasure. Obedience is pleasure." Beggar heard himself echoing her words.

Beggar shivered as he looked up. His Master knelt over him now, the beautiful cock hanging proud right above Beggar's face. Snatch found himself involuntarily leaning up, but he couldn't quite reach. He moaned as the phantom fingers trailed along his balls, teasing him.

Hillsii smiled down at him. "What's wrong?" he asked. "What do you want?"


"What is it?"

Beggar swallowed. He would say whatever he had to.

"I want to suck you," he whispered. He looked at that cock and knew it was true. "I want it. I need it. I need you to fuck my brains out and make me perfect, make me yours..." He breathed in, calming himself, assuring himself. He needed it. He needed it.

Hillsii's smile was so wide and smug not even Beggar in his current state could mistake it. "Of course you do. But why should I...Beggar? After all, I thought you were 'straight'?"

And it was then that Snatch understood what he had to do.

"Oh, please," he whimpered, shaking as the sensation of a tongue tickled the head of his cock. "Please, Master. Let me suck you. I'm just your pet; your horny plaything. Let your pet suck you off, Master, please, I need it, I need you."

"You want to have your brains fucked out?" Master's eyebrows arched. "You want to be our slave?"

"Yes," hissed Crypta's voice, "yes, yes, be ours, let us take care of you."

"Oh, yes, pleeease." Beggar couldn't hear a trace of Snatch in that drug-addled, perfectly subservient voice. It didn't sound like Snatch. It didn't even sound like Alrek. But he didn't care. He bucked his hips against the phantoms, straining against his bonds, eyes focused on that thick, powerful organ. "I want...wanna have my brains fucked out...fuck me, please, take my mouth, Master, take your mortal toy!"

Hillsii was silent for a moment.

He smirked. "That's all I wanted to hear."

He flicked a finger, and the ropes on Beggar's arms came undone. He grabbed Beggar's head and, roughly, pounded his cock into Beggar's open mouth. Beggar took it—took it all, as if he'd been doing it all his life—and sucked, he sucked and licked and moaned like a harlot.

"You're ours," Hillsii hissed.

Beggar moaned. He could feel his skin tingling.

"You can't fight it, Crypta hissed. Beggar trembled as he tasted salty precum on his tongue. He lapped it up eagerly.

"We're making you ours," they said, and suddenly Snatch couldn't tell one from the other, couldn't tell Crypta's voice from Hillsii's face or thought from sound or even his own desires from theirs. "Ours, ours, ours forever."

In between the cock he babbled incomprehensible thank-yous as the fingers and lips and tongues stepped up their action and suddenly Master was coming in his mouth, and Beggar was coming, he was bucking and coming and screaming and sucking, sucking it all up, sucking like he'd always been meant to do for his beautiful, wise, perfect masters.


Anna, hanging upside-down in a hollowed tree trunk, bound in tight webbing which she was currently furiously masturbating against, stared blankly at the apple-sized spider dangling before her.

The Arachne Girl—currently quite young—hung on a thin length of shimmering silk. Her eyes were dark and glittering against a pale lavender carapace. A blue star shape w as imprinted on the top of her abdomen. Her wide shark-like mouth had closed as she paused to examine the webs she was scrying from. Aside from the mouth, she looked almost exactly like an oversized orb weaver.

"What?" Anna asked. She squirmed her legs, savoring the delicious sensation of silk against pussy lips. The pleasure caused her next words to come out a little garbled. "Uh 'appened 'xt?"

"What happened next?" The spider glanced at her. She looked somewhat annoyed. The creature had agreed to tell her a story while waiting for her to hit orgasm. Once she hit it, she would be injected with painful venom and eaten alive. "How are you still not coming? Seriously, I swear you're hornier than a..." the spider paused, "...a bison? A billy goat? I don't know."

Anna bit her lip. "I...I jus' arrren't." She let out a shuddering sigh as the webs ran over her pussy lips again.

The reality, which this young spider clearly did not yet realize, was that she had been coming constantly since the story had begun. The Prostitute's Kindness injected in her had her so aroused she could do nothing but masturbate—and nothing but orgasm. There was no buildup. No peak. Certainly no satisfaction. Just a constant river of unsatisfying climaxes. She longed for something—anything—to just thrust inside her. A stick. A sword hilt. Nipper's tongue. Esca's tongue. Anything.

"Well, a deal's a deal." The spider licked her lips with a disturbingly humanlike tongue (No, Anna told herself firmly). "I must say, though, I really am looking forward to eating you. Never had human before. I bet I'll be partaking much more often once I get my tits, though. And torso. And human head and arms and reproductive organs. And also something called 'poo-berty', which sounds absolutely revolting."

"I...aaah...thought grown-up Arachne Girls only f-fu-fucked?" Anna gyrated within the slick webs around her breasts, sighing in bliss at the smooth sensation against her nipples.

"Most of them do," the spider said confidently. "They just capture mates, make babies, and...keep making babies. The procreation urge is strong. Probably because we kill each other off, like, super fast." She giggled. "If we didn't make lots of babies, we'd all die off instantly, right? It's amazing we even evolved, frankly." She paused. A faraway look entered her eyes. "Wait, actually, that's a good question. Why does every single monster in this world fixate around the reproductive—"

Anna let out a shuddering moan as the silk caressed her sensitive ass, where for years the nymphs had allowed vines to roam and thrust as they pleased.

"Er. Point is, most Arachne Girls do—" She proudly pointed to herself with two legs. "—but not me! I don't care about making babies that try to eat you. I don't get why all the adults in my race care so much about bouncing off other people. Are babies that great?"

She stared at Anna curiously. Anna looked back at her. She suddenly had the strangest feeling of indecency—that even though this utterly alien creature did not give a damn about the sexual process, the crude education in its practices she was providing was just inappropriate for such a naïve creature. But she couldn't help herself. So she just shrugged and continued squirming.

"Huh." The spider blinked. "Well, anyways, since you still haven't orgasmed, I guess I'll continue."

Anna tried to scramble for questions. Were her friends okay now? How had she been captured? What about Nipper? She had so many questions. But she heard herself saying only one thing. "D-did Alrek really just get turned bi?"

"Who? Oh, the thief guy?" The spider shrugged with four limbs. "Dryad pheremones do weird stuff to you humans. They sure can make you act stupid. That's all I know about it." She paused. "But to be blunt, I, uh, think 'Alrek' might not have started out totally straight, lady. People don't usually come around quite so fast."

She clicked her front two legs together cheerfully, returning to the reading. "Anyhoo...about that catgirl."


Nipper ran through the dark forest, naked as the dawn. She hissed as vines lunged at her, clawing them away in seconds. Her pointed catlike ears twitched and folded, trying to pick up even a scrap of evidence of her pursuers.

They were everywhere. This whole stinking forest was full of orchid dryads, more than ever. And, the catgirl conceded to herself, as much as she could go for a dryad's tongue between her legs right now after all the fucking and...other things the lust sprites had put her through, she could not afford to get captured right now. She was covered in their pollen, and it was starting to mature. Soon, she would be rendered totally vulnerable to their suggestions from afar, and she did not want every single orchid dryad she had just fucked in her head telling her what to do. That was seven voices too many.

She paused a moment in her thoughts, though she kept running. Would the lust sprites get into her head too? She had fucked them, too, while receiving the pollen. Oh, geez, she thought, my brain cells are gonna just fry if even one of those morons gets in here. I sure hope not.

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