tagGroup SexEverybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 10

Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 10


**Saturday Morning**

I knew when I went to bed last night that I wouldn't be able to sleep in. Today was the first day of our first photo shoot for my new company, Red Brick Photography or RBP for short. I should clarify that in ownership, it is my company; but without the help of Britt, my luscious blonde girlfriend, who was currently sprawled, bare-ass naked across me, it would still be just a hobby. I therefore usually refer to it as our company.

Neither of us had moved during the night, physically drained after some incredible sex. In the short time we have been together, it has all been incredible. And it's not like we're consciously trying to out-do the last round, but between Britt's voracious sexual appetite and spontaneity and my goal to just try and keep up with her, well it just seems to get better and better; and today promised to follow that pattern.

One of Britt's roommates, Gina, would be joining us today to help with the photo shoot. The subject matter is a classic black Chevy El Camino that will be part of a wall calendar for a local body shop. Britt and Gina will be posing with the car, scantily clad in matching black and white bikinis and high-heel shoes.

I was informed last night that I was to expect, and had permission to help bring Gina's trepidation of the opposite sex to an end, or at least start in that direction. Gina's traumatic experience with an ex had driven her to play for the other team as it were, albeit a small team. She, Britt and the third musketeer, Kate, have lived a Sapphic lifestyle for the past year. That is until Britt and I happened. Since then I've had a tag-team hand job from Gina and Britt in a fancy steak house, and little Kate had her small hand stuffed down my pants while I fondled her little tits in the middle of a mall parking lot. I have also had my cock between the lips of both girls briefly as they were all involved in a ménage à trois which I was fortunate enough to photograph. Britt and I have basically fucked our brains out since we met.

So here I lay, counting my lucky stars with a piss hard-on. I gently lifted arms and legs trying to slide out of underneath my lover. Britt grumbled and fought the sheets as I slipped off to the bathroom. Relieved and refreshed, I gargled a little mouthwash and returned to the bedroom, intending to grab a couple more Z's. The sight before me quickly changed my mind.

Britt and I had previously discussed how a little pussy each morning instead of bacon and eggs might bring about some health benefits. So her being spread out, basically offering herself for the taking, I figured I'd go ahead and partake. I proceeded to carefully belly-crawl between her legs until I could reach her smooth shaved flower with my tongue. I licked around the perimeter of her outer lips, her aroma was intoxicating. Britt moaned and shifted a bit, her legs now conveniently spread a little wider. I ran my tongue up her slit, coaxing her inner lips out of hiding. Now a little bolder, I stiffened my tongue and went in search of her clit, slipping in under the little pink hood. This got the reaction I was looking for as she moaned again, her inner lips now peeking out. My tongue went back to work, delving within her center petals, gathering a bit of nectar which I spread over the rest of this lovely blossom. My lover moaned louder and bent one leg at the knee, spreading further yet and exposing her little puckered asshole. Unable to resist, I ran my tongue across it before stabbing at it with the tip of my tongue.

Her hips bucked and she groaned as I felt her hand on the top of my head; I had been discovered. No longer concerned about disturbing her, I dove in for the main course. My tongue slid in and I lapped up her juices as my nose played with her clit. Her hand full of my hair, she pulled me into her, trying to fuck herself with my face. I was only too happy to oblige as I licked and sucked while she squirmed.

I managed to get one hand up under my chin and my index finger slid inside, exploring and gently massaging. Britt's pussy flowed as her juices ran down her ass crack providing the lubrication I needed to slowly introduce my middle finger to her ass. I slowly fucked her pussy and ass with my right hand as my left crawled up in search of a stiff nipple. I found it and squeezed it as I took her equally stiff clit between my lips and suckled, tickling the tip with my tongue. This magical combination of synchronized licking, sucking, tweaking and fucking soon had her writhing on the mattress.

I was in a headlock between her thighs that would make an Olympic wrestling coach proud. Britt cursed through her climax, "Oh you fucker! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck..." as one orgasm led to the next. Slowly, her grip on my head lessened as her pussy relinquished control of the rest of her body. I lapped up the leftovers before I moved up beside her and took her in my arms. We kissed and she licked my face like a mother cat. Satisfied that I was clean, she looked at me through heavy eyes; "So was that breakfast?"

