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Every Breath You Take


Every Breath You Take

1st September 2012.

Intimate surveillance Subject:          Sarah Laidlaw

D.O.B                         19th June 1975

Age                         37

Hair                         Light Brown, Blonde highlights

Eyes                         Blue

Height                         5' 7"

Weight                         137Lbs (62.1 kgs)

Bust                         36c

Waist                         27"

Dress size                    12 UK

Shoe size                    5 UK

Education to                    2.1-Degree English, PGC.SE

Employment history               1992-1999 Felstead High School English Dep't

Current employment.               None. Marital Status                    Married. Simon Laidlaw

Marriage date                    1st May 1999. 13 years.

Dependants (children)               None. Medical records show complications.

Address.                    Field head Barn.                          Felstead                          Sussex.                          IP11 3XA

Property Value               £875K (est.)

Residents                    Simon Laidlaw, Sarah Laidlaw. Daily Housekeeper, (off site)     Paula Croft. (Resident when Laidlaw's away.)

Bank Accounts               Housekeeping. (Joint) £1635.87                          Deposit (Joint) £3320.00                          Current Acc     (Sarah) £4721.65                          Current Acc     (Simon) £8325.71

Investment Portfolio               Joint               £113K                          Simon               £802K Income                         Sarah (from shares and investments     £17K                          Simon (All sources)                £132K

Mortgage on Field Head Barn                         £230K

Covert surveillance commenced January 15th 12. Full telephone intercept, and 4 team surveillance away from property. Nothing of interest found from covert surveillance.

Full intimate surveillance initiated as of 1st September 12 (Today)

H.D Camera and microphone Locations:     Courtyard.                               Garage                               Kitchen                               Lounge (2)                               Master suite, and bathroom (2)                               Swimming pool (2)                               Gymnasium Cars, cameras, microphones, trackers           Range Rover BMW Mini. (Housekeeper) Saab Convertible

Battery life                         7 Days, replace 7th &14th September

File full daily report with video including diary schedule where possible.

This is what I do for a living, I snoop into people's lives, looking for anything that could be of embarrassment to the Government, or cause a scandal. Recently surveillance has been stepped up after several fiascos' that almost caused a downfall....If we find anything at all, usually a discreet word is enough to halt things before they become public.

If we don't find anything. The subjects do not even know that we have been there, we are that good.

I am not proud of what I do, but I do it anyway and make a good living. I am the team leader, it is my responsibility to look everywhere for dirt... Be it financial, sexual, or honourable.

I normally remain detached form the subjects that I am observing. They are just characters in a real life soap opera....

This time it was different.... It only took about one hour on that third day for me to become obsessed with Sarah.... As soon as I saw her face, saw her smile, saw her body, I was hooked. She was tall, she was elegant, she was attractive and she was fit.

The weekend surveillance did not really amount to much at the house, the subjects where away in London from Friday night, until late Sunday, another team had the tail.

My weekend was spent watching empty monitors.

I started my shift at 5am on the Monday, just as Simon was rising. He showered shaved and dressed in a conservative suit, he ate a breakfast of cereal and coffee. His car came to collect him at 6.00am, Black Audi A8.

Sarah didn't stir, she slept until 06.45 she stirred and stretched in bed, spread her body wide across the expansive bed. She kicked the sheet away to expose her languid body that was enclosed in silk pyjamas.

I watched her slowly come to life, the bedroom was dim but the night vision on the camera was good, even if it cast a greenish glow.

She rose and sat on the edge of the bed for a while, oblivious to my observations, it took her a while to move, to rouse herself. She reached for her glasses from the bedside table, put the bedside lamp on, looked at the time and headed for the bathroom.

I switched monitors, jus in time to see her pull down her pyjama bottoms and seat herself on the toilet, she was leaning forward, elbows on knees, she yawned. After a few moments she balled up some paper and wiped herself, she stood and pulled up her bottoms....

Sarah stood in front of the mirror and cleaned her teeth, she leaned forward to look at herself in the mirror and examined her complexion, and her eyes as she brushed her hair... I was at the wrong angle to see her expression, the light reflecting on the mirror distorted the view....

Memo to self... Re-arrange cameras.....

