tagRomanceEvery Summer Ch. 03

Every Summer Ch. 03


Michelle checked on the little ones in the strollers before wondering to the back of the bus, patting heads, speaking to each of her children. They were all busy with books or games being very well behaved. Now that the bus had stopped the infant began waking. One of the older girls picked up the baby, kissed it then proceeded to lay it on the seat and change diapers. The other older girl began the same process to the little one that was about a year old. When the infant was freshened up she was handed to Michelle who unbuttoned her blouse completely and cradled the infant to her breast. When the other baby was done having its diaper changed, she took that one as well and put it to her other breast. The two fed noisily, feasting on their Mother's milk. While Michelle cradled the two in her arms, she had a beautiful serene look to her. She leaned back on the seat with her head back while her babies nursed. This was so natural, so beautiful. I was almost ashamed as I became hard again watching and listening to the nursing babies.

The infant quit nursing and was smacking its lips. One of the older girls picked it up and began burping it. A little girl came walking up with a toddler taking small steps. The toddler raised his arms to his Mother and she scooped him up to tuck him onto her recently abandoned breast. Almost as if on cue the other baby quit nursing and began cooing and spitting. The other older girl picked up the baby and began burping it. A teenage boy came up with another little one about three or four, picked up the little boy and sat him on his mother' lap. This little boy knew what he wanted. He grasped the spare breast and began nursing. He wasn't rough, but gently went after what he wanted or needed.

"There can't be too much left for him?" I asked.

Michelle smiled and said, "When they are older, they don't need to be fed, just comforted. There is quite a bit left for him though. He is a greedy one, isn't he?"

The little girl that had brought the toddler to her Mom was standing in front of me. I asked her if she wanted to sit with her Mother. She looked a little confused until an older sister said something in French. The girl beamed then climbed onto my lap. She sat sideways on my legs, put her arms around me leaning her face against my chest, watching her mother nurse her siblings.

Both of the little ones nursing from Michelle got down from her lap and wandered back into the bus. The two older girls asked Michelle if they could take some of the kids out on deck to get some air. They gathered about six other kids, and then went off to go up a couple of levels to the seating and open deck area of the Ferry.

Michelle was wiping her breasts and nipples with a handy wipe totally unconcerned to be exposing herself to me. She looked up at me watching her and said, "Do you enjoy my breasts?"

"Yes Michelle. I enjoy your breasts."

She scooted next to me then placed her head on my shoulder and hugged her little girl in my lap and me at the same time. Her exposed breasts were resting against my arm. With my hand facing up, resting on the little girl's legs, one of Michelle breasts fell into my palm. It was a reflex action but I gently began kneading the breast. It felt amazingly full. My palm even became damp from her leaking nipple. Michelle leaned up to me and kissed my neck then settled back to let me fondle her breast. That startled me but the situation almost seemed natural. We sat there very contented. I think Michelle may have even dozed off.

The group of children returned excitedly saying we were nearing the port. All of them found their seats and went back to their conversations and games. The little girl on my lap hugged me, gave me a big smile then got down to go to her seat. The older children stayed busy looking after the others. Michelle buttoned her blouse hiding those treasures from me. The driver returned to his seat, waiting for the exodus of cars.

Michelle asked me where I had reservations. I told her I was planning to go to downtown Vancouver and stay in one of the many hotels there as I had been told there were almost always vacancies. This seemed to please her. She asked her older two girls some questions in French. They answered in French as well but seemed very animated and happy.

Michelle turned to me, "Would you accept a hotel room with us? It really isn't a hotel room but we do have extra rooms so you could stay with us this night. Will you? Please?"

I looked at a smiling Michelle then at the two older girls across from us. Just about that time the little girl who had been sitting on my lap and another little boy about the same age came to me and it broken English asked, "Will you stay with us? We could play games with you? Please?"

How do you say no to that? I was hooked. Actually I was feeling pretty comfortable with Michelle and her kids.

We drove a pretty good ways to an outer area of Vancouver. We drove up to a gate; the driver leaned out the window and said something before the gate opened. We drove up a long driveway to a very large older brick home. It was huge, three stories but not pretty. It was a drab cube with doors and windows surrounded by lush vegetation. I grabbed my monster backpack and followed everyone. Michelle held onto my arm, again capturing my hand and led me into the cube.

