Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra's Day


Marco finally stopped, slipping his tongue from her and standing up. She turned immediately, desperate to feel him touching her again...she didn't care where or how, she just needed to feel his touch on her body.

"Mrs. Barone", he said, staring down at her as she knelt on the bed facing him, "you are so beautiful. Do you know that? Do you know what a beautiful lady you are?"

Debra smiled at him, knee-walking over to him and kissing his sweat-dampened chest. "No, I didn't know that, but it's sweet of you to say," she said.

"Oh, but you are!" Marco exclaimed, with a surprisingly serious tone. "You just don't see yourself the way I do. Come; come with me, and I'll show you what I mean".

He took her hand, helping her to stand. Curious, she went with him. He took her over to the dresser, and stood her in front of it, facing it. As he stood behind her (and she could feel his hard cock resting against her ass, driving her to complete distraction), he leaned his head down to her shoulders and pointed to the mirror.

"You see, Mrs. Barone?" he said. "You see what I see?" Debra looked at herself in the mirror.

What she saw was a relatively fit woman of 40, who was starting to sag in some places, but still looked a good five years younger than she was. She would never have a "six pack" the way some of those young girls at the gym did, but she had a flat stomach, nice breasts (a bit sagging with age, but they were breasts who'd fed three children in their time), shapely legs, and a pretty if unremarkable face...a face now plastered on one side with the semen of a man less than half her age, but still a pretty one.

But there was something different today, something hard to define. The only thing she could think of was that she saw herself expressing something she'd never seen on her own face...desire. She looked hotter than normal, because she was hotter than normal. She was burning with sexual need and hunger, and even know was aching for Marco to bend her over and fuck her brains out. That desire made her look ten years younger, and oh-so sexy.

She reached up and caressed the side of Marco's face, her gesture saying everything she needed to. He turned her around, and bent to kiss her, his hands on her breasts, thumbs caressing her rock-hard nipples. Her need flared again, and she boldly reached between his legs, grasping his still hard cock in her hand, stroking it and pressing her belly against it. It was hot; she could swear it would burn a brand in her if she wasn't careful, it felt so hot. Marco continued kissing her hungrily, and whispered to her.

"What do you want, Mrs. Barone", he asked. "What does your body want, right this minute?"

Again, Debra knew what he wanted...he wanted her to tell him what she wanted him to do. Normally, she'd never stoop to such a level; it was demeaning, and degrading to do so. But she wasn't normal right now...he had her so hot, so horny and desperate for his attention that there was literally nothing she wouldn't do to please him, and to have him make her cum again and again, until she couldn't anymore.

"I want you to take me now, Marco" she said, kissing him between the words. "I want you to take me, to fuck me, and make me cum again. I want your cock inside me, deep inside me".

He nodded, smiling slightly, reaching his hand around and between her legs from behind. She could feel his fingers lightly touching her swollen, sodden vagina, and she suddenly had to have him.

"Beg for me", he said. "Beg for me to give you what you want".

Part of her mind—a very distant, quiet part—rebelled at this idea. She'd never begged for anything from anyone, but right now, her body had taken over her mind completely, and without hesitation she dropped to her knees in front of him. She kissed his cock, and held it to her cheek as she caressed his heavy balls.

"Please, Marco" she said, "Please fuck me, take me, make me come on your cock. I'll do anything you want, just please fuck me and give me your cum again! I need this hot cock inside me, fucking me, pounding me like a whore!"

He bent and lifted her up, and kissed her savagely, his teeth clicking against hers as he drove his tongue right past hers and down her throat. She kissed him right back, ready to explode she was so turned on. He pushed her down on the bed, and, spreading her legs, got between them. She pulled her legs back, still begging him to take her, and fuck her. He leaned over her, his hands planted next to her shoulders, and slowly maneuvered his cock to her lips. At the first touch, she gasped aloud in ecstasy and threw her head back. He pushed forward, driving the first half of his cock into her before pulling it out part way.

"Oh, God, hurry up and fuck me!" she screamed, grabbing at his hips and ass, pulling him into her. He thrust forward quickly, and she screamed again, this time in sheer delight. She could feel ever bit of his 8 inches buried more deeply in her than anything she'd experienced, and she was in heaven over it. Marco apparently agreed, and with no ceremony he began to drive in and out of her, as hard as he could.

