tagErotic CouplingsEverybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 12

Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 12


Everybody Needs a Hobby – Part 12

**Tuesday afternoon**

It had been a relatively uneventful day. Work was going fine; no big fires to put out and Britt; my oversexed, beautiful blonde girlfriend and sort-of business partner hadn't called all day. If I'm being honest, I missed her calls, her voice and the fact that she enjoyed getting me all worked up was frustrating, but I did enjoy it.

She spent the night at home with her roommates, Gina and Kate. Kate was going to bring Britt a few bikinis that we were going to use for our photo shoot today. Before Britt and I found each other, or should I say, Britt found me, the three girls were inseparable, and their sex lives was kept in-house; no men to get in the way of their pursuit for a proper education. My introduction into the mix had sort of stirred things up, but so far, it seemed for the better.

Oh sure, you'd say, of course it's better for you; your girlfriend is a knock-out blonde who's willing to do anything with you and for you, sexually and otherwise. And then to make things even better, she is so confident and open-minded, she is willing, even wants, to share you with her best friends. Of course, the sharing goes both ways; not only are you the luckiest guy on earth, but it seems that the girls benefit too, at least in the short run. God only know where this is leading, how long the fantasy will last, but what the hell, bring it on.

Anyway, about the time I think I'd better check in with Britt, my cell rings. I tap the side of the Bluetooth in my ear hoping the damn thing works this time; "This is George."

"Hi lover," comes the sweet voice I love to hear. "I thought I better check in with you. So how's your day been?"

"Well, it started good," referring to the 'Three-pussy' photo she'd emailed me this morning, "the middle's been okay, kind of boring; but just now it got a whole lot better."

"Aww, well I'm glad I can make your day a little better. I can't wait to show you what I can do for your night," she purred suggestively.

"Yeah," I answered, "well I'll be ready. I abstained from jacking off to the photo you sent this morning."

"Oh goody, "she giggled in her little girl voice. "The hot rod got here about an hour ago and it is really cool. I think you should get one; it would be a blast to drive around on the weekends, you know, down by the beach."

"Yeah, well we'll see how this photography business goes. Maybe we could write it off as a company car, you know, put a sign on it and use it as a prop. The more I talk about it, it might make some sense. You keep thinking and we'll make this business work yet."

"Oh, I don't have any doubts that the business is going to go," she answered. "That is one of the things I was going to talk to you about. Other than the car being delivered, we got an email from a woman who wants to do some portrait work, I think. I said, 'I think' because the message is a little vague. She wants someone to give her a call to discuss what she wants, so I thought I should call you first and see what you wanted to do."

I almost missed my turn, pondering about the email; "Yeah sure, go ahead and give her a call and see what she has in mind. You don't have to commit to anything; you can just tell her that you need to talk to me afterwards to make sure we can give her what she wants. How does that sound?"

"Okay, that'll work. I'll call her and see what she has in mind. I won't promise anything until we talk."

"Sounds good, so I take it you have the swimsuits for our shoot today?"

"Oh, yeah," Britt said with a little too much enthusiasm. "Kate came through for us. She even gave me one to keep because she said they could never sell it in the store. It is a sample that a company sent them. I guess companies do that all the time."

My mind reeled at the possibilities. "Is it anything like those suits that you girls have that you wore for me when I first met Kate and Gina?" I was referring to these little string numbers that were like some kind of macramé gone bad; or good, as far as I was concerned.

Britt laughed, "Not really, but I will tell you that the photo session that produced the shot I sent you started right after I tried on this suit."

"Okay, now I'm really anxious to get back to the studio. Well, I better get back to work. I'll see you in a couple hours."

"Can't wait baby; Suck you soon, "she giggled, hanging up the phone.

"What a goof ball," I said out loud. 'Yeah you lucky bastard, and she's your goofball,' I told myself.

