Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 18


"Wait, wait," Becky gasped, gently breaking Britt's lip-lock. Once again a frustrated look fell over the blonde as Becky held up a finger and said, "Just a minute," and she disappeared down the ladder.

"What the..." she muttered as she ran her hands through her hair and said to herself, 'If I had a dick, I'd have the blue balls to go with it.'

"Here...can you take this?" she heard from the hole in the roof and saw the top of a canvas bag. Britt grabbed the bulky bag and held out a hand to help Becky back onto the deck, admiring her c-cups framed by the open vest.

"Sorry about that," Becky explained, "but if we're going to be up here long, I need some things." Britt looked on, somewhat stunned, as Becky pulled a couple large beach towels, some bottled water and some sunscreen.

"Well you little schemer you," Britt gasped in surprise; "you had this all figured out in advance."

"Well," she answered with a little blush, twisting her hair as she squirmed; "I hoped we'd spend some time together and well, I wasn't sure if you were...well you know...I just never...well...I really like you and..."

"Jesus Chr..." was all Britt got out as she pulled her shirt over her head, wrapped Becky in her arms and kissed her like Becky had never been kissed before. Little triggers tripped and dams broke and emotions flew as Becky melted into moment. Her hands slid down Britt's hips, dropping the shorts to the deck. Britt groaned as the redhead groped at her supple ass. Not to be outdone, Britt forced the short skirt over Becky's ample hips and traded squeeze for squeeze. Britt encounter the bit of floss that split those marvelous cheeks and slipped it easily down her long legs.

"Oh myyyy...." Becky stuttered as Britt's long fingers slid along her wet pussy, triggering a quick orgasm.

Britt smiled to herself as the redhead so easy succumbed to her touch. She held her tight until the moment passed. "Wow," Becky whispered breathlessly.

Britt stepped back to admire her latest lover, "Wow is right baby; you're already turning red. We better get some sunscreen on you."

Becky was unresponsive as she stood and stared at the statuesque blonde. Britt's pussy fluttered before she too snapped back to reality, "Earth to Becky, Earth to Becky."

"Oh, I'm sorry...I just...well you're so...ah hell!" and grabbed Britt's head with both hands and kissed her until she had Britt on her back on the nearest lounge.

Britt pulled her on top of her and they writhed on each other, legs intertwined, pussy's rubbing each other. After what seemed like hours, they settled down and spooned, holding hands on Becky's belly.

"I think you're right," Becky whispered, breaking the serene mood.

"Right about what?"

"I should put on some sunscreen or I'll be sorry tomorrow."

"We wouldn't want to damage any of this," Britt whispered back as she cupped Becky's breasts. Becky cooed and wiggled her ass into Britt's crotch.

"Here," said Britt, jumping up and standing by the lounge; "on your belly, I'll get your backside first." Becky happily obeyed as Britt looked over the selection of sunscreen. "Good lord girl," she said, "How many kinds did you bring?"

"Well," cocking her head and admiring Britt's long legs and ass as she bent over looking at the collection of product; "I wasn't sure what you used, but there is a bottle of like 3,000 spf or something like that that I use," she giggled as he continued to stare.

Britt turned to find Becky's stare focused on what must have been her butt, but was now conveniently substituted by her glistening pussy. She took half a step forward, spreading her legs as she read the label on the bottle; "Well, the highest I could find was 65 and I didn't know it went that high. She took off the cap and squirted a bit on her finger and gave it a sniff; "Nice, no odor at all." She glanced down at Becky, who was trapped in a hypnotic trance, her eyes glued to those beautiful lips. Britt tested the spell by letting a lazy finger linger over her pussy lips. No change other than the tip of Becky's tongue running laps over her own lips.