Debra gasped and moaned as he took her, pulling his cock almost completely out before slamming it home, his balls slapping against her ass as he pistoned in and out of her. Had she ever really been fucked before? Had she? She didn't think so; not like this. He was pulling all but the very tip of his cock out of her and driving it back in, ball deep, with every stroke...and he was doing it at a speed which amazed her. Being fucked was, she realized, a totally knew experience for her, and one she was loving every bit of. Her entire being was centered around her pussy, and all she could feel was his cock inside her, touching her every nerve and setting her on fire.

She moaned aloud, repeating a litany of "oh, God, oh fuck" as he pounded into her. She was dimly aware of the sound of his firm, flat stomach slapping into her own, the grunts he made as he drove himself into her, and that she was bound to be sore the next day; no one had ever stuck anything this big inside her, and certainly not with such force. She came again and again, loosing count of her orgasms as he fucked her, never wavering in his rhythm, never showing any sign of fatigue.

After what could have been minutes or hours, she finally started back down from her high, and looked up at him. He was sweating, and she could tell he was getting close. She wrapped her legs around him, and looking in his eyes said

"Come for me, Marco, cum in me, fill me with that hot cum!"

He groaned at this and speeding up even more (she would never have believed he could), he began slamming into her so hard they were moving across the bed.

"Fuck me, yes!" she screamed as she gripped his ass, pulling him to her as hard as she could, digging her nails into his flesh. "Fuck me and cum in me, please, cum in me now, I need it, I need to feel you fill me with your cum, cum in me!"

With a bellow, Marco thrust forward one last time, impaling her on his rock-hard cock. And, in another first—a glorious, wonderful, mind-blowing first—Debra felt him cum in her, his semen exploding deep inside her. She'd never actually felt it when a man came in her, other than maybe a twitch in his cock. But this, she felt; she could feel a bloom of heat in her belly as he came, pouring what felt like a cup of hot semen in her. She panted, still moaning "yes, oh God yes" as he collapsed on her, spent...for the moment, anyway.

Slowly regaining control of herself, Debra finally was able to feel something other than Marco's gorgeous cock in her. She became aware that her legs, though strong and toned enough for someone her age, were shaking with exertion. Her hands were tightly balled up at her sides, and she was breathing like she'd just run a race. She could also feel Marco's cock softening in her, but even so, she still felt pleasantly, delightfully full. She could feel his sweat-covered body against hers, her hard nipples against his chest, and his balls resting against her ass. She could also feel how wet the sheets were under her; Lord knew how many times she'd cum, though she'd lost count at five. Marco was still breathing hard, but was clearly recovering and not finished yet...not totally exhausted like Ray would have been.

He pulled out of her, leaving her feeling stretched and empty, and his semen poured out of her pussy onto the bed. In yet another incredibly sexy, erotic move, he bent to kiss her on her pussy lips, once, twice, just tasting her and the mingled flavor of both his own semen and her creamy secretions. He licked her gently, his tongue just penetrating her, before moving up her body and kissing her gently, pushing his tongue into her mouth and sharing their combined tastes—a musky, salty but not unpleasant combination.

She loved the taste, and sucked his tongue, getting as much of it as she could from his mouth. Finally, Marco rolled off of her and turned her on her side as he lay behind her, spooning her with his arms around her. She could feel his cock and pubic hair pressed against her ass, and he was soaked with her wetness. His damp, sweaty chest pressed to her back, he kissed her ear, and tenderly stroked her stomach with his free hand. Her inner thighs were wet to the knees, and she relished the nasty sensation of her slipping against each other as she lay there.

"So, Mrs. Barone, was that what you wanted?" he asked.

"God yes, Marco," she replied, still panting. "That was unbelievable. I've never had sex like that before, ever. You hit everything just right!"

"Well, I'm glad you liked it," he said. "But, we aren't done quite yet...oh no, not yet", he said.

'My God,' Debra thought to herself, 'what more can this kid do? He's already cum buckets in me (and on me), how much more can he have?' But she remembered those balls, how heavy they'd seemed, how big they were. 'Probably a lot more,' she thought. And, in truth, she herself was quite ready for more.

She couldn't remember ever being this aroused for this long, and she meant to take advantage of it. She was fully aware that Marco was using her (and she was loving the feeling), but she was using him, too...and she wasn't done, not yet.

