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Everybody Loves The Barones


"Robert and I are getting married and we want to share everything about each other's lives. I want us to be honest and trusting." Amy said, with a straight face as Ray Barone and his wife Debra looked at each other incredulously. They were at Raymond's house. Robert and Amy had come over after dinner. The kids were at Marie's place for the night after Marie had hinted that they didn't spend enough time with their grandparents.

Amy turned to kiss Robert, who was sitting to her right. Debra leaned over to Ray, and whispered, "Remember when we were that naive?" She coughed to cover her comment and leaned back. She took a good look at Amy and Robert.

She could never see what Robert saw in Amy. She was a vacuous woman, with little to say on any topic, and not much of a looker at that. Amy was her friend, and she had introduced the two, but she was sure Robert could do better, especially since -

Her reverie was interrupted by Robert's baritone. "Sure, Amy, why don't you start? I'm sure you've got lots to tell. And then maybe we can hear from Ray - he's the real star of the family."

Amy smiled nonchalantly and said, "Sure Robert, I'd love to tell you everything. And since we're all going to be family, I think Debra and Ray should also be included. Debra and I have so much in common, don't we, Debra?"

Debra blushed and said, "Well, Amy, apart from the fact that we will soon be related by marriage to these men, and we've been friends for some time, what else do we have in common?"

"Oh! How about the time we went away on that weekend together? Do you remember? That beach resort?"

Raymond and Robert turned to Debra, incredulous looks on their faces. Robert said to Amy, "I'm sure we'd all like to hear about that, Amy. Do tell us all about this trip."

Amy smiled, sipping her drink. "We decided to do it for a lark. It was summertime and we went to that new resort up the coast, well, it was new

then. We snuck away on Friday evening. Our room had a great view. I still remember Debra checking out the hot bellboy. I think she pinched his butt!"

Everyone laughed at this. Debra gave Amy a sharp look, but smiled.

"The next day, we spent time on the beach, getting lots of appreciative glances from people. I was lazing in the sun when a sailor approached me and spoke to me. He was tall, swarthy and when he spoke it was as if he directed his entire attention to me. He flirted with me a bit and asked me if I'd like him to apply some lotion on my back. I wasn't one to shy away from attention, so I happily sat up and unhooked my bikini top, letting it fall a bit off my arms. He rubbed some lotion on his hands and began applying it on my back. He had firm hands, like yours, Robert." Amy nudged Robert as Ray began laughing.

"Well, before I knew it, his hands were creeping around and grazing my breasts. I could have told him to stop, but I didn't, Robbie. I let the top

fall away and lay back, my breasts lifting up like little hills. His fingers traced their curves, and kneaded my nipples gently."

Raymond felt his cock get hard at this, and felt a little guilty. This was his brother's fiancee, after all. He sneaked a glance at Robert and Debra, but they did not seem to be paying any attention to him. He was taken a bit aback when he saw Debra's hand slide down her thigh, and begin unconsciously tugging at the hem of her skirt. He wondered if this was wise, to be discussing such explicit topics with the family, but didn't want it to stop either.

Amy continued in a lower voice, "Well, he was making me pretty horny, and Debra was nowhere around - she had gone down to the mall, I think. I looked up at him, and nodded lower. He got the message, and settled down to allow his hands to slide down my belly and underneath my thong. I squealed as he did so. He pulled the thong down and began to stroke my clitoris. He ran his

fingers up and down, and played with the little nubs as if I was a musical instrument and he a virtuoso. There were people around, but I let him bring me to a great orgasm. He kissed me and left. I haven't seen him since."

Robert patted Amy, and kissed her, saying, "It was a long time ago, Amy. I'm sure we've all done things that we're afraid of letting out, aren't we, Debra?"

Debra took in her breath as she realized that Robert was asking a question of her that she had been dreading. She knew what Robert was referring to.

She wasn't sure why this was being discussed in front of Raymond. She laughed softly and looked Robert in the eyes, as if asking him whether this was what he wanted. She saw the twinkle that had captivated her so long ago, when she was newly married to Raymond, and had gotten to know Robert. He was married to his first wife then, although their marriage wasn't perfect.

Well, for that matter, neither was hers and Raymond's, she mused. She made up her mind in that moment, and spoke, "Sure Robert, but sometimes it's good to let things out. Makes the heart a bit lighter, don't you think?"

Robert smiled knowingly, and turned to Raymond, "Very true, Debra. Now I'm sure Raymond here has a light heart. He's mama's little boy after all - never laid a finger on any woman, I'm sure, apart from his perfect little wife."

Raymond tried to fake a grin at that, but he was a bit tired of Robert's constant prodding. He sometimes got the feeling that Robert was jealous of him. He dismissed the thought and replied, "Well, Robert, since we're all being open here, I did have a naughty thought about Amy a minute ago, when she was describing her little indiscretion."

Robert and Debra started laughing at Raymond's confession. Amy blushed. She had fancied Raymond a little, but that was more because she felt that he was very smart, with his sports writing and all.

Raymond continued, "Debra, I must tell you something though. The last time I was on a trip, when I went to Philadelphia for the game, something happened.

I had come back from the stadium and decided to have a drink at the bar. I was nursing my drink when I saw this woman come and sit down a few places from me. She was a tall, statuesque blonde - very different from you. You're cute too, though." He smiled.

