Everybody Loves Debra: Seducing Amy


"Do you PROMISE not to say anything, Debra," she asked, looking Debra in the eye.

"Of course, you know I wouldn't say anything," Debra replied, giving Amy's hand a little squeeze.

"Well, it's just that Robert...oh, how can I say this...Robert doesn't understand...foreplay," Amy said, the last in a barely audible whisper.

"What man does," Debra replied jokingly, while inwardly thinking of Marco. HE'D understood foreplay to perfection. Dismissing him from her mind with an effort (the boy still got to her even after all this time), Debra went on. "It's not something they ever think they need help with, and they're all so damn proud of themselves that they won't ask for help or even crack a book to find out what to do. Men can't understand what women want, because they aren't women."

She added this last knowing it was a risky move. It might turn the conversation towards lesbianism, which is where it needed to go, but it could be too soon. She'd just have to play it out and follow her instincts. Amy was vulnerable right now, she knew, and it was disingenuous of her to take advantage, but if she could share with Amy what she believed she could, it would all be for the best.

"Yeah, I know," Amy said. "I've heard it said before that only a woman can understand another woman, but try telling that to Robert. He's just always in such a hurry in bed, you know? He has the same few moves, all of which take about two minutes to go through, and then he wants to stick it to me. And trust me, it isn't easy. You know how tall Robert is? Well, let's just say it's all in proportion," she said, blushing somewhat.

"Really?" asked Debra. "How 'in proportion' is he?"

"Oh, I can't believe I'm telling you this," Amy said fretfully, "but its huge; at least a foot long, and probably three inches across. To tell you the truth, it really hurts, and it limits what we can do."

Inwardly, Debra was envious of Amy for having such an enormous cock at her beck and call. Since she'd been with Stephanie she'd learned the pleasures of size, and knew that she could take a cock that big and thoroughly enjoy it. But, she felt no jealousy about Robert, and no attraction to him...in fact, she was mildly repulsed at the thought of it. He was a good man and all, but not her type at all. Too full of self-doubt and reproach, and too full of his own weird hang ups. How he ever got to be a cop, she would never know. He was a good brother in law and uncle, but that was it. Still, she needed to say something encouraging, and something that would move things her way.

"A foot? My God, no WONDER you aren't satisfied," she said, feigning surprise. "If he isn't giving you good foreplay and is trying to spear you with something like that, no wonder things are off. Did you ever try telling him what you want?" Debra asked, nervously preparing to make a move.

"Well, no. I don't want to embarrass him. Truth is, I usually just, well, take care of things myself." Amy blushed furiously at this admission, as if she'd just said she molested children or something. She obviously had no idea what Debra had been doing every morning for a week, including not two hours earlier.

This was the cross roads, though, Debra knew. She could take the conversation somewhere safe, or move it along to another level...one she couldn't back out of safely. She knew what she was going to do, though, before she even said it, surprising herself by saying it so quickly.

"That's nothing to be ashamed of; I do the same thing, you know?"

There. It was out. No Amy knew Debra was masturbating; what would she do now? Debra was almost sweating with tension; this was like a cat and mouse game, and a high stakes one at that.

Amy looked at Debra with profound relief. "Really? You do it, too? Oh, wow," she said, sighing in relief, "I thought it was just me! I always thought when you were married, you didn't do that sort of thing. I feel guilty every time I do it...and just lately, it's been a LOT," she added, with just the hint of a conspiratorial smile on her face.

Debra was feeling flushed. This was going better than ever she thought it would. Not only was Amy coming to her with her sex life worries, she admitted to satisfying herself. 'One more step,' Debra thought to herself. 'One more step, and she's mine.'

"Join the crowd," Debra replied, again squeezing Amy's hand. "I do it pretty often myself; almost every day, actually. It's nothing to be ashamed of. We all do it, it's just that some of us need it more than others."

"Really?" Amy asked, looking at Debra in renewed surprise. "I do, too! I used to not have to, but lately it seems like I need to more and more. Oh, I just can't believe I'm even talking about this. It's such a relief to have you to talk to, Debra; you're always the one who understands me and makes me feel relaxed. Why can't men do that?"

'Oh, hell, here we go,' Debra thought. "Amy," she said, taking both of her hands into her own and turning towards her, "you know I'm your friend and am always here to support you. I'm glad you feel relaxed with me, because I do with you, too. We'll always be friends, as long as you want to be, and I cherish the time I spend with you. You can tell me anything, okay? I promise."