I smiled back, "I'm not sure that 'The Pussy Diet' is going to work because I'm hungrier than when I started, but I love it as a first course." I pulled a sheet over us and we snuggled, swapping kisses and running our hands over each other, gently massaging.

"So how did you sleep," I inquired as I let my fingers play at the top of her butt crack. Britt purred as relished the attention.

"I slept like a rock. I don't think I woke up once until you got up."

"Well, I can attest that neither of us moved much. You were lying on top of me this morning just as you were last night. It's a great way to wake up in the morning, but I had to pee, so I'm sorry I woke you."

"Oh you didn't really wake me until you decided to have breakfast; now that is the way to wake up in the morning, "she smiled.

Glancing at the clock, I asked, "What time is Gina coming over?"

"I don't think we set a specific time. Let me text her and find out." Britt rolled over to reach the bedside table, displaying her beautiful backside. I rolled over too, hugging her from behind, nuzzling her neck with my cock nuzzling her ass. I played with her breasts as he giggled and squirmed trying to text while I played.

"I'm not sure what I finally sent. Between your dick and hands and auto-correct, God knows what it says." Britt managed to roll back over until we were face to face again. We kissed and fondled one another until we heard her Blackberry chime.

"Shit, "she said when she realized she had put the phone back on the night stand. "Behave, "she admonished me as she rolled back over to retrieve the cell. Never a good listener, I grabbed an ass cheek with each hand as she tried to read the message.

Britt laughed as she 'fought' to get away from my butt assault. "Gina knew it was me, but the message didn't make any sense. She wants me to just call her."

"Okay, so call, "I said as I had an arm around her waist, my fingers running around her belly button; "I'll behave."

"Yeah, right, "she replied as she hit 'G' for Gina.

"Hi babe, "she said as Gina answered the phone. "Yeah, sorry about that; George was poking me in the ass with his dick and tweaking my nipples while I was trying to text."

"No, we're still in bed. We didn't know what time you were coming over this morning...... Oh, okay, that'll be fine....... What?......Oh, sure....."

Britt reached down and grabbed my cock and gave it a couple strokes; "Gina say's Hi."

I answered by sliding my hand down her belly to running my fingers over her pussy. Britt moaned into the phone as I said, "Tell her hello for me," as I nibbled on her ear.

"Unnnh...George says Hi too. What?.....No, he.....We'll talk when you get here.... Okay, see you then....Love you too."

My blonde vixen put her phone back on the table and rolled back into my arms and we made out like a couple high-schoolers. Taking my cock back in her hand, she said, "We have time to take care of this before Gina gets here."

I placed my hand on hers, "You know I'd like nothing better, but I really need to get set up and I think I'll save my strength for later," kissing her again.

Britt laughed as she rolled out of bed and walked, bare ass bouncing, toward the bathroom; "Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?"

I sat up, watching her go through the door, my hard-on pointing at her, "Well last night you said....Ah hell," as I heard her continue to giggle.

**Mid Morning**

I'd grabbed a cup of coffee and a bagel and went to work setting up the lights and gathering up whatever I thought I needed from my upstairs studio. I'd opened the big door earlier, just enough for Gina to get her car through. This time she would at least have to brake before she came blasting into the warehouse; the girl has a bit of a lead foot.

I was wet mopping an area in front of the painted floor which was part of the background I had built for the shoot. I heard a screech and a gnashing of gears as Gina rolled into the warehouse. Seriously, the girl drove like Charlise Theron in her Mini Cooper in the movie 'The Italian Job'. Britt met her at her car as she got out and they hugged and shared a long kiss. Britt had on her satin running shorts and a cropped wife-beater while Gina had on the shortest pair of daisy-dukes I've ever seen. She also had a little shirt with spaghetti straps that was at least two sizes too small. Walking over to where I was mopping, they tittered and giggled the whole way. I stopped long enough to get a long hug and kiss from Gina.

"So do you do windows too?" Britt kidded.

"No, I leave that for the hired help, "I answered as I swung the mop her way.

"Hey, "she yelped as she jumped out of the way. "No really, what are you doing?"

