tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEverybody Loves Debra Ch. 02

Everybody Loves Debra Ch. 02


Ray Barone had the look of a worried and troubled man. He stood, his legs a little unsteady beneath him with his hand tightly gripping onto the balustrade at the head of the stairs dressed in a bath robe. His face was unshaven, his hair dishevelled and wildly unkempt as if he had just woken from a six month winter hibernation. He ran his free hand over his face and then over his hair as if this simple act would solve or alleviate all his problems before he started to make his way down the stairs.

He took each step slowly and carefully as his mind raced with the worries and concerns that so weighed heavily on his shoulders over the past few days. It was just over a week till the second chapter of his much dreamed about and desired book was due and yet he had not typed a single word. The first chapter had been comparatively easy flowing out of him and onto the computer screen in less than three days but the second had proved more troublesome. He had sat at a blank screen willing the words to come out of his clouded and blocked mind, at times finding himself literally staring at the computer for hours on end and still nothing. And time was ticking away.

The looming deadline had slowly but surely seeped into his life like a contagious disease affecting his sleep, his job and even his sex life. "What sex life!" he thought to himself.

He had just stepped into the kitchen when to his surprise he found Robert and Debra sitting at the table together eating breakfast. He watched as their eyes scanned him from head to toe as if he was a total stranger who had just walked into their home from the street outside.

"Did we wake you sweetie?" Debra asked as she pushed her chair back and rose to her feet. He could not help but take in what she was wearing as she quickly walked over to where he was standing. She had on a pair of jeans cut off at the ankles that showed off her rear and legs to great effect plus a white cotton top that although not exactly see through he could plainly make out the lacy bra she wore underneath. The flip flops she wore made a 'click' sound on the kitchen floor with each step she took as she approached before she gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"But you badly need a shower!" she added as soon as their lips had touched, his strong body odour flowing into her nostrils with her nose crinkling up for added effect.

"Yeah yeah," he answered grumpily "what's bigfoot doing here?"

An contemptible frown formed on Roberts face but Debra interrupted him before he could reply.

"I invited him over for breakfast," she replied with a forced smile on her face "we don't see enough of each other so I thought it would be nice idea to invite him over."

"What do you mean he is over here all the time! Don't mom and dad feed you over there at the family circus?"

Robert rose angrily to his feet, his huge frame knocking his chair backwards which fell to the floor with a thud. "At least I don't look like a big nosed freak!"

"Oh yeah!"

"Yeah!" Robert replied moving towards where Ray was standing open mouthed his hand twirling the sash of his robe.

"Listen you two," shouted Debra as she stepped in between the two of them "you are brothers for gods sake and grown men at that so starting acting like it and not little children!" She waved her index finger at both of them as they each backed off retreating to opposite sides of the kitchen.

She looked on as they both sulked silently around the table their eyes peering downwards but sneaking the occasional glance at each other.

"Where are the kids?" Ray broke the silence that had only lasted thirty seconds but had seemed to last a lot longer.

"It's past eight thirty Ray," Debra replied "they have already left for school. Now do you want me to make you some breakfast or not?"

He fidgeted about for a few minutes shuffling his feet, untying and then redoing the sash on his robe before he finally offered a reply. "Nah if I want to get this book finished I better get straight to it. I can't laze about all day like some people," he offered a quick glance at Robert who by now was seated at the table again "the book won't write itself you know!"

"Are you sure sweetie?"

Ray nodded "Yes I'm sure I better get started."

He bent down giving her a quick kiss on the lips. "Ok good luck" she said as he started to walk away.

"Poor old Raymond his life is perfect, gorgeous wife, three beautiful kids, writing a book and still he complains!" Robert offered just as Ray had stepped out of the kitchen.

Ray turned quickly around on the spot letting his eyes glare at his brother for just a moment before once again he turned and walked away. It was only a brief time later when the sound of a door slamming resounded in their ears as he descended the stairs to his office in the basement.


She was standing by the sink her hands busily sorting the dirty dishes she had just placed into the soapy water when she felt his strong arms wrap around her body. Debra could feel Robert's hands softly and expertly caress her upper body with one hand squeezing her breast in a steady rhythm while the large fingers of his other hand somehow slipped down inside her jeans to tauntingly stroke her panty covered pussy.

