tagErotic CouplingsEverybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 19

Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 19


** Late Thursday afternoon **

I was just thinking about calling it a day and heading for the barn when the Bluetooth jingled in my ear. "This is George," I answered.

"Hi lover," Britt, my blonde bombshell lover, business partner and all-around heart-throb responded. "Sooo...I thought I'd fill you in on what happened since we last spoke. The delivery I got when I had to hang up on you earlier was the lounge chairs for the deck. They're already up there and they look great and they work great too," she giggled. I thought I also heard a little snicker in the background.

"Well that's good, but how did you get them up there by yourself?"

"Oh, I had a little help. Becky came by to look over yesterday's shoot and she helped me. It was easy with a rope and two people."

"Becky huh?" I questioned, not implying, but kind of implying.

"Yesss...," Britt hissed, "and then of course, we had to try them out so we got a little sun and waved at the planes as they went by," and more giggling ensued.

"Oh great," I kidded, "I hope we don't get a visit from the FAA about you girls being some sort of flight hazard."

Britt snorted out a laugh, "That's funny, but I'm sure they didn't even see us. So anyway, why I called is that Becky and I have had such a good time this afternoon, we don't want it to end, so if it's alright with you, I think we're going to go do some shopping, have some dinner and then maybe even catch a late movie. Is that okay?"

"Well I guess so," I answered, trying to sound forlorn. I could tell she wasn't buying it; "So can I ask what kind of fun you and Becky had?"

"You can ask," she whispered, "but I'll have to tell you later." Raising her voice she continued, "Anyway, since I won't be around, tonight would be a great night for you to shoot that demonic hearse and then we can get it to hell out of here."

"Yeah, okay," I muttered as my dick was listening in and thought of the possibility of taking little Kate's anal virginity in the back of the big Cadillac. "Have you spoken to either of our peeping-toms today?"

"No I haven't," she laughed. "They managed to sneak out without me seeing them."

"Well, I'll give Kate a call and we'll see if she wants to shoot tonight and make sure she has the right swimsuit. I'm thinking that just plain black, with her black hair, black car and her light skin; it'll be a nice contrast. With the hearse, it'll obviously be the October shot, with Halloween and all."

"Oh yeah, that'll be perfect. I don't know how to do it, but just a splash of red somewhere would look good too."

"Good idea babe; well you and Becky have a good time, give her a kiss for me and I'll give the girls a call. You be careful, okay?"

"Yes sir," she replied in her little girl voice. "Don't wait up, but we shouldn't be too late. I love you and have fun with the shoot tonight," she said, this time with her deep throaty, seductive voice.

"I love you too," I answered, with a little kiss over the air-waves.

** At the office **

Becky was standing next to Britt as she finished the phone call; "Okay, we're good to go, so let's go change and...oh yeah," and Britt grabbed the redhead and kissed her hard.

"Whew, what was that for?" Becky asked, out of breath.

"George told be to give you a kiss, and being the good girlfriend I am, I did," she laughed as she took Becky's hand and led her down the stairs. "Come on, I need to change and if you want, you can dig around in my clothes; we're about same size."

In what was probably record time, two women were dressed and out the door.

** Back in the truck **

I pulled over to the curb to scroll through the ever-growing list of contacts in my phone. I couldn't find a number for the store, so I opted for Kate's cell.

"Oh oh, it's George," Kate told her peeping-tom partner, Gina, as they stood behind the counter folding merchandise. Gina was doing a lot of standing today after being fisted last night while she and her horny roommate watched me have my way with Britt.

"Well go ahead and answer; we'll have to face the music sometime," Gina replied.

"Uh...hi George...uh, how are you?" Kate asked.

I decided to just play dumb and let them stew a little bit; "Just fine, and you?"

"Uh...well good, I guess...uh...what can I do for you?" She wore a worried expression as she looked at Gina and chewed on her lower lip.

"I was wondering if you girls were going to be burning the midnight oil again tonight or not."

Gina now had her head against Kate's trying to listen in. "Uh...I don't know," she said, her eyes asking Gina for a little help; Gina could only shrug her shoulders. "I don't think so...why?" she asked.

"Well, I just got off the phone with Britt and she and Becky, you know, the redhead you met yesterday; well they're going shopping and to dinner tonight and Britt thought this might be a good time to get the hearse shot; that is if you're not working late."

