Every Night


"You haven't heard from her since?"


"Hmm." Emily looked at him critically over her wineglass. "Will you ever have more to give?"

"To Karen?"

"No. To anyone. To the woman you love."

"I imagine so."

"You imagine so?" Her body shook with silent laughter. "I imagine so, too."

His blue eyes turned deep and fathomless as he stared at her. She couldn't tell if he was on the verge of speaking or walking away. Her tongue came out to lick the corner of her mouth as she snuck a peek at him from under thick dark lashes. He swallowed with effort and shifted in his seat. She noticed he hadn't been eating anything. He was aroused. That was it. Her dress, her legs, the deliberate way she'd taken bite after bite. Trying to be as sexy as possible. She felt her own body temperature increase from the realization. He was struggling to contain himself. Letting out a happy sigh, she caught his eyes on her.

"What was that?" His fork rattled on the plate as he wiped his mouth with a cloth napkin.

"The sigh?"


"A random thought. I noticed your hands. I like them. They seem strong."

"Do they?"

"I think they do. It must be an effort to be gentle with hands like that. Did Karen like them? Appreciate them?"

"I never asked." His head dropped to concentrate on his plate and finishing the meal.

"I'm sorry. I know you don't like personal conversation. I felt like drinking tonight. Maybe too much. I watched everyone get roses today but me. I don't know. I guess I'm feeling sorry for myself. That no one cared enough to send me any. That I'm unlovable. It's been awhile since I've dated. Mary at work is trying to fix me up with a friend of hers." She saw his hand tighten around his fork. It sent a tickle down her spine. The insistent tingle between her legs grew to a roar. "It's been so long since I felt a connection to another person. I guess I'm just horny. I might settle for any man right now."

She switched legs and ran a hand down them. The distinct scent of her arousal found her nose. He had to smell her. Her eyes focused on her fingers tracing lines up her shin to hide the absolute pleasure of seeing his jaw clench tight. The muscles under his shirt were bunched. Emily stood and walked back to the kitchen. She knew his eyes were on her. Drilling into her soul.

"Would you like more wine?"

Emily turned after grabbing the bottle to find an empty seat. He was striding away from her. His back stiff, his steps like a bull's. She could see the rage boiling off of him. She'd pushed him too far. All she wanted from him was to admit it to her face. Say he loved her. Tonight, she needed him tonight. In every way, not just his kiss or his touch or the whispered words, she needed to feel him moving inside her. Driving into her. She needed him.

A strange wetness splashed against her legs. Her eyes had misted over at seeing the man she loved fleeing from her. He turned. His fists balled up tight at his sides. She could see the shocked concern in his eyes as he rushed across the apartment towards her.

"What the hell did you do?" His voice was filled with anger.

Looking down, she saw she was standing in a puddle of red liquid, the shattered bottle of wine between her bare feet. His hands were a blur as she was lifted and set on the counter.

"I...I'm sorry. It slipped. I didn't mean to drop it."

"Of course you didn't."

He moved around the counter and grabbed a handful of towels and tossed a few on the spreading puddle. With one in his hand, he began drying her off. She watched the towel move up and down her lower legs, one after the other. His hands moved higher unnecessarily. There was no wine anywhere near her knee, but his hands moved upwards. Her legs spreading to allow him to work. He caught her movement and lifted his head. His eyes moved up her legs and froze.

The combination of lifting her up, her short dress, and spreading her legs had caused her dress to ride up well beyond the point of no return. She let out a tiny breath, realizing she hadn't put any panties on. He was staring at perfectly bare skin prepared just for him. Shaved and oiled and dripping wet, just for him. The towel fell from his hand as he straightened up. She could feel his hot breath striking her cheek as he tried to steady his nerves. His hands moved up her thighs and squeezed to fight his impulses.

Their eyes met. Shaking her head, Emily shrugged. "I can't take it anymore. I can't pretend. Not anymore. Please."