"What I'm doing, "I explained "is getting up all the dirt and dust off the floor, so that when we roll the car up onto the set, it won't leave any tracks. We'll have to wipe down the tires as we roll it onto this clean spot."

"Well aren't you the smart one, "Gina said. "And the walls here are pretty impressive too. Oh, "she said as she glanced to far corner of the building, "There's the car! Oh it's so pretty."

"So, "said my partner in crime, "What can we do to help?"

"Well, the manual labor is about all done. If you want, go grab the keys to this hot rod and we'll get it in place."

As the girls ran off to the office to get the keys, I yelled after them, "And Gina is not allowed to drive it!"

The brunette stopped long enough to turn and stick her tongue out at me. After a few minutes they came back out with the keys and a couple bags, which I assumed contained the bikinis and the shoes. Britt handed me the keys, "Do you want to drive it or do you want me to?"

"I'll get it, "I said. "Would you grab that bucket of water and a couple of those old t-shirts and we'll wipe the treads down. We'll have to be careful too not to get any footprints on the floor either. I can Photoshop them out, but we might as well be try to do it right the first time."

I slid into the leather seat of the truck and fired it up. It sounded incredible with a throaty rumble as I idled it into position. I started to get out and help with the cleaning when Britt said, "Just stay there, we'll each get a side and you can roll it forward as we go."

"Sounds like a plan, "I said, proud that she was thinking about the most expedient way to get it done. I also enjoyed the view as both girls bent over, their butts pointed my way. They both straightened up and smiled knowingly at me as they had me move forward. It didn't take but a couple minutes to get all four wheels on the clean floor area. I shut it down and started to step out when I heard, "Get those dirty shoes off before you step on our nice clean floor."

I could do nothing but laugh and say, "Yes Mam." I dutifully removed my shoes and walked around the car, looking for flaws and trying to figure out the best angles to shoot it. "I think we'll just move it in at an angle across the corner with the driver's side facing out. That way we can shoot the nose and side and if we need to shoot the rear end, we'll have to turn it around."

"Okay, "the girls chimed. I got back in and moved it into place, careful not to twist the wheels when it wasn't moving. I got back out and looked it over again. "Looks good ladies; I just need to get the lights set and we're ready to rock and roll."

"So, I guess we'll get ready, "said my lovely assistant. "Do you care which suits we wear first?"

"I guess it doesn't matter because I haven't seen any of them anyway. Did you happen to get any that looked a little retro by chance?"

"Yeah, "said Gina, "we carry a line that has like boy shorts and the tops have more coverage, almost like a sports bra."

"Well, "I said, "the more skin the better as far as I'm concerned, but you never know. Tell you what; let's move from most revealing to least, figuring that if there are any marks left by straps or waist bands, odds are the next suit will cover them."

"Boy, you do think of everything, don't you, "Gina smiled.

"Well, not everything, "I said as I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand." I should have brought the modesty screen downstairs for you to change behind."

Both the girls nearly doubled over in laughter, "It's a bit late to worry about modesty with us don't you think, "Britt asked. She glanced at Gina who nodded and they both proceeded to strip down then and there.

'Only in my wildest dreams' I said to myself as they turned to get the bags that held their bikinis and shoes. Two beautiful women, one blonde, one brunette, both with incredible bodies; maybe I should have gotten off this morning; because it looked like I'd have a hard-on all morning.

I got a little reprieve while I set up the lights and got my camera ready. The girls were ready when I was and I don't think I've seen a lovelier sight. Britt, with her long blonde hair wore a black string bikini that tied at the hips and at her back on top. A very small triangular piece served the purpose on the bottom, while two equally small pieces revealed more than less of her ample C-cups. Gina's suit was of the same design but in white to contrast her darker skin tone and dark hair. The little isosceles triangles nearly lost the battle when it came to Gina's D-cups. They had brushed out each other's hair until it shined and did each other's makeup. The makeup was minimal, but it gave them a bit of a glow.

As before, once I got them started on poses and they had an idea of what I wanted, they quickly took the lead and about all I had to do was focus and shoot. I took over 200 shots of the girls in this first round. They interacted with each other, teasing each other and me. There were a lot of shots that we all knew couldn't be used, but we took them anyway. On one shot, they were both bent over the hood, their butts out and their legs spread. Their gorgeous legs were tight and the little string that ran up their crack stretched taut over their little pink stars. If I wasn't trying to be a professional, I would have stepped up and rimmed them both, just because. The bulge in my shorts was obvious and the girls didn't pretend not to notice.

