tagRomanceEvery Summer Ch. 06

Every Summer Ch. 06


The Vancouver Aquarium is definitely world class. The indoor area features just about every type of aquatic creature there is. From strange looking deep-sea fish to many types of starfish. The Jellyfish had a special meaning. The large round ones would flex and elongate and resembled, "Yes, I enjoy your breasts."

Wondering through a museum with seventeen kids is something. All of a sudden I had assumed a protective mode, as if a parent. It wasn't too bad as both Mattie and Hilda came with us. All twenty-one of us seemed to be having a lot of fun. The little ones enjoyed the beluga whales, dolphins and seals in the outdoor area. It was drizzling rain off and on but it didn't seem to affect the children or any of the other attendees there.

A recipe for disaster was when Michelle suggested we get the kids lunch at the cafeteria they had. It was amazing. Hilda stayed with the little ones while the entire troupe went to the serving line. Michelle led with one of the youngest. Mattie came second with another very young child then Antoinette was third with another of the younger ones. Next Marion followed with one a little older. The rest of the kids followed with the older twin boys bringing up the rear with me. When Michelle came to the cashier, Mattie took the little one Michelle had been helping and her own charge and took them to some tables that Hilda had been saving. The mob completed getting sandwiches and drinks, mostly juice and water, then went to the tables. Once the cashier had rung up my sandwich and bottle of water, Michelle whipped out a handful of bills and that was that. I had been reaching for my wallet when she had pulled her money. As she handed the cashier the bills, she looked at me and smiled. What I had thought to be an unbelievable undertaking was completed very orderly.

Michelle and I sat toward the rear of our group. As soon as she was seated, Hilda handed her a fussy infant. In an instant Michelle's blouse was open and the baby was nursing. Michelle began eating, but was interrupted by Hilda bringing the year old baby for its dinner as well. So there sat Michelle, smiling her serene mother smile while nursing two of her babies.

To be useful I offered Michelle a drink of her juice, which she greedily drank. Then I fed her bits of her sandwich while she continued to feed her babies. The other toddlers were too interested in their surroundings to need their Mother's comfort or treat. I watched how people passed wondering if they noticed a mother nursing. They didn't see anything but a group of children with some adults. Michelle and her group accomplished the feeding so naturally it brought a warm feeling to me.

After lunch, we visited the huge sea lion followed by touring the below ground viewing areas for the beluga, dolphins, seals, and sea lion. It was very interesting as well as entertaining. I think the dolphins and beluga's know people are watching so they go through many antics, probably teasing us. Michelle said we were going to leave soon and herded the entire crew into a huge gift shop. The kids scattered for a few minutes then all seemed to form a line by their Mom, each holding a small item. It was the same game here too. The kids filed past with their toy or souvenir until the twin boys had passed, then once again Michelle paid the cashier in cash.

We headed out to the parking lot where the bus was waiting in the light rain. The little ones couldn't be stopped from stamping through puddles on the way. Michelle didn't scold them, but smiled and just kept them all going in the right direction.

Traffic in Vancouver is maddening. Since this was a weekend it was probably worse. The driver seemed oblivious to the traffic and moved steadily toward his goal.

A blue dodge mini-van whizzed by us making police noises with lights blinking in the windows. This was one sneaky police car. He pulled up behind a car and kept following until they both stopped. Out pops a policeman who ran up to the car he had stopped, pulled open the door, and pulled the driver out. All traffic had stopped at that point. When the driver had been handcuffed and put to the ground, the policeman checked inside the vehicle that he had stopped, and used his personal radio to make a call. He half carried the cuffed driver to the side of the road and began waving traffic around. Who knows what that was about, but that was one sneaky police car.

We arrived at the main Vancouver library to find large tents displaying winter Olympic events and of course the countdown clock. The driver let us out and instructed Michelle to call him when we were ready.

We had to go through the large tents because of their advertising on the outside of them. There were some interactive games that some of the children tried, like snowboarding and skiing. There were several of the Canadian Olympic athletes talking to people and signing autographs. The older kids were very excited and stood in line for autographs. When we went out to the clock, we found that each side of the clock was for different events. One side was a countdown for the 2010 regular winter Olympics and the other side was for the 2010 Special Olympics. Learn something every day. By this time it was getting near five so Michelle called the driver and we went to the street where we had been let off.