Kate's heart nearly jumped out of her chest. "Oh, you want me to pose with the hearse?"

"I'm sorry babe; didn't we already discuss this? I thought it was a given, particularly since Britt won't get anywhere near the car."

"Oh no," she said excitedly, "We knew Britt wasn't going to do it, but we didn't know if it would be Gina or me, or maybe both."

"Hmm...I hadn't really thought of using you both, but it is a big car. My initial thought was you because of the car being black, your black hair and then I thought of maybe just a pure black bikini. So with all the black and that sexy skin tone of yours; it'd be a great contrast."

"That makes sense," both girls nodded to themselves.

"Tell you what though, let's be prepared and have something for Gina to wear too. Britt brought up the idea of maybe getting some red in the shot, which I think might look good. So do you have something skimpy in black for you, cuz I want as much contrast as I can get I think, and maybe something matching in a pure red for Gina? I think this will probably be the October picture, so it'll kind of have that devil/Halloween theme going."

Kate's pussy was instantly wet as I asked her to make sure she was wearing something real skimpy. Even though I had seen them all naked and made love to them to boot, it still turned her on to think that they could get a rise out of me when they dressed sexy.

"Uh yeah," Kate stuttered, "I'm sure we have the perfect suits here. We'll bring a couple different ones, just to be sure."

"Oh, is Gina there today too? Britt told me that she didn't see either of you leave for work this morning, so that's good, Gina can help with the clothes. So, what time do you think you'll get home?"

"Uh...I think we may even sneak out a little early after all the overtime from the last two nights; so maybe by four?" she replied.

"I don't know that I'll make it there that early, but I'll try. I'll see you later then...love you."

"Love you too," Kate replied before ending the call. Kate was nearly jumping up and down with excitement. "I can't wait to pose with the hearse,"" she squealed, "and after what we did last night in it...oh fuck, my pussy's so wet right now!"

There was a pregnant pause and then they stared wide-eyed at each other. "What about 'the other calendar' shots?" Kate gasped hoarsely, referring to the x-rated photos Britt and I started taking from the beginning of the calendar shoot. It was going to be a private thing between her and me, but the secret didn't hold for long

"Well we know Britt won't star in that shot," Gina said. "Maybe..." and Kate could hear the gears turning; "maybe you can be Britt for this one and..." she said even more excitedly..."maybe I can shoot it!"

"Oh god," Kate moaned, "I think I'm ready to try anal, but after watching them last night, I don't know if I can do it; I mean, his cock looked fucking huge and Britt has had lots of practice taking it up the butt."

"Aw, don't worry about it baby. You know our lover boy would never hurt you, and I'll be there too, so if you really want to do it, we'll just make sure you're ready. We have all those butt plugs you know, so we can ease you into it, if you know what I mean. And," she said as she ran her hand over Kate's firm butt, "if he's running late, we can get a little head start," giving her pert ass a squeeze.

Kate shivered at the thought. Gina and Britt were her only lover's before I entered the picture, and they were very protective of each other. Kate had also developed a passion for porn and she was determined to experience it all, at least everything that turned her on. The little one had also taken a real interest in photography after being around the studio and she showed some real talent. Gina had also taken a few shots here and there and whether she was feeling left out, or taking a genuine interest, the idea of shooting Kate's first anal adventure had her pussy creaming as well.

"Well let's hurry up and get these suits taken care of and get out of here," Kate said. After taking care of the remainder of their work, they quickly grabbed a couple of extremely skimpy bikinis each and were out the door.

** Nearly 4 p.m. **

"Well we beat George here," Gina said as they pulled into the warehouse/studio/home. They pulled into their spot near the front door and carried in the little bag of clothes from the store.

"Since we're early, I'm going to go ahead and take a shower and wash my hair," said Kate as she was taking off her clothes before she even got to their bedroom. Standing naked, she ran her hand over her little slit, "I think I need a little clean-up down here too, just in case we shoot for the other calendar," she giggled as she slipped one finger into her tight little pussy. She looked up at Gina, who was licking her lips as she watched the little one's antics. "I don't suppose I could get you to give me a hand?" she asked as she licked her wet finger.

Gina's clothes were on the floor and she had the kicking and squealing Kate over her shoulder before the little one had a chance. "Let's go use George's shower; he won't mind," as she gave the squirming Kate a love slap on the butt.