**Late Afternoon**

I rolled up to the warehouse about 4:30 and cussed the big rolling door. I had a line on a big operator for the door; I really need to get back on that. In and out of the truck, door opened and closed, I pulled up next to Britt's car, half expecting her to greet me from the office again, like she did the other day, flashing her tits at me like a girl begging for beads at Mardi Gras. Nothing; and I glanced at the candy-apple red hot rod sitting in front of the set as I went upstairs to the office/studio. No one home; I went back downstairs into the house. Heading into the kitchen to get a drink, I heard the shower in the master bath running. I peeked around the corner and had to wait a couple minutes for my eyes to adjust. The lights in the shower were in the starlight mode, a random twinkling of fiber optic specks. Britt stood in the rain, her long blonde hair lathered, her body slick and shining as the excess suds loitered on her various bumps and curves.

I threw my clothes off as quickly as I could, hindered by a hard-on, and snuck back to the shower. With her back to me, I quietly opened the door, but a little cool breeze must have given me away. "I wondered if I'd get away with washing my own hair," she said, turning her voluptuous body toward me. I took her slippery form in my arms and kissed her, my hands roaming around her backside. She moaned her approval in our kiss, her hands on my butt, grinding against my stiffness.

I walked her backwards and turned on the regular shower. Tilting her head back to keep the soap out of her eyes, I took the opportunity to nibble at her throat as I ran my fingers through her hair, her fingers busy playing with my erection. I escaped her grasp and turned her around and worked in the conditioner, massaging her scalp, evoking sighs of contentment. Strictly following the instructions on the bottle to let the hair product do its magic for a couple minutes, I used the time to draw her backside tight to me and let me hands wander, scrutinizing the terrain. Britt leaned her head back and sideways, offering her neck and ear to snack on while my hands skirted the hills and valleys that made up her sumptuous front side. My stiffness found its way home, nestled between her legs, her pussy lips hugging me.

Any other time, we would have let nature take its course and been fucking like bunnies, but we had work to do and Britt's promise to fuck me senseless on the hood of the hot rod was enough to strengthen my resolve. I rinsed us off and escorted her out of the shower and we dried each other off with the oversized bath sheets. Britt continued to incite me, grabbing me whenever the opportunity arose; "C'mon, just a little," she pleaded mockingly.

I finally had to play the 'Boss' card; "Okay, let's get serious now. We need to get this shot tonight and I'd like to be in bed before midnight. Turn around and let me get your hair dried."

Obediently, Britt handed me the brush while she held onto the hair dryer, patiently waiting for me to work out the tangles. "You're right," she said; "work comes first and I want to make sure we have plenty of time to do the second shoot. I've been wet all day just thinking about it." She reached back; just to make sure she still had my attention.

I tried to distract her as she vainly tried to grope me; "So, did you get back to the lady who wanted to do the portrait work?"

"Oh yeah, I'm sorry. I've been thinking so much about riding your dick I kinda forgot about it," she giggled, glancing back to take a peek at my state of arousal. "I did talk to her and I'm still a little unclear about what she really wants and she sounded kind of nervous and shy on the phone. Basically, she has a boyfriend stationed overseas and she wants to send him some photos of her. They do the Skype thing and she started to get real flustered when she talked about that. I got the feeling that she doesn't trust computers and email and that kind of thing, so that's why she wants to do some photographs."

"Okay, so how old do you guess she is?" I asked as I reached around to take the hair dryer from her. Britt took the opportunity to grab my semi-erect cock and give it a couple slow tugs while leaning in for a quick kiss. Shaking my head in wonder, I got back behind her and flipped on the dryer; "SO?" I said loudly over the roar of 1500 watts and a screaming fan.

"WHAT?" she yelled back.




Britt reached back and ran her fingers though her hair, helping with the drying operation. I caught her eye in the mirror as I admired her resplendent body in the reflection. She even looked sexy yelling, "I'M SORRY, I GUESS I SHOULD HAVE TRIED TO GET MORE OUT OF HER, BUT SHE SEEMED SO NERVOUS THAT I DIDN'T WANT TO PUSH IT. IF I DON'T HEAR BACK TOMORROW, I'LL CALL HER." She smiled and then placed her hands under her breasts, forcing them up, showing them off, and then threw me an air-kiss.

I leaned forward and kissed the back of her head and then dropped the hair dryer lower, 'goosing' her with the warm air. "Hey!" she yelped, jumping away as I turned off the dryer.