The trip back to the house was uneventful with two exceptions. The first exception was the little girl who had sat on my lap before, came and sat on my lap again. This time she stayed for the entire trip. Once again she just climbed up, put her arms around me then placed her head on my chest. The second exception was an observation I made. I had a chance to watch the people outside the bus while traveling this time. There seemed to be seven oriental people for every three Caucasian. I asked Michelle about the heavy Far Eastern mix and she said it had been easier for the Chinese to immigrate to Canada than to the U.S. in the early days. Once the main part of the railroads in the U.S. was built, many of Chinese went to Canada to work on the railroads and stayed. Also when World War II made so many suspicious of people of Far East heritage, many of them migrated to Canada. Along almost any street you could see Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, and Indian restaurants and stores.

Once back at the house, the children all instantly disappeared. Michelle, Mattie and Hilda tended to the babies and toddlers to get them taken care of. Michelle said we should cleanup for dinner so we wondered down the hall to her room. Once there Michelle had me sit on the couch before opening some doors where there was a large entertainment center and a bar. She found ice and Beefeaters and handed me a nice drink. She poured herself a small glass of wine and sat with me.

"Chuck?" She started, "This has been a very nice day. I have enjoyed you being with us and all of us being together. I know you may have plans for more of your vacation, but could you stay a little while longer, at least tonight and maybe tomorrow?"

I was too relaxed to think of abandoning what was presented to me. "Sure Michelle, I would love to stay longer. If you get tired of me, say so, as you make it far too comfortable to want to leave right away."

She put her glass down hugged and kissed me. It wasn't a peck either. It was a full-blown I want to eat you up kiss, Whew!

"To bad dinner will be ready so soon as I would enjoy making sure there is a baby in here," She said this while rubbing her tummy.

I held her and kissed her forehead thinking, 'What in the world have I gotten myself into.'

We did wash up before heading for the lounge where all the children were gathering. Michelle made me another drink, (I hardly had any of the other) and we talked to all of the kids for fifteen or twenty minutes until, "Dinner is served." That is some kind of announcement. It is so cool to hear that for real.

During dinner, Michelle asked, "So you are going to stay with us for a day or so more?"

"Yes Michelle, I enjoy being around all of you. You all make me feel very comfortable." I said looking at her then looking at each of the children around the table.

Two of the little girls smiled and said "Goody, we have not had the chance to talk to you yet. We want to play a game with you before you leave."

After supper, all the children again went to the lounge. Some pulled out games while others settled in a chair with a book. Some were reading to one or two of the smaller kids.

Michelle and I were sitting together on a couch when the two "Goody, goody, we want to talk to you" girls came up to us and sat at our feet. Almost in unison they said, "We want to know more about you."

Michelle said. "You two, be nice to Chuck. I have to do something but will be back in a few minutes."

We all watched Michelle leave the room before turned back to each other. The girls got up and sat on a love seat that was right across from me.

"Okay," I asked. "What do you want to know?"

They looked at each other and then one asked, "First, what is your whole name?"

"Charles Marshall." I answered.

"Do you have a wife?" the other asked.

"No I do not."

"Did you ever?" The same one asked.


"Why don't you have her anymore?" The same one persisted.

"She liked someone else more than me, so we parted."

"You mean you divorced, right?"

"Yes," I said flinching through this third degree.

"Do you work?" The first girl asked.

"I am a teacher."

"What do you teach?" She continued.

"This next semester I will be teaching economics, business management 101, and a statistics class," I said.

They both looked a little confused. "What grade do you teach?"

"I teach at what we call a community or junior college so the grades would be grades 13 and 14.

There was a mutual drawn out "Oooh" then they spoke with each other a second.

The first one looked at me again, "Where is your home? Where is your college?"

"St. Louis, Missouri."

"What kind of house do you have?" The same girl asked.

"I don't have a house. I live in an apartment," I said.

Michelle came back and sat next to me in time to hear.

"Is it big enough for us to visit?" She asked.