"Oh, so we're not done, huh?" She said, turning onto her back and looking up at him as he rested his head on his elbow. "What exactly do you have in mind?"

"Well, Mrs. Barone" he began, "you really seemed to like it when I licked and tongued your ass. Have you ever tried making love that way?" he asked.

Debra was a bit shocked at this. She wanted him in her again; she needed it, in fact. But she'd figured to ride him this time, or let him take her from behind. She was frankly afraid of his cock in her ass...as big as he was, she wasn't sure she could take him there. She'd never tried it before, and was nervous about it. But, she was also totally fixated on him, and would do anything this sex, hot young man wanted her to do so long as he kept looking at her the way he did and pleasuring her as he was.

"No, I haven't", she replied, fearful that she'd upset him.

"Ah, a virgin!" he said. "Never fear...I can make it painless, and you'll enjoy it, believe me" he promised.

She DID believe him; if it was about sex, she believed him.

"Okay", she said. "What do we do?"

"Well", he said, sitting up and leaning back on the headboard, "first, lay across my lap, with your bottom pointed up" he said.

She did, keenly aware of her vulnerability in this position, but also aware that his cock was once again rock hard and pressed into her stomach.

"Now, relax" he said. "I'm just going to get you ready for me, and for that, we need to loosen you up".

He reached between her legs (which she quickly opened for him), and stroked her soaked pussy, slipping first one and then two fingers gently in and out of her. He trailed them up to her ass, moistening her puckered ring with a mixture of her own wetness and his spent semen. He worked a finger into her, up to the first knuckle.

She forced herself to relax; she was sure this would be wonderful, if she could just relax and let him have his way with her. He began working his finger into her ass, taking his time, probing her, twirling it, and slowly pushing it more deeply inside. She liked it; it was different than with her pussy, but still very pleasurable...a sort of full feeling she hadn't quite had before. He spat on her ring every few minutes, keeping her wet and lubricated as he worked on her. Finally, when he judged her ready, he slipped in the second finger, again just working around her anus, moving in circles, helping to loosen her sphincter up. After a half an hour of this (he was patient, that she had to give him), he slowly and gently pushed both fingers into her as far as he could, and began to finger fuck her. Slowly at first, then with increasing speed, he pulled and twisted his fingers in and out of her, turning them as he stroked in and out, further relaxing and widening her opening. She was loving it, and wanted more, so she reached back and put her hands on her cheeks, spreading them as wide as she was able, opening up for him.

Finally he asked her "Are you ready, Mrs. Barone?" to which she simply nodded, not trusting herself to speak. He left his fingers in her as he worked up from under her. She helped, lifting off of him and trying to keep his fingers in her. Finally he was out, and she lay flat on her stomach, his finger still buried in her ass as she held her cheeks open for him.

"Now, just relax", he said. He knelt over her, and she could feel him positioning himself to enter her. He slipped his fingers from her, and she heard him spit on his hand as he lubricated his cock. Then, he leaned over her as she lay flat, and slowly pressed the head of his cock against her tight ring.

It was bigger than his fingers, and try as she might, she couldn't relax quite enough to take him in. "Spread your cheeks wider", he said, as he pushed against her. It hurt, at first, and then, quickly and without much pain, his head popped into her ring. She groaned in pleasure, loving the feel of his cock in her. He slowly began to move in and out of her, pushing it in just a little bit more at a time, until he was about halfway in. Debra's nerves were screaming; this was unlike any other sex she'd had, and she wondered why the hell she'd never tried it before.

Moaning, unable to talk, she reached back and up, grabbing at his hips, pulling him down and urging him to go deeper. With a groan he pushed forward in one long, steady forward thrust, slipping his last four inches into her, until he was buried in her as far as he could go. Debra felt incredibly full, as if his cock had replaced her insides. She could feel his wet balls on her pussy, and she wanted him to fuck her.

"Oh, Marco, fuck my ass, baby", she said. "Fuck me hard, pound me like you did before, cum in my ass, baby!"

Needing no second bidding, Marco started to move in and out of her slowly at first, but with increasing speed. Before long, he was pounding in and out of her ass just as he had her pussy earlier, with those long, complete strokes that took his cock nearly completely out of her before diving ball-deep right back in again. Debra was lost in a world-shattering mix of pain and pleasure as he took her. He'd been wrong about the pain...there was pain, yes, but she loved it...the pain made her alive, made it sexier and more pleasurable in some way.

