tagErotic CouplingsEverybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 21

Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 21


** Early Saturday Evening**

Britt snored lightly into my shoulder; she looked so cute nestled next to me, bare-ass naked. One long shapely leg was draped over mine and her left hand rested comfortably on my flaccid junk. Brushing the long blonde hair off her face, I kissed her forehead; "Hey sleeping beauty, wake up, we can't spend all day in bed."

Britt grumbled and wriggled around, giving her favorite toy a little caress; "Um...don't wanna."

As comfortable as I was, I was getting antsy and I'd had my sex quota for the day. I glanced at the clock on the bedside table, surprised at the time. We had managed to get a little work done today, going over some photos and getting proofs sent to a client. We also had a potential new job; some photos for the western store that Becky, our new friend worked for. Thoughts of last night with Britt and Becky in the Victoria's Secret dressing room had Britt's little friend awakened and she gave him a hug, slender fingers wrapped around my awakened cock.

"Hmm..." she whispered, her hand moving ever so slightly; "Someone else is awake I see."

I put my hand on hers, "C'mon lover, I don't think I have another round in me right now. Anyway, I'm starving, so let's get your sweet ass up and I'll make you some dinner."

"Alright," she moaned as she stretched her perfect form, pointing her toes and letting go of me to stretch her arms toward the headboard. I ran my hand over her firm torso, massaging her taut muscles and she purred in my ear. "My tummy tells me it's time to eat too," giving me a quick kiss before rolling over me and sitting up on the edge of the bed. I ran my hand over her beautiful backside, as she stretched once more, reaching for the ceiling. My fingers trailed down her spine, ducking to the sides briefly to circle the little dimples just above the butt I cherish. My wanderings ended at my favorite intersection, peeking out from the rumpled sheets, the top of her cute little butt crack, right where it blends with the small of her back. I've lingered there for hours, fingers, tongue and lips playing. I moved enough to plant one more kiss on that spot and Britt shivered, reaching back to run her fingers through my hair.

Standing, Britt turned and held out her hands to help me up. Any other time, I'd have pulled her back down on top of me, but my stomach grumbled loudly. Britt laughed and leaned back, pulling hard to get me upright. "Come on stud, I'm up, now get your sexy ass up and feed me," smiling and tugging.

"Alright, alright," I mockingly groaned and stood upright. I pulled her into my arms and held her tight, her naked form against mine. We kissed deeply, we love to kiss, and if we're near each other, there always seems to be some bodily contact. After a couple minutes of tonsil hockey and groping, our stomachs had lost patience and growled in unison. We couldn't kiss through the laughter; "Okay, okay," we said looking down at each others bellies, only bringing on another chorus of laughter.

I stepped back into my shorts and pulled my shirt over my head as a bare-assed Britt grabbed hers and skipped down the stairs, giggling as she went. I shut down the computer and the lights and made my way downstairs. The living room and kitchen are one big room just inside the front door of my, or should I now say, our two bedroom home that I had built in the far corner of a massive warehouse. Stepping inside, the first thing I see is my lover bent over, digging through the fridge. Her bare butt and long legs are magnetic, drawing me into the kitchen.

"Tease," I said, popping her on the left cheek and then quickly caressing it.

"Hey," she yelped, "can't a girl get something to eat without being molested," all the time wiggling her butt in the palm of my hand.

"Yeah," I answered as I moved to the right cheek; "You'd be pissed off if you didn't get molested." I gave her a parting squeeze before moving over to take stock of the pantry.

"Yeah, probably," she admitted, still digging around in the ice box. "Hey, here's some ground turkey; How about some of your famous spaghetti and meat sauce?"

"You must have been reading my mind," as I emerged with a jar of sauce and a box of pasta. "I think there is still some French bread in the drawer and with a little salad; I'd say we're set."

"Good, you work on the spaghetti and I'll make the salad and bread. Do you want some wine? I think we have an open bottle of red that we need to kill anyway." She smiled that infectious smile and turned to give me another view of her beautiful backside as she made another trip to the fridge.

The constant teasing turned what should have been a quick meal into an arduous task. We finally called a truce and Britt slipped into an old t-shirt of mine before we sat at the bar and had dinner. "I wonder what the next car will be," Britt asked as she wound the pasta around on her fork.

