tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEveryday Tales Of Country Folk Ch. 04

Everyday Tales Of Country Folk Ch. 04


Chapter 4 The Bull

Alan stood in the bedroom he shared with his new wife and watched her getting ready to go out. Usha was sitting in front of her dressing table, using the mirror to apply her make-up, wearing only her underwear of, stockings, suspenders, and panties plus a pair of high heeled shoes. No bra....she didn't need one, and Alan knew that her nipples would show clearly through the thin material of her little, black, silk dress, which was laid out on the bed behind her.

Usha made no attempt to justify the way she was dressed. If her husband suspected what the evening had in store for his wilful wife, he was either unwilling, or, unable to protest, or to attempt to prevent it happening.

She smiled at him as she stood and stepped into her tiny dress and turned her back for him to close the short zipper. She knew the effect her blatantly, revealing, apparel would have upon him as she admired herself in the long wall mirror; the dress was flimsy, short and cut low in the back, and the material moulded itself to her body, emphasising her slim, yet unquestionably feminine, shape.

"How do I look?" she asked -- then turned and left the room without waiting for a reply; his face had said all she needed to know!

Alan watched her walk away, her heels causing her hips to sway more than usual. His body, mind and emotions were in turmoil. The erection that had formed during his observation of her preparations