Everybody's Mid Life Crisis


"I know we haven't got time right now but I can't leave you crippled with sexual tension like this. So promise me you'll call and come around and we can do this properly."

She pressed her hand against the thickening cock that lay in his pants and traced an outline with her fingernails as his hands automatically resumed cupping and caressing her breasts. She unzipped him and smoothed back his foreskin and began to stroke him until his breathing indicated his excitement. She tickled his balls with her other hand and pumped his cock expertly. He felt it throb and swell and become rock hard. He felt a shudder as his tension reached breaking point. She broke her kiss and moved her head down so her lips could touch his cock and just as he felt an orgasm was coming to him she took his cock into her mouth sliding it down her throat. Her wet moth touched his flesh for a moment before he was shooting hot semen into her and she sucked at him like a greedy child as he emptied loads of frustrated cum into her. She swallowed and took a quick breath almost gagging from the quantity of his explosion.

"Mmmmmm yummy you are excited."

She sucked him and licked at his cock until his orgasm abated and then slid his cock back into his pants and zipped him in. With cum still trickling down her chin and between her cleavages she fumbled through her handbag and handed Phil a business card.

"That's my mobile number there. If you get horny between now and Wednesday call me and we can meet up. "

She kissed him with her sticky lips and Phil helped her to her door with the suitcase.

"Phil call soon hon', I so want to fuck you."

With that she opened the door and went inside.

Phil couldn't get her out of his mind. Why would he be able to? It's not every day a twenty two year old babe gives you the best head you've ever had in your life and then begs you to call her so you can spend a day fucking. Phil frequently went out of town on business so it was an easy lie to tell everyone he was going away this soon. He phoned Heidi and arranged to meet her the next day. He couldn't wait. and nor could she it seemed. As they spoke on the phone she was obviously masturbating and she kept talking dirty to him and telling him how good it would be to spend the whole day and night fucking her. So it was a totally hyped up Phil that arrived by cab at her apartment having left his own car at the airport car park.

Heidi was every man's dream and what greeted Phil at the door was beyond imagination. She wore a short hot pink halter baby doll nightie. It was silk and lace and the tiny halter clenched her sumptuous breasts and split the waist where a brief skirt dangled over string bikini panties that hugged her sweet inviting ass and framed her shaved pussy with a succulent triangle of shiny silk. Her long honey blond hair fell about her shoulders in smooth shiny layers. He was only in the door a moment when she had put her arms around his neck and kissed him, encouraged him to explore her supple flesh with his hands and began to unbuckle his belt. As he kissed her with increasing urgency she undressed him. He felt the warm firm curves of her delicious ass beneath his eager touch. He kissed her slender neck and nibbled her ear lobes, as she helped him out of his pants and unbuttoned his business shirt. By the time they reached her bedroom he was naked and she was fondling his cock fervently and kneading his balls like a piece of pastry.

She lay back on the bed knowing he would spend an eternity attending to every inch of her delectable body. She knew older men, knew how they savoured caressing her tight round ass through sexy lingerie, knew how he would spend hours sucking her clit through her silk panties. How he would make her so hot and wet and ready that when his cock finally entered her she would fold into blissful and repeated orgasms and he would thrust at her like an elite athlete for hours spurred on by her ecstatic screams.

Phil did not disappoint her. He kissed every fragment of bare skin a thousand times and squeezed her luscious nipples until she winced in pain and pleasure. He kissed and licked at the tender smooth skin inside her thighs until she was shivering with desire and when his lips finally met her pussy pressed against the sodden silk panties she screamed helplessly. The waiting made it all the more erotic, the postponement of pleasure made it all the more exciting. Phil had waited four years to touch her flesh as he did today. He had imagined what it would be like and fantasised every move with her but nothing could prepare him for how horny he was today or beautiful she was, or indeed how good it felt to touch her and run his hands over her lithe curves and inhale the unique and exquisite scent of her sex. He could taste her juices as they flooded her panties and rolled down her legs as he fingered her super tight cunt. After loving a woman who had born two babies tight vaginas were a distant memory for Phil. Heidi was tight. She was unbelievably tight, her pussy walls pulsed around the two fingers he lanced into her and he felt them close around them as if she was drawing him into her as if she was showing how she could control her muscles to make herself impossibly tight. As he fingered her and sucked at her clitoris through her sodden panties he felt compelled to tickle her asshole. She shivered and moaned and seemed to appreciate it so he gathered some of the wetness that had trickled from her pussy on one finger and pushed it gingerly into her ass.

It was like he had pushed a magic button that pushed them both into hyperspace. She became outrageously excited and came repeatedly gyrating against the finger that he wriggled inside her butt hole. She was on fire and he knew it was time to fuck her now. When the last orgasm abated he removed his finger and spread her legs. She reached down and slid aside her panties and beckoned him to enter her. She took his cock with her other hand and guided it to her wetness. He moved in close to her and she slid his cock between her wet folds back and forth up and down until the wetness sprayed his distorted aching cock, then pulled it towards her opening. He pressed against her and savoured the delicious moment of entry. She was so tight and yet her luscious walls receded as his hugeness entered her. He felt the tightness close around his shaft as he pushed past the tight muscles of the opening and felt the warm delight of her wet slippery cunt tighten around him and squirt from the opening. When his shaft was in her fully and he felt his balls against her ass cheeks he shifted his hand beneath her ass and began to fuck her slowly and deliberately, heeding her cries of delight and increasing and decreasing the tempo as her excitement grew or waned. He shifted her legs around like a rag doll fucking her deep and hard, slow and shallow.

She rotated into the doggie position and he renewed his enjoyment of gazing at her exquisite ass from behind. This time it was his cock that made her scream and writhe in pleasure. As he rammed her from behind leading to several intense orgasms he gathered wetness on his fingers once again and teased her ass hole once more. Each caress of her anal opening seemed to send her into wild ecstatic cries of passion so Phil slid first one finger then two into her tight ass. The effect was immediate, she orgasmed more violently than he had ever witnessed before. Phil had made a few dismal attempts at having anal sex with his wife who didn't really like it but was willing to experiment at least early in their marriage. This was something quite different. Phil felt the overpowering urge to fuck this woman's hot tight ass. She obviously didn't find his fingers uncomfortable, on the contrary she loved it! Phil pulled his cock from her hot wet pussy and his fingers from her ass and watched her shiver as she arched her back like an alley cat wiggling her impeccable ass at him teasing him to re enter her. Phil's cock was slick with her juices he guided it back to her. He slid the tip between the crack teasing her slit and rubbing wetness from pussy to ass hole. She shivered expecting him to enter her hot tight pussy. Phil pressed his distorted cock against her tight ass hole and she moaned as he pushed past her tight opening. She gyrated appreciatively and pushed back to take more of him into her.

"Mmmmmm Phil cum in my tight ass honey! You know I don't like it I love it!"

He pushed into her as she collapsed in fits of sobbing shivering pleasure. She loved it all right and he pounded her hot ass as she screamed her way through another dozen of the most intense orgasms he had ever felt.

"Mmmmmm cum in me, cum in me."

She screamed and begged and Phil could hardly disappoint the ladies pleas after what had seemed like the longest time he had ever held off from cumming he erupted in her tight ass hole. Pumping inside her as she screamed and urged him to fill her.

They lay connected and exhausted for quite some time on the bed before Phil pulled from her so that they could each go to the bathroom. When they returned Heidi once more attended to his cock her with her magnificent mouth and reinstalled his erection and proceeded to ride him thru another series of sexy orgasms. They fucked all day and half the night. Phil came more than he had ever experienced with a woman. Phil kept Heidi bubbling with pleasure. He was her 'Touchie man' who gave her anal sex that she craved. They slept and ate and fucked for most of the time they were together and Phil dreamed of this becoming a regular thing, as he had known his friend martin had enjoyed. What was it he said?

"She is the sex I never had with my wife mate she is awesome. I'm going to milk this for as long and as hard as I can. Don't tell me you "She's a beautiful babe and she loves sex and she loves it with me. What more could a man ask. Mid life crisis roll on more crisis I'm going to die a happy man Phil, very happy!"

He understood completely what Martin was on about he thought as he lay in her bed. She had gotten up earlier and given him a breakfast fuck and dressed and gone to work and they each had promised to make the meeting a regular thing. Phil slept for a while and then showered and shaved for his return trip to the airport to feign his business trip. As he packed to leave a red book sitting on the coffee table caught his eye. He slurped down a coffee and flicked through it. It was a diary of sorts and had addresses in it. Curious he flicked through it and found his friends Martin and even his son Mark's recent address and contact number. On the diary page for today was a 'P' which he guessed was his own name. He flicked back and forward through the diary and noticed that almost every day had a name against it. 'She must be insatiable.' he thought. He stopped when he noticed that part of her insatiability included Marty and his son. She had been continuing to fuck these guys all this time. There were pages and pages of names some appearing regularly each week and others less frequently. She turned the pages forward. She had already entered that she would meet him next week. So too were Martin and Marks legends included in her forward planning. Some of the other names he recognised too. Lots of old friends. Was Heidi everyman's midlife crisis? It didn't bear thinking about. No wonder she was so good in bed. He closed the book and tried to put it out of his mind. As far as he was concerned only he could make her scream like that and like his old friend he wanted to milk this for all it was worth and die a happy man.

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