Sarah tied her hair back as she left the bathroom and headed for the kitchen.

With a large mug of coffee, Sarah wandered down the hallway to the stable block, this had been converted to house a gymnasium and a swimming pool.

She took a one piece red bathing costume of the shelf and removed her pyjamas.

This was the first real glance I had of her body... She was tall and slender, with good muscle definition, not masculine, good feminine muscle tone. Her breasts where well proportioned without any sagging. Her nipples erected to the early autumn chill. She had a very fine line of pubic hair that was neatly waxed.....

As she climbed into her costume, her shapely legs raised to expose her pussy lips. It took her a few moments to adjust the costume, arrange the breasts, adjust the straps and for comfort, pull the gusset down, slide the fingers back around the hem to her buttocks.... It was mesmerising to watch.

She dived into the 20-metre pool and swam with ease. Obviously she had been swimming as part of her fitness regime for a long time. She just glided through the water. 20 fast paced lengths later she climbed from the pool, stripped of her wet costume, towel dried her hair wrapped herself in a large white towel, sat at the table and drank her coffee.

After the coffee was gone, she brushed her hair again, leant forward, and flicked her hair forward. With her fingers she ruffled her long blonde hair allowing the curls to form themselves. I was surprised that she did not shower at this stage. I found out later why.

At 07.30 a car pulled into the courtyard, checking the security list I discovered that it was Ashley, Sarah's personal trainer. A tall black guy got out of the car wearing a black tracksuit. He walked straight across the courtyard and into the Stable block. Sarah walked down to meet him. Still just wrapped in her towel, she hugged him and kissed him on both cheeks.

In a slightly feminine cockney voice Ashley said.

"Mornin darlin, how are you today, you look good, have you had a swim yet?"

"Yes just done 20 lengths, saving some energy for you today... How was your weekend?"

"Really good, we went to a party on Saturday night, didn't get home until 9.00 Sunday morning... Just getting over the hangover, ready for some real penitence today. How was your weekend?"

"Same old, same old... We where in London till last night, it was supposed to be a social weekend, but Simon spent the whole weekend networking, it was boring really. Worst part is I really have nothing in common with the other weekend widows, they all come from the same mould.

"Why do you go?"

"Have to really, show support, you know what is expected, have to be the doting wife."

"Sorry about your weekend, lets see if we can cheer you up today... Are you ready for some action? Get your kit on and let's go. I've bought "Steps" today, something cheerful to listen to whilst I take you through your paces."

"Have to be finished by 10.00 today, have an appointment for hair and nails at 11.00."

"Plenty of time, Hour in the gym, Jacuzzi and massage, ill have you finished by 9.30 or 9.45"

"Ok let's go"

At that Sarah just took off her towel in front of Ashley... I thought, ok this is interesting. Ashley took off his tracksuit top to expose his really toned torso he obviously took his job serious both for his clients and for himself. His tracksuit bottoms dropped to reveal a pair of Lycra shorts, tight and revealing.

He took no notice of Sarah as she casually put on a cropped bra top and similar shorts to Ashley.

As a casual observer it was apparent that they where both used to and comfortable with each other's bodies.

Ashley worked Sarah hard over the next hour, always pushing her for one more rep. They had the music turned up loud, and used the rhythm of the music in their exercise. Sarah's body was glistening with sweat by the time it came to cool down. I wanted to lick her all over.

After a five-minute cool down and a bottle of water later, Sarah said. "Jacuzzi, then I need a massage."

She stripped off her gym kit and just climbed into the Jacuzzi. Ashley stripped as well, when he took off his shorts, his thick long black cock just hung limp. I was watching on a monitor, and Sarah's body had me hard, what was wrong with this guy...

Duh... He was gay; it had just dawned on me.... That was why there was innocence with all the nakedness...

The noise of the Jacuzzi drowned out whatever the conversation was, but from a voyeurs point of view it just seemed friendly and relaxed, after about 10 minutes they both climbed out and dried themselves. Ashley wrapped a towel around his waist, Sarah just climbed on to the massage couch naked. She lay face down, flicked her hair forward so that it hung over her head and the front of the couch.