There was a man in what could only be considered a butler's uniform holding the door for us. Just inside the door stood another man also dressed as a butler with two ladies next in what could only be maid's uniforms. As we passed into the house Michelle was naming each. "This is Jeffery, Ronald, Mattie, and Hilda. There are more but you will meet them later." What had been cold and ugly outside was just the opposite inside. It was beautiful. There was a large curving stairway to the second floor within the giant foyer. The walls and floors was polished wood. But even with the dark wood, the area was bright and open.

Michelle led us to an adjoining room that was some kind of living room or sitting room. All of the children gathered there and sat waiting for their Mother to direct them. With smiles for each of them, Michelle told them to go get washed up and ready to eat. She said dinner should be in about an hour. All of the walking children rapidly but quietly left the room. You could hear the faint stampede of feet going up the stairs. Mattie and Hilda took the babies and toddlers from us and left the room as well.

"Let me show you your room so you may wash up for dinner," Michelle said leading me through the foyer to a hallway on the other side. At the end of the hallway, Michelle opened a door on the right, reached in and switched on a light and waved me in. I entered what felt like a new world. Holy shit! There was a sitting room, actually a living room with double doors leading from it. Michelle opened the double doors and waved at a huge bedroom. She pointed to a door within the bedroom and told me that was the bathroom. This place was larger than my apartment. Michelle walked to one side of the sitting room and opened a cabinet to display a TV. She then walked to an adjacent wall and opened two large doors on the wall to display a sink, refrigerator and bar with several bottles of liquor. I was thinking to myself, 'I'll stay.'

Michelle stood in front of me, put her hands on my arms, looked at me, and smiled at me as she took me into her arms and hugged me. She held the hug of a few seconds, released me, stepped back, and just stared. She smiled before saying, "You may wish to clean up for dinner. Come to the sitting room when you are ready." With that she left closing the door behind her.

I did need a shower after the long day outside. I showered, shaved and dressed in a clean pair of pants and shirt. I sure didn't have any fancy clothes with me for this trip. When I came out of the bedroom, Michelle was waiting for me in my sitting room. She was dressed in a simple, soft flower print shirtdress. She stood and hugged me saying, "Thank you for staying with us Chuck. This is special to have you with us."

We went from the room through the foyer to the living/sitting room. From there we entered a lounge area with a bar and a view of the dining room. This place was highbrow. Michelle offered me a drink from the bar. When I asked if they might have Beefeater gin, Ronald asked how I wished to have that. Nice service. Michelle sipped some white wine while I sucked up the good gin. While we were sitting there enjoying our pre-dinner cocktails, the children started appearing in ones and twos until the room was filled with children. This was nice.

Jeffery stood at the doorway of the dining room and said "Dinner is served."

Oh boy. I've lived long enough to actually hear a butler type guy say "Dinner is served." Cool.

There were not seventeen kids at the table. We were missing three. But still, this was a full table with fourteen kids and two adults. We were served the meal in courses. It was pretty fancy, but filling. By the time we were at the desert part, I was full. A server brought me coffee, good strong coffee. Someone was looking out for me.

Everyone moved back to the lounge where there was more coffee. Some of the kids began playing cards while another group started monopoly. A few of the younger ones were playing "pickup sticks." Michelle and I sat on high bar chairs watching the kids and chatting.

"So what did you plan on doing while you are in Vancouver?" She asked touching my arm.

"My main goal is to go to the Aquarium. It is supposed to be one of the World's best. That is the primary reason to come here." I said but added "I would also like to go down town to see the Olympic clock. I think it is at the library. There might even be a display for the Olympics there."

"Good idea Chuck," Michelle said. "The children would love to go to the aquarium and would probably be excited by seeing interesting information about the Olympics."

"Well let's do it then," I said with excitement in my voice. "We will get up reasonably early and get started. That way we can spend most of the day at the aquarium before looking for the Olympic display."

Michelle went to the different groups of kids and told them of our plans. All of them became excited upon hearing them.

As it became late, Michelle had the kids pick up their games. She hugged and kissed each of the children. She had the two oldest stay back after she sent the others up to bed. Michelle led us back to my room area and had us all sit while she came to kneel in front of me.

"Chuck," she began. "You have become special to me very quickly. I hope you will not be unhappy with me but I have a special request of you. This is something that is very important to me. Please, listen to me completely before you answer."

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