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Every Man's Fantasy


Liz answered the door topless, which was always a good sign in my book.

It was my junior year in college. Liz and I had been dating for three years. We had what you might call a stormy relationship. We either fought or fucked. The fighting was annoying and stressful. The fucking was fantastic. So when she opened her apartment door that day topless, I was pretty sure I was in for a good afternoon.

Liz was quite the sight, five foot six with wavy dark hair framing a lovely aristocratic face and bright blue eyes. She had creamy white skin and curves in all the right places. At that moment, my attention was focused on her generous round breasts. As I stood there, I could see her large, sensitive nipples getting harder. I knew standing like this, in the hallway of her apartment building where anyone could see, turned her on.

"Hi," she said with a smile, "You gonna come in."

"Yeah, I could come in for a minute," I answered, trying to be cool about it as I followed her into the apartment.

I lost the whole cool thing a second later when I saw Missy.

Missy was a freshman, petite, blonde and very sexy. She somehow managed the sweet, innocent girl-next-door look, despite having a pretty wild reputation. She was dating a guy Liz and I knew, but she and I had made out once at a party. Liz had told me that she had made out with Missy once too, when they had been alone together over winter break. Now, Missy was sitting demurely on the corner of Liz's bed, wearing a tight white T-shirt and black skirt. Somehow she was still managing to look innocent, despite the fact that my topless girlfriend had just sat down so close to her they were touching.

"Only a minute?" Missy asked sweetly. She sighed and leaned against Liz, but her eyes were fixed on me. Liz put her arm around Missy's shoulders and ran her hand through the freshman's long blonde hair.

I let the door close behind me and came to sit on the bed facing them. I wasn't exactly sure where this was going, but I was definitely along for the ride. Liz gave me a wicked smile, then leaned over and kissed Missy full on the face. I just sat and watched as they kissed, tongues obviously probing each other's mouths. Liz's hands caressed Missy's hair and shoulders and Missy just seemed to melt against her.

After a while, Liz came up for air and glanced back at me, still smiling that wicked smile of hers. She reached out, took hold of the bottom of Missy's T-shirt. In one swift motion, she pulled the tight white fabric up over Missy's head and tossed it aside. Missy wasn't wearing a bra. Her skin was the same milky white as Liz's, but with a scattering of freckles. Her breasts were smaller, perky and firm with tiny nipples like little buds. I think I let out an audible groan at the sight of them. Both women looked at me as Liz reached out and started to caress and squeeze Missy's little tits. Then she leaned over and started sucking on Missy's breast. Missy started to moan. Her hand came up to hold Liz's head, pushing my girlfriend's face against her tits, but Missy's eyes were still fixed on me.

Liz leaned back, releasing Missy's hard little nipple and smiling back at me. Her hands continued to caress Missy's breasts, then moved lower, stroking the freshman girl's sides and belly before coming to rest on her waist. Slowly, Missy stood up, and as she did Liz hooked her fingers around the edge of her skirt, pulling it down. I caught a glimpse of little pink panties, before Liz's nimble fingers grabbed those too. Missy stepped out of her skirt and stood in front on me, naked. A moment later, I realized Liz was standing next to her, equally naked.

It was breathtaking. Liz was taller, with full breasts with large, hard nipples, generous hips and a black pussy, trimmed into a neat triangle. Missy was slimmer, with perky little breasts and bud-like nipples, still shinny wetly from Liz's mouth. She had a narrow waist and a taut belly that sloped down to her full blonde pussy.

"I think he's wearing too much," Missy said.

"Yeah, he is," Liz agreed.

It took me about three seconds to get my shirt off and pants unzipped. That's all the time the girls gave me. Laughing, they pushed me down onto the bed. They each took hold of a pant-leg and pulled, tossing my pants in the air. My underwear was yanked off a second later. On my back, a little off balance, I managed to get myself up on my elbows in time to see Liz sliding up between my legs, her hands grazing along my thighs. Missy dropped down next to us, one hand on Liz's back, the other on my chest. We lay there like that for a second, the girls smiling at me and me without a thought in my head beyond: oh god, yes!

Liz leaned forward, bringing her face level with my rock-hard dick. She looked me right in the eyes, then licked the whole length of it, starting at my balls and dragging her wet tongue all the way up to the tip. She swirled her tongue around the head of my dick, then started to slowly lick down the side. As she did, she turned to face Missy. With a little smile at me, the blonde freshman leaned forward and her tongue touched the other side of my dick. I threw my head back and groaned, my hands digging into the sheet. Looking down again, I saw a sight straight from every man's fantasy: two naked coeds - blonde and brunette - their heads almost touching, their tongues sliding up and down the length of my dick. Liz licked her way down toward my balls, while Missy worked her way up to the tip. Then they would switch directions, kissing each other with my dick between their tongues, when they met in the middle.

After several passes, Missy licked her way up to the tip of my dick and lowered her mouth over my shaft. Liz moved down and took my balls into her mouth. Missy's mouth, soft and wet, bobbed up and down on my dick. Liz's tongue lapped at my balls, rolling around one, then the other. It was the most incredible set of feelings I had ever had, but it was quickly becoming overwhelming.

I reached down and brushed my hand against Liz's hair, urging her head up. She looked up at me, letting my balls drop from her mouth. I nodded down toward Missy, laying next to me, and pushed Liz's head a little toward Missy's pussy.I wanted to see Liz go down on Missy and, to be honest, I wanted to feel Missy's blowjob without the distraction of Liz sucking my balls. Liz picked up on my intent, at least the first part, and leaned over to bury her face in Missy's bush.

I turned my full attention to the sexy blonde head bobbing up and down on my dick. Missy was incredible. Her head was moving slowly up and down, taking my dick deeper and deeper in with each stroke. It was like she was gently fucking my dick with her face. Her full concentration seemed to be on what she was doing, as if sucking my dick had become her whole world. My hips started to thrust in time to her bobbing head, pushing my dick still deeper into her warm, wet mouth. It was too much. I felt my balls start to tighten.

"I'm gonna cum," I groaned, "Missy, I'm gonna cum."

Liz loved to suck dick, but she usually didn't let me cum in her mouth. I certainly didn't expect Missy to. Missy, however, didn't slow down. If anything she started to bob her head more quickly until I exploded in her mouth with a shout. My whole body shook. I was spurting over and over into Missy's waiting mouth and I could feel her throat working as she swallowed.

When it was over, I looked up to see Liz resting her head on Missy's hips watching me. She was smiling her wicked smile. I looked down to see Missy raising her head off my spent dick. She had swallowed my whole load without missing a drop. Even with her head just above my dick, she looked into my eyes and managed to appear innocent.

"We've got to do that again," Liz said. Missy just smiled and looked into my eyes.

Unfortunately, we never did. Liz and I broke up spectacularly not long after and, except for a memorable post-break-up fuck recorded elsewhere, never got back together. Missy and I dated for a while but it didn't work out. I learned later that she was a sub, but at the time I was clueless as to the whole BDSM scene and couldn't give her what she wanted. Years later she and I would get together, but that's another story.

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