tagSci-Fi & FantasyEvergreen Forest Ch. 19

Evergreen Forest Ch. 19


Goblin's Note: If you are new to this story, you're probably gonna want to turn back now. This is the conclusion of a story that's been running for nearly two years.

This story contains nonconsensual sex, mind control, dreamlike illusions, and lesbian sex. Also, a tiny bit of implied horror at the end. After Nipper's dream, it's pretty much entirely non-erotic story, so those who aren't in it for the story itself may just want to stop there.


~~~~ ~~~~

There was shade, and then there was darkness. There was night, and then there was void. There was a shadow, and then there was its umbra. There was death, and then there was what Nictice was about to do to Anna. There was pleasure, and then there was what Nictice was doing to her now.

It was just one finger. One smooth finger. It felt almost more like velvet than skin. Anna felt it stroking inside her pussy, felt it taking control of her from the inside out. She gave an involuntary jerk as it brushed over her clit.

"Oops," Nictice whispered. Her smile was audible. "Looks like I tugged your strings too hard."

"S-stop," Anna breathed. "You don't have to..." She clapped her hand over her mouth to stifle a cry as the finger went over her clit again.

"Then again, perhaps a puppet needs a tug or two now and then. Just to get them . . . aligned." A tongue tickled the inside of Anna's ear. She felt Nictice nibble her earlobe. It felt affectionate, but also possessive. "You're going to break, Anna. It's just a fact. Just a matter of time. It's just you and me here. Alone in a tomb. Your tomb."

Anna didn't dare speak again. She knew that Nictice would only delight in cutting her off with another clit stroke, rendering her wordless again just to prove her point. Part of her wanted very badly for Nictice to do that. But she shook her head.

"No?" Nictice laughed. Her warm breath tickled Anna's ear. "There is nobody to save you this time, Anna. No ranger. No meddlesome monks. Not even that wretched, monstrous Low Fey you think is your friend."

Anna sat cross-legged on the cold stone floor. It had been her one attempt at resisting Nictice. She had tried to cross her legs to block Nictice's wicked, delightful touches, but those fingers . . . Those fingers had crawled their way in, tickling her legs open, unwrapping their prize. Pleasure felt too good to resist. Nictice felt too good to resist.

And when she had finally unwrapped, what had Nictice done? Anna had expected to be taken. To be forced. To be reamed until she screamed.

Instead, it had just been one finger. Just . . . one finger. She was in a place of total darkness, with only an umbra hag for company. One of the most sinister, seductive, flat-out evil types of fey had her wrapped in her arms. And that little finger filled her with a hunger for surrender.

"Anna, I know you want this." The finger went in a bit deeper. Anna suppressed a moan. "You know you want this. You're a slut right now. You've been pumped full of Prostitute's Kindness, little one. You're hornier than a wifwolf in heat, and you can't fight it." She felt Nictice moving around her. The voice was coming from in front of Anna now, but she still couldn't see those mesmerizing turquoise eyes. Part of her was comforted by that; relieved that at least she was safe from visual hypnosis. Part of her was even more terrified.

"Do you know what that drug is doing to you?" As Nictice emphasized the word, she slipped a second finger in, running right over Anna's slick clit. Anna couldn't help but yelp. "You think your mind is clear, but when I fire you up . . ." The fingers started to pump in and out. Despite herself, Anna started to pant. Yes. Yes. This was what she had expected. Just one more orgasm. Please. Let me cum one more time and I'll . . . I'll . . .

"You're rioting inside. Your pussy is dripping, you silly slut. Your beautiful breasts are flushed and heaving . . . covered with your musk . . . " Anna gave a start as a soft, wet something—perhaps a tongue—ran over one of her nipples. She could still feel the cool saliva even after it left. She longed to feel that tongue again.

Her pants turned into grunts as the fingers moved faster, slicing in and out of her with unbearable precision, filling her with wonderful stimulation. Those velvet-like fingers of inky shadow felt indescribably good inside her. She never wanted to stop feeling them. "Oh, Anna, you're out of control, see? You're turning into the whore the nymphs always wanted. Is that what you want? Do you want to go back to Esca? Lisura? Cicuta?"

Anna gasped. She was bucking against the fingers, but sitting as she was, there was only so much she could do without falling over. And Nictice wasn't letting her fall away. "N-no!"

"Oh, but think about it," Nictice teased. "Remember Esca's willing tongue? Lisura was so tender towards you. And Cicuta . . . She tamed you, Anna. Tamed your energy, your spirit." Anna started to let out squeaks as the orgasm approached. She couldn't struggle. Couldn't buck. Couldn't think. "Let you think you were human enough to be tamed."

