tagInterracial LoveEverybody Loves Raymond's Wife

Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife


He was staring at her again. It was a stare that caused her heart rate to increase and made her stomach flutter. The boy was very masculine and she always felt naked beneath his gaze. Darlene broke eye contact and continued teaching class. Half the boys in her classes usually stared at her, but today he was the only one. The other students were passing notes, staring out the window, and a few were sleeping. They didn't care, most had graduated and couldn't wait for school to end.

The first time she had seen Jamal, he had been a skinny black kid, a nerd, complete with glasses and a brain to match. His IQ was well above genius level and he had a 4.0 GPA. He was the perfect target for the bullies in school because of his nerdy exterior and the fact that his dad was the school janitor. Some days he showed up with black eyes and bruises and he shyly kept to himself, his only friends some of the other geeks.

All that changed this year. When Jamal returned from summer break he was barely recognizable. He was now as big as a pro wrestler and the glasses had disappeared. Coach had flipped when he saw the muscular black kid and recruited him for the football team. He hadn't been very good. He seemed unused to his new body, and unskilled with a football in his hands, but opposing teams soon learned that he couldn't be brought down. He had also skipped half the year and was now failing her class. On top of that Jamal seemed to have a lot of money now and Darlene was afraid he was dealing drugs, even speaking to his father about it. The janitor had replied that Jamal was working at a pharmaceutical plant outside Stoney Harbor and was making some big bucks.

His father had also apparently taken whatever kind of steroid Jamal was on. He looked great and had dyed his grey afro black again. He looked fifteen years younger, more like an older brother then a father. Both men stood around six and a half feet tall towering over the other students and Darlene's small just over five foot frame.

The bell went off and the teacher said, "Read chapters nineteen and twenty. There'll be a quiz on them tomorrow." The class groaned and as one stood up and headed for the door. All except Jamal that is. He stayed seated and continued to stare at her. "Anything I can do for you Jamal?"

"Yes, Mrs. Duncan. I need you to change my grade."

"You should have thought of that before skipping my class. What happened to you Jamal, you used to be such a great student?"

"I decided I'd had enough of dead white people bullshit."

"Keep that language up and I'll see you don't ever graduate." It felt weird threatening this giant hulking black man towering over her. "That's not the respectable attitude I need..."

"I know exactly what you need Mrs. Duncan."


"I know exactly what you need Mrs. Duncan," said Jamal holding his fat, thirteen inch cock up as he lay naked on her bed.

The woman crawled between his legs and took the cock she loved so much into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down over it, skillfully swallowing half with one thrust.

"Man, I always wanted this slut, watching her shake that hot ass walking down the school hall. Mind if I fuck her?"

"Sure dad, lets plug this bitch from both ends."

"Wait Jamal..." The woman had never done anything like this before. Jamal's cock was more then enough.

"Shuddup and spread your legs for my dad," shouted Jamal.

Malcom, the school janitor put the video camera on the dresser keeping it aimed at the bed. He was already shirtless and quickly became pantsless as he stripped, his thick eleven inch cock springing up as he freed it.

Malcom climbed behind the girl easily inserting his hard cock into her wet pussy. "Oh god, fuck me," she moaned.

"Shuddup bitch, you'll ruin everything," snapped Jamal.

"This is one hot pussy you got Mrs. Duncan," cried Malcom spanking her ass with one hand and wrapping his other fist around her blonde hair. "I bet Raymond doesn't fill you with this much cock." As he spoke Malcom's arm flexed and her blonde wig fell off revealing curly red hair tied up in a bun.

"Dammit dad," cried Jamal just as his cum filled Tiffany the head cheerleader's mouth.

"Don't sweat it Jamal. We'll have the tech boys edit the video. Now lets fuck this snooty bitch. Never even glanced at me the lowly janitor when you walked on by. Now your hooked on black dick."

"Yes, yes yes," cried the girl licking up Jamal's cum from around her lips. "I'm a slut for your big cocks."

When the two men finshed with her, they quickly cleaned the sheets while Malcom went downstairs. Mrs. Duncan had asked him to fix her plumbing while her husband was away and loaned him a key.


"Here Darlene," said Malcom handing her a glass of tea. "You looked thirsty."

"Thats Mrs. Duncan, Malcom, but thanks I am thirsty." Darlene was laying out in her yard wearing a modest bikini. She was very aware that Malcom had used the drink as an excuse to check out her body and his eyes were freely roaming every inch of bare skin. She was also very aware of his body. The janitor had removed his shirt in the warm spring air and she had never seen a chest so well-defined. His torso rippled with muscles. "Aren't you done yet?" He was supposed to have finished yesterday while she was at school. Raymond was coming home tonight and she wanted to work on her tan for her husband.


