Everybody Loves Ray's Wife Ch. 02


"Holy shit!" Debra exclaimed as she lowered her beav into Jamal's face. Jamal lapped up her pussy like a big St. Bernard in a watering dish as Debra moaned and wriggled. Suddenly, she looked to Terry. "What are you waiting for, bite my tits!" With that, Terry sucked and bit her eraser sized nipples as she screamed like she was in a horror film. She was in heaven as the two muscular studs pawed her firm tits and worked her starving pussy. She let it all out and came like a screaming banshee three times as the two men licked her from head to toe.

"It is so our turn." Debra offered. And Jamal did not hesitate, he rounded Debra from behind and lifted her hair over her ear whispering, "Alright, since you had a little trouble sucking up my cock I'm going to stick my Johnson in your little shaved pussy. It's going to hurt at first, but you can take it. After all, you did pop out three kids, didn't you?"

"Yes." Was all a weak-kneed Debra could say.

"Alright then, and while I'm inside you, I want you to practice on your head-giving skills with my friend Terry. Terry, show the nice lady what she's won."

Terry pulled down his pants like they were on fire to reveal a bobbing Manaconda. It was at least thirteen inches long, skinnier than Jamal's, but a real pipe-cleaner.

"That's supposed to be easier for me to suck?" Debra asked.

"The only thing easy in here seems to be you, Debra." Ray offered as he ate a ham sandwich and watched the two men take their positions on either side of his horny little wife.

"Let's see how easy", Jamal said as he cracked Debra's ass with the palm of his hand.

"Ooooh! Yeah, Daddy! Smack my ass, hard!" She cooed and raised her ass up against Jamal's cock. She rubbed her pussy greedily up and down the length of his raging shaft. Her juices flowed like...

"Geez, Debra. I've seen you wet before, but that looks like "Vagina Falls!" Ray noted as he slid his cock out of his pants and began jerking it. "Jamal, you should definitely hit that..."

Jamal didn't wait for a second opinion from Ray; he wound up and cracked her little white fanny so hard he could see the imprint of his big black hand.

"Oh God! Fuck me like the whore I am!" Debra screamed.

That was the last thing she said before terry grabbed the back of her head and slid his Komodo Dragon down her throat. She slurped that thing up like a pro. Grabbing two fistfuls of the neck of his crank, trying her best to feed it all into her mouth. Terry slammed against her face with full force and his balls thudded against her chin – covered in saliva. She made slurping sounds and came up for air long enough to say... "Please Jamal, stick that baseball bat up my pussy!"

"Oh, you know I will!" Jamal said as he took her hips into his hands and jammed his giant man-snake into her pussy. It was so big, but she was so wet right now that it fit like a glove. "Look at that, looks like you can take a cock, Debbie Dynamite."

"Oh, I can take a cock alright. Now, stop pretending you care if you hurt that pussy and fuck it like it owes you money you big man, you!"

"Fuck it like it owes you money?" Wow, I had no idea my wife was such a whore. And I had no idea how much I would love it." Ray moaned as he worked his schlong like a jackhammer. He couldn't help himself from stroking it as he watched hi sweet little wife in the middle of a two big black men – each ramming her equally hard. Terry in the front, shaking like a little lamb as she sucked his cock with fury and the suction power of a shop vac. And then there was Jamal, smacking that ass and blasting his man meat into her pussy so fast it looked like it might catch on fire.

Debra looked up at Ray with a dirty smile as her giant jugs swung and slammed back and forth so fast that it sounded like a conga beat.

Debra's eyes literally were roling in the back of her head as she thought to herself... "I can't believe this is happening. Look at these two men, they're so fucking hot. Jamal with his perfect chest and abs, he's just a machine the way he pumps that drill in me, up me. It's so big it should hurt, but it just feels so warm and – oh God he's filling me up. And Terry, this big, mysterious cat is purring like a kitten with my mouth around his big dick. I can't remember enjoying sucking cock like this. I can feel it just welling up like a geyser, I can't wait to taste another man's hot cum in my mouth. And, he's got perfect balls! Oh yeah, slap those babies in my face, Mama loves it. Yeah, Ray, you watch two men fuck me. Watch it good. They aren't whining about how they never get laid. They're just taking that pussy and fucking it. Yeah, grind those cocks up into me, I'm a filthy soccer mom-slut."

Suddenly, Terry pulled the entire length of his cock out of her mouth and said... "Oh dog, this is it! I'm gonna' blast the shit out of your wife. You want to help me out?"

Ray looked at his wife, she looked back as Jamal rocked her ass and said "Come on Ray, pretend you're one of the big boys and come on my face with your playmate." With that, Ray walked over to her as he and Terry jacked themselves off in her face. She tried her best to stuff them both in her mouth or at least lick them.

Ray and Terry let out load, lion like roars as they shot thick, creamy ropes of hot cum all over Debra's face, neck and tits. Jet after jet glossed her face until it looked like she was wearing a latex mask. She licked up long strands of cum off Terry's cock and took her husband's with the other hand, slurping up the remains.

"Terry, what happens in the basement, stays in the basement; right?" Ray said.

"You know it playa'!' Terry said as they exchanged a high five – Ray barely getting it right.

"Oh it ain't over yet", exclaimed Jamal from behind Debra. He iinscreased his pace and jackhammered Ray's wife. She was in full tilt, hanging on for dear life as her tits flung about and Jamal's cock ripped her in half, over and over again.

"Oh God! That cock is killing me! I love it. Fuck my pussy! Oh God, that feels so fucking good! Please, come on my tits and call me a dirty whore!" Debra couldn't believe what she was hearing – but it felt so right. She was just cutting loose and after thirteen years of regular, efficient sex... This was just so liberating.

Jamal flipped Debra onto her back and slid his cock right back into her red pussy and just kept banging. Her tits flew around like propellers as his muscular abs just pumped and pumped into her crotch. Debra just giggled and screamed and moaned and scratched his hips as he drilled into her.

Then, not a moment before he might have done her bodily harm, he pulled out and inched over to her face on his knees.

"Give me that big boy!" was all Debra said as she pumped that thick beast right into her face. She slurped and stroked and licked it over and over. "This cock is the best thing that ever happened to me!" Debra said as she pumped it into her lips.

"Oh, it gets better, Debbie Dynamite – cuz' I'm about to blow!"

Ray watched in awe as cum as wide as cables shot out of his cock, splashing onto his wife's face like it was coming out of a bucket.

"Wow, looks like someone won't be needing their vitamins for a few years." Ray joked as he watched slack-jawed.

It splashed over her face and over her breast and built up into a foamy mess, she squished it over her tits. And as more cum pumped out, she soaped up her belly and pussy. "Oh, this feels so good – keep coming all over me you black fucking stallion!"

"Oh, I still got more for you Dynamite." Jamal grinned as he fired at least a gallon of cum into the air and onto Debra. It landed everywhere. On Debra's tits, pussy, belly and face. All over the floor. All over Ray and Terry. It kept blasting out everywhere until the entire room was full of foam. It looked like a washing machine malfunctioned in the basement.

"Debra, your washing machine! It's going crazy! Debra, are you listening to me?"

Suddenly, Debra realized she was in the basement with her mother in law. They were standing in ten inches of thick white foam. The washing machine HAD malfunctioned.

It was all just another silly daydream.

And there was Debra, in nothing but a teddy. Her crotch perched on the side of the washing machine. The spin cycle still in full tilt and her mother in law there to catch her red-handed.

"Debra! I can't believe what you're doing!" Marie burst out.

Debra smiled wryly and said, "That's nothing compared to what I'm thinking."

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