tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEvery Girl Has Her Price

Every Girl Has Her Price


"Do you want fries with that?"

"No thanks," Kyle answered looking at the girl's name tag.

"Okay, your order comes to five dollars and twelve cents."

Kyle watched the girl behind the counter get his food. She was physically attractive, but there was also something else about her. Something else that made him think that she would go along with his plans.

"Here's your order, sir. Thank you, and have a nice day."

"Excuse me, there isn't anybody in line. Could I ask you something, Juana?"


"Can I talk to you when you get off work?"

"I'm sorry. I already have a boyfriend," she responded, sounding like she had said the same line a thousand times.

Kyle laughed and responded, "No, you misunderstood. I just want to talk. I have a hobby, and if you're interested in helping me with something, you'll be able to make some quick money. At least listen to what I have to offer."

"I get off in half an hour."

"Okay. I'll wait for you at my table."

Juana turned away from him and returned to work. Kyle found a table in the back and slowly ate his food. Silently thanking his grandfather for not only being smart enough to save a large amount of money during his lifetime, but for also realizing that all of that money would be best served if it were left to him upon their death. Kyle had alienated himself from his family when he fought them in court over the inheritance, but seeing the look on his uncles' and cousins' faces as the judge awarded nearly all of the inheritance to him was more than worth the money that he had spent on lawyers.

"So how can I make some money from your hobby?" he heard her say as she sat down in the booth.

"Hi Juana. I'm glad that you decided to listen to me. My name is Kyle Thomas, and let me start out by saying that I am a very rich man. I'm telling you that not to impress you, but so you know that anything that I offer you is legitimate."

"Okay, so you're rich. I'm assuming that you aren't just going to start handing me money over the table."

"Well, you did agree to talk to me, and we all know that time equals money." Pausing for a second, Kyle reached into his back pocket and pulled out a crisp twenty-dollar bill. As he handed it to Juana, he continued, "Let me offer this small payment to you for deciding to at least listen to my business proposition."

Juana looked at him for a second, and then reached out and accepted the money being offered. "This is just because I decided to talk to you, right? I mean you don't expect me to sleep with you just because you gave me some money?"

Kyle softly laughed and answered. "Of course, I don't expect you to sleep with me for twenty dollars. Just listen to my offers, and if you decide to accept any of them I'll be extremely grateful."

"Okay, Kyle. What business propositions do you have for me?"

"Slow down, Juana. I'll get to them soon, but let me first explain why I chose you."'

Juana softly nodded and he continued speaking.

"I picked you for many reasons. You are a very attractive woman, but you also seem to have something inside you that I picked up on somehow, even though I can't explain what it is. Something that makes me think that I'm not wasting my time or money talking to you."

"Wait a second. You lost me. Can you run that by me again?"

"Don't worry about that. Let me continue. I have this theory -- actually, lots of people have this theory -- I just made it my hobby to prove it. I'm sure that you have heard the phrase, 'everybody has a price' Well, I like to prove that by getting people to do things that they would never even think of doing. I like to see what people are willing to do for money."

"I get it. You think that you can get me to do stuff for money."

"Exactly, Juana. For example, I'm going to make my first business proposition to you right now. I'll give you fifty dollars for your bra."

"You want me to take off my bra and give it to you? For fifty dollars?"

"Yes. All you have to do is slide your bra off here at the table, and I'll give you fifty dollars."

Juana looked down at her shirt. She could see the outline of her bra through the thin material. "I can't. Without a bra, you'll be able to see... I mean..."

"Well that is sort of the point. I'll give you sixty."

Juana looked around at the near empty restaurant. There were some customers toward the front, but nobody near her and Kyle. "Do I have to take it off here, or can I go to the bathroom?"

"I'll let you go to the bathroom, but you have to return to the table with it in your hand and give it to me."

"I don't know..." Juana replied, again looking down at her shirt.


"I'll be right back."

Juana stood and made her way to the bathroom. Walking into a stall, she closed the door behind her and unbuttoned the front of her shirt. Stripping it off, she draped it over the door and unhooked her bra. Pulling the straps off her shoulders, she let the bra fall down her arms, catching it in her hands. Juana then grabbed her shirt and put it back on. As she buttoned it, she walked out of the stall and looked at herself in the mirror. She could see her areola through the thin cotton, and she noticed that the jiggle of her braless breasts was very noticeable.