"By the way, Jamal skipped class again yesterday."

"He was with me, bit of a family 'mergency."

"Very good then." Darlene laid back and closed her eyes. The vision of Malcom's granite black chest sprang unbidden to her mind. The way his eyes freely roamed her body as if he owned her, the way his son dominated any room he was in...there was something special about these two. Moisture formed between her legs and it wasn't sweat. Her breasts were smalish, but perfectly formed with fat, sensitive nipples. They hardened, stretching out the bikini top as she thought of the black men. She opened her eyes when she heard the low whistle.

"I always knew you were hiding a hot bod under those dowdy outfits of yours." Jamal was standing over her. He too was shirtless and her eyes couldn't help running down his muscular chest stopping perplexed on a freakishly big bulge under his shorts. "You're sure one fine bitch Darlene."

"Jamal, that's Mrs. Duncan and if you speak to me this way one more time, I'll see you're expelled.

"Yes Mrs. Duncan."

"What are you doing here anyway?"

"Came to help my dad."

"Fine then, go on inside." Darlene closed her eyes again aware that both black men were coming out to look at her body from time to time, but unaware that they were naked standing behind her, long banana-like cocks dangling down halfway to their knees.

Raymond came home just as Malcom was collecting his tools. "That'll be $90 Mrs. Duncan."

Darlene's eyes opened with delight when she saw her husband home early. "I got it honey," said Raymond taking the money out of his wallet. "Thanks for fixing our plumbing problem Malcom. I'm away so much I don't have time to fix things around here. I'm leaving again Monday morning."

"No," said Darlene upset she'd only have a day and a half with her husband.

'Sorry honey." Raymond watched Malcom and Jamal leave. "Jesus, those guys are huge. They could be professional weightlifters." Raymond looked back at his wife still in the bikini, his dick stirring at the sight. "Lets go inside."

"My thoughts exactly." Darlene jumped up and ran upstairs to the bedroom.

Afterwards, she was still horny. Sex had been good, but unsatisfying. Plus, she couldn't help comparing her husband's pale, flabby torso to the well-built black men that had just left. Even worse, she continued to be horny all weekend and that was the last erection she saw on her husband. His penis even seemed to shrivel a little by Sunday night. Darlene went to school that Monday a horny frustrated woman.

Again that day after class Jamal waited until the other students had left. "I need you to change my grade Mrs. Duncan."

"Actions have consequences Jamal. You should have thought of that before blowing off class."

"Why don't you blow me off bitch."

"...JAMAL! You've gone to far."

"You want it teach. Look how hard your nipples are. I bet your pussy is soaking wet right now at the thought of getting a man-sized cock in your mouth. Mr Duncan's little worm can't satisfy a horny slut like you."

"Get out now. Get out before I call the cops."

"I need you to change my grade. I'm making three times what you're geting paid. I don't have time to go to summer school."

"Get out!"

Darlene collapsed against her desk as Jamal left the room. Her face was flushed and her hands were trembling. She sat down in her chair, her soaked vagina making her thighs cold and clammy. Jesus, but a lot of what he said was true. Staring up at his massive chest had made her pussy spasm with excitement. It was all she could do to stand up to him, her instincts told her to fall to her knees at his feet. She had never felt submissive around Raymond before. Jamal wasn't right about her husband though, Raymond had a nice sized penis, but it had resembled a worm the last time she had seen it. Like a little pale grub shrinking up against his testicles. Unfortunately, his impotence last weekend coincided with her unusual state of horniness. Darlene tried to compose herself before her next class.

Darlene went home and soaked in the tub. It had been a long, bad, day. She hadn't seen Malcom, but had left a message on his answering machine to give her a call. He was a helpful man and she wanted to give him the curtesy of notifying him that she was about to have Jamal expelled. She hated to do it to him, but his son was out of control.

Darlene got out of the tub and toweled herself dry. Even now after relaxing there were still outward signs that she was aroused. Her sensitive nipples were so hard they ached and her vagina had an itch that only Raymond's stiff penis could scratch. She was putting on one of her husband's shirts when the doorbell rang.

Darlene ran downstairs and peeked through the curtains. Jamal was standing on her doorstep. "What do you want Jamal?" she called.

"I need you to change my grade."

"Go away before I call the police."