They washed each other thoroughly, slippery hands and bodies covered with body wash. Gina's wandering fingers explored Kate's exotic petite frame, paying particular attention to the nether regions. Kate groaned out loud as her roommate bent her over and worked a soapy digit into her tight ass. "I don't know if this little ass of yours can take that big cock or not," as Gina worked her middle finger in and out.

"Ohhh...that does feel good," Kate moaned as Gina twisted her finger about, trying to stretch the little one's asshole. Kate cried out as Gina's thumb slipped into the pouting pussy conveniently placed just below, working both of them steadily. "Ahh fuck..." she moaned again, rocking hard into Gina's hand.

They needed to finish up and get ready for the shoot and Gina was tempted to leave the girl wanting, but after the fisting Kate had given her last night, she couldn't bring herself to do it. "Okay you little slut, cum for me baby," Gina implored as she slipped her other hand between the little girls legs and ran her fingers over her exposed clit, rubbing and tweaking just enough to trigger a quick, bone jarring climax.

"Ahh shiiittt..."Kate cried out as her body clinched and her pussy and ass sucked on Gina's fingers. Gina held her tight to keep her from collapsing on the hard tile floor, running her hands over her lover's supple skin, rinsing off the remaining suds. After taking a couple moments to get her act back together and thoroughly enjoying the attention, she turned in Gina's embrace and nuzzled the Amazon's ample breasts. "Thank you," she whispered as her tiny tongue traced little circles around the erect nipples.

It was Gina's turn to moan as her pussy responded to Kate's tender suckling; "Okay, c'mon baby," she said with little conviction, "we need to finish up before George gets here, so have a seat and I'll touch up your pussy and then you can do mine, okay?"

Kate relented, but it wasn't much of a sacrifice. Shaving each other's pussies had become a long standing tradition with the three roommates and about the only thing better was when I did the honors and I didn't stop at the pussy. I take great pride in my talents at shaving legs also and the girls seem to enjoy it if all the squirming and moaning is any indication.

Kate sat her sweet butt on the bench and spread her legs as Gina knelt on a towel and applied a generous amount of shave gel. Secondary tremors erupted as Gina's fingers worked the gel into her delicate skin. Her eyes were riveted on Gina's hands as she deftly worked the razor over her mons, stretching her outer lips, careful to cover every inch. She grabbed the hand held sprayer and rinsed Kate's pussy, rosy and glistening.

"Looks good," Gina smiled as she turned off the sprayer. "Final check," she said softly as she leaned down and ran her tongue over her completed work. It was all Kate could do to not grab the back of Gina's head and keep her there until she was satisfied once more. A final little quake shook her as Gina french kissed her sex, her tongue slipping through her inner lips.

"I love you," Kate whispered as she pulled Gina up to her and kissed her, tasting her pussy on her roomies lips. "Okay, you next," she giggled.

"Oh no," Gina corrected her; "I still have one area to check, you know, for your debut tonight." Gina smiled at Kate's quizzical look; "Turn, bend over, and spread 'em," she commanded.

"Oh," Kate replied surprised, blushing. Obeying, she turned toward the wall, bent over at the waist and spread her feet apart.

"Spread 'em," Gina repeated, placing a kiss on each cheek as she shook the can of gel. Kate reached back with both hands and lewdly spread her ass cheeks apart. "More," Gina demanded a she helped, placing her hands over Kate's and widened the divide. Kate shivered as she imagined Gina's unobstructed view.

She could hear Gina's heavy breathing and the can sputtering out the green gel. Kate jumped a little as the coolness covered her pucker. She closed her eyes envisioning long fingers dancing around her pink star, her nearby pussy pulsing, looking for attention. Kate figured that Gina couldn't resist probing her ass a little as she worked up a lather and she wasn't disappointed. The slick foam made entry easier and as much as they both wanted to linger, Gina pulled back and went to work with the razor once more.

Kate relaxed a bit sensing that the blade work was complete. "Spread 'em," came the now familiar command, along with a little swat to the left cheek. Once again complying, she cooed as she felt the pulsating spray rinse her pampered ass. What she wasn't prepared for was the final inspection as Gina ducked down and ran her long tongue up from her pussy to her little puckered star and then lingered, the tip of her tongue teasing her back door.