Pulling out a brush, she let her hair down, and brushed her long brown hair. She quickly put on some make-up and once she was happy with her appearance, she walked out the bathroom door, thankful that nobody would see her, and returned to the booth.

"Very nice, Juana. I like you hair down like that, and the way your tits bounce underneath your shirt is really sexy," Kyle said as he handed her the seventy dollars. "You have nice dark nipples. They show through nicely. Perfect for my next proposition."

Juana slid into the booth, and shyly covered her chest with her arms. "And what's your next proposition?"

"We'll start at seventy this time. All that you have to do, is walk behind the counter and get a cup of ice water. As you talk to one of the guys, drink it, but accidentally spill the water all over the front of your shirt. Then pretend that nothing is wrong and return here walking through the front of the restaurant, again pretending that nothing is wrong."

"No way. I have to work with these guys. I wouldn't do it for a hundred dollars."

"Not for a hundred. How about one twenty-five?"

"I can't. I would never feel comfortable working with them again. My shirt will be completely transparent."

"You can always find another job."


"One fifty."

"One fifty? I can't."

"One sixty." Kyle could see that Juana was debating the offers in her head, ready to accept at the right price. "One-seventy. One-eighty. Two hundred."

"Two-hundred dollars!" Juana exclaimed in astonishment. She thought about his offer. Two-hundred dollars. She was tired of working at the restaurant for minimum wage anyway, and with two hundred dollars plus the ninety dollars that he had given her, she would have enough cash until she found another job.

"Yes, two hundred."

"I don't believe that I'm really gonna do this, but I'll be right back."

Juana stood, walking to the front of the restaurant. Ignoring the customers staring at her bouncing breasts, and her co-workers who were also looking at her, she walked behind the counter and grabbed a large cup. Filling it halfway with ice, she then filled it with water from the ice machine. Juana took a sip, and started talking with one of her co-workers as he leaned onto the counter and tried not to stare at her chest.

She made small talk with him, trying to summon up the courage to pour the water onto herself. Moving closer to him, she lifted the cup to her lips to drink and managed to hit his head softly with her elbow. She felt the water spill out of the cup and all over the front of her shirt.

Juana took a step back, and fought the urge to move her arms to hide her wet, cold and completely visible breasts. Glancing into the eyes of her co-worker, she could see that he was staring at her dark nipples.

"I'm sorry. I'm such a klutz. Is your head okay?" she asked rubbing her hand against his head.

When he answered that he was fine, she pretended that everything was normal; that she wasn't standing in front of everybody in a wet shirt with her breasts on display. She talked with him for a few minutes, continuing to apologize for her clumsiness. Juana excused herself and walked through the front of the restaurant, feeling the stares but trying her best to ignore them.

Returning to the booth, she sat down and Kyle smiled at her as he handed her two new one-hundred-dollar bills.

"Very nice Juana, and I have to tell you that you look very nice in a wet shirt."

Unconsciously, Juana moved her arms in front of her chest and shivered. "The water was really cold now. I think I proved your point. I really have to leave now."

"Wait, Juana. I have more for you if you're interested."

"Depends, but I really don't want to hang around here anymore."

"Okay, I can work that in to my next proposition. I want to buy your shirt from you, I'll start at two hundred. All that you have to do is walk back up to the counter, complain about your shirt being wet and how cold you are." Kyle paused.

"There has to be more than that for two hundred dollars."

"You catch on quick Juana. Then you have to take off the shirt, walk out to my limo in the parking lot, topless, hand me your shirt, then we'll drive..."

"No way. I can get arrested for that, and I'm not going anywhere with you."

"You'll be out of here before you can get in trouble. Think about it. I'll make it three hundred. My car is the white limo. I'll be looking for you."

"I can't. Everybody will see me."

"That's my point. Final offer Juana. Five hundred." He smiled at Juana as he stood. Without looking back at her, he walked to his car and told his driver to start the car and wait.