"There's not much telling," I replied as I attempted to keep all of mine on the three tines. "It's been a good variety of cars so far, so I'll bet it'll be something unique." I fumbled with spaghetti until I had it situated to where the odds were that most of it would end up in my mouth. I could feel her eyes on me, watching to see if a humorous fail was in the offing. Successful, I turned to her with my cheeks puffed out, mouth full and gave her a 'so there' grin.

"Goofball," she laughed and daintily took her bite, no drama, no excess sauce on the lips, no trailing strands to noisily suck up. She gave me a 'that is how you do it' smile in return and then took a sip of wine. "So, what do you think about the shoot for Beck's store?"

Pausing to swallow; "It sounds like it could be fun. It'll be a nice departure from the swimsuits and it'll be good to do some shooting outside of the studio."

"So," she said as she prepped another bite, "you're getting tired of scantily clad women and fancy cars?"

"Hell no," stabbing a cherry tomato, "I can promise that that is one thing I'll never get tired of, but a little variety for the portfolio will be good."

"Kate will be excited that she gets to shoot some of it. How do you feel about being on the other side of the camera?"

"It's okay, I guess. It'll certainly be something different; I've never thought of myself as the model type."

Britt reached over and ran her index finger up and down my arm; "I think you'll make a real sexy cowboy. You're strong and tall, dark curly hair and have the perfect butt for jeans." She smiled as she played with the pasta. "I can't wait to see you all decked out with the boots and hat, long sleeves rolled up and a couple buttons undone to show off your chest...mmm," she playfully moaned, but I detected a little shiver when she did. She took a bite and looked straight ahead, deep in thought.

"Oh..." she started, squeezing my forearm tight; "How about a shot of you without your shirt, all hot and sweaty and lifting a hay bale, or maybe feeding hay to a horse!" She shivered once more and fidgeted in her seat. Britt looked at me with darkening eyes; "And then I'd strip my little daisy dukes off, unbutton my checkered shirt and throw you down on a pile of hay and ride you like you've never been ridden before!" She moaned softly and looked away, like she was embarrassed, but if she was, it didn't last long. "Fuck, now I'm horny again"; and a quick glance down at my lap told her she wasn't alone.

I had no option other than to laugh; "When aren't you horny?" All that got me was a swat on the arm, followed by a muted giggle.

"Well, it's mostly your fault," she said mater-of-factly, taking another bite of salad. "If you weren't so fuckin' handsome, I could control myself and every other woman I seem to know." She took another bite and looked away, but it couldn't hide her teasing snicker.

"Yeah," I said, sitting up straighter and throwing my shoulders back; "I guess that's just the cross I'll have to bear, you know, being a sex object and all." I said it with as straight a face as I could muster before Britt came at me, fingers firmly planted in my ribs, tickling away. I grabbed her in self-defense and pulled her out of her seat and into my lap. A deep kiss was the only counter-attack plan I had and it worked well as we were soon moaning and pawing.

Out of breath, we stopped kissing, panting as our eyes did our talking. Hurriedly, we threw the dishes into the sink and had what little we wore on the bedroom floor. Not bothering with the covers, we made slow, deliberate love and then drifted off to sleep.

**Around midnight**

In my dream, I had my long, tall Britt, flat on her back on a bale of hay, her blonde hair fanned out on the straw bed. I held a booted leg in each hand and had my lover writhing in ecstasy. "Fuck my pussy," she moaned as she pulled on her nipples, mauling her firm c-cups as I drove my rigid cock in and out of her tight, dripping snatch. "Your fucking cock is so big!" moaning as I pushed her legs back, lifting her butt off the bale, stabbing for her g-spot. "Fuck yeah...just like that," as I took long slow strokes. "Fuck...fuck...fuck..." she cried with each down stroke. My balls slapped her asshole, wet from the juices from her dripping cunt. "Oh god...oh god...oh..."

And then I woke; "Fuck," I muttered as I heard the shower running in the girl's room. Britt moaned in her sleep, on her side with me spooning her and my cock still buried but stiff from the dream, inside her. Her pussy massaged me, coaxing me until I succumbed. I bucked a couple times, depositing what little I had in reserve. The sound of the shower diminished and knowing everyone was safely home, I blissfully dropped back into dreamland.

