tagRomanceEvery Summer Ch. 05

Every Summer Ch. 05


There was a rustling sound in the room. I woke up and looked to see one of the ladies I had seen earlier handing the infant to Michelle. Michelle laid the baby down beside her and lay on her side to give the little one her breast.

Michelle realized I was awake and leaned over the baby to kiss me before lying on her side again without pulling her fat nipple from the infant. Her other breast was full and inviting, right there in front of my face. I reached up and cupped a huge breast then caressed it. Just this little motion made the nipple express whitish liquid. Kind of strange to see mothers milk flowing unassisted from a breast.

I leaned over and licked the leaking breast. Michelle put her hand behind my head and pulled me to her, holding me to her nipple. There was nothing to do but open my mouth and gently suck. Her response was a very loud, erotic groan. Afraid to disturb the baby I pulled back, kissed Michelle then laid down watching her nurse the baby. The baby seemed to drift off to sleep, apparently full. I was startled, as the lady who had brought the baby was right there, picked up the infant and left. She had obviously witnessed me nursing on Michelle with the baby. How embarrassing.

Michelle began kissing me, felt below to take hold of my renewed ego, and pulled me between her legs. This time I was placed at her entrance and just sunk in till our hips met. I held myself over Michelle and looked into her eyes. She was once again wrapped around me. I kissed her, then lowered my head and kissed a nipple. She groaned. I kissed the other nipple then sucked the entire nipple into my mouth tasting an abundance of Mother's milk. She groaned louder and started with her, "Yes, yes, yes." I slowly began to feel my balls contract and my dick swell and with a groan of my own I was filling her with the seed she wished for.

When Michelle's quivering slowed, we rolled to our sides, and both of us were instantly asleep.

Ah, I felt so good; it was morning. I was snuggled with a beautiful lady. I could feel her legs on me, the furry middle of her sex, and the two beautiful breasts against my chest. I opened my eyes to stare into two black pools. Michelle was watching me wake up.

"Thank you for giving me a baby Chuck. You have made me very happy. You have made me a mother again, thank you Chuck, thank you.

We kissed softly and hugged equally as gently.

"Let us begin the day Chuck? Let us get started so we may go to the Aquarium? It is good?" She asked still holding me.

"Yes," I answered. "Let's get going, I'm hungry, how about you?"

She gave me a squeeze as she rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I looked for the clothes that were stripped from me last night but couldn't find them. I was standing there looking puzzled when a naked Michelle came back into the room.

"Where are my clothes?" I asked. "Did you put them somewhere?"

Michelle giggled, "Mattie must have taken them. If they are not in your room, they are being washed and ironed."

"I'll go take a shower and get some other clothes. Hope she put my shoes in the bedroom." I said leaving Michelle's room and going across the hall.

I looked for the clothes and shoes and couldn't find them. I needed to shave and brush my teeth so I looked for my backpack to get my supplies. Nothing, I couldn't find it either. I looked all over the sitting room and the bedroom and I can guarantee my stuff was not there.

There was nothing I could do but go back to Michelle's room. When I entered back into her room, still naked, Michelle was sitting on her couch nursing both the infant and the year old baby. Standing next to Michelle was Mattie. Both Michelle and Mattie looked at me appraisingly and both of their gazes focused on my inflating ego.

"My backpack isn't in the room. No razor, no toothbrush, no clothes," I stated looking at the two of them.

Mattie, still staring at my dick answered, "I put your clothes and backpack in the closet."

"They are in my room?" I asked.

"Of course not, I put them in Michelle's closet," replied Mattie.

"Why don't you get started while I finish with these two? They are just about done." Michelle said as the infant began to sputter and spit.

I found the huge walk-in closet in the bedroom with my backpack inside, but empty. All my clothes were on hangers with my socks and underwear on a shelf in the middle. My razor, toothbrush and toothpaste were not to be found. Just for kicks I went into the bathroom and sure enough. Next to one of the double sinks were my toiletries.

First, I splashed hot water on the face. Next with soap and my shaving brush I made lather to cover my beard and rinsed the brush. While I let my whiskers soak, I brushed my teeth before shaving those offensive whiskers away. The shower was right there so I stepped in and scrubbed real well. While washing my good stuff, it started to fill and lengthen. Holy smokes, that thing recently enjoyed multiple eruptions and it was still interested. Wonder what I had eaten to get that thing working again.

I was drying when a naked Michelle walked by on her way into the shower and gave my interested cock a squeeze. She gave me a quick kiss as she started the water and grabbed a wash cloth.

When I finished dressing, I walked out of the bedroom into the sitting room. There was a tray with a pot, cups and a Vancouver newspaper. Investigating, I found good smelling hot coffee. I poured a cup and picked up the paper. Darn, this one was in French. I looked for the sports section and was able to check baseball scores anyway. Just as I put the paper down, Michelle came into the room. She moved gracefully and quickly.

"Let us go for eating. It is breakfast, yes?" She said with a smile.

We left the room and she hooked her arm in mine while we walked back through the foyer, sitting room, lounge, and then dining room. Once again the table was full of kids. They were all sitting patiently waiting to begin. As soon as we sat, all the children in unison clearly said, "Good morning Chuck."

"Good morning." I said with a smile. Michelle reached for her glass of orange juice. That must have been a signal as all of the kids reached for theirs as well. This time there was platters of pancakes, dishes of sausage, large bowls of scrambled eggs and a platter with toast. In addition to the orange juice, everyone had a glass of milk plus Michelle, the two older girls and I had coffee, pretty nice.

While we were eating, Michelle was going over how we would go to the Aquarium. It seemed everyone was in agreement. Michelle said that to be sure we took umbrellas as it was supposed to rain today.