Debra gave him a look that seemed to indicate trouble for him later. Raymond said, "I smiled at her. She smiled back and ordered a drink. I pulled out my pad and started making some notes on the game. I was disturbed when I heard a throaty voice beside me. She asked me if the seat beside was taken. I looked up and asked her to sit down. She did so, brushing my thighs as she did so. She asked me if I was Ray Barone. She mentioned that she had read my columns and was pleased that I was covering the game."

Robert smirked. "The famous Ray Barone has a fan in every port, it seems"

Raymond ignored Robert and pushed on, knowing his story would change his relationship with Debra. "We spoke a bit about the game. She confessed that she did not really follow sports. I began to explain the basics of baseball to her. She seemed quite interested. Before we knew it, the bartender was asking us if we wanted a last drink before the bar closed. I looked at her, and took the most daring decision of my life. I asked her if she'd like to join me for a nightcap in my room. She agreed."

Debra swung around and looked at Raymond. She was speechless, but her knowledge of her own culpability that Raymond was unaware of, made her calm down and give Raymond a sweet snide smile. "Really, Raymond? That was daring of you. She must have been some blonde!"

Raymond felt somewhat confused. He had expected Debra to tear him a new asshole. Steeling his nerve, he went on. "In the elevator, I was taken aback when Connie ran her nails down my chest. She gave me a naughty look, then stepped up and kissed me. She mumbled an apology, but said that she'd been wanting to do that all evening."

"I stammered and said that I was married, and showed her the ring on my hand. She took my hand and kissed it, then ran her tongue over the fingers.

It was a strange feeling - one I'd never felt before. I didn't know how to react. I decided to let matters take their own course."

Robert nudged Ray. "Did my darling brother finally get some? Has the dam broken? Are America's women safe?"

"Shut up, Robert. Let Raymond talk." Debra said.

Ray rubbed his hands together and put his arm around Debra. He gazed at nothing in particular and said, "We reached my room and I poured a couple of drinks at the minibar. When I turned around, she was lying on the bed. She had taken her shirt off, and was wearing only her tight blue jeans. I gulped at the drink and looked away. She turned on her side towards me and beckoned me with a crooked finger. I put the drinks down and felt my legs walk me to the bed. When I reached, she sat up and hooked her fingers in my belt. She opened the belt and unhooked my pants. They slipped down my legs as her fingers crept through my boxers and flirted with my cock. She pulled my boxers down as I felt my penis harden. Then she pushed herself forward on her arms and took it into her mouth. She swirled at the tip, and then took it in deep. She sucked my cock for a long time before letting it slip out of her mouth just as I felt an orgasm build. She threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me, slipping out of her jeans as she did so. She was naked now while I still had my shirt on. She thrust my cock into her pussy, clutching my shoulders as she did so. She began to raise herself up and down on my cock, I let my hands venture up and touch her breasts. She was in a different realm, her head flung back, with its blonde mane bouncing around as she heaved and bucked on me. She then trembled and clutched me harder as she orgasmed. I felt myself spurt and come in her at the same moment.

Confused thoughts ran through my head, but I felt a sense of liberation too. I'm really sorry Debra - I was unable to control myself."

Raymond buried his head in Debra's shoulder at the last words. To his surprise, she lifted it up and kissed him gently, saying "It's OK, Raymond. You're only human. I'm sure she was irresistible. I guess I understand why you've been buying me all these gifts since you came back."

The story had turned Robert on. It tickled him to see his brother had some faults that he was willing to admit to. He knew this was not the time to make a light comment so he kept quiet.

"What about you, Robert? And Debra? Haven't you done anything naughty? Or are you both a pair of goody-two-shoes?" Amy broke the silence, looking at her fiancee and her friend.

Debra was about to retort, but checked herself. Robert defused the situation, saying. I'm sure we aren't, Amy. I know I am not. But that story

will have to wait for another day. It is later than I expected. I have to be at the station in an hour for my shift."

Debra stole a glance at Robert. She knew he was deferring the topic of their near-infidelity. They almost had had sex once, when Robert had just broken up with his first wife. He had seemed in so much pain that her heart had gone out to him. He had pulled back at the last moment, not wanting to hurt his brother. She had lusted for him ever since, but nothing had come of it - so far.

She decided to put Raymond out his guilt, and at the same time call it quits for the night. "That's fine, Robert. It's been a long night. And I think I'd rather tell you about my indiscretions another time. I am no Miss Prim and Proper, you know. Raymond, don't ask me anymore now, but there are some events in my life I've kept from you. I may share them someday, but not now. And I still love you. Now come here."

She pulled Raymond to her and kissed him hard and deep on the lips, not letting go. She indicated with her eyes to Robert and Amy that they should leave. They got the message and crept out of the room, closing the house door behind them. Robert had got hard again, and intended to fuck the bejeebers out of Amy when he got home from his shift.

Meanwhile, back in the Barones' residence, Debra helped Raymond to his feet and led him upstairs, dropping her clothes as she did so. She knew it would take some special loving to put her darling husband back on track, and she would be more than happy to do so.

As for Raymond, he was confused at the revelation that his wife had her own dark secrets. He was aroused by the thought, and because he felt he'd got away with not much more than a slap on the cheek. He watched Debra go to the cupboard and begin to pull out some of their special sex toys. The night looked it would end happily after all.

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