**Must have been around 6 am, Sunday morn**

My nose was nuzzled comfortably against the back of Britt's neck, her soft blonde hair covering my face. I wanted to move, but I was pinned in. My morning wood was nice and warm and I flashed back to the dream. Britt's pussy hugged my cock, as it too remembered earlier. Familiar warmth covered my backside, firm d-cups pressed to my back, a long, lean leg draped over mine. Gina's warm breathing tickled my neck.

"Shhh..." Britt whispered as her pussy seemed to gently suck on my captured member; "I think he's trying to wake up."

I felt small fingers playing with my balls," I can feel his dick throb," little Kate whispered back. "You think we can make him cum?"

Britt's body stiffened listening to them plot and I felt her pussy contract, milking my cock without her moving. "I think so," she whispered in reply and I heard them kiss. My cock lurched and Britt squeaked and squeezed back, moaning, "Mmm...he's getting bigger...mmm." More kissing as Kate massaged my balls which were growing tighter by the second. Britt's kagel exercises were paying benefits as her pussy literally sucked on my cock. Kate's continued ball play had turned into trying to stuff me further into Britt. I fought to pretend that I was still asleep, an unwitting participant in this early morning threesome.

Britt and Kate moaned loudly as they kissed, Britt's talented pussy bringing us to a simultaneous crescendo, my cock throbbing, building pressure and the little one squeezing my balls as though to force every bit of cum I had out, and into our lover. Instinctively I reached over and grabbed whatever body part was handy, pulling myself in deeper yet as I came hard. Kate groaned as I had grabbed her ass cheek, reaching over Britt and pulling them both tight. My cock pulsed, once, twice and then once more. Britt's body shook and her pussy spasmed.

I must have passed out for a second, you know, blood loss to the brain and all. A gentle sucking had resumed on my spent cock. Britt was now facing me, kissing me lightly and I could feel Gina still dead to the world, nestled against my backside. A quick tally told me that it was Kate lovingly cleaning up the aftermath of the covert fucking that Britt and she had just completed.

"Morning lover," she whispered, kissing me on the nose; "Sleep well?" As hard as it was to focus, I could see the big grin on her face.

"Yeah," I replied, giving her a kiss while reaching down to run my fingers through Kate's long black tresses as she continued to try to coax my cock back to life. "I had a dream that we were in a barn and we made love on a hay bale."

Britt's eyes grew big, "I had the same dream! Was I wearing my boots in yours?"

"Nothing but; and you were on your back and I had a leg in each hand and we went at it."

Her eyes grew bigger yet and I momentarily lost my breath as Kate took me into her throat and I could feel her tongue lapping at my balls. "My dream was exactly the same...oh my god!" and she kissed me hard again, all chances of my breathing now gone.

Thankfully, I still had my nose to breathe through and survived only to be startled once more as I receive a firm butt squeeze, "Sounds hot," Gina groggily piped in, now awake from her deep sleep; "I call dibs on the next hay ride," and she gently nibbled on my shoulder.

"Me too," Kate gurgled, her mouth still full of cock. Britt and Gina both cracked up as Gina crawled over and we shared a kiss.

We coaxed Kate up to join us and we managed to somehow all lay together with me, oh lucky me, on my back on the bottom, encased in warm, soft sexy women. More hugging, kissing and petting ensued until I could no longer put off the morning pee. With much grumbling protest, I was finally allowed to leave the bed and hurriedly scampered off to the bathroom. Cat calls followed me as I made my way to the john and did my thing.

Stretching and trying to wake up, I decided I may as well just jump into the shower and get a quick rinse. Foolish me; the sound of the shower to the girls is like the sound of a can opener to a cat. The once spacious shower was now, although still plenty big, full of hot, and I do mean hot, slippery, giggling girls. The old conservation joke used to go, 'Save water, shower with a friend,' so in theory, with the four of us showering together, we should be saving a butt-load of water; yeah, right.

It had been awhile since all three of the girls had been together and I was happy to just be there and assist where needed. They washed each others hair, laughing and teasing. Body washing was accomplished by pouring soap between the three of them and then writhing against one another, hands everywhere, legs intertwined. I stood to the side and worked on backs and butts when they were available, more than happy to be the fourth wheel.

