tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEverybody Loves Ray's Wife Ch. 02

Everybody Loves Ray's Wife Ch. 02


Debra's Dilemna: Part Two

Knock, knock, knock.

"Just a minute!" Debra yells from the bedroom. She's thoroughly agitated because she has no doubt in her mind that it's her mother in law, Marie at the door. "The old bitch coming back to take a second shot at me for wearing that miniskirt to the PTA meeting. Well, I'll give her something to talk about." Debra peels off her bra and moist panties and smiles at the reason her panties are dripping wet – an eight inch purple vibrator glistening with Debra's pleasure.

Debra grins ear to ear as she thinks to herself, "Boy, I wonder what my busy body Mother in Law would do if she knew who I was thinking about when I had this in me?" Just moments earlier, Debra had surprised even herself with an explicit fantasy about her father in law and his (hopefully) thirteen inch cock in her mouth, pussy and probably more if the door weren't knocking right now. Debra stuffs her tight little baked MILF bod into a terry cloth white robe and heads to the door. She takes a moment to check the mirror and push up her cleavage to epic proportions.

As she ambles down the stairs, Debra imagines the door opening and a horrified Marie gasping in shock and clutching her chest. Unfortunately for Debra, she knows all too well that the clutching the chest move is 100 percent pure drama and not a real heart attack. "Bitch will probably outlive me." Debra mutters to herself as she pulls the door handle wide open. Her eyes go wide and her tiny lips form an "o" as she says...

"Oh." Is all Debra can come up with as she stares at the two black men on her front porch for about six awkward seconds. "I'm sorry, you freaked me out."

"Don't worry, we have that effect on white people." The shorter of the two men responds.

Debra notices that although he's only about 5'10, he's built like a offensive lineman – "whatever that is", she thinks to herself.

"Especially in this neighborhood." The man continues in a charming manner.

"Oh thank God. He has a sense of humor. Good, this isn't too awkward." Debra thinks to herself.

"And, we especially have that effect on white women in this neighborhood." The taller black man chimes in with a wide smile. He makes it clear that he's very cool with the tiny, wet housewife with the ample cleavage. He somehow finds a way to maintain eye contact and completely ogle her tits at the same time.

Debra finds herself laughing nervously. "And, is this a normal day for you? Standing in the doorway of a half naked housewife?" Debra musters up the pluck to sound pretty confident.

"If you don't mind, who are we to argue?" The shorter man answered. "I'm Jamal, and this is Terry. We play ball with your husband."

"Aw, that's too bad. I thought you two were here to take care of a little heavy lifting I needed oh so badly..." Debra traces her finger along her pouty lips as she says this.

"Uh..." Is all the two men can say.

"Oh come on, I know who you are. You think I'd be still standing here if I didn't? I mean, you're both cute, but I'm not stupid."

"Damn, girl. You had me going for a second there." Said Jamal.

"Man, you know how to play the playa's, little sister!" Said Terry as he raised his hand to high-five her.

She giggled as she high fived them both, proud of herself for being so cool in this situation. But, why wouldn't she? After all, she may be a white girl from New Jersey, but it wasn't like she didn't have any experience dealing with "the brothers." She after all, used to work as the Public Relations Executive for the NJ Nets. During that time, she had plenty of African American men. She was used to the way they used to flirt. She believed from firsthand experience that black men were more aggressive than white men on the team. It's just the way it is; they're flirts – especially with white women. And, Debra thought to herself that she would be lying if she didn't love the attention. She remembered making sure to wear shorter skirts and tighter sweaters on the days that the team was in town. There was one player, a power forward named Reggie who especially appreciated Debra's "outfits." She remembered that he used to call her "Little Debbie Dynamite. They had this little game they used to play. She would walk by practice and Reggie would say, "Man Debbie, you look dynamite in that top – but..."

"But what?" She used to ask, knowing the answer every time.

"But, it's a little tight, is there any way I can talk you out of it?" Reggie as always, would snap back.

"Not today, but keep trying." Debra would always respond as she walked away, grinning so hard her cheeks would hurt. Back then, she was engaged to Raymond. And sure, she was playing with fire – encouraging the six foot nine inch ball player that he might have a chance with her. But, Debra used to write it off as "team spirit."

"So, where is it?" Jamal asked. 'Mrs Barone?"

Debra looked at Jamal, still slightly confused by the memory buzzing around in her head.