* * *

Juana watched him leave, and thought about his offer. Five-hundred dollars was a lot of money, but what he had asked her to do was past the point of decency. With her breasts visible in a wet shirt she could act innocently, but taking off her shirt and walking out, there was no way that she could possibly pretend that she didn't know what she was doing.

She glanced out and saw the white limo parked outside. She knew that Kyle was watching her from behind the tinted windows of the limo. Five-hundred dollars, she repeated to herself. She would have enough money to go shopping for some new outfits. Deciding to do it, she stood and quickly walked to the front of the restaurant.

Looking at her boss across the counter, she told him, "It's cold in here today, Mr. Jansen. Do you have the air on really low or something."

"No, Juana, it's set like it always is, and you always complain about how hot it is."

"Really. I am so stupid sometimes, maybe it's because I got my shirt all wet." She started unbuttoning the buttons as fast as she could. "Maybe if I take it off I'll warm up." Now Juana had the shirt completely unbuttoned. She started to strip it off, but then remembered that she had to unbutton the cuffs, and as she fiddled with the buttons, she could feel the stares of her coworkers on her nearly bare upper body. Finally she unbuttoned the cuffs, and with a flourish, she pulled the shirt off, baring her breasts to everybody in the restaurant. "I'll see you guys later," she said with a smile.

Turning, she walked out the door, passing a couple of high school age kids. With another smile, she walked by them fighting the urge to cover herself. She hurried to the limo, feeling her breasts bounce and knowing that everybody was still watching her.

Kyle opened the door for her, and with a big smile he told her, "Very nice, Juana. I was beginning to doubt that you would do it.

As she stepped into the limo, she instinctively covered her breasts with the shirt. "I don't believe that I did that." She then started to giggle, "You should have seen their faces!"

"You should have seen your face!" he said as he held his hands out.

"What?" Juana asked looking at his outstretched hands.

"The shirt. It's mine now. I bought it from you, remember?"

She looked at him, "Wait, if I give you the shirt I won't have anything to wear."

"You should have thought of that before."

She handed him the shirt, and crossed her arms across her chest as the limo started to move. "Where are we going?" she asked nervously.

"Don't worry, you're safe. We're just going to drive around and talk."

"You don't expect me to sleep with you or anything do you?"

"Relax, Juana. You won't have to do anything that you don't want to do." He answered handing her a glass of champagne.

Juana took the glass from him, being careful to keep herself covered.

"My next business proposition for you is a big one, so I'll start out at a thousand dollars."

"You haven't given me the five hundred yet."

"I'm sorry. It must have slipped my mind." Kyle pulled out a roll of hundreds from his pocket, counted out five of them and handed them to her.

"What do I have to do for a thousand dollars."

"It's actually pretty simple. Think of yourself as an actress, and you are going to be paid a thousand dollars for what I am about to ask you to do. We're going to a local bar, but first I'm going to stop at a mall to buy you a new outfit. Once you put it on, then you have to go into the bar, and walk out within an hour with fifty dollars in your pocket."

"How am I gonna... Wait, you want me to... No. I told you..."

"I'm not asking you to prostitute yourself, Juana. Just think of it as a play, and you're the actress. The role that you will play will be that of a prostitute, and you have to perform fellatio in that role."

"No way, Kyle."

"Eleven hundred."

"No." Juana answered strongly.

"Fifteen hundred."

"I could get arrested."

"The bar we are going to is safe. No cops there for sure. If you do get arrested, I can get you out, no problem."

"Kyle, I can't. I'll feel so degraded."

"Sixteen hundred."

"I can't."

"Seventeen. Eighteen."

"Kyle, no, I can't do that," Juana answered, feeling her greed start to take over.

"Two thousand, Juana. How many weeks do you have to work at the burger joint to make two thousand dollars?"

She thought about what she would buy with two thousand dollars. There were so many things that she could get, maybe something for herself, like the tennis bracelet that she had been eying for the last month. "Okay. I'll do it."

"Good. We're at the mall. I'll be right back. Before I go though. I want to buy the rest of your clothes. How much do you want for them."

"You want to buy what?" Juana asked incredulously.

"Your pants, panties and whatever else you might have on. Tell me how much you want for them."

"I don't know Kyle, five hundred."