"All done," I laughed as I set the dryer on the counter. "Hand me the brush please."

With a pouty look, she handed me the brush and I somewhat reverently brushed out her luxurious mane. I felt her staring at me in the mirror, probably curious as to my infatuation with her hair. I've asked myself the same question and my only answer is that I somehow equate femininity with long hair and have a natural attraction to women with long hair. There are some beautiful women who can pull off a short cut and it even adds to the beauty of their face, maybe frames it just right; but given the choice of say a Demi Moore with a shaved head and one with long hair; I'll take the latter without a second thought.

I heard her talking, but my mind was elsewhere; "Pardon, what was that?"

"I said," with a huge smile on her face, "If you keep that up, I won't have any hair left."

"Oh!" I answered, uncharacteristically flustered, "I'm sorry, I was just thinking about something else and lost track."

Britt turned to me and took the brush from me and with a half dozen strokes had mine in place; "What were you thinking about?"

Back on track, I took the brush back and fussed with her part and then kissed her lightly on the lips. "I was just thinking," as I put the brush back on the counter and took her in my arms; "how beautiful you are and how lucky I am," kissing her once more.

It took all the fortitude we could muster to not run into the bedroom and attempt to wear out the mattress. "Okay gorgeous," I said as I gave her another kiss; "You do whatever you do to get ready and I'll go setup to shoot."

"Okay lover," she said, leaning down and giving my prick a little peck. Turning away and purposely shaking her butt, she looked over her shoulder and said, "Don't forget the little remote thingy," referring to the remote that lets me trigger the camera from a distance.

"Yeah, like I'd forget that," I laughed. "I even made sure I had a spare battery for it, just in case."

Britt disappeared into the walk-in closet and I grabbed a pair of shorts and my flip-flops and headed toward the front door.

**Twenty minutes later**

I had all the lights set and plugged in and the hot rod was light enough that I could push it into place by myself. This ride was nice with the deep red paint, and all the chrome. The upholstery was black leather that had a nice tuck and roll job. Someone had put a lot of love and sweat into this one. Just for grins, I walked to the front end and pushed on the hood, assessing its stability. Satisfied, I gently sat on it and bounced a little, checking out the suspension. This would be a sweet ride...wink, wink.

I heard the slight clicking sound of high heels on concrete and twisted to watch my favorite model strut toward me; her long legs glistened, showing the definition in her calves and thighs. Even the retro Rolling Stones t-shirt she had on looked sexy; just long enough to hit the top of her legs. My construction upbringing compelled me to let out a long wolf-whistle, causing her to smile widely.

Britt set down the little paper bag that I hadn't noticed she was carrying, deducing that it contained the wardrobe changes. With these suits, it didn't take a very big bag. Grabbing my camera and checking the settings, I said, "Okay, I guess we're ready."

I looked up and watched as Britt grabbed the shirt and lifted it over her head. I nearly forgot to breathe as the unveiling took place. The bottoms, well the piece that goes at the bottom, consisted of string that was about the thickness of the yarn my mom used to knit sweaters out of; and where the little triangular piece that covers the promise land usually is; well that appeared to be, well, invisible. I swear that I could see her pussy lips framed by a triangle of string. The top was equally revealing consisting of what I equate to a little knitted yarn washer, the outside diameter not quite big enough to cover her areola and the center hole snuggly hugged her erect nipple which protruded proudly. A couple more strings held the thing in place.

I stood there, mouth agape as she tossed the shirt aside, fluffed her hair and struck a pose; "Ta-da."

Instinctively, I snapped off a couple shots, not really caring whether the lights were positioned correctly or not and then stepped up for a closer inspection. "So, what do you think?" she asked, doing a slow 360.

"I think I want to eat you up, right where you stand. I take it this is the suit that you said they couldn't sell in the store?"

"Yeah," she giggled, twisting and turning so I got the full effect of the suit. "Believe it or not, the maker gave them a suggested retail price of $60.00 for this. Can you believe that?" She turned again, and bent forward slightly showing the yarn smartly spanning her tight ass pucker. My cock lurched at the sight.