"You know? ...The basketball? Ray said he left it here and we could pick it up."

"Oh, sorry!" Said Debra as she snapped out of her daydream. "I was having some kind of a déjà vu flashback."

"Well, you know what they say about flashbacks..." Jamal said.

Debra looked at him and shrugged with an unknowing smile.

"Once you have flashback – you never go back."

Jamal and the other man waited until finally, Debra got the joke and erupted into giggles. She put her hands to her cheeks and laughed as she playfully warned... "that's so bad." As she pressed her arms together it only amplified the deep, voluminous cleavage. Her tits shimmered and jiggled as she rocked back and forth until she was only chuckling nervously. "Well, it's in the basement. Follow me."

"Anytime." Jamal responded with a grin as he and Terry followed her into the living room. They made small talk as they went into the basement.

"I'm telling you, Ray would forget his head if it weren't attached."

"Too bad for him. If I had a wife as fine as you, I'd never forget my head."

Debra looked at him for a second and then as she got the joke – she broke up. "Oh! Oh, you! You're soooo bad." Debra found herself pressing her hand against his chest. And although it was meant to signal him to take it down a notch, she couldn't help but let her hand linger on his finely sculpted pecs. She felt flush as she pressed her hand against his rock hard chest and traced it down his six pack before she broke contact. He was so tightly cut, it had been so long since she felt a man like that. "Just awful you. You are such a bad boy aren't' you?"

"Bad to the bone." Jamal responded.

"I bet." Debra shot back. "Well, here's your ball." Debra said as she handed the basket ball to Jamal. "It feels like it might need some air. I hate it when balls aren't firm."

"Yeah, that's a crime." Jamal said as he sized up the housewife in the bathrobe in the basement.

"Here's a pump. You want me to pump this ball up for you boys?" She giggled at the joke. Only realizing after she made it that things might be going too far too fast.

"Yeah, let's see how you pump up some balls, baby." With that, Jamal slid down his zipper.

"Whoa. Jamal, I was just kidding around. Let's not get crazy here." Debra said as her face went flush. She looked to Terry to make sure things weren't getting out of control. Terry smiled and only gave off good vibes to Debra. She felt safe.

"Girl, I was just playing witcha'. Come on now, don't you recognize me?" Jamal said to her as he pulled his zipper back up.

Debra shook her head. "No, and I don't think what you were about to pull out of that zipper would jog my memory, either."

"Dynamite Debbie?" Debra looked at him in shock. "I'm Reggie's little brother!"

Debra's face went from borderline fear, to shock, to completely joy. "Oh my God! The last time I saw you, you were fifteen!"

"Seventeen. I was a later bloomer."

"Oh my God!" was all Debra could say as she threw her arms around Jamal. She hugged him tightly and felt his lean, muscular body against the nakedness of her own body just beneather her terry cloth robe. She felt her nipples harden. And, so did Jamal.

"I can't believe you thought I was really coming on to you like that, girl." Jamal said as he enjoyed the feeling of little Debra's big rack pressed against his lower abdomen.

"Hey, it could happen." Debra said as she released Jamal from the embrace.

"You know it could. Especially if that robe opens up any more there." Jamal quipped as he and Terry were treated to nearly full boobage. Her round globes pert and full.

"Hey, you two. Watch it." Debra said as she pulled her lapels closed.

"I am." Said Jamal.

"I was talking to "my girls"." Debra joked as she pulled her robe tighter. But, not too tight. "Alright, Terry. I don't know your brother too, do I?"

"No ma'am." Terry answered.

"I don't know your cousin or uncle or anything?"

"No, ma'am."

"Thank God. I was going to feel like a real floozy if I did one of your relatives too..."

Jamal stared at Debra in shock. He obviously had no idea that Debra "hooked up with his older brother."

"Oh, I thought you knew..." Debra said shyly. But, she was fully aware that Jamal had no idea. Reggie was a one time deal and he had a girlfriend at the time. Not to mention, she could have been fired for having relations with the players.

Debra wondered why she purposely let Jamal know that there was something between her and his brother. She knew full well what it was... Boredom, here she was, a forty-something housewife in the suburbs. Here was her chance to be cool, she could tell two of the only black men that will ever be in that neighborhood that she's not some pent-up, prudish housewife – she used to bang basketball players. That's pretty cool, Debra thought to herself.