"Perfect," Gina proclaimed as she gave each cheek another kiss. They shared a long kiss as Kate directed Gina to a sitting position. "Your turn," she smiled, gathering her long wet hair and twirling it into a long strand that hung down her back. Gina smiled and closed her eyes, relaxed as Kate ran her hands up Gina's long muscular thighs and pushed them further apart, giving her access to one of her favorite playgrounds.

Kate hummed softly as she worked the gel in her hands and then slathered the foam over Gina's puss. "I love your pussy," Kate sang as her fingers worked the foam in and around her lips, massaging her inner thighs and crotch; Gina was in heaven. With a surgeon's skill, Kate gracefully completed her rounds and retrieved the hand held shower. Gina luxuriated in the softly pulsating douche as Kate spread her lips, making sure to rinse off all the excess lather.

Lost in a blissful fugue, Gina wasn't prepared for the final inspection and gasped as Kate's practiced tongue darted around her smooth pussy. Gina was on the edge and Kate smiled, her mouth full of pussy, as Gina ran her fingers through her long black hair and held her in place. Kate worked her magic, her tongue reaching familiar areas and with practiced precision, Gina was soon writhing on the tile bench.

"Kate, Kate, Kate..."she chanted as her pussy convulsed, anointing the little one with her essence as she continued to lap at her friend's pussy. Gina finally had to push the amorous little one away from her tender sex and then physically drug her up and hugged and kissed her to distract her. Kate squirmed in Gina's embrace, working her slick snatch up and down Gina's thigh. Gina had to laugh, breaking the moment.

"What," asked a somewhat incredulous Kate?

"I'm sorry," Gina continued to titter as she held Kate to her chest; "It's just that when you were humping my leg, I flashed back to when I was little and our dog used to do that to me all the time. I thought it was really gross when a neighbor boy told me what the dog was doing." She saw a little hurt on Kate's face. "Oh baby, don't get me wrong, I love it when you do it, even more so when we do it pussy to pussy; what did Britt call it, tribbing? I'm sorry, the memory just popped into my brain and I couldn't help but laugh."

"Well, the mood's gone now," Kate said, seemingly a bit pissed off. "Just as well; George will be here anytime, so let's get finished up."

"Alright," Gina replied softly, sorry that she had upset her Kate. She stood up next to her and gave her a big hug and a kiss on top of the head. Just as she was about to step away, Kate had her by the arm.

"Whoa, whoa...where do you think you're going? We aren't done yet."

A devilish smile took over Kate's face as she grabbed Gina's hips and spun her around; "Bend and spread em' babe...bend and spread 'em."

Gina laughed and gladly obeyed, bending at the waist and reaching back and spreading her ass wide. Kate stood behind her and admired the view, running her hands over Gina's taut thighs and ass. "God," Kate groaned as her hands lingered, "I wish I had a water-proof camera; or better yet, a big cock. You look so fucking hot bent over like that!"

"Well since you have neither and my hands are getting tired, would you get on with it please?"

Kate bent down for a closer look; "Not bad, but we do have a couple strays, so this'll just take a minute," running her fingers up the divide, eliciting a soft moan from Gina. As promised, a little gel and a couple swipes of the disposable razor, and that was that, except for the all-important final inspection. Kate's little tongue darted about between Gina's slick snatch and her pucker, ducking inside each briefly.

"Okay, okay," Gina said as she stood up straight, interrupting Kate; "We need to finish up and get our hair dried. George will be here anytime." Kate groaned her disappointment at having been cut off at the pass, but she nodded in agreement and they shared another lingering kiss before stepping out of the shower.

They toweled off and then took turns running a comb through each other's hair before firing up the hair dryer. Gina's brunette locks were long, reaching almost the middle of her back, but Kate's lustrous black hair hung to the back of her knees. Kate made fairly quick work of Gina's, running her fingers through the strands as she blew the hot air over it. She looked at the statuesque woman in the mirror, her eyes closed with a contented look on her face. Her large d-cups stood proud on her chest, her nipples erect and her hands wandered on her flat belly. Kate smiled, thinking to herself 'I'll bet she's wanting to play with her titties or maybe her pussy, but she can't make up her mind.'

Kate was spot-on as Gina enjoyed the relaxing feeling of Kate working her hands through her hair. She could very easily get lost in the moment and bring herself pleasure this time. The clicking off of the dryer cleared the fog. "My turn," Kate said softly as she caressed her friend's butt cheeks and handed her the dryer.

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