"No, not really, it is smaller than this lounge is. I don't need much room as I am alone." I said.

The second little girl looked surprised. "Why are you alone?"

"I don't know. I guess it's because I have not met someone to have as a friend and roommate."

"You should come live with us. We would be good friends and good roommates. You could be our teacher," the little girl stated.

"Okay you two," Michelle said. "Chuck is probably answered out. You two grill him better than an investigator."

"Mr. Marshall, may we call you Chuck?" They asked in unison.

"Sure. But I don't know what to call you two." I replied.

They turned and pointed at each other, "She is Bonny" while the other said, "She is Betty." They were not dressed alike but they were so close in appearance that it would be difficult to tell them apart. With that response they got up and wandered off to where some of the other kids were playing.

"They are my second set of twins. They are eleven now. My third set of twins is six. Maybe you have given me twins. That would be so good. I will be thirty when they will be born. It is almost to the end of my time to have babies." she was smiling a teasing smile.

"How can you be so sure that your body accepted me in only one night?" I said looking at her seriously. "Many people try for years to have a baby and can't."

"Oh but I know when it is my time. I feel it. I knew when I met you that you could take care of my need. And you did, many times. I am sure I will be a Mother again. I know it." And she sat with a very pleasant but smug look on her face.

When it was time for everyone to go to bed, the children put everything away before coming for good night kisses and hugs from their mom. All of them smiled at me. The boys shook my hand and a couple of little girls hugged me. The twins I had been talking to each kissed a cheek and said. "Good night Chuck. Think about how we can be your friends and roommates."

This made Michelle beam as we went to her room. We went into the bedroom and both stripped to have a quick shower. Michelle adjusted the water heads so her hair didn't get wet. I had never seen a shower with six shower heads. The way they were arranged were two pointing down from the ceiling, two at about normal height, and two that hit about waist to chest high. Only the lower two shower heads were turned on so our hair would not get wet. The water felt good and relaxed us. We hugged and kissed but concentrated on washing each other. When we finished drying we walked into the bedroom to find Mattie and Hilda with two babies and two toddlers. I gasped in surprise, which made the ladies look at me with my waving appendage. They ignored it and just attended to Michelle, getting the babies arranged. Hilda walked into the closet and came back with a large terrycloth robe and handed it to me. Meanwhile Michelle remained nude holding two babies to her breasts. The other two toddlers were sitting watching, I guess waiting their turn while the ladies each took a seat in nearby chairs. I sat with the toddlers. They looked at me and must have decided I was okay as they crawled over to sit by me and lean on me. Michelle watched all this and smiled. Mattie and Hilda were smiling as well.

Once the first set was full and dozing, the two and three year old dove for their Mom, latching onto a large breast. They snuggled up while Michelle caressed them, softly talking to them. It took less than five minutes and those two were out as well. The two ladies had left to take the babies to bed so Michelle asked me to pick up the three-year-old while she carried the two year old out of the room with me following. We went to the second floor and into a large room with a bassinet, a couple of cribs, and a couple of toddler beds. There was a child sleeping in one of the toddler beds already. Only Hilda was there at that moment tucking in the year old baby within a crib. Michelle put the two-year-old in another crib and I lay the three-year-old in the empty toddler bed. I put a sheet and blanket over him, tucking him in then leaned down and kissed his forehead. Seemed like a natural thing to do. I heard simultaneous intakes of breath and turned to see a nude Michelle, Hilda and Mattie in her nightgown staring at me.

All their shocked expressions turned to smiles as I stood. Michelle grabbed my arm and pulled be out of the room. Her eyes were misting with tears.

As soon as we entered her bedroom, Michelle turned to me and pulled my robe off. She gave me a full body hug that caused me to be instantly erect. No ED problem here. She gave me a kiss that almost caused an orgasm. She pushed me backward so I fell onto the bed. She was right there with me, straddling me then sinking down onto me. Oh man was that good. Michelle bounced up and down so rapidly, so fast that I could hardly catch my breath. Just about the time I thought I was in control, Michelle started doing her lower body quivering and gasping, "Yes, yes, yes, oh, yes."