Robert could feel her petite frame buck wildly as he pressed his body against hers with her now shaking body causing a cup to slip from her wet fingers falling the short distance into the water with a 'plop'.

"Wha- what are you doing?" she asked a little surprised and more turned on than she cared to admit.

For now he provided no answer his mind and body steadfast in achieving the goal he had in his desire and lust induced state. His fingers began to fondle her breasts while his other hand deftly undid the button of her jeans to provide more room for his fingers to move and to explore. A soft moan slipped from her rose coloured lips as his hand slid in between the silk like material of her panties and her abdomen, her body reacting with a shiver as the cold front that was his fingers collided with the warm front of the soft wet skin of her pussy.

"No," her voice was raspy, breathless as her hands gripped the edge of the kitchen counter tightly as his fingers slipped inside her sliding in and out slowly and methodically sending spasms of pleasure through her body "Ray.....no." Her unconvincing and short-lived protests soon dissolved into a series of contented soft moans.

"Come on," he replied suggestively "you know you want to....."

Debra looked back at his smiling face letting one hand reach backward to hold onto his torso as her body squirmed about wildly as his fingers increased their speed and penetration. She could not deny it of course he was right, she did want it and she wanted it bad. Her desire for all things sexual had grown unchecked leading her to enjoy some extremely dangerous erotic dalliances over the last few months including one in a local theatre with a surprised usher after she had stormed out of the house alone after another fight with Ray. She felt herself succumbing to Robert like she always did with her will to resist ebbing away as his large fingers worked their magic. Perhaps the most surprising revelation was the undeniable excitement and thrill she found of doing it within hearing and seeing distance of her husband. She discovered that it titillated and intoxicated her no end, at times stretching the boundaries of being caught or discovered to breaking point.

Robert let his fingers slide from her pussy before raising them to her mouth where she wrapped her lips softly around them licking and sucking them clean with relish. For such a large and cumbersome man he dropped to his knees gracefully making practically no sound as his large bulk fell to the floor. His fingers hooked themselves in the top of her tight fitting jeans before sliding them ever so slowly downwards as she thrust he backside out to ease their removal.

Debra spread her legs as wide as she possibly could, her stance limited only by her jeans which hung loose around her ankles. She was forced to quickly cover her mouth with one free hand suppressing a loud moan of delight as he positioned his head between her legs, his fingers roughly pushing the crotch of her panties to one side before her let loose with his tongue and lips. He sat on his backside on the kitchen floor with one hand on the floor for balance, his upper body bent backwards between her legs as his tongue and lips suckled and flicked across her sweet bounty Her body shook deliriously, swinging and shaking so preciously at times she was forced to grab hold of the counter as her legs threatened to give way from under her.

Her line of sight was indeed fortunate to be gazing out of the kitchen window as the shadow first appeared in the corner of her eye before it slowly transformed into the sight of Marie making her way down the path towards the unlocked back door of the house. Her slippery hands fumbled with the latch of the window directly above the sink for what seemed an eternity before it came loose and she pushed the window open. The two separate halves of the window swung outward, one narrowly missing Marie as she strode towards the back door.

"Debra you scared me half to death!," her hand moved involuntarily onto her ample chest to indicate she had been frightened "what the hell are you doing?"

She let her eyes peer down just for a second before she replied taking in the sight of Robert frozen in his tracks between her spread legs with her jeans located around her ankles.

"You can't come in!" Debra blurted out.

"Excuse me!" Marie replied crossly. Her head and shoulders appeared to Debra to fill the whole window as she watched her eyes narrowing moving somehow closer together in anger.

"You can't come in," she repeated "because.....because I have just run the mop over the kitchen floor, it's slippery and wet. Besides the whole house is in a mess!"

It was at that exact moment she felt Robert's tongue flick over the soft skin of her pussy causing her to visibly shake and draw in rapid breaths of air.

"I couldn't help myself!" Debra heard him whisper from below.

"Are you ok?," Marie asked her face taking on a mock concerned look "you sound out of breath dear."

"Yes yes I'm ok," she replied hurriedly "just trying to clean up the house. As I said the place is a mess!"