Bath time was finally over when we noticed the water temperature began to drop and I made a mental note to check on the heater. "Okay ladies, playtime is over," and all three grumbled and shivered as I turned off the overhead spray. We gathered up our big fluffy bath sheets and the fun resumed as a group drying session took up where the wash cycle ended. More giggling and moaning and kissing, errant fingers here and there. I sensed that the girls needed or maybe wanted to be alone; "Well, you three need to get your hair dried, so I'll go and see what I can scare up for breakfast. Is everybody hungry?"

"Yes dear...always...uh-huh," came the replies.

"Alright then, I'll get to it while you finish up in here, okay?"

"Thanks lover," Britt answered and then turned for a kiss. Her kisses are always long and soulful and her soft tongue had my dick half-hard. She smiled as she pulled away and gave me a little tug.

Not to be left out, little Kate stretched up on tippy-toe and pulled me down for her kiss; "Thanks baby," her tongue playing with mine.

Last and certainly not least, the statuesque Gina moved in, our bodies molded but for her hands which held my now stiff dick. She tilted her head and kissed me hard, our tongues dueled and I suppressed a moan as her soft hands held me tight. My hands were full of her bountiful butt and she didn't try to suppress her pleasure. Only the sound of other moans distracted us enough to glance over and see Britt and Kate lip-locked and grinding against each other. Gina turned back to me and with one more kiss and a couple of loving strokes; "So do you think I can get that sausage I asked for yesterday?"

"I think we might be able to come up with something for you," as I slid a middle finger over her tight asshole. She gasped as I tickled her pucker.

"Okay," as I broke her hold and turned to hide my excitement from the other two; "Get dried and I'll have breakfast started." I quickly walked away, more cat-calls following me out into the bedroom. I could only smile at my good fortune as I rummaged around for a pair of shorts and then made my way into the kitchen.

**A little bit later**

I wasn't keeping track of time, but I had just put the finishing touches on a big breakfast as my three lovelies waltzed out of the bedroom. It was a blessing that I wasn't in the middle of chopping anything as the sight before me was a real distraction. Arm-in-arm, three naked angels had appeared. Their bodies glowed, some sort of lotion I later surmised; and they had put on just enough make-up to give them that extra something that I just can't put into words. Their long hair was down and over their shoulders, and their smiles were radiant; I was speechless. Stopping just outside the bedroom door, they stopped, paused and then did a perfectly choreographed turn, pausing just long enough for me to take in all three perfect butts. Another 180 and they paused again before busting up laughing at themselves.

All three made their way into the kitchen and without a word started to help me get breakfast on the table. Britt grabbed some plates from the cupboard as Kate dug around for knives and forks. I was busy at the stove, finishing up, when I felt Gina lean into my back, her chin on my shoulder; "I see you found me some sausage," she whispered in my ear.

"Uh, yeah," was all I could muster as she ran her tongue around my ear and one hand had re-acquired my turgid member.

Giving me a parting squeeze, Gina backed off and then said, "Oh and by the way, we took a vote and we hereby declare it 'Naked Day'". Before the proclamation was complete, my shorts were around my ankles and the girls laughed, pointing at my erection trying to turn off the burner on the stove.

"Alright," I said as I kicked my shorts across the kitchen and expertly landed them on the counter next to the sink. "We haven't all been together with nothing to do for quite awhile. Maybe we can try out the deck upstairs. I haven't had a chance just to kick back in the sun for a long time."

The girls all bounced with excitement at the thought of laying out naked and working on their tans. Even though the weather here is always nice, the summer was still the prime tanning season and this one was quick coming to an end. We scurried around and got the food on the island, family style and then we sat down, naked hip to naked hip and dug in.

The talking had subsided for the most part as complimentary sounds on my cooking came from the trio. "Hmm...ohh...ahh," and then a rather obscene slurping sound. All eyes went to Gina as she slowly worked a piece of kielbasa back and forth between her lips. Her eyes were closed as a low moan accompanied the erotic taste-testing. Suddenly aware that she was being watched, she opened her eyes and gave a little 'oops' grin and then bit clean through the meat. The other two laughed while I cringed.

The rest of the meal was uneventful as the girls talked about nothing in particular. I finished my meal and got up to start clearing the dishes. The talking had stopped and I glanced over my shoulder to see the girls watching me walk away, or more specifically, my butt walk away. I gave them a little wiggle which just made them laugh and then went about my business. There weren't much in the way of leftovers, so the cleanup was pretty quick and I had it done before the girls even noticed.

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