Her hands found the sides of his face as her lips crashed against his. She placed kiss after kiss, tugging and teasing. With his head gripped tight, she scooted closer until she felt her nipples pressed tightly against his chest. He wasn't kissing her back. Not once. Her groan was of desperation.

"Please." She could feel the tears spilling from her eyes as her thumbs caressed his face. "Please. I know you. I need you. Please. Please love me."

In slow motion his hands came up to grip her wrists. She could feel the heat coming off them. His nostrils flared as his chest rose and fell with effort. Those eyes of his, so fierce and fathomless, dropped with his hands. Pulling her hands from his face. Without raising his eyes, he turned away from her. His footsteps echoing in the apartment to the rapid rhythm of her heart.

In a rage, she grabbed a wooden spoon from the counter and flung it with all her might. All her aggravation and desperation went into the motion. Her angry words struck him before the spoon did.

"Damn you. Why can't you just say it? You love me. I know you do. You have to know I love you. I ache for you. Every night I lie waiting for your touch, your kiss. Damn you. Just give in to it. Just drop this act. I need you."

Emily had slipped off the counter to stand straight as a board, facing him. Her voice went from harsh and filled with anger to a soft-pleading whimper as she lost strength in her legs and fell to her knees.

"I need you. I need to feel you moving inside me. I need to give you the pleasure you've given me every night. I love you. I can't live without your touch. Please. I can't pretend anymore. I don't want it to be a dream anymore. I need you to be real. To let me see you when you love me."

His black dress shoes appeared before her eyes as she stared at the floor. Her body shaking slightly as the tears spilled from her eyes. She didn't have the strength to look up. All she could do was wipe the tears away from her cheek with the back of her hand. This wasn't going the way it was supposed to. She felt so small. Just a child at his feet, pleading for his love. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Her voice cracked as she fought back a sob. "You have to love me. You tell me every night."

The fingers of his right hand tangled in the jumble of hair at the back of her head a split second before he was on his knees before her. Through blurry eyes filled with tears, she saw his furrowed brow, the tortured pain in his eyes. A faint snapping sound drew her eyes to his left hand. Her lashes were heavy with tears, as the dark felt covered box became her world.

"Put it on." His voice was low and harsh. Gravelly with repressed emotion starting to escape.

Emily's bottom lip shook almost as much as her hands as she lifted the diamond ring from the box. She held it inches from her face, watching the glint of light from the candle reflecting off of it. Praying it was real. She was crying again. Openly weeping as she slipped the ring on. Her vision cleared enough to see him waiting with his eyes closed tight. The image of his silent anguish caused a tiny hiccup to escape.

Once again her hands gripped his face as her lips searched out his. This time his were softer, accepting. She tasted the salt of her tears as she wrapped her arms around him and tried to deepen the kiss. His fingers tightened in her hair and pulled her away from him. A strong hand gripped her left hand and pulled it into view. His eyes stared at the diamond ring. She felt his thumb brush across it and then he brought it to his lips as his head dropped.

He ripped a startled gasp from her when he stood, bringing her to her feet with his hand still in her hair. She was half guided, half drug across the apartment towards his bedroom. She felt the coolness of the hardwood floor under her toes as she struggled to keep up with him. He flung her onto the bed, a low grunt escaping from him as he did.

She bounced and rolled. Her dress rode up higher than ever. Her smooth athletic legs instinctively tucked to her chest to protect her. Wiping at her face, her vision cleared enough to see his shirt opening wider and wider as he worked the buttons. Breathless, she watched as his naked body appeared before her. She saw the curly dark hair of his chest. His flat stomach with just the hint of abs showing through. Those crystal blue eyes of his were boring through her. Paralyzing her. Dark slacks dropped as he bent and kicked out of his shoes. When he straightened, he was completely naked before her. His cock was thick and hard. The hunger in his eyes was frightening.