The fingers abruptly pulled out, and Anna felt Nictice release her grip. Anna collapsed backwards against the floor. Her legs were still half-crossed as she gasped for breath. "What? Why—why can't I cum?"

She hadn't meant her question to sound so whiny. She hadn't meant to speak it aloud at all.

Anna heard a low, wicked chuckle from directly above her. She stared up into the darkness. The bumpy stone floor pressed uncomfortably into her shoulder blades. "Anna, you're already breaking. But of course you are." Soft hands caressed her golden hair, brushing it out of her eyes. "This is all you want to be, isn't it?"

"No!" Anna surprised herself with her vehemence. She pushed the hands away. "L-leave me alone!"

"Oh, but Anna, where will you be without me? I've been watching you for a long time." A hand returned, batting off her feeble efforts and stroking her cheek. "So fresh. So vulnerable." The voice went hoarse with desire. "But there is darkness here. Oh, Anna, you're so full of darkness. Of power." Anna felt a finger trail by her pussy lips, tickling the outer folds. "I can help you through it. I can take you, teach you. I can show you who you once were."

"No." What had Nictice said a moment ago? 'Let her think she was human enough'?

"You'll be begging 'yes', soon." The finger slid inside again, and Anna gasped from the torturous sensations as it teased around her clit. "You have two options, Anna. You can be a whore, and stay in the forest forever. I have no use for such a creature. You'd belong to whoever wins the battle above, I suppose. Just their willing, squealing slut. I'll even make the drug permanent, just so you aren't confused by any more nasty feelings of doubt. Oh! I could give you to that wretched little catgirl. Let you find out first-hand just how naughty she can be."

Anna whimpered. Two glowing lights had appeared in front of her, flashing brilliant turquoise shades. They seemed to shed no light on what was around them. Or perhaps they dazzled her too much to see anything but them. "I don't . . . I don't want that."

"Don't you?" The eyes zoomed closer, and soft, tender lips locked against Anna's own. Anna felt a tongue wrestle its way in. She didn't resist the kiss. In fact, she found herself wrapping her arms around Nictice and kissing back. She was weak and confused, and in her state, the drug took over for her. She needed Nictice. Needed her touch.

Laughing, Nictice pulled away, easily disentangling herself from Anna's feeble grasp. The finger was still in Anna's cunt, casually stroking everywhere but the one place Anna needed stroked.

The finger began to play a cruel game. Every few seconds, it would slide up and just barely tickle her clit, and she would go stiff and let out a little moan. Then the finger would slide back down. Anna's inner thighs were drenched after just a minute of this relentless teasing. "Please," she mouthed. "Oh, please."

She gasped as Nictice's mouth fastened around one of her nipples, giving it just a little nibble. At the same time, the finger trailed over her clit again. The twin sensations burst through Anna's defenses as pleasure burst through her. "Oh! Oh, please. Please—"

The finger pulled out, eliciting a frustrated whine. Nictice's eyes reappeared, shimmering in an indescribably beautiful pattern. "What was that?" the umbra hag whispered. "Why, Anna! Do you . . . enjoy this?"

There was no point in lying to Nictice. Nictice would know. She always knew. Nictice was in control, and Anna was not. Nictice would decide how much pleasure Anna got to experience. And Anna needed pleasure right fucking now. Anna gave a wordless nod and whimpered.

"That's good." The finger thrust back in. Anna's eyes screwed shut with bliss as it began to run over her clit again. "So you admit you're a slut?"

Anna almost argued. She opened her mouth to protest.

A finger slipped into her mouth.

Anna's eyes widened as her lips closed around the finger, almost reflexively. Instinctively, hissed a part of her mind that was steadily gaining ground inside her. The beautiful hag's finger was covered in slick juices.

My juices, Anna realized in horror.

So why was she still sucking on it?

"I think that's admission enough," Nictice said smugly. "I can keep you like this." Another finger slipped into her pussy. Anna sucked all the harder, moaning against the hag's hand as Nictice began to drive in and out of her cunt once again. "You can stay this slutty. It's nice like this, isn't it? Easier. You're so happy like this, aren't you?"

Anna couldn't even taste her juices anymore, but she kept sucking. She could see the eyes again. They were amused. Nictice was laughing at her. "Oh, Anna. I'm going to enjoy you." The eyes leaned closer, and Anna's heart started to pound in her chest. She had the sudden sense that if she let the finger go, if she let Nictice kiss her, a new magic would start to take effect. A choice was being made.