When we finished eating, Michelle told the children that when they were finished, they should go play for a little and she would call them when we were ready to go. She told the older kids to have Mattie and Hilda to prepare the bags for the babies. Then she turned to me and asked, "Will you come with me so we may talk?"

Michelle moved from the dining room to a couple of comfortable chairs with a table in the corner of the lounge. There were full-length windows overlooking a nice patio with a pool. There were several buildings that looked like houses fairly near.

As soon as we sat, a server brought more coffee for us. Michelle leaned on the table and looked at me with a serious face. "Chuck," She began. "I have much to tell you. You may question much that you see and what you have experienced. I want to tell you a little about me."

She seemed as if she really didn't want me to say anything, so I just nodded.

"When I was a little girl, my mother and father died in a mining accident. My Aunt and Uncle raised me. They did not have any children so it was as if I was theirs. My Uncle was very successful at mining. He also kept my parents mines working which were even more successful than his. Over the years he enjoyed traveling with my Aunt and me. He purchased homes such as this all over Canada, Alaska and in some places in the U.S. so that where we traveled there would be a place for us."

She continued, "Now to tell you about my children. My Uncle died fairly young also from a mining accident. My Aunt Missy and I missed him very much. She would talk to me almost daily about her regret that there were no other children. She made me promise that I would have more than one child when it was my time."

"Because there was so much money, when I became old enough to marry, many men came to court me. Most were rude and only spoke of how they would make our mines more successful. There were younger men brought by their fathers who were equally interested in the mines. I was only sixteen and really didn't want to have a husband yet. My Aunt said it would be up to me but that I should not wait too long, as only young people should have babies."

"That summer we went to see the mining properties. We were considering selling them as it was difficult for us to make all the decisions that needed to be made. While there, a young man took an interest in me and me in him. He was very exciting to me. We were intimate. We were intimate only one time. It was very nice. He even asked me to marry him. I said yes of course. He was killed in a truck accident that same week. It was two months later, back home in Laval, that I found out I was pregnant. I was very happy but my Aunt was not happy as I had not yet married. My time pregnant was very good and when the baby came it was very easy for me. I was still 16 when I had Antoinette. My Aunt loved my baby and was excited to be what she said was an Aunt Grandmother. Aunt Missy said I should find a husband so I could have more. The men who came to see me before were now not interested in anything but the mines. Only older men came. I was not interested."

"When Antoinette was about three months old, I felt as if I needed something. It was almost as if I was sick. The doctors could not find anything wrong with me but I kept feeling that I needed something. While we were traveling a nice man paid me a lot of attention. I asked him to come to my room where we were intimate, just once then he left. That is what I needed. My surprise was a couple of months later I found myself pregnant again. I was a little ashamed, as I didn't even know the man's name. I gave birth to Marion while still seventeen. Again I was happy being pregnant and gave birth easily. Aunt Missy was very happy with another grandbaby and not as ashamed this time."

"So when Marion was about three months old and felt I needed something, I knew what it was I needed. Since once again it was summer and we were traveling, it was easy to find someone I would enjoy. I found a man who I enjoyed and became pregnant again. This time I had twin boys, Frank and Fred."

"It seemed that I knew what my body wanted me to do. My body and my mind wanted babies. I enjoyed my children then and take great pleasure today with each of my babies."

"Chuck?" Michelle looked at me with a loving glance then looked back down. "You are the first man to ever sleep in my own bed. You are the first man to tell me his full name. You are the first man to ever play with my children. It is nice to see how they enjoy your company. As I said before, you have given me what I needed and what I wanted. If you need to leave, go. When you feel you have to leave, go. You have given me something special."

"Thank you for listening to my story Chuck. Before you leave, I need you to visit with my solicitor for a few minutes. If you have questions, please ask them."

Whew! What a story. How do you respond to that? I had questions but could they appropriate?

"Michelle," I began. "Do you know any of the fathers of your children?"

"Yes, Antoinette's father's name was Forest LaFarr." She said. "The rest, no as I only needed what they could give me."

"So with each of your seventeen children you only had sex with the fathers seventeen times?" I asked in wonderment.

"No, no I only did that before you fourteen times. I have three sets of twins." She said proudly.

"Why did you invite me into your home? You even kept me all night." I asked.

Michelle smiled at me, "You are special to me as you did not ask to be intimate. You only wished to be nice. You took my children, showed them through the capitol then brought all of them back to me. And, you enjoy my breasts."

"Yes," I said with a big smile. "I do enjoy your breasts."

"Michelle, can I ask you more questions later? There are many things that seem unanswered."

"Yes Chuck, whenever you have a question, just ask." She answered.

"Is your Aunt Missy still alive?" I asked.

"Oui, yes she is. She will be happy that you gave me what I need."

"Um, ah, why didn't she come with you?" I queried.

"It is easy," Michelle said. "Aunt Missy knew it was almost my time. She did not wish to make me feel uncomfortable when I felt I needed to find you."

"Let's go to the aquarium. I'll probably think of more questions. Like, how do you know you're pregnant? We were only together last night."

"Oh Chuck," She said with a sigh. "It was much more than that. You gave me what I needed three times. Each time it was more special than ever before. It was my time. I know I am pregnant."

"I always wanted to be a Dad," I said smiling and standing, reaching a hand out to help Michelle up.

We kissed then hugged. Right in the middle of the second kiss there were lots of giggles and gasps. Michelle and I looked up to see most of the children watching us.

"Let's get ready to go," Michelle announced and the mass of kids vanished.

"Oh, Michelle," I stopped and asked?

"Yes?" she smiled at me.

"What kind of mines does your family have? Do you have some of those now famous coal mines that can be used for oil too?" I asked.

"No," She answered. "Just gold."

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