Britt's pussy was screaming for more attention as she forced herself back to the task at hand; "Okay baby, let's start at the bottom and work our way up." Britt threw a towel on the deck and knelt at Becky's feet. She pulled off her shoes and massaged her feet, working her fingers through her toes and worked the balls of each foot. Becky was humming softly, luxuriating in Britt's expert touch. She worked the lotion into her feet and calves, rubbing and stroking her way up her thighs.

In anticipation, Becky started to spread her legs a bit more as Britt approached her butt, only to be stymied as the masseuse straddled her legs, holding them firmly together. Her moan of disappointment quickly changed to pleasure as her ass and lower back received their consideration. Becky bit her lower lip as she felt the occasional finger slip between the fleshy hemispheres, only to be left wanting.

Ready to move on, Britt moved up and Becky shivered as she felt the warm wetness travel up and then perch on her butt. Becky could imagine the sight of splayed pussy lips running up and down her sloping ass, Britt working her clit over the firm cheeks as she massaged the protective lotion onto Becky's upper back and shoulders.

Too quickly, Britt began to work her way back down, a last pass over previously explored territory. Sliding back down the slope, Britt worked her knees between the redhead's legs, spreading them enough to perch between them. Becky moaned out loud as she felt Britt split her cheeks, exposing her to the sun and her new love. "What a pretty asshole," Britt whispered a she traced a path down to the sweet pink pucker, circling it with her index finger. She let a fingertip sneak in slightly, drawing a deep gasp from the redhead; "Do you like that?" Britt inquired as she wiggled her finger slightly.

"Uh huh," came the muffled reply as she arched her back a bit, looking for more.

Britt complied, slipping in to the first knuckle and giving her a couple token strokes before slipping out and moving down further. Over the taint, a pussy anxiously awaited her probing finger. Obliging once more, Britt allowed her finger to sneak a little peek before exiting just as quickly. Becky let out an exasperated groan as Britt dismounted; "Okay baby, turn over and we'll get the front."

Britt took a second to admire the landscape and then repeated the application procedure. Working up her legs, she made sure that the insides of the thighs were protected, working in the sunscreen while watching the dew form on Becky's pussy petals. It took all of her self-control to keep from licking up all that nectar; 'Later,' she told herself. Once again she straddled the redhead's legs and worked on her tummy, playing with the pubic road sign pointing the way to Britt's much anticipated destination.

Past the bejeweled belly button and up to her proud tits, Britt did a thorough job, making sure that these precious play-things didn't burn. A couple nipple tweaks and she moved on up to her be-freckled chest, working the protective layer onto her shoulders and neck. Britt leaned down and kissed each square inch of her pretty face before applying a bit of lotion. The lips were last after a long, tongue-tangling kiss had them both panting wantonly.

Both quivering with expectation, Britt slithered back down Becky's alabaster body until she was situated once more between those shapely legs. Becky propped herself up on her elbows and watched as Britt lovingly examined her lady parts. Britt traced the outline of her outer lips, puffy with excitement. Becky's shivered as her lover dragged her index fingernail up her pussy, splitting her lips and bumping into her anxious clit. With both hands now, she spread her pussy lips wide, a vibrant pink and wet display. "Pretty pussy," Britt whispered as she dipped both thumbs inside, spreading her even more.

Becky was churning inside; never had she been inspected so thoroughly, so intimately. Her nipples visibly pulsed as she watched Britt's blonde head slowly approach her wanting sex. Britt blew on Becky's pussy, sending chills up the redhead. Her clit peeked out and Britt lightly licked it. That one light touch shot a bolt of lightning to her brain that triggered an equally rapid orgasm. "Ohhh..." Becky groaned as she bucked her hips, forcing Britt to defend herself with her tongue and lips. Becky continued to convulse as Britt sucked and licked whatever she could make contact with. She somehow managed to get those long alabaster legs over her own shoulders and took hold of Becky's beautiful butt and gained some semblance of control. "Bri...Bri...Bri..." Becky stuttered as the veteran tongued her newest lover. Her pussy was as sweet as Britt had expected it to be and she gathered all the sweet nectar she could find.