"Well that's not unusual dear, I can always come in and show you how to keep the house clean. It's relatively easy you know!"

There was no great surprise that even now in this comprising position with her jeans located around her ankles, the crotch of her panties pulled to one side exposing her throbbing wet pussy and Robert's head between her spread legs that her face displayed a sneer of contempt for the interfering and meddlesome woman just outside the window.

"No, no thank you Marie how I am supposed to learn if I don't it myself eh?" Debra restrained her herself channelling her rage into her fingers gripping the counter as Robert let his tongue and lips resume his attack on the delectable bounty between her legs. She bit into her lower lip in a bid to suppress the stream of moans that threatened to burst out from her mouth.

"That's true dear." There was a period of time that the two woman peered at each other through the open window causing Debra to think that she would never leave. Then in one sudden movement she turned on the spot and started to walk away only to stop a few paces further on.

"By the way you haven't seen Robert have you?" she asked as she turned back to face Debra.

"No I haven't seen him since yesterday morning" she replied with her legs swaying dangerously under her as his tongue delved and flicked rapidly inside her pussy.

"Oh" was all Marie said before she turned around and walked away.

'That was close!" she exclaimed as she reached out with shaking hands to close the window. Her fingers slipped from the window latch, her eyes fixated on her trembling hands in mid air as if hypnotised as she sensed the effect of his large tongue and lips flow in spasms through her petite body. "Oh god Robert that feels so good...."

Her words dissolved into soft moans as his hands wrapped around her legs for support enabling him to move his lips and tongue closer to her pussy. Her upper body bent over at her waist, her mouth forming a perfect O shape as his tongue played its own erotic dance with the soft skin of her pussy while his lips and teeth nibbled and bit on her ultra sensitive clit.

"We haven't got much time!" she suddenly exclaimed as she shifted her body backwards, her abrupt unexpected movement leaving his tongue flicking at empty air. Robert climbed slowly to his feet, his face displaying a mixture of surprise and disappointment until she cupped her hand over his groin. Her fingers traced a path along the bulge in his trousers feeling his manhood almost pulse and throb through the thin material. He watched wide eyed as she flashed him a cheeky smile, her tongue playfully running along her lips as her hand slipped from his groin.

Debra could not help but laugh as he hurriedly removed his trousers almost toppling over in his haste onto the floor with his trousers wrapped around his ankles. She slipped her feet out of her flip flops lifting each of legs carefully out of her jeans before she tossed them to one side. Her fingers hooked into the elastic of her panties peeling them slowly down her legs raising each of her feet in turn to slip them off.

She stood watching him as he finally slipped his trousers from his feet her eyes still captivated by the sight of his erect manhood as it wobbled and swung about as he moved. Although it had slipped inside her mouth and pussy many times she was still in awe of its enormous length and girth, her hand instinctively sliding between her legs letting her fingers play with and tease the soft outer skin of her pussy.

A sly smile spread across her lips as she walked towards him before her free hand wrapped around his shaft, her fingers gently travelling along it's length.

"I'm a little out of practice" she said as she dropped to her knees in front of him.

Debra had barely let her knees hit the kitchen floor before she had slid his cock into her mouth, her lips closing tightly around his shaft as her head began to bob along its impressive length.

"Ohhh you don't need the practice!" Robert moaned as her tight fitting lips slid along his shaft.

Her fingers slid inside her pussy pumping in almost perfect time and rhythm with her lips sliding along his cock. She had always known that her skill in the art of cock sucking needed improvement and refinement having lost years of practice during her sexual encounters with Ray but she considered that what she lacked in technique and skill she more than made up in endeavour and enthusiasm. The kitchen reverberated with the sounds of her efforts which together with the throaty moans continually emanating from Roberts mouth would have easily attracted the attention of anyone within earshot or of anyone who cared to listen but this only heightened her desire, spurring her on. The danger or thrill of being caught in a compromising position such as this not only sent shivers up her spine but acted as a sort of aphrodisiac sending her passion and lust into overdrive.

