tagSci-Fi & FantasyEverlasting Summer

Everlasting Summer


"It's all in your mind."

Those are the last words the woman that looks like a nurse said to me before she walks out the door and disappears, literally.

I had intended to watch her leave but she went through the front door and was gone, as if she had never even existed.

It's everlasting summer outside the windows and beyond the door but I couldn't go out in it. It has nothing to do with a skin condition or a noxious environment. I just...can't go out into the world.

I walk around my house, I think it's my house, as if I'm seeing it for the first time. It feels very much like I'm in a dream, taking in the scenery, trying to make mental notes so I can recount them next time I speak with someone.

I make a note of the oak staircase, covered by a red carpet, regal in appearance, as if I'm a king. I don't think I'm a king. Don't feel like it anyway.

The arched doorway that opens at one end of a spacious foyer and leads to another room is adorned with mirrored glass, casting rainbow prisms onto the walls behind and to the side of where I'm walking. I step through that doorway.

The room I'm standing in now appears to be a lodge, a roaring fire in the fireplace. It's quite warm in here but oddly, I'm not sweating. It strikes me as crazy that there should be a fire when it is probably seventy or eighty degrees outside.

"Do you like it?" a naked blonde woman asks me from her place on a brown sofa. She's on her back but she's clearly talking about the fire and not her body.

I just nod. And then the blonde woman returns to what she was doing before I got here. And what she was doing was fingering herself. I watch her as she dips one finger and then another into her pussy, framed by dark hair, proving that the carpet and drapes do not match.

I move on through the lodge and head for the staircase the other end. Not the oak staircase before the foyer but another. This one is carpet-less and I look down as I climb the stairs. The wood fazes in and out, becoming transparent liquid and then solid wood again. Again and again, the stairs do this until, finally, I reach the top. I turn to look back down the staircase and see that they are wood again. I wait a couple minutes to see if they will coalesce but they remain forever wood.

I hear the nurse woman's voice in my head again. "It's all in your mind." This starts to sink in but I'm still exploring.

Up here, on what I assume to be the second level of the house, there is only one window and it is down at the end of the long hall that I seem to be in the center of. Along the walls, a number of closed doors with numbers, like in a hotel. Framed photos rest between the intervals.

I start toward the window, toward the end of the hall, when I hear locks being cast to my sides, as if the residents of the rooms are looking out their peepholes and do not wish to be disturbed.

I walk at a more brisk pace than I started at and then I feel like I'm running, though the walls and doors are passing by at the exact same speed they were just seconds before. The window at the end of the hall seems to be within reach when the door at the end opens and another woman stands in my way, just feet from reaching the window.

I have no idea what the significance of the window is, as I can't open it, and wouldn't even if I could. This thought passes through my mind as I gaze at the brunette before me, the woman blocking my path.

"Excuse me," we both say, simultaneously. My "excuse me" is meant to convey that I want to get around her. Her's sounds more like she's trying to get my attention, as if she wants to ask a question.

"Excuse me," she says again and I don't interrupt her. "Could you help me get this off?" She appears to be indicating the purple tunic that she's wearing.

I lay a hand on her shoulder and start to unbutton the cloth but the buttons seem not to be working properly. I've slipped one through the hole but it's back in place immediately.

"No, silly," the brunette says. "I meant me. Can you get this off?"

I still don't quite understand her and pick her up to carry her.

"Fuck me," she says, indicating that she wants out of my arms. At least in the way I'm holding her. She grabs my shirt front and pulls me into her room, shutting the door behind me.

The room is pink, the carpet, too. There is a vanity and I can see myself in the mirror. I don't recall having a beard and moustache. I study my face for a moment and run my hand along my face. I don't feel a beard or a moustache and yet, I watch as the hair ripples in my mirror image.

"It's all in your mind." This is from the brunette now, as she sheds her tunic and stands before me, gloriously nude. Her voice, however, is that of the nurse woman.