"Well I can see why John figured he couldn't sell many of these and I'm not sure it'll make it in the calendar, but I sure as hell want it for ours." I stepped up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, not wanting to muss her lipstick and at the same time ran a finger between her pussy lips, sending a tremor through her. I licked her essence off my finger; "now let's get this started before I fuck you right here on the floor."

Britt didn't utter a word and was obviously hot and bothered, her chest flushed red and her eyes darkened. We managed to find a couple positions that looked good and suggestive, but maybe a bit too suggestive and as she moved from pose to pose, she just got more and more turned on. After about ten minutes of shooting she turned and said in a throaty voice, "I'm so fuckin' turned on, how about a couple naughty shots and then we move on?"

I could only nod in agreement, thankful again for multi-gigabyte cards and loose shorts. I kept my eye to the viewfinder, the lights flashing all around us as Britt leaned over the side of the driver's door, one hand on the wheel, peering down like she was looking for something on the seat. Meanwhile her other hand was snaked up between her legs, two fingers spreading her lips, her pink core shimmering with heat. She glanced back at me, her eyes black, and licked her lips as she slid one finger, then two, then a third into her pussy, slowly fucking herself, bringing herself to the edge until her body erupted in climax, her juices coating her hand. The muscles in her legs and butt clinched, more defined under the lights, as they fought to keep her upright. I had zoomed in for a closer look, my finger on the shutter release, automatically capturing the lustful event. I pulled back and took a couple more shots as she recovered, her chest heaving, breasts straddling the tuck and roll seat back.

I sat the Nikon down and walked over to her, helping her straighten up. I ran my hands over her slick torso, a calming massage. She turned her head, "Sorry, I just had to do get off. Between the shower, the hair drying and this suit, it was either this or just rape you."

"Don't ever apologize for something like that," I assured her. "That was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. If I hadn't needed both hands to shoot with, I'd have been jacking off right along with you."

Britt shuddered at the thought, "Ah fuck, we need to do that. The girls and I sometimes sit opposite each other and finger ourselves until we cum; it's kind of like a race to see who can cream first. Most times we don't make it and just start eating each other....Fuck; I'm getting horny again," her hand moving slightly at her crotch.

I stepped back and put my arm around her waist, leading her to where she dropped the little bag of clothes. "You think you're horny?" nodding my head downward. Britt smiled with pride as she saw the bulge; my cock trying to rip through my shorts. "Let's get you into a real suit and get this shoot done."

I couldn't recall ever hurriedly helping a woman get clothes on before; it's generally the other way around; and this is a helluva lot more frustrating. I was nearly beside myself as I helped her into the royal blue string number and then reapplied some body lotion where she had sweated it off while writhing on the little red two-seater. I had to keep reminding myself that soon enough I'd have my cock parked in her tight snatch and we'd be fucking each other until we couldn't stand.

"Okay gorgeous," I said, repositioning my hard-on in my shorts, causing her to laugh at my discomfort. "Hey, it's all your fault, now let's get this done."

We somehow reverted to a more professional mode and got some awesome shots. Again, we had to be cognizant of the fact that we were shooting a car calendar, not a girly calendar, but honestly; who was going to take a second look at the car?

"You're amazing," I told her as she managed on her own to put on the next bikini while I scrolled through the shots.

"Well thank you sir," she replied as she pulled on an impossibly tight little set of boy shorts with an equally tight, tiny top. The material was so thin it only had one side and it reflected every detail of the skin it barely covered. Her nipples threatened to burst through and her camel-toe and butt crack were so profound, you'd have placed a week's wages on the bottoms actually being paint instead of some miracle fabric.

"Wow," was all I could say as we started shooting. It took a little more positioning to keep it 'R' rated, and the few shots that weren't were really art at a different level. Again I had to tell her how absolutely breathtaking she looked; she radiated sex.

When it was all said and done, we had a couple hundred shots, so there would be no problem coming up with the perfect one that showed off the car as well as the voluptuous blonde. I had the foresight to bring out a couple bottles of water that we drank as we scrolled through the shots; Britt tucked in close to get a good look at the little screen on the camera body. I could feel the heat from her body, her breathing slightly more rapid as we looked at more photos.

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