To Darlene's horror, the door knob jingled and the door opened. He had a key! Just as it registered, she turned to run when his hand shot out and grabbed her collar jerking her back. Several buttons flew off her shirt exposing her breasts.

"I"m not going to hurt you Mrs. Duncan."

"Then get out now. Your in big trouble young man." She held her shirt closed with her fist trying to pull it down over her crotch and ass with her other hand. Luckily, she was short and it covered her modesty...barely. "How'd you get a key?"

"I copied the one you gave dad. Now listen bitch, I need you to watch this." Jamal held his hand out with a video cassette in it. The sticker on the cassette read, Everybody Loves Raymonds Wife. She didn't take it as that would mean exposing some part of her body to Jamal. "Where's the tv?" he asked.

"She nodded towards the living room and followed him there.

He inserted the tape and pressed play. The bastard had inserted a porno. The camera was focused on the biggest blackest dick she had ever seen. It looked huge, but she assumed it was from the zoom. The camera panned back showing off the giant cock and balls so big they were splayed out on the bed between the man's thighs. It wasn't the zoom, the black monstrosity was over a foot long. "I know what you need Mrs. Duncan," said Jamal's voice on the screen. A blonde woman with her back to the camera walked over and began sucking on the massive appendage. Darlene was horrified, Jamal was setting her up.

"That's not me, her breasts are bigger," she said aghast.

The camera panned back showing Jamal lying on her bed. On her bed! He had filmed this in her bedroom.

It got worse. Malcom appeared and stripped revealing another huge erect cock. Dear, helpful Malcom was in on this. "This is one hot pussy you got Mrs. Duncan," cried Malcom spanking her ass with one hand and wrapping his other fist around her blonde hair. "I bet Raymond doesn't fill you with this much cock." The picture flickered showing it had been edited.

"You animal, this doesn't prove anything," she growled angry.

On screen, Malcom pulled out his huge cock and came all over the girl's ass and back. Darlene had never seen so much cum in her life. One wad was more then Raymond had shot in a year and there were at least five wads. After that, sperm oozed from Malcom's still hard cock.

They fucked the girl several times, the men's stamina amazing Darlene. Jamal fucked her while Malcom shoved his cock in her ass. The picture never showed the girl's face. Despite the obvious atempt at blackmail, the movie was turning her on. Jamal had her when it ended with her sunning herself. She saw Malcom and Jamal walking behind her naked. The scene changed to just the two black men talking. "This is really your teacher?"

"Yeah dad, she's a real slut for black cock."

The scene switched again to her laying out when Raymond came home. "Thanks for taking care of our plumbing problem Malcom," said her husband paying him. It made it look like he had paid the black men to fuck her.

"So change your grade and this all goes away?" She mumbled.

"Nope, the price just went up. I want a blowjob from those white lips for interest." Jamal paused when he saw how red in the face she was getting. "What's the matter teach, never given a bj before?"

"Yes, but it's disgusting. I don't enjoy it with my husband. Your not him. Your a teenager. Your a b..."

"Black man?"


"Don't call me names Darlene. I own your white ass. You want the school board to see this. I'll say this happened before my eighteenth birthday. You could go to jail."

"Look Jamal, you win ok? Just give me the tape and I will change your grade."

"Call me Mr Washington. Show me some respect. I'm going easy on you Darlene. I'm learning how to do business in the real world. This is a simple exchange for goods and serices. Suck off my cock and change my grade, in exchange for this service I give you the goods.

"What happened to you Jamal? Was it the steroids?"

"The longer you stall, the more interest is gonna accumulate. I might make you spread them legs for me."

"Alright, pull it out." Her stomach was in a knot at the thought of what she was about to do.

"That's your job Darlene and take that shirt off, I want to see you naked.

"Jamal, please?"

"That's Mr Washington. Now strip."

Darlene's hands were shaking as she unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her husband's shirt. Her skin was flushed and she was ashamed of the obvious signs of arousal on her body. She let the shirt fall to the floor.

"Very nice. Now ask me if you can take my cock out."

Darlene clenched her fists with anger. This boy was intent on making this as humiliating as possible. "May I take your cock out Mr Washington?"

"Yes," said Jamal sitting on the couch and spreading his legs. "Drop to your knees and crawl to me. You must ask and seek permission before you can do anything."

Darlene fell to her knees and crawled slowly towards him. Though she found what she was about to do revolting, there was also something exciting about it. She was about to taste the forbidden fruit. Teacher-student, black man- white woman. teenager-wife, this was wrong, but thrilling. She was about to touch only the second penis in her life and one much bigger then her husband's. She reached up for his belt buckle, but Jamal slapped her hand away. "Ask!"

