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Every Picture Tells A Story


Here it was, the fifth anniversary of the first time by lover and I met face to face and I had the biggest fight of my married life because of pictures on my cell.

I recently got a new cell and I am not the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to computers so I asked my husband to take the memory card out of my old one, dump out my pictures and put it on my new cell. I know he's done it before but this time I was careless. I thought I had deleted all the "porn" shots out of my phone of me exposed my 44DD huge white titties that I sent to my lover of five years and a single shot of his huge black extra large black cock that he and I exchanged only a few weeks before on my birthday.

My husband scanning thru my pics as he was about to put them on and came across my pics and asked me why I had my tits on the phone and I said I thought there was something wrong with them and then he asked who's black cock it was that was on my phone and I said it was a pic a friend sent me. She always sends me off-color things and I saved it and he said it was sent to my phone and I said I downloaded it from the computer from a porn sight and he said that he knows that I don't know how to do it and he was right.

He thought it was my one black friend that he has become friendly with via the cell phone and meeting him a few times and I said it wasn't him and it was just a friend of his.

He has now forbid me to contact my friend and had to delete him and my lover out of my phone and made me promise not to see, text or call. These guys don't know each other and I have lost my friendship with my friend but I still am in contact with him and my lover. Even though we have only met once since the "blow up" here, I text him every day and send pictures from a cheap pay-as-you-go phone and call my friend.

My husband and I are still together but he does not forgive me. He now has my cell monitored by the text messages, phone calls and also to check where my cell is; I guess that is if I say I'm here and it says I'm there. He said he always trusted me and now he doesn't and never again will.

I have my secret way of meeting and seeing my lover and talking to my friend. Hey I knew my friend long before I knew my husband. I'm playing the "good" wife to his face but our lives are strange.

My best friend advises me to divorce him because she knows that he is physically and mentally abusive to me. His parents just died and left him with a nice sum of money that he says now he will not be sharing or putting my name on any of the accounts. He is monitoring our checking account and savings that I don't give me "N" friends any money.

I have been having this affair now for five years and if it wasn't for those pictures, he would never know that I, his wife for almost 25 years was cheating on him. He's no angel but he claims to be and I know he isn't. He was married briefly when he was 21 and it ended in divorce after a year and a half and she cheated on him not once, but twice and then he kicker hew out.

He is making my life hell and I'm about to crack. I don't know why I stay in this marriage maybe I am a little scared but I can move in with my dad and I have a few friends that will take me in.

I know that I will, by law, get half of whatever he has, but I am playing right now. My lover still cares and we have to sneak even more careful now and I had to get another phone to stay in touch with both guys.

Thankfully he didn't get his hands on my other chips as there are many pics and videos that would probably send him right over the edge. I even have a pic and video giving my black lover a blow job. I think he would have been upset if the guy was white, but he hates black people and having a black friend and another as a lover sent him over.

He is giving me a chance but not forgiving me. I don't care as I have some plans I have to work out first before I make the move.

I have to advise anyone who sends pictures or videos to your lover, etc. like I do, don't get caught. I told my lover how sorry I am and he said it isn't my fault and I said it is because I didn't delete everything.

My husband has his name and number in his cell and he doesn't know I know that he does. He also has my friend in there and I have his number in my other phone but I'm playing dumb.

He has had other women that he denies having but I know he has. He goes to a go-go bar during th week sometimes more that others. I'm not dumb but he gives me no confidence and he never tells me anything good about myself and tells me nothing is going on.

I am at the end of my rope and I know I need help professionally.


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