The brunette is on her knees, crawling toward me like a panther. If she turns into a panther, I tell myself, I'm running.

She slithers up my legs and then she's standing next to me, pressing her body into mine. I can feel the heat of her body even through my clothes. She starts with my shirt and then works her way down until I'm completely naked, too.

My cock is strangely soft but, as soon as she touches it, I become hard enough to break diamonds.

The brunette murmurs something in anticipation and then takes my prick to her lips. Her tongue snakes out of her mouth and slides along the head.

My vision explodes into kaleidoscopic images of the woman and myself. As she continues to lick my cock, I see her riding me, I watch as I take her from behind, her breasts swinging back and forth. I see my come shoots out into her waiting mouth and then I watch in disbelief as it reverses, goes back into my cock, down into my balls and prostate.

In whatever passes for reality, I can feel myself coming again (or is it only the first time?), jetting semen all over the place, seemingly endlessly. The brunette moans for some reason as my cock expels over and over again. I look down and I can see she has another cock in her cunt and she's squirting come everywhere, too. I look closer and see that it's my cock inside of her. I don't understand how this could be happening.

"It's all in your mind." I hear it in my right ear and watch the brunette moan it. The naked blonde from downstairs is behind me, her hands with painted nails are on my chest, caressing me there. I feel her breasts press into my back.

Suddenly, she drops to her knees and kisses my ass cheeks, first one and then the other. Her hand goes between my legs and grabs hold of my balls and gently pulls them back so that they rest against my taint. The sensation makes me instantly hard again, even though I'm quite sure that I didn't go soft in first place.

The blonde comes around front and take my cock in her mouth as she squats over the brunette, feeding her cunt to the woman on the floor. The deeper she takes me in her mouth, the deeper it seems the brunette is working her tongue into the blonde's pussy. I swear, at one point, it seemed as if the brunette was sucking my cock without ever having left the blonde's vagina.

The blonde moans her approval and the sensation in her throat causes me to spurt again. It's a generous orgasm but nothing like the one before. When her mouth leaves me, it's so she can concentrate on the pleasure she's receiving from the woman eating her out.

"It's all in your mind." The voice is that of the nurse woman. I turn to gaze in the direction I heard it from but I don't see her anywhere. The door, however, is ajar.

I walk naked through the door, down the hall, toward the liquid/wood staircase.

For some reason, I'm walking backwards.

The brunette appears before me but she's fully clothed and now she's receeding. I'm walking faster, though the doors and the pictures are going slowly back past me. I hear the locks undo themselves and then naked couples come out of their rooms to watch me leave. I look down and I see my pants slither upward and then button and zips themselves. My socks and shoes are already in place. My shirt floats onto my body and I'm clothed again.

I make it to the top of the liquid/wood staircase and pause to look over my shoulder. I don't know if I trust myself but I'm not in control. The nurse woman beckons to me.

I walk backward down the staircase and it goes from liquid to wood to liquid to wood, going in reverse of how I remember it. When I reach the bottom, I watch as the wood is still liquid and then it drops out of the sky and into a puddle, leaving the staircase non-existent.

I'm still walking backward when I see the blonde with the dark pubic hair fingering herself only in reverse. There's something even more erotic about watching her this way than before.

I leave the lodge, see the mirrors and the prisms and the rainbows and the arched doorway just beyond the foyer. I move past the regal staircase and then I'm looking out the window by the door.

It's still everlasting summer.

I walk backward to the chair in the center of the living room and then she's there. The nurse woman, reappearing out of thin air.

She's lovely. A redhead. She wears her scrubs so well. I wish to see her out of them but, in the ten years I've known her, all she's ever done is come Tuesdays and Fridays to shoot me up with the magic shit that makes me feel like I'm somewhere else, someone else, with all I wish at my whim.

She checks the needle and then jabs it into my arm, depressing the plunger.

"It's all in your mind," she says before she collects her stuff and disappears out the door.

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