Although, Debra never technically "banged" Reggie. She merely hooked up with him after a big win and ended up in the second row of his Expedition, sharing a bottle of Dom. They exchanged "being single" stories about whatever as Reggie got the then 24 year old Debra very drunk. He kept commenting on how she'd find a man with a body like that. "Really?" Debra asked. "You think I have a hot body?" Debra could remember the exact way a light switched from nice guy to "I might be getting some action" guy. And, she liked it.

She remembered Reggie saying that "she knew she was packing dynamite." And even then, Debra wouldn't believe him. She said her ex boyfriend said "she could stand to lose a few."

She remembered Reggie saying "Say whaaat?!" And, offering to kick her ex boyfriend's ass. "That little boy has no idea what a real woman should be built like!" He said as he chugged the Dom.

"Really? You think I have a good body?"

"I know you do. But, if you really want an accurate opinion you could show me what God gave you so I could be for shizzle."

Debra unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a lacy with bra. She undid the front of it and her tits spilled out. Well, it wasn't long before she had Reggie's dick in her mouth. She remembered how sweetly he spoke to her as she nearly choked on only the third penis (not-to-mention, the first black cock) she had ever had pass through her lips. It was so wide, at the time it felt like a fire hydrant in her mouth. She would never forget the feeling of complete power as she steered that throttle into her mouth, tugging and slurping as the 250 pound athlete moaned like a helpless little boy.

She remembered how he caressed her hair and clenched it tightly as he arched upward and showered her face with what must have been ten thousand dollars worth of pro baler DNA. She remembered wondering if the deluge would ever stop.

Just then, Terry interrupted Debra's thoughts... "So, ma'am, we better get going."

"Oh! I'm sorry guys! Between seeing little Jamal all grown up and you calling me ma'am, I'm starting to feel a little old." Debra said.

"Debbie Dynamite, you ain't nothing of the kind. In fact, I can't wait to call my brother, Reggie and tell him that you must have found a time machine."

Debra's cheeks went rosy once again. "Well, it's a trip to see you so big. I mean tall, I almost thought I was going to see how big you were." Debra couldn't help but joke.

"Hey, offer's still on the table, Dynamite." Jamal kidded as he pretended to put a hand to his zipper again.

"Maybe next time. Besides, I made my share of trips to the locker room back in the day. I ran into your big brother once or twice. I'm pretty sure there's a family resemblance."

"Let's just say, he's only my big brother in age." Jamal joked as he turned around and started up the stairs. Terry followed as Debra highly doubted Jamal's claim.

Time froze as Debra's mouth opened. Before she could stop herself she heard her big mouth blurt out... "Well, that's big talk. You're going to have to prove it."

Jamal stopped on the stairs. He slowly turned around, revealing a sly smile. "Anything you say, Dynamite. You have anything to measure with?"

"Oh, I have a pretty good memory." And, a very big mouth – she thought to herself. What the hell was she doing? She thought to herself. "I'm offering to check out an ex boyfriend's little brother's cock in my basement."

Jamal stopped in front of Debra at the second step of the stairs. His crotch almost even with her face. Terry stood behind him, trying hard not to ruin the mood.

Jamal paced his fingers on his zipper. "You sure you're ready, Little Debbie?"

Debra nodded. "I'm ready, but I'm going to hate to be the one to break the bad news to you." She joked. She was so full of excitement she thought she was going to burst.

Jamal pulled down his zipper, reached inside his pants and pulled out what was no less than an eleven inch penis. It was thicker than a sausage and it was hardening fast.

There was a long pause from Debra and then... "We have a winner." It was all she could say as her eyes laser-focused on his lumbering mammoth.

"Like I needed you to tell me that; Reggie and I did share the same bedroom for ten years you know?"

"Well, that's impressive. May I?" Debra looked up to Jamal with pursed lips.

"You may whatever you want."

Debra took her manicured fingers and gently touched the massive python in front of her. It was so smooth. It was so hot. She couldn't believe it was real. She traced her fingers along its' length, it was warm and pulsing. She couldn't believe this gargantuan was in her hand. She couldn't believe she couldn't stop touching it. She couldn't believe – her husband was standing at the top of the stairs!

"Debra, I can't believe you!"

"Oh Ray, I'm so sorry!" Debra's heart sank. Yet, her hand was still gently stroking Jamal's wicked shaft.

"My two best players!" Ray whined. "How do you expect us to win with these guys off the court?"

Terry turned to Ray, "Hey man, I wasn't doin' nothin'."