As she said this last, she pulled Amy into a gentle hug, holding her close and stroking her back gently. She could feel Amy's warm cheek on her own, and knew this was the moment. She could let go and no harm done. If she did what she wanted to do, though, she could irreparably harm their relationship, costing her the best friend she had and potentially ruining her entire family. Then again, if she succeeded, she would strengthen that friendship a hundred fold, and gain a new lover to share her passions with, a lover no one would ever suspect or question. Without thinking, Debra acted. She kissed Amy on the cheek softly, and pulled back just a bit to smile at her, looking her in the eyes. Amy smiled back, her eyes slightly wet with tears, and Debra looked in her eyes, trying to communicate what she felt with no words. Amy looked back, and Debra saw confusion there, but not rejection, and she slowly leaned in towards Amy's mouth. Their lips met, and Debra didn't push it; she simply kissed Amy gently, but not in a way that left any doubt as to what she wanted. She put everything she felt into that one soft, sweet kiss, and waited for what seemed an eternity for a response.

Just as she was thinking she'd made a mistake, that it had all gone wrong, and was wondering how to cover, Amy kissed her back. She took Debra's head in her left hand, holding to her own, and moaned softly against her friend's lips. Debra deepened the kiss, planting her lips firmly on Amy's while gently slipping her tongue from her lips. Amy's own tongue met hers, and the gently probed one another before finally pulling apart.

Amy looked in wonder at Debra, finally seeing that this not only wasn't an accident, but that it wasn't something Debra was new to.

"Debra, what's going on?" she asked. "What have you been doing?"

"Nothing that I don't want to share with you," Debra said, stroking Amy's cheek with her hand. "The truth is, Amy, I've been shown something really wonderful and it's something I want to share with you. From what you've told me, I think it would be good for you, too. I won't force you, though, and if you don't want to try, we can forget it. It's really up to you," she finished, her heart stopped in her chest as she waited for an answer. She couldn't bear the thought of rejection now; it had gone too far, and she was just realizing how much she wanted this, and needed it.

"I...I don't know what to say," Amy stuttered, clearly flustered. "I...how long have you...why me?" she managed to get out, looking in wonder at Debra, as if she was seeing her for the first time.

"I've only been doing this for a short time," Debra replied, not quite ready to reveal who her lover had been. "But it's something that I needed, and it feels right. As for why you, who else? You're my closest friend, and I love you; who else would I want to share this with? You have no idea how wonderful it can be, and I'd love to show you what I mean."

"But Debra," she said "I'm...well, I'm not..." Amy said, trying to get the words out.

"Not a lesbian?" Debra finished for her. Smiling slightly, she said "I'm not one, either...not completely. I just found that sometimes a woman's touch is what a woman needs, especially when the man she loves can't satisfy her."

"Does Ray know?" Amy asked.

"Oh, no!" Debra said quickly. "I wouldn't tell Ray for the world. It would really hurt him to know he can't satisfy me. Yes," she said resignedly, seeing the question on Amy's face, "I lied. For once, Marie is right. Ray doesn't know it, of course, but sex with us has been really off. I wouldn't tell him that, though, not for anything...you have to believe that," she said seriously. "Besides," she added only half-jokingly, "if he knew he'd probably want to watch."

"So you have sex with other women to satisfy yourself? What about a man? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should go out and find a man to have an affair with," Amy said, "but why a woman?"

"It's not something I can explain with words, really," Debra said. "It's just that, well, sex with another man seems more like cheating; when it's with another woman, it just feels more acceptable. I guess because Ray's a man, it feels more...fair...when it's a woman I'm with, because it isn't some kind of competition. I know that doesn't make much sense, but it's true."

"Debra, I'm not sure about how to feel about this. I always wondered what it would be like...you know, with another woman. But I never seriously thought about. On the other hand, though, if I was going to try it, I'd want it to be with you. You're my best friend," Amy said, before adding in a whisper "and you're so beautiful, too. I've always thought you were, and was always a little envious of how you never seem to age."

"Thanks," Debra said, a little embarrassed by the praise and ashamed of Amy's honesty. "You know, you still look really good, too; your body looks great, especially. You still working out?"

"Yes, with Robert," Amy said. "He runs every day, you know, and sometimes he takes me with him, and he always has me do sit ups and push ups with him."