Ashley placed a small towel across Sarah's buttocks, applied some massage oil to his hands, and poured a little onto Sarah's back.

He stood at the head of the couch leaned over Sarah's head and started to massage her shoulders and back, Sarah let out a moan, "mmmmm that feels good"

"Stay quiet and relax"

In the rented house half a mile away, I was watching Ashley massage this gorgeous body, hearing her moan in pleasure as he eased the aches from her muscles. My cock was hard; I had undone my pants and was slowly stroking myself.

Ashley moved down to the foot of the bed and continued the massage from the feet up, he lifted one leg so that it folded at the knee and worked his skilful fingers through her toes and to her feet and ankle, one leg then the other. Her calves' cam next, first left then right.

I am sure that she opened her legs slightly as he reached her thighs, his hands moved from behind the knee to just below her pert behind, circular motions, glistening with oil. As he increased the intensity I could see the quivering in her buttocks as he worked the muscles. After a few minutes, he slapped her bum and said.

"Turn over girl"

As she turned over the small towel fell to the floor, for a few seconds giving me a glorious view of her pussy as he raised her body until the towel was replaced.

"You make me feel so nice, I wish that Simon could do this" Sarah said as Ashley began to massage her hand.

"Behave, don't go getting all horny on me, you know I cant cope with that."

"No but seriously. I could teach him. Mind you he would have to feel what it is like first...he would have to let me massage him. Can't imagine for one moment he would let me. I quite like the idea of getting my hands on him though."

Sarah laughed. "Now who's getting horny? "

"Honey if I get horny you would know about it. It would show, promise."

"Now be quiet and let me get on with my job"

"Ok sorry" Sarah closed her eyes and let Ashley first Massage one hand and arm and then the next. After he had finished the arms he moved to just above the knee. Sarah really did spread her legs wider this time as Ashley massaged her inner and outer thigh; Ashley leaning against the side of the couch was pressed up against Sarah thigh.

"Ashley are you sure you are not getting horny, I can feel something sticking in to my thigh"

"Are you in one of those moods today. Has Simon not been doing his duty, you will have to get him to sort you out tonight.

"Not much chance of that he is away at the London flat tonight, I all alone.... What are you doing later?"

"Is that a dinner date, or do you just want my body..... As much as I love you, it won't work, you can't convert me, it doesn't matter what you say or try .... If you had a dick between your legs, it might be different."

Sarah laughed and said. "What if I buy a strap on?"

Ashley slapped her thigh and said.

"Ok that's me done, shower time."

"Time for coffee before you go?"

I watched Sarah walk back to her bedroom naked, I watched her shower, watched her soap her breasts, watched her wash her pussy, watched her close her eyes as her fingers cleansed her clit..... I watched her dress. white lacy thong, matching bra, White cotton shirt, tight jeans and black boots. She put on black leather belt, loose at the hips, and a black jacket. She slung a Hermes bag over her shoulder and went to meet Ashley in the Kitchen.

When they left I knew I had work to do...

To pick a lock depending on the lock, takes me about 4 --5 minutes, and I am good. When you see people in films picking a lock in about 5 seconds, believe me it doesn't happen.

During surveillance, what I do is pick the lock to gain access, I remove the lock, revert the tumblers so that the original key does not work, replace the lock and wait.

We intercept the phone call from the subject to the Locksmith. I turn up, say that the lock has jammed and fit a new one. They have 2 keys, I keep one. From then on access is simple.

As for the alarm. We scan electronically to find the key code. Once inside we change the sensitivity of the sensors so that even if the alarm is set, a rampaging elephant wouldn't set it off. Obviously we revert everything back to normal once surveillance is completed.

Once Sarah and Ashley had left I put the digital recording on a loop so that my entry would not show, once at the house it was easy for me to enter the side door undetected and disable the alarm. I knew I would have at least two hours to complete my task.

I rearranged the camera in the bathroom so that the image reflected through the mirror was better. I installed a new cameras for my benefit with a different frequency to the others the first was under the bathroom vanity unit, this gave me a good view of the toilet area. Three more independent cameras I installed in the bedroom, one under the dressing table. One under the bedside table pointing along the bed, and one next to it that pointed to the pillow area. These would give me good close up shots.

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