"Mm!" she cried. Then, "Mm! MM!"

The orgasm had struck without warning. She thrashed and bucked against the fingers as she came, groaning with pleasure. Her mouth flew open for a scream, and the finger popped out of her mouth. Almost instantly, she felt those tender lips brushing against her own.

Would it be so bad to just give in here?

"Wait!" she managed. She was still writhing. The fingers down below had not even slowed their attentions. Already, she could feel another orgasm on the way.

The lips paused. A tongue snaked out and licked Anna's lips, then retracted. The eyes went back up. "Well?"

"The . . . oh . . ." She squirmed against the pleasurable touches. "The second choice?"

She couldn't see it, but she knew the hag was smiling.

"You surrender to me," Nictice hissed. "I cure you of this lust and give you another." The fingers were not playing anymore. They rubbed against her wet clit without mercy. "A lust for power. A lust for what I give you."

"And—and wh-what can you give me?" Anna squeaked as the other hand gave her nipple a tweak.

"Knowledge. Memories." The eyes swirled. "Let me tell you about knowledge, Anna. You want to know who you are, don't you?"


"That knowledge will bring you power. Power to never be this helpless again." Nictice squeezed Anna's whole breast for emphasis. "But it comes from me. You will serve me, Anna. And me alone."

Anna whined as the fingers kept coming in and out. She was going to cum again, and soon. She had to choose. She was feeling too drugged and stupid and happy and horny to choose, but she had to choose.

"And you're so afraid to trust me, aren't you? It's all about trust. And lust." The eyes came closer. Anna suddenly realized she had nowhere to look but those eyes. In them she saw infinite mazes of shining bismuth. They held her as captive as if she had been chained. "Do you feel horny, Anna?"

"Yes," she said. An extra-long stroke on her clit rewarded her for this prompt honesty, and she found herself giggling to herself. She felt horny. It seemed so simple when Nictice said it.

"You want to be a slut."

"No," she said, giggling again. She didn't know why she was laughing. This wasn't funny. But it was. Something about it was hilarious. Something about Nictice's smiling eyes.

"What do you want?"

"I . . . I want to be free."

"Do you want to serve me, and learn who you are?"

Anna shook her head. "No."

"So you want to be a squealing whore for the Chosen."

"No!" Anna was starting to feel confused. She knew what was happening. All hags excelled at hypnotism, and in her current state, she was easy prey. But knowing what was happening didn't help her.

"But you want to cum." For emphasis, the fingers performed three extra-quick strums along her clit. Anna yelped.

"Yes!" The fingers gave her clit an extra-affectionate stroke for this. Saying 'yes' felt good, she realized. That was what Nictice wanted to teach her.

"So?" Nictice's voice was unbearably smug. "I guess that means you want to be a slut."

"No." A hand tickled between her breasts. "Oh, yes. No."

"You want to cum on the floor of a cave, held in the grip of an enemy you say you want to escape from. Sounds pretty slutty, doesn't it?"

Anna knew it was true, but more than that, she knew what Nictice would reward her for. "Yes," she admitted. The fingers sped up below, thrusting roughly into her for a few wonderful seconds before returning to the edge again. She gasped, lost in bliss.

"But you can't escape from me. I'm so strong, and my eyes are just so pretty, aren't they? They make you feel too horny to fight. So eager to say the magic word. Do you know that magic word, Anna? It feels so good to say."

Anna's head was swimming in bismuth visions, but she knew the answer to this. She only hesitated for a moment. "Y-yes?"

"Oh, yes. Cum."

Anna squealed in pleasure as the orgasm ripped through her. She heard Nictice speaking over her screams, but none of the words fully registered to her lust-maddened brain. Her vision was nothing but blue as pleasure swirled within, sending her mind spiraling off into the distance. Her pussy wasn't given a moment's rest, of course—the fingers inside her kept right on stimulating her.

She knew she had just been asked a question. More importantly, she knew what she wanted to say. "Yes!"

"I thought so." Nictice giggled. "So you want to be a slut, but you also want to be my slave. What a dilemma."

"Uh. N-no." Suddenly, the word felt like the hardest thing in the world to say. As she said it, the eyes frowned a little. The fingers slowed down. "No," she repeated, the word tasting ashen in her mouth. "I don't . . . Just let me go! I don't want to do those . . . those things!"