"Alright, "I said, adjusting myself, "I think that is enough with that style. Are you ready for the next one?"

Britt walked up and kissed me while she grabbed my package through my shorts. "We're ready if you are, "she said.

Gina was bent over the bags and I instinctively snapped off a couple shots. Britt still had a hold of me and squeezed a little harder as I showed her the shot in the back of the camera. "Nice ass, "she yelled across the set.

Gina twisted to look at us and then gave herself a slap on the ass; "Glad you like it. Do you guys want some water "she asked as she held up a couple bottles?

"Sure, "we replied as we met her half way. "Show her the picture, "Britt told me.

Gina moved to my side as I tilted the camera toward her. "Very nice if I do say so myself; so you're an ass man, are you?" as I felt her hand reaching for the front of my shorts.

Pausing to formulate a witty comeback, I found myself sandwiched between Britt's hand on my ass; evidently to block my retreat, and Gina's now on my crotch, palming my stiffness. Gina's stare was intense and her nostrils flared as she awaited my answer.

Hell, I'd forgotten the question....focus, focus...oh yeah, ass man. Throwing witty to the wind, I answered; "Ass, legs, tits....I love the whole package,"

Squeezing my package, she licked her lips and responded, "Good answer, here's your water."

Gina felt my cock throb as I took the water bottle from her. Giving me a parting tug, she stepped back as Britt gave my butt a pinch and turned to follow her girl back to where the clothes were. I dumbly stared after them, trying to twist the top off the water bottle.

I turned away to tweak the light placement a bit and listened as the girls talked and giggled as they changed into the next bikinis. These suits covered a little more territory and could be called one-piece in that they were sort of connected together with a couple crisscrossed strings across their firm midsections.

"God, you girls are sexy, "I said as we went through the poses. The girls played off each other, pulling on strings and just teasing each other. I got a couple comical shots of them pulling each other's bottoms out and checking to see what lay within, a look of surprise on their faces. The girls were having a great time and we were getting some great shots. It was going to be difficult to cull though them and just pick out a few. If there is a problem with digital photography, that is it. Before I knew it, we had a couple hundred shots of them in these suits.

I glanced at my watch and saw it was nearly noon. "Do you girls want to stop for lunch? I'm sure we can scrounge up something."

"I could eat anytime, "Gina said as she took a drink of water. She then let out a yelp and splashed water down her front as Britt slapped her on the ass as she walked by. I watched in amusement as they chased each other around in a small circle. I also noticed the way Gina's skin glistened where she had spilled; then I glanced at the car and notice how the lacquer paint job also shimmered under the lights.

"Girls, girls, "I yelled, "I have an idea." Winded and with no clear winner, they gratefully stopped and looked my way.

"Do me a favor and go stand by the car." They dutifully went over and stood by the car. I walked up to them and took each by the hip and turned them to what I thought would be the optimum position. Then to their surprise, I cupped my hand on each of their stomachs and poured some of my water on them, spreading it around, careful not to get any on the floor. Still looking a bit bewildered, they stood there as I sprinted back to my shooting position and fired off a dozen shots.

I stood there and scrolled back through the shots to see if I got the look I thought I would. The girls quietly walked over and leaned in to see what I was looking at. "Oh, I get it," said Britt. "Look Gina, we shine just like the car does. That could look good babe, but we'll never stay wet long under these lights."

They both stared at me, trying to read my mind, when in unison we all proclaimed, "Oil!" They girls giggled and clapped. "Ooo, I've always wanted to oil wrestle, "said Gina.

Britt's eyes shined and with a devilish smile, she replied, "I was thinking more along the line of those Japanese massages where they use their bodies to massage with." Britt glanced down, proud to see that my dick thought that was a hell of an idea.

"If you girls wouldn't mind, how about changing back into the first suits. I have some baby oil that should work. We could do those shots real quick and then we can take a break?"

"And can we ask why you happen to have baby oil, "Britt inquired as Gina laughed along.

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