tagRomanceEvery Summer Ch. 02

Every Summer Ch. 02


Sitting next to a very attractive lady you have just met with her open blouse exposing most of her very nice, very large chest is a bit disconcerting. Not only disconcerting but also my pants ego was getting pretty uncomfortable and starting to drool. Add to that this lady had both of her hands clutching one of mine. It is pretty difficult to begin a conversation.

"How many of these kids are yours?" I opened the conversation thinking it a reasonable topic.

She looked at me questioningly for a few seconds then smiled sweetly. She seemed to sit up straighter and even pushed her magnificent chest out. "All of them are my children."

"Ah, um, ah, how many are um, all of them?" I asked suspiciously.

"There are seventeen," She said with a smile in her voice.

I was astounded, "Wow, you must have a very happy husband."

She again looked at me questioningly, turned and asked one of the older kids something in French then turned back to me, "No, no, there is no husband. These are all only my children."

This was more information than I needed to know. What I did know was I needed to get away from this one. She was strange. Anyway I needed to leave pretty soon to go catch the ferry to Vancouver where I had planned to spend that night.

"I need to be leaving soon to get a bus for the ferry to Vancouver," I said attempting to pull my hand away from her.

She became alarmed and clutched my hand that much firmer. "Oh please, stay with us; we are going to the Vancouver too. We will need to go as well. You will ride with us?"

How do you get out of that? This lady was strange and was attaching herself to me, along with seventeen kids. Oh my.

My ex was an ex partially because I wanted kids and she didn't. Mostly she was an ex because I was a lowly teacher while her now current significant other seemed to have a bunch of bucks. I really didn't care, as it had been eight years since we split. Not a vicious split, just a "See ya, I can do better than you" from her. Since then I had nearly given up on dating. It was too disappointing, especially with my ED problem.

"Um, ah, Okay. I guess we could all go together. Can I help get your stuff together so we can leave?" I asked standing in front of her while she still clutched my hand.

She stood, still holding on, began buttoning her blouse with one hand then spoke to her kids in French. Whatever she said was effective. All of the ones of at least five and up began picking up everything, folding blankets, assembling diaper bags, rousing sleeping little ones, cleaning up any trash. In less than two minutes everything was in back packs with all the walking kids standing looking at their Mother. She waved her arm and they all began walking. The older kids were pushing two double strollers while the rest of the walkers followed in two lines with us in the rear. She was still locked onto my hand.

We walked up to a small bus at the curb. This was one of those small tour buses that could hold twenty to thirty passengers with lots of room for luggage and such. There, a man began putting the strollers on the bus while the kids got in and sat in what looked to be pre-assigned seats.

When the Mother, 'damn I didn't even know her name yet' and I got on the bus she pulled me by the captured hand to a comfortable front seat that faced out from the side of the bus. In the seat opposite us two older girls were sitting with the two strollers in the middle. I started to take my backpack off to sit and this seemed to alarm her. She realized what I was doing and when I had one arm out of the strap on that side she took the free hand so I could drop the pack at me feet. As soon as I had the pack under my seat she changed back to the hand nearest her. I could not have gotten away if I wanted.

I don't know what it was with this lady but she was scaring me to death. She had something that attracted me as I was still hard and leaking. Something about her was making me crazy. Whatever she had it was better than Viagra.

Thinking this would be a good time to ask her name I began, "My name is Charles Marshal. Most people call me Chuck; may I ask what your name is?"

Again the near blank look on her face, then with the recognition of what I was saying she smilingly answered in her slow careful pronunciation, "Michelle, my name is Michelle La Fontaine."

Ah, so that was what made her seem slow or ditzy. She wasn't ditzy; she just didn't understand English very well.

The driver was making good time toward the ferry in the heavy Victoria traffic. We drove past the ferry landing I had taken from Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands and continued on a pretty nice highway.

Michelle looked at me with a very sincere face, "Thank you for coming with us. It is nice to have a man with us when we travel. The driver is a married man but you have no ring."

Uh oh, she's checking for rings? What kind of crazy chick is this anyway, seventeen kids and she's checking for rings?

"Thank you for the ride. It is nice that you invited me to ride with you to the ferry. This is much faster than a public bus."

"You can stay with us to Vancouver. We will ride this bus to where you need to go when we get there. Please stay with us while we go to the mainland. It is nice to have a man with us Charles, ah, Chuck."

I was trying to think of some conversation topic. What do you say to a lady with seventeen kids and no husband? What in the world would we have in common?

"Where do you live? Do you live in Vancouver?" I asked trying to get something going.

"No, no," she answered, "we have a house in Vancouver but we live in Quebec. We live near Laval, Quebec."

I knew where Laval was so I smiled and asked, "Isn't that near Montreal?"

"Oui, oui, yes it is. You know Quebec? You know Canada?" She asked happily.

"A little," I responded. "Last year I went to Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The year before, I visited central Canada, Western Quebec and Ontario. Soon I want to go to the Northwest Territories to see all the open spaces."

Surprisingly she let go of my hand and began talking, using her hands to gesture, to emphasize what she was saying.

"Oh Chuck. That is so good that you have been to my country and seen so much. Not many U.S. people come to my country. They are always surprised when they do. There is much to see here and much to learn. Canada is as wide as the U.S. and is almost as big. We do not have as many people but many of our cities have many, many people. Our cities have a mix of people. We have people from all over the world that come to live and work in Canada. I am so happy you have come. I will show you more of Canada. It will be fun."

Bingo. Guess I found a good topic.

About that time we had pulled the bus onto the ferry. The driver shut the engine off but turned on some inside lights and some soft classical music. He spoke briefly to Michelle before getting off the bus.

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