"May I take your cock out Mr Washington?"

"You may."

Darlene fumbled with his buckle, her hands were shaking so much. She got it unbuckled and then undid his jeans, slowly pulling the zipper down. She reached under his boxers, holding her breath, strangely anticipating touching it as her hands brushed his pubic hair. Her fingers lid along a shaft as thick as a large flashlight. She grabbed it and with difficulty pulled the giant black organ out. "Dear god."

"Describe it."

"It's so big and hard and black. It's so big, I've never seen anything like it. It's so big."

"Bigger then your husband?"

"Yes, at least twice as long and a lot thicker. I didn't know penises got this big."

"Always call it a cock."

"I've never seen a cock like this Mr Washington." It was so hot, like it was alive, throbbing in her hand. It was even more impressive in person then on the video. It was perfectly straight where her husband's curved upwards a little. The head was a big black knob the size of a plum all swollen and hard. The shaft was lighter in color crisscrossed with thick blue-black veins, the rod widening as thick as her wrist just under the black helmut. It even smelled good. Darlene felt the itch in her pussy again, but this time it seemed deeper, beyond the reach of her husband's penis. "How big is it?"

"Just under thirteen inches. It's growing impatient."

"May I suck your cock now Mr Washington?"

"No, lick it first. Lick all around the head, then down the shaft. I also want you to lick each ball." Darlene shivered and pulled the shaft down towards her mouth. Moisture was forming on his huge pee-slit, starting to drip down the shaft. Her tongue flickered out and she began licking the head avoiding the pre-cum. "Lick everywhere slut," he ordered. She gulped and ran her tongue over the now rapidly oozing pre-cum.

Jamal's cock was so hard, it was unyeilding. She pushed against the head with her tongue, the skin didn't budge, nor could she squeeze it. Raymond had never been this hard, it was as if Jamal's cock was carved from granite. She moved her tongue down his shaft, licking the sides and under it. She marveled at the size of his testicles as she licked his hairy sack. They were as big as apples and hung down over the edge of her couch. She slid her tongue back up to the tip and around the head, willingly lapping up the pre-cum now. "May I suck your cock now?"

"Yes." Darlene parted her lips and closed them around the head as she took him in her mouth. She started by bobbing her head over the tip and then several inches. Soon it touched her throat and she gagged. It was just too big. "It's ok Darlene, I didn't expect much from you. You've never had a real cock, a black man's cock to suck on after all. Just do what you can."

For some reason his condescending words angered her. She could do better, she could swallow more, she was better then those cheerleaders Jamal ran around with. This time she suppressed her gag reflex and pushed downward, feeling the head enter her throat. She attacked the huge black cock with gusto, swallowing more with each downward thrust of her head. She needed to rest from time to time and settled for stroking his shaft while licking the head until she felt she could swallow him again.

Darlene was finding this challenging, rewarding even. Why was she enjoying this? She had only done this for Raymond to show she loved him but mostly in hopes he would return the favor, but with Jamal she was actually getting pleasure out of sucking his cock. She was thrilled when he moaned softly and when he started almost imperceptibly bucking his hips. He ran his fingers through her hair pulling her head down over his superior black cock. She obeyed, not stopping until her nose touched his pubic hair. She had swallowed it all.

Darlene attacked his cock like a mad woman, bobbing her head rapidly over the shaft. She was stopping less frequently now to catch her breath, but when she did she used both hands to stroke his rod. When her hand grew tired, she used her mouth again, looking up at him as she swallowed it.

Darlene had lost track of time. All she knew was that her arms and throat were tired. His cock had been acting funny for several minutes now. It was jerking in her throat and it seemed to have grown even bigger. Jamal's rhythm was off and he was grunting. She was deep throating his cock when he bellowed and it jerked in her throat. He was cumming! He had just shot a load into her belly. The thought of swallowing a man's sperm disgusted her. Darlene quickly moved her head up, there was another spasm and another wad slid down her throat. He came again when the head was in her mouth. The amount caught her off guard, filling her mouth completely. Her cheeks bulged out and she gagged, sperm pouring over her chin, breasts, and dripping down on to the carpet. It was better to swallow it. She clamped her mouth around the tip, swallowing the next load and finding she liked having his hot seed slding down her throat. Her belly felt full she had swallowed so much, but Darlene still found her hand was stroking forwards on the shaft as if milking it for more. She fell backwards in surprise at what had just happened.

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