Robert let his eyes peer down at his beautiful sister in law as she worked his cock over in an almost frenzied fashion, never pausing and never coming up for air. He looked on in amazement as trickles of saliva ran down from the corners of her mouth before falling the short distance onto the floor in tiny drops so much so that in no time at all a small pool had formed.

"You like?" her question had surprised him as he was lost in his own private little world, his eyes watching each of the drops of saliva falling to the floor as if in slow motion.

"Oh I like, I like!," he responded like a small child as she flicked her tongue rapidly against the tiny slit in the head of his cock sending intense pulses of pleasure through his large body "I like it -

He words were cut off suddenly as once again she swallowed his shaft whole before letting her lips repeatedly traverse the length of his manhood.

It was only a short time later that she found herself bent over the kitchen table with her legs hanging over the end as he pushed his cock slowly into the tight confines of her pussy. A groan slipped from her lips as the entire length of his well endowed manhood invaded her body before he started to pump as his large body bent over hers. His fingers slid the edge of her top upwards allowing his lips to trace a path up the smooth skin of her back before nuzzling and softly biting softly her neck. The toes of her dangling legs were barely able to touch the floor as they swung freely with the whole table seeming to shake violently with each of his thrusts. His body pressed against hers, his chest hair rubbing against her bare back adding another sensual and erotic dimension as his cock threatened to permanently enlarge her vaginal canal.

No words needed to be spoken as their bodies slid and rubbed together in an highly erotic and sensual display on top of the Barone family kitchen table, not even when she found herself flipped onto her backside with his manhood still embedded deep inside her. At first one of giant hands held her legs upright as he fucked her while the other slid underneath her top to molest her ample cleavage

Debra felt his cock bury itself deep inside her filling her so completely she struggled for breath with each and every stroke. She watched his smiling face as her body slid up and down the length of the table her arms lying almost useless on each side of her petite body as her brother in laws massive member pummelled into her. She had felt the effects of his impressive manhood many times before but her mind and body was always woefully unprepared for the brutal assault that was to come.

"Hang on," he whispered "we're going for a ride!" He let her legs drop softly downwards, dropping down on either side of him to hang loosely off the end of the table.

Debra felt him lift her body off the table and she clasped her hands around his neck with all the strength she could muster. Her legs wrapped around his torso as just for a moment he stood in the kitchen holding her body aloft his cock still pumping furiously into her pussy. She looked back at the kitchen table as his strong legs carried her into the living room noticing a glistening trail of sweat now coating the area previously occupied by their bodies.

"Wher - where are you going?"

"Lets see what the monkey does," she could feel his hot breath on her neck as briefly stopped adjusting his hold on her legs before he continued his cock pumping away unabated "when you rattle his cage."

"What-" was all she managed to say as his strong legs and arms carried her through the archway towards the closed door that led to the basement, that led to Ray. He manoeuvred their bodies so that her back lay against the door and then proceeded to thrust his manhood deeper and harder into tiny body that she had ever thought possible.

The door rattled and shook noisily as Robert Barone let all his pent up and deeply buried emotions explode into a furious and frenzied burst of strokes upward into the now shaking body of the woman who now clung desperately from his large bulk. The sight of his near naked beautiful sister in law with her head resting on his shoulder, her arms tightly wrapped around his neck and her legs around his torso as he slammed his cock into her pussy was almost too much for him. Her perfume wafted into his nostrils spurring him on as his strong legs held her body against the door that led downwards to the basement and to his brother Ray.

Debra could only bury her head on his broad muscular shoulder as her ever loosening fingers held tight around his neck with what little strength she had left as her in arms. She waited for the inevitable sounds of footsteps resounding up the stairs that led to the rattling door, her ears listening out for the sound that should come any second now of a curious Ray rushing up the stairs to investigate. Her marriage had had a good run Debra Barone told herself as his wildly thrusting cock seemed intent in splitting her body in two leading her to decide there and then that if her marriage was about to end it might as well go out with a bang. It was her guess that Robert wanted to repay his brother for all the bad luck, for all the miserable things that over the years he assumed only ever happened to him by presenting Ray with the sight of his well endowed manhood pumping furiously into his wife's pussy. However she was surprisingly left with a strange mixture of bewildered feelings when the door rattling and her loud moans were met with only silence.

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