She came almost immediately, and cried out in pleasure as he drove in and out of her ass. How had she lived without this? Had she known how this felt, she'd have done it years ago! She deliberately tightened up on his cock, making him groan loudly as he continued to thrust deeply into her ass, battering away at her as hard as he could.

After several minutes of relentless pounding, Marco bellowed "Oh, Mrs. Barone, I'm going to cum!", and she cried out in pleasure.

"Oh, yes, that's it Marco! Cum in my ass! Fuck me and cum in me!" She yelled, loving the nasty feeling it gave her to beg for a man to cum in her ass, and also knowing how it would turn him on. She bucked beneath him, cumming again as she arched her ass up towards him, urging him to push more deeply into her as she once again grabbed her own ass and spread it wide for him.

Marco groaned and as his whole body shook, she felt him thrust forward one last time before spilling his come inside her. As before, she actually felt it; a bloom of warmth deep in her bowels, growing as his cock twitched and spat his semen into her. He thrust forward again a few more times, easily, just out of instinct. She could feel his semen slopping around his cock and her asshole, and she groaned appreciatively at the sensation...it felt nasty, and she loved it.

Finally, he stopped, and pulled out of her, making her feel stretched and vaguely loose, as if he'd permanently damaged her sphincter in someway. She didn't care, though, and only lay there basking in the afterglow of these last two orgasms, both stronger than any so far...and he'd given her the strongest she'd ever had. She could feel his cum leaking from her ass ('The bed must be a mess', she thought), and pouring down to flow over already cum-soaked pussy before dripping into a puddle on the bed as he lay atop her, panting and kissing her neck from behind.

He flipped on his back, and she lay her head on his stomach, stroking his well-muscled thigh and looking lovingly at his cock. Finally, the thing was shrinking up...he'd finally had enough, and was spent for now. After three huge orgasms and what looked to be a pint of semen, she wasn't surprised. She cupped his sopping wet balls in her hand, caressing them gently and realizing there was one, last, incredibly sexy thing she could do for him. She knew he'd never demand this of her, and that made it all the more important that she do it.

"You're a mess", she said.

He simply grunted in return, stroking her hair. She moved down, and took his flagging cock in her mouth, gently sucking and licking it clean. She could taste the now familiar flavor of his semen, and under it, a somewhat peaty taste that was new to her.

'That's your ASS you taste', she thought to herself, 'it's your ass your tasting on his cock, just like he tasted when he tongued you there'. She continued to suck and lick him clean for a minute or so as he ran his hand through her hair, and the last thing she heard before she drifted off in an exhausted slumber, his cock still in her hand, was him telling her how beautiful she was....

Saturday Morning, Again

...and that was all she remembered. He must have left shortly after she fell asleep. She sighed as she soaked in the tub, still sore from his efforts last night. She really didn't know what to do. Certainly she could never see him again; that wouldn't be right. She was grateful for what he'd done...he'd made her feel like a woman again, like a sexy, desirable woman instead of a tired housewife who's chief joy was a weekend alone. But for all of that, she was still ashamed of herself for how wantonly she'd acted, how totally she'd submitted to him. Debra had no doubt that she'd have done anything else he'd asked last night, no matter what it was. She'd have fucked him anywhere; on the lawn, in a public restroom, a dressing room...anywhere. She'd just been so hot for him that she'd been completely and utterly out of control, and that was why she couldn't risk seeing him again.

Debra didn't know why, but she had needed to submit to Marco, needed to let herself go and do every nasty, degrading but incredible sexy thing he'd demanded of her. The more he'd demanded, the sexier she'd found him and the hotter she'd become. It was just so unlike her! Blushing furiously, she remembered that even after he'd buried the entire long, long length of his cock in her ass that she had eagerly and gladly sucked him clean...sucked off a mix of his sweat, semen and her own shit, cleaning him with her tongue (and enjoying every bit of it) until there was nothing left to clean. What kind of hold did he have on her that would make her do that? If she'd do that, she knew she could never resist him. No, she knew her limits; she could no more quit fucking him than she could quit smoking, a reason she'd never started.

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