"Well, it's working," Debra said with heart-felt honesty. "You really do look great."

Amy smiled in thanks, and they sat for a moment not speaking. Debra wasn't sure what to do. Amy didn't seem likely to reject her, but she didn't seem to really want her, either. The last thing Debra wanted was for Amy to let Debra make love to her, but not enjoy it. That would be worse than rejection. Debra suddenly decided that maybe the best course was just to tell the truth.

"Amy, I want you. I guess you know that already, but I don't want to do anything you're not ready for or don't want any part of. Please, just tell me what you want me to do, and I'll do it. Okay?"

Amy looked at Debra and smiled, and said "I think I want you too, Debra. Just please take it easy with me, and if I say don't do something..."

"Oh, no problem there," Debra interrupted quickly. "I felt the same way my first time, too, and I promise to take it slow. But Amy, I need to know; do you really want this, or are you just going alone because I want it? I want you to want it as much as I do; otherwise, you really aren't ready."

"Maybe this well help answer your question," Amy replied, leaning forward and taking Debra's head in her hands. She kissed Debra, and pressed her mouth forcefully onto hers, driving her tongue past her lips and deep, deep into Debra's mouth. As she kissed Debra, Amy moved forwards, pressing her body against Debra's, and running her hands down the front of Debra's shirt, hands cupping her breasts and moaning in pleasure.

Debra rallied back gamely, kissing Amy with equal fervor, pulling the blonde closer to her raising her shirt slightly so that she could run her hands along the smooth, warm skin of her back. She was briefly amazed at how smooth Amy's skin was; it felt no different than Stephanie's had, and Debra was a bit surprised, though pleasantly so. It occurred to her then that after all these years, Debra had never seen Amy naked. She'd seen her in a bathing suit, of course, but never totally naked. Shivering with anticipation, Debra lifted the shirt over Amy's head, dropping it perfunctorily on the floor as her hands moved over Amy's body.

Debra put her right hand to Amy's head, gripping her hair gently and pulling her head back, exposing the soft, milky white skin of her throat. She nuzzled her there, nibbling and kissing her softly as she took her left hand and cupped Amy's bra-encased breast. Amy moaned softly, and pulled Debra's head to her throat. Debra slipped the right cup of Amy's bra down, exposing her breast as she kissed down her neck to her chest. To her very pleasant surprise, Amy's breasts -- while much smaller than her own -- were still quite perky, with small, pointed nipples...nipples that were currently rock-hard. Debra cupped Amy's breast in her hand as she kissed the swell of it, enjoying the anticipation. Slowly, she kissed lower, and was surprised to see that Amy had put her hand between her legs, and was rubbing herself through her jeans. Debra softly kissed the exposed nipple, and Amy gasped aloud, clutching at Debra's head as she held her closer. Debra slowly took the nipple into her mouth, sucking it as she held it between her teeth, and flicking it with her tongue. Amy continued to moan aloud, and squirmed in her seat as she did. She unsnapped her jeans, and with Debra's help, pulled them to the ground, where they lay around her feet.

Amy was wearing a pair of purple bikini panties; nothing too racy, but nothing as conservative as Debra would have expected. She ran her hand up Amy's leg, noting how smooth it was (Debra wasn't the only person who'd shaved that morning) and moving it up to her panties. Amy instinctively spread her legs, still holding Debra's head to her breast in a death grip. Debra ran her hand over Amy's silk-covered mound, and was astonished at how hot it was. Amy was burning up, and Debra knew from her own experience that only extreme sexual desire could get a woman so hot as that, and she intended to take full advantage of it.

Slipping her hand down the front of Amy's panties, Debra encountered the wetness there, and found that Amy was soaking wet. And, also to Debra's delight, Amy was completely smooth-shaven. There was not even the tell-tale stubble of a razor; it was as if she was completely hair free and always had been. "Mmmmm, so smooth," she said, in between licking Amy's nipple. "Very nice."

"Mmmm," Amy replied. "It's something I did for Robert; I had laser hair removal. It cost me a bundle, but it was worth it. I hope you like it as much as he did," Amy replied vaguely, her eyes still closed in ecstasy as Debra caressed her swollen, wet lips.