"I know, that's the problem. Same as on the court. I need you to show some hustle Terry. Look at Jamal; he's right in there."

"Honey, what are you saying?" Debra squeaked.

"You know what I'm saying. I can't have my two best players show up on the court all – frustrated. You gotta'..." Ray stammered.

A pause and then, "I gotta' what, Ray?" said Debra incredulously.

"I don't know. ...Help a brother out." Ray burst out, kind of into the idea.

"Fine, but don't ever say I don't hassle you about playing sports on the weekends anymore." Debra couldn't believe she was going to give a hand job to two big African American in their early twenties – with her husband supervising, no less! It was definitely a "so wrong, but so right situation."

"Boy, I don't know if I'm ready for this..." Debra said.

"I know, it's a big step." Jamal said as he placed a hand on Debra's cleavage. "But hey, you're a good wife and I know you try to do what your husband tells you to, right girl?"

"Oh, you're good." Debra replied staring at Jamal's tight belly and big fat black super-cock. Wondering what she was going to do with it. A hand job seemed so "old fashioned."

"Baby, you don't know the half of it." Jamal eased his fingers into her silky hair and caressed the back of her neck. "Now Debra, I'm going to be real gentle here as you're a friend of the family. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

"Thank you, Jamal. That's very sweet. Now, let me see. I used to give a Class A hummer back in the day."

"It's true. I think I remember back when you used to do that. But, I'm pretty sure you might be starting a little big for being off the horse for so long." Ray chimed in, jokingly.

"Oh yeah, Ray? Well, you know what they say about falling off the horse. Let's see if I can't jump back on the horse-sized cock." Debra said dryly to her bonehead husband as she opened her lips and slid the tip of Jamal's prick between her them. It was sweet and salty. As she worked her tongue and lips around the five inch round shaft she felt her jaw stretch to its' limits. It felt so dangerous in her mundane housewife-mouth. Suddenly, like a dream come true, the bored wife felt like she was taming an animal, wild and thrashing like an eel in her throat.

She raised her hands above her head and slid them up and down Jamal's tightly muscular chest and belly. He was so young and strong. She was getting off so hard on just knowing the young man found her attractive.

"Yeah, Debbie, I think I know where you got the nickname "dynamite". Jamal said as he moaned slightly. He tugged on the hair of the voluptuous housewife and jammed his cock further down her throat. It slid down easy, but after a second she started to gag. She coughed and pulled the cock out of her throat – it was so long that it took what seemed like forever.

"Geez, it just keeps going." Ray commented. "Like a magician's handkerchief."

When Debra finally got the massive log out of her mouth it was hard and sloppy. "Alright, I'm a little rusty at dicks this huge. No offense, honey."

"None taken. I don't think they give those puppies out to white people anyway." Ray answered.

"Oh we do, but just to the white women", said Jamal. With that, Jamal grabbed the lapels of Debra's bathrobe and yanked it off her body. "Damn!" Was all Jamal could say.

"Mmm Hmmm! Now that is what I'm talking 'bout!" chimed in Terry. "Look at that ass! Baby you must be hittin' that Stairmaster like a motherfucka'!"

Debra looked at the two young men with a grin two miles wide as they circled her and commented on her tight, voluptuous little body.

"And, just look at these big titties! Debbie Dynamite, tell me the truth – they weren't this big when you worked for the team, were they?"

"Hey, three kids and a lift will do that for a girl." Debra said, completely loving the attention as the men circled her. She stood there naked as a jaybird, her tits jiggling and her pussy drpping.

"Well, I'll tell you what – you're giving me a lift right now." Jamal said as he and Terry high-fived.

The two young men took long, hungry looks at Debra's body; she had a perfect pair of 34 D round breasts that still had a nice, but realistic amount of perk. Her belly was tight and defined from years of three kickboxing classes a week. And Debra's aforementioned pussy was shaved completely. Debra's ass was perfect, it was firm and tight and round. Yet it had enough "blam" (as Reggie used to call it) to get two hands on.

She was the perfect MILF. And, it was hard not to see the 24 year old girl Jamal used to know in the 41 year old housewife.

"How do I look?" Debra asked, bracing herself for a tough critique. "You can be honest."

"I always am." Jamal took a moment as Debra winced. "Debbie, you look good enough to eat!"

And that's exactly what Jamal did. He fell to his knees and spread her lips apart, jamming his tongue up into her clit.

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