"Oh, you're so confused, Anna. But who can blame you? My eyes just swallow you whole, don't you? Thinking is so hard, isn't it?"

Anna blinked. "Yes," she admitted. It was the easiest word to say all of a sudden. She felt like she was drowning. "I-I mean—"

"You want a third option, don't you?"

Anna knew she needed to be skeptical, but everything was blue, and she couldn't see, and she was so confused, and she grabbed the lifeline with all her might. "Yes!" she cried, relieved that she could say the word.

"You want to be a slut, but you want to me my slave." Anna's heart skipped a beat. "So . . . what do you think?"

Anna felt a strong pressure on her mind now as she realized where Nictice had led her. It was pushing her to say it. She tried to fight, but it was like trying to hold up an anvil while swimming in an ocean. Nictice was making her say it. It didn't make it true, but what did truth matter now?"

"Maybe . . . " she said slowly, biting her lip, " . . . maybe I could be your slut? And you could . . . could teach me things, and I could be your slave. But if you ever wanted . . . I mean . . ."

"Anna." Nictice laughed. "That sounds wonderful. And it feels so good to say, doesn't it?"

No! Anna's mind screamed.

"YES!" her body screamed, as she came to her third orgasm. She was thrashing and crying, but she never felt like she broke Nictice's gaze. Nictice was leaning forward again, now, holding her cheeks in those soft, velvety hands. "Oh, yes—" she gushed, heedless of the danger, "yes, yes, yes-yes-yes-yes—" It felt so good to say the word.

Nictice's lips brushed against Anna's. Anna's mind was too awash in blue to fight it anymore. The orgasm had burnt away everything but the eyes. "Yes," she whispered, one last time.

Their lips locked. Anna closed her eyes; felt her mind begin to shift. Gears long since jammed started to click together. Long-repressed inhibitions were not only being pushed away again, they were melting. She realized, as the hag's tongue slipped into her mouth, that Nictice was going to mold her into exactly what Nictice wanted her to be.

She moaned with pleasure as she came again. The pleasure flared white-hot, a volcanic eruption from within, searing her very mind until it felt nothing could possibly remain.

Anna's mind shut down.


Nictice gripped the young blonde tightly in her coils of shadow. Though Anna didn't realize it, she was still struggling, and Nictice knew it was important that she not be separated from her prey as she continued the kiss. Her tongue battled with Anna's. Her lips planted wet kisses all over Anna's mouth, devouring her, full of all the hunger Nictice generally held back. The umbra hag was infusing her lust into Anna. It was a rare opportunity to let loose.

Certainly, the idea of having Anna as a slave was appealing for practical reasons. A slow corruption was more Nictice's game, but in this case, Anna was too great a prize to risk. Putting a shadow into her was tactically crucial. But Nictice had to admit, having Anna as a slave and her personal whore?

Well, she was looking forward to this.

Succubi have it all wrong, she thought, slamming her fingers into Anna's dripping pussy. They get too caught up in their own pleasure to think about the big picture. Such is the way of demons.

She tried to ignore the fact that her own pussy was spasming even now through the combination of physical and mental stimulus. Nothing got her hot like corrupting an innocent life. She closed her eyes, feeling her power passing into Anna. Oh, the power. Your power is mine, little one.

Nictice was so involved in her pleasurable thoughts, she didn't notice the ranger flying through the air towards here.

Not until the collision, anyways.


The umbra hag hadn't noticed their torch's flickering light. That was lucky.

She also hadn't noticed Snatch's whispered warning. "The hag's building a second shadow! Stop her!" That, too, was lucky.

What wasn't was that Yilra hadn't remembered to confirm exactly what a 'second shadow' was before launching herself from her crutches, ramming into the umbra hag with all the force they could muster. She wrapped her arms around the hag's pitch black form, feeling a strange velvetiness to the bare flesh that reminded her of lamb's-ear, and took her tumbling off of the prone Anna.

She landed on top of the hag, which surprised her, initially. It wasn't that Yilra wasn't fit, but without any legs, she didn't tend to win wrestling contests. Then she realized that the hag wasn't struggling.

Time seemed to slow down a little as Yilra looked over her captive. As a Toxin Ranger, she had been given some cursory understanding of hags. Hags were fey like elves were humans—they were the closest known relatives, certainly, but extremely different in a dark way. Where ordinary fey mostly focused on carnal pursuits, hags were potent magic-users who hungered for power and corruption. If lust sprites and kitsune were Low Fey, and dryads and nymphs were High Fey, hags were potentially something even higher still.

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