Unable to contain herself, Debra dropped to her knees in front of Amy and, lifting the blonde's hips from the couch, slipped her panties down to her feet. Stopping just long enough to pull her shoes off, Debra whisked Amy's pants and panties off, leaving her totally naked from the waist down. She was high on her knees, and pulled Amy into a sitting position on the edge of the couch, kissing her full on the mouth as she moved her hands to her bra clasp, unsnapping it and dropping it over the back of the couch. Amy held Debra close, kissing her back with increasing urgency. "Oh, God, Debra, make me come, honey, you've got me so hot..."

Debra lowered herself so that she was sitting on her calves, and pulled Amy closer to the edge of the couch. She spread her friend's legs, so that her ass was hanging just over the edge, one leg draped over the arm of the couch and the other cocked up with her foot on the middle pillow, her wet lips delightfully exposed. Debra kissed the smooth skin inside Amy's inner thighs, had hands stroking her hips and legs as she moved upwards. Amy was quivering with desire, her hands rubbing her breasts as she panted lightly. Just as Debra was nearing her wet sex, she stopped her. "Debra, wait, please, just wait one second," she panted, holding Debra away. Puzzled, Debra stopped and asked with no small concern what was wrong. Had she overplayed her hand? Oh, God, she hoped not...Amy wasn't the only one dripping wet right now, and she really couldn't bear to stop at this point.

"What is it, Amy?" she asked. "Is something wrong?"

"No, no, nothing," Amy replied huskily. "I just want...well, I want you naked, too. I want to see your naked body between my legs," she blurted out, her voice a mix of embarrassment and desire.

Sighing with relief, Debra immediately stripped her shirt off, and was just beginning to unclasp her bra when she looked at Amy. "Want to do the honors?" she asked.

"Oh, please, yes," Amy replied, sitting up and unsnapping Debra's bra. She looked in appreciation at Debra's breasts, and tentatively reached up to touch them. Debra moaned in appreciation, placing her hands over Amy's and guiding her motions, rubbing Debra's heavy breasts in circles, kneading them together. As Amy continued to stroke and rub her aching breasts, Debra unsnapped her jeans, and clumsily shoved them and her thong underwear down to her knees, kicking off her shoes as she did and eventually working her way out of her pants. They kissed again, holding each other close, each relishing the feel of the other's naked body pressed against their own. Debra pushed Amy back into position on the couch, again spreading her legs wide and pulling her to the edge before putting her mouth back to her thigh again.

Picking up where she left off, Debra traced hot, languorous kisses up Amy's inner thigh. She as she neared her friend's hot, wet lips, Debra nibbled the area where her leg joined her pelvis, licking the little hollow under the tendon there. As she did, she could feel the wetness from Amy's lips against her cheek, and simply couldn't wait anymore. She moved her hot mouth over Amy's lips, first with soft kisses, before working up to hot, lingering ones, pushing her tongue into Amy's wet pussy, her nose rubbing against her swollen clit. Amy cried out as a spasm of pleasure wracked her body, her hands flying to Debra's head. "Oh, my God," she cried out, her hips instinctively bucking against Debra's mouth. Debra slurped and licked at Amy's pussy, amazed at how wet it was, and reveling in the baby-soft smoothness of her skin. In some part of her mind she thought to herself that she'd have to get this laser treatment too; it was definitely worth it.

Debra worked her tongue up and down Amy's wet lips, alternately flicking it over her clit and swirling it inside her, pushing it as far into her as she could go, bobbing her head and tongue-fucking her. Amy loved it; she'd never felt anything so wonderful, and all thoughts of Robert disappeared. She was completely focused on the mouth and tongue loving her body, and the rapidly approaching orgasm she knew wasn't far away...and orgasm she knew that would dwarf anything she'd felt before.

Debra could sense Amy's approaching climax, and desperately wanted to taste her friend's come. She knew what to do to maximize it, and as Amy began to shake and her muscles contract around Debra's invading tongue, Debra reached up to Amy's breasts and took her nipples in her hand, squeezing them firmly, just to the point of causing pain as she took Amy's clit in her mouth, biting it gently. As she'd predicted, Amy screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm hit her like a hammer-blow. She flooded Debra's chin with her wetness, as it flowed from her, running down her lover's neck and coating her chest. She came quickly, once, twice and a third time, each so close together as to be nearly indistinguishable. Her hands was locked like claws in Debra's hair, and Debra was pretty sure that when Amy let go, she'd have pulled some of her hair out. No matter, though, she thought. This was what she'd wanted, and it was going better than she'd dreamed possible.

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