"Deal." Kyle pulled out his cash, counted out five bills and handed them to her.

Juana felt the car stop, and looking out she could see that they were at a mall. "I guess you want me to take them off now?"

"Yes, I do."

She reached down and untied her shoes and pulled off her socks, handing them to Kyle. She unbuttoned the top of her pants, with a sigh she pulled down the zipper. She slid the pants off and handed them to him.

"Nice legs, Juana. Now the panties."

"Can't I just keep these on?"

"We had a deal, Juana."

"I know, but please?"

"Juana. I keep my end of our little deals. What would you think if I told you that I wanted to pay you less than we agreed upon after you had completed one of my little games?"

"But..." She looked helplessly at Kyle and with another sigh, she pulled off her cotton panties and handed them to him.

"Very nice, Juana. There's more champagne in the fridge. Help yourself. The controls to the television and stereo are right over here. Make yourself at home. In that cabinet over there are some videos that you can watch if you get bored. I made them myself." He said with a laugh.

Kyle stepped out of the limo, and Juana watched him walk into the mall accompanied by his driver.

Sitting naked and alone inside the limo, she sipped her champagne. After a few moments, Juana's curiosity took hold of her. She opened the video cabinet and read some of the titles. All of the tapes were marked with a girl's name, with a brief description of the girl and a date. Pulling out the most recent one, titled "Rebecca", Juana pulled it out of the case and pushed it into the VCR. The television turned itself on, and her eyes opened wide as she watched a woman that she assumed to be Rebecca playing tennis, completely naked and surrounded by a crowd of men watching her. After a few moments, she realized that the tape was made at a local park; she even recognized a few men in the crowd.

The tape went blank for a second, and soon started again with Rebecca inside the limo still completely naked and masturbating for the camera. Juana could hear Kyle's voice telling the woman what to do. At first the woman followed his directions stiffly, as if she was embarrassed by what she was doing, but after a few moments, Rebecca was starting to loudly orgasm. Juana heard Kyle tell the woman to come to him, and the tape went blank as she did as she was told.

After a few seconds, the tape continued, and this time Rebecca was in the middle of a park, wearing a tiny skirt and a see through blouse. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing anything underneath, and the tape went blank for a few moments, and continued with a shot from far away, of Rebecca giving a man a blow job underneath a tree, a police car in the background. Juana looked closer, and realized that the man that Rebecca was going down on was the policeman.

Juana could feel herself starting to get turned on, and she let her hand start to gently rub her labia. The camera slowly started to get closer to Rebecca, and Juana felt her fingers start to move faster.

Rebecca removed her mouth from the policeman's cock, straddled him and slowly guided his cock into her. Juana started to imagine what it would feel like fucking a stranger in the middle of a park, knowing that people could see her.

Her fingers were now rubbing her pussy quickly, and she occasionally pushed one finger between her labia. She felt herself start to orgasm, and with one hand she started to push two fingers into herself, moving them in and out as fast as he could. Her other hand kept rubbing her clitoris, and she tried to stay quiet as her orgasm started.

She heard a the doors of the limo unlock, opening her eyes as Kyle opened the door. Juana heard herself moan in ecstasy, but as hard as she tried, she couldn't move her hands away from her pussy. She moaned loudly again as her orgasm crescendoed. Somehow she found the strength to stop. As her orgasm subsided, she looked embarrassedly at Kyle and sat up, trying to cover her naked body.

Kyle looked at the screen and told her, "You picked a good tape to watch. Rebecca was really into what she was doing. That really surprised me. She works at a church. That's where I found her. Can you believe that for one thousand dollars she agreed to seduce a cop in the middle of a park."

"I can't believe that she wasn't scared. I mean a cop. In the middle of the park."

"At first I thought that she was going to hold out for a lot of money," Kyle continued, "it took me five hundred to get her braless, but as she started to get hot, I started offering less and less money, and she accepted it. At the end of this tape I convinced her to go into a hotel, and I stood outside inviting men in. She fucked about thirty guys for two hundred dollars."

"I wouldn't do that." Juan said.

"Of course you wouldn't." Kyle answered. "Here's your outfit. You can put it on now if you want. Or if you prefer you can stay naked until we get to the bar."

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