Britt felt Becky's toned legs stiffen and she knew the finale was upon them. Doubling her effort, Britt wrapped her tongue around the redheads throbbing clit and sucked lightly as she slid one, then another finger just inside Becky's sweet snatch and pressed upward, searching for the elusive spot. Britt felt the spongy spot and stroked it in rhythm with her nursing of her clit and then..."Sweet Jeez..." Becky screamed as she went rigid and her pussy exploded, sending a torrent of love in Britt's direction. Britt greedily lapped up all she was given, smiling as she consumed her reward.

Becky finally relaxed; went limp actually, and Britt licked her way to the surface and peeked at the redhead who had passed out with a smile. Britt freed herself from her leggy bonds and collapsed on the adjacent lounge and looked over the spent redhead as she licked her lips and fingers clean.

After a minute or two, Becky finally stirred, back from her blissful ride. Turning her head, she spied her new love watching her. Britt was on her side, head in hand, staring trance-like as her other hand busily stroked her own ravenous pussy. Her gaze now shifted and focused on Becky's eyes. Words weren't needed as she Britt rolled onto her back and spread her legs, her feet dropping to the deck.

Becky stood and gazed at the submissive blonde. Wanting to please, she began to drop back down to her knees and begin as her mentor had; at her feet. Britt had other ideas and reached for her; "No." Becky looked to her for direction; "Please," as she took Becky's hand and pulled her nearer. Both of their hands now rested on Britt's pussy and Becky was surprised at the heat that rose from between those long legs. Becky looked up and her own pussy twitched again as she watched Britt's tongue wetting her lips; 'message received.'

Becky lay prone, face down between those tanned thighs and took in the sights. Britt's excited sex was slick and red, her outer lips swelled with excitement. Becky was intent on being in control, having rehearsed this moment in her mind over many sessions of self-gratification. She licked her way up both thighs and Britt jumped as strands of red hair reached up and tickled her twat. Becky caught a glimpse of Britt's asshole; angry and red, as though recently abused. She cautiously approached and ventured a quick swipe with the tip of her tongue. Britt backed up defensively while taking a handful of red hair and coaxed the rookie tongue to her pussy.

Nose to pussy, Becky took a cautious lick, sampling the wares. Becky smiled inwardly as she tasted nectar every bit as sweet as her own. As she had scripted, her tongue explored, delving deep between her luscious lips and then back to the surface, exploring every nook and cranny. Britt was moaning loudly now as she tried to direct Becky's tongue with her hands entangled in the soft red hair. Becky obliged, her tongue now firmly in contact with Britt's thrumming clit.

Sensing that Britt was just about there, Becky struggled to think of what she could do to trigger the hot blonde. New at this game, it took her a second to realize that her hands were free to roam, so she shifted enough to run her hands up Britt's sides and take an ample breast in each hand. She squeezed the firm flesh, giving fair warning on what was coming next. Britt began to shake as her climax was beginning to take hold, anticipating the final sensation that would send her over the moon.

"Ohhh ffuuucccckkkk...." Britt cried as Becky twisted and pulled Britt's nipples as she lapped at her clit and she sucked on her inner pussy lips. Becky also came as the overwhelming sense of accomplishment hit her. Britt held Becky's head as she bucked against her; wave after wave washing over her.

Finally spent, Britt gently released her hold and hoarsely whispered, "Come here." With some effort, Becky made her way, pausing briefly to kiss an abused nipple or two. They held each other lovingly, kissing softly and petting one another. Like two contented feline, they both purred softly and drifted off to sleep, nose to nose.

A Southwest airliner on final approached passed over downtown. The on-board computer was in command, and the co-pilot, surveying the horizon, saw something in his peripheral vision. He nearly gave himself whiplash; craning his neck trying to look back at two beautiful naked women waving at him from a roof top as they made ready to land.

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