Not understanding the gnawing fear she suddenly felt. She scooted away from him as he walked on his knees towards her. His strong hands found her ankles and pulled her flat on the bed. Her dress rising higher and higher until it was jumbled around her neck. Stormy eyes followed it as her body appeared before him. Her legs were spread as he moved between them. His hands moved over her sides. Leaving trails of fire in their wake. He gripped her dress and pushed it over her head and off. His fingers threaded into hers as the bulk of his body lowered, smothering her under his weight.

Her eyes were wide and frightened when his hips drove up, impaling her completely and sending shards of intensity rippling through her. Emily's head rolled back and her eyes closed tight to feel him for the first time. Her moan mixed with his when his lips found her ear. His heavy breath rolled over her skin.

"Yes." She rolled her head as his lips drew wet patterns over her neck. "Harder. Please."

She felt his hips pull away from her slowly and his muscles tense. Emily bit her lip in anticipation for the animalistic coupling she was about to endure. But he didn't. Blasts of hot breath caused the hairs on the back of her neck rise. His nose slid across her cheek and teased her skin. Blue eyes stared down at her as he breathed into her open mouth. Her lips swollen. She watched the storm roll across his vision and then his cock slid into her torturously slow. When she felt his pelvis greet hers, he flexed his hips, causing her clitoris to roll under his weight.

Her nails dug into the back of his hands as splintered fireballs exploded beneath her skin. Each time his hips flexed her head raised to taste his lips. He denied her each time as he moved upwards to keep his lips just out of reach. She groaned from the agony of it. The beauty. His eyes never left hers. His breath colliding with hers. He pulled her arms down so he could twist his fingers into her hair and keep her head still.

"I love you." She breathed into his mouth.

He gave her a slow nod. His hips flexed quicker.

"You love me."

She watched him swallow hard before his head bobbed. A hint of smile reached his eyes. It was the first true crack in his impenetrable armor.

She felt the beginning rush of her orgasm. It had been building all day. Driving her insane. The constant roll of her clit, the heat of his cock filling her, his eyes boring into her, it was all too much. She struggled to get her hands free. To pull him violently against her. To be allowed enough space to drive her hips into his thrusts.

His eyes darkened as he gripped her tighter and shook his head.

God, it was beautiful agony. The weight of him on top of her was oppressive. She felt the slick slid of her nipples against his chest. The hair tickling her was unbearable. His leg hairs were doing the same to her inner thighs. Oh God, she'd never been wetter. Never felt anything like this before. She was whimpering, begging him with her eyes to kiss her. He refused. His eyes just pinned her beneath him.

He did it again. With just a word he ripped her world apart. He spoke. She came.

His voice was a ragged wound. "Your mine, Em. No one else's. Forever. Every night. I need you like this every night. In my bed. In my arms. Your skin against mine. My children growing inside you. The smell of you. It's everywhere. On me. In me. Damn you, Em. I've never loved anything like you. I've never loved at all. Damn you, Em." He groaned.

She felt his muscles tense to the point of impossibility. His hips lost their steady cruel rhythm. He drove into her in a series of tiny shudders as his forehead dropped to hers. His breath a pained huffing noise as she felt the first blast of his seed drive deep inside her. She lost count of the spasms as he coated her with each lesser blast. It's silky warmth caused a tremor to run through her. A rippling aftershock that spilled over her, overwhelming her as fresh tears filled her eyes.

His lips were hot against her skin as he found each new tear. His hands had left hers and were now roaming down her body. Pulling and caressing her skin. His hunger hadn't quenched at all. He was like a starved beast. His kisses roamed over her body. Tasting her sweat, her skin, her very essence. The minutes stretched to hours as they rolled and explored each other. Each time he came, it was deep inside her. His strong hands tangled in her hair, forcing her to submit to his driving hips until finally they lay exhausted. His eyes finally closing.

Emily lay naked, staring up at his ceiling. Every nerve ending screaming out. Her entire body ached. Inside and out. Her hands were resting on her abdomen. Her fingers toying with the ring on her finger. The ring guaranteeing every night.

The End.

*** This is my Valentine Day Contest entry. Please take the time to vote. Thank you. And I hope you enjoyed the story. ***

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