I gave it up, my body gave it up and I was deluging Michelle's baby making area with a very large, fresh load of tadpoles. The feeling of being filled and my own groans must have set her off again because she was nearly screaming her pleasure. Now that is some sexy sounds. After she hit her peak, she collapsed onto my chest, kissing my neck and chest murmuring, "So good, yes, so good."

After a couple of minutes, Michelle pulled up from me and got up to head to the bathroom cupping her pussy. I heard the shower turn on for a minute, before she returned to the bedroom with a wash cloth and towel. She washed me, dried me, and then tossed the cloths away. She snuggled up to me giving me great kisses.

"I like that. You are the first person that I ever sat on like that. I like that a lot. I can make you happy very fast and make myself happy too. That is very nice." She said as she threw a leg over me which caused her magnificent breasts to wiggle on my chest.

We were kissing and I was gently massaging (as in groping) her breasts. Amazing how responsive her breasts were after having nursed seventeen kids. All I did was touch her nipples and the glorious orbs were instantly erect. I leaned down to kiss them causing Michelle to groan and begin to wiggle. Man she was warm blooded. I kept kissing her chest before letting my kisses travel down to her stomach. As I got nearer her center, I thought she was going to hyperventilate she was breathing so heavy. I repositioned myself and gave those hairy lips a long slow lick. She screamed. She screamed so loud that I was startled. I tried to raise my head to see if she was all right but I couldn't move. She was holding me to her pussy with such strength that my head wasn't going anywhere.

"More." She gasped.

I gave another lick from her taint to the top of her pussy where her clit was trying to hide under all that fur. As soon as I hit it, she once again did the screaming thing. Since I wasn't going anywhere, I sucked the whole top of her into my mouth and started sucking and tonguing her clit. That got more screams, then silence. As a matter of fact, she was not only quiet but she was also limp. I raised my head to see her lying with her arms out to her sides, but breathing deeply. I must have looked alarmed as all of a sudden Hilda and Mattie were pushing me away and trying to revive Michelle. I went to the bathroom and got a fresh wash cloth with some cold water. Mattie swabbed Michelle's face with it until she opened her eyes. Michelle was smiling.

"Oh Mattie, Hilda, that was the best feeling that I've ever had. You have to try that." She was saying that still sounding out of breath.

I had put the robe back on but the two women turned and looked at me as if they had x-ray vision. This made me pretty uncomfortable until they both began smiling and giggling with Michelle.

"Why are you here?" Michelle asked.

"We thought you were hurt. That something was happening to you," Mattie said with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Something was happening to me," Michelle answered. "Chuck was making me feel very good. I hope he can do more of that."

The ladies left so I took the robe back off. Michelle went to the bathroom then came back to bed. She pulled the sheet and blanket from me and took hold of my very satisfied cock. Her hand holding me gave me another instant erection. She held me, holding me by the tip before looking closely at my entire dick. She lifted my balls, then leaned down and kissed the end of my now leaking cock. After tasting the drool, she sucked me into her mouth and pulled free, smacking her lips, nodding to herself. She looked at me and smiled then tried to swallow me whole. She gagged, pulled off and coughed then went back to it and this time just gently sucked me into her mouth. She used her tongue and lips to persuade my balls to manufacture a new load. I could feel it building. I pulled her up, kissed her, and laid her down. This time I just dove into her pussy and began licking her juicy hole up to her clit. Each time I hit her clit she groaned and gasped. When her groans were reaching a crescendo, I raised myself over her to plunge my hardness into her. That didn't work as she screamed. Not only did she scream, she was giving the loudest "Ahhhhh" there could be, maybe 80-90 decibels, really loud. She was clutching onto me, legs wrapped around me as if there were no tomorrow with her bottom fucking (sorry about that but that's the only way to describe It.) back up to me faster than I could thrust into her. This great love making could have only one result; I came. She was already cuming. As she felt a fresh load of baby juice squirting into her, she gasped, took a deep breath, and passed out again. Once again, she was on her back, arms and legs spread, breathing rapidly. I looked at the door to see if the ladies were watching. They were not. I got up, rinsed out the wash cloth then swabbed Michelle's face until she came around with a groan and grin.

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