tagLetters & TranscriptsEveryday I Write The Book Ch. 02

Everyday I Write The Book Ch. 02


Wednesday, 9:30 p.m.

Good evening, Diary!

I had the best night of sleep that I've had in a long time and it was all because of Marilyn. She left before I woke up and left a small note, saying that she loved me and hoped that I had a good trip. I was upset that she had left because I hadn't had a choice to taste her pussy but I was sort of glad that I was alone to complete my packing and dress. I showered, shaved, chose my navy blue suit with tiny white pinstripes and hauled my luggage downstairs.

Nolan, the doorman, gave me a smile when I went down, taking my bags and giving me a wink. "Leaving today?"

"Yep. I'm going to New York."

"Again? I thought you already went there."

"I did but they bought my book."

"Oh, so you're a big time author now?" He handed each of my bags to the cabbie and the driver placed them in his trunk. "Pretty soon, you won't have time for us little people."

I laughed. I'd always had a crush on Nolan but he was nearly twenty years older than I was and he was black. I was sure that we had nothing in common except that we both loved romance novels. "I'll always have time for you, Nolan."

"Humpf!" He laughed, holding the door open for me. "You won't remember me, Miss Carlyle."

I looked him dead in the eye. "Why would you say that?"

I'll never forget Nolan's smile and it has remained with me for years after. "Because," He handed me in and shut the door. "Guys like us never get the girl."

I thought on his words as the taxi pulled away and found myself ruminating on them. The flight was non-stop and seemed to pass quickly, especially since I was in first class but I have to tell you that the peanuts and pretzels they gave us were the same as what they served in coach. Furthermore, there was no one interesting to talk to. Most authors were garrulous folk, listening to the life stories of random people and fashioning them into best sellers. Danielle Steel had done that and was now a multi-millionaire, even I thought her writing was cheesy.

Susan's assistant, Bethany, met me at the airport and we giggled about New York personalities non-stop while riding in the back of a golf cart. While en route to the limo, she filled me in on my tour itinerary.

"We're going to the office first. Susan wants to talk to you and give you some pointers."

"Good. I can use all the advice I can get!"

"And you have a promo shoot before we get started."

"A promo shoot?"

I must have looked like I was facing a date with Andy Dick because Bethany erupted into laughter, shaking her head. "No, no! You don't understand." She opened her leather portfolio and held three or four glossy prints out to me. My jaw dropped to the floor when I took a look at them. In all of them, a middle-aged woman stared longingly into the eyes of a handsome blond man, his nether parts clad in a loinskin. "That's Jude Devereaux."

"No!" I stared at the picture again and secretly wondered if she'd gotten to fuck the 'well-endowed' model. "She agreed to this?"

"Of course." Bethany laughed. "We use these photos in Europe and they're extremely popular." I still flipped through them with a look of disbelief. I was a legitimate author, right? Bethany patted my hand, giving it a friendly squeeze. "Haven't you ever heard of stars doing commercials overseas?" I nodded. "It's the same with these. They're used in foreign ads, Lyndie."

"And I'm supposed to feel good about this?"

"It's all how the cookie crumbles."

I was half-numb with fear when we reached the office and she ushered me into the studio area. I was introduced to the photographer but couldn't remember his name if you asked me to because of the delicious hunk of meat lounging in the corner. His name was Lucien and he was staring out the window, lazily dragging his hands through his chest-length black hair. Oiled and bronzed muscles bulged and my nipples hardened to bullets.

"I'll collect you in an hour, Lyndie." Bethany winked at me. "Have fun."

Oh, my God! Lucien noticed me and came striding over, wearing a smile when he noticed that I was watching the casual sway of his hips instead of his face. "Okay, gorgeous. Ready to take some pictures?"

"Uh, sure."

The photographer moved us into various positions and gave instructions. I guess I followed them all because he was extremely happy with what he was seeing. I, however, was lost in the depths of Lucien's brown eyes and I hoped that he was as lost in my blue ones. Reality intruded when Bethany dashed in and gave the photographer a message. He excused himself and followed her out, leaving Lucien and me alone.

"Is this your first photo shoot?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Really? Sure fooled me. You're a natural."

I laughed, trying to hide my rock-hard nipples behind my folded arms. "It's easy with someone as beautiful as you, Lucien."

I had turned my back to him and was startled to feel his hands on my shoulders and his deep voice in my ear. "You're beautiful, too, Lyndie." As he whispered this, his hands moved down, pushing my arms open and his fingers brushed my nipples. Lightning shot through me and his lips found my neck, biting and sending shivers through my body.

He led me behind a Chinese partition and made quick work of unbuttoning my shirt, nuzzling my nipples like a hungry newborn. I felt my pussy cream start to ooze between my lips and I squeezed my legs together, whimpering at the sensations. He pushed me back against the counter and through the sexual haze, I felt my zipper being tugged down and cool air hit my heated pussy. He pulled my face down to his, giving me a soft kiss before dropping to his knees and pressing a kiss on my mons.

I must have lost my mind at that point. I just could not believe that this handsome man was taking my pants and panties off, pushing my legs open and burying his face into my wet pussy. I just let my head hang back as I gasped for breath. He burrowed in and immediately found my clit, teasing it with a quick suck, then sliding his tongue down the length of my lips and pushing upward.

I gasped again, shaking with passion and my heart pounded at his sly smile. He found my clit again and wrapped his lips around it, this time, introducing two thick fingers into my dripping hole. I came instantly, biting the back of my hand to keep from screaming. Lucien kept sucking and fucking my hole with his fingers until I was trembling through two smaller orgasms. He stood and found one of my nipples, sucking hard and sending me through the atmosphere again and again.

Finally, he pulled his fingers out and glanced at his hand with a smile. I had recovered enough to see that my juices were covering him and I blushed furiously. Lucien laughed and used the sink to wash his hands, then wetted a length of paper towel and gently cleaned my legs and pussy. I put my panties and pants back on while he buttoned my shirt and tucked it into my waistband, looping his arms around me and pulling me into a long, deep kiss.

We were back in front of the drop when the photographer came back and finished the photos to his satisfaction. Lucien gave me a gentlemanly kiss on the cheek and Bethany and I left, heading to Susan's office. "Like the shoot?"

"Uh, yes."

I blushed and she gave me a knowing smile, turning my hand so that the bite mark was showing. "Lucien's one of my dearest friends." She pushed a business card into my hand. "The moment he saw you, he asked for a favor. I hope you're not mad."

"Not at all." I took the card and saw that his name and contact information was on one side. On the back, he had written 'Nothing gets me hotter than a woman with real curves. Give me a call.'

With a silly smile on my face and his card clutched in my hand, I floated into my editor's office, with Bethany laughing all the way.

Well, Diary, it's time to go to bed. We'll be working all day so I probably won't have a chance to get back to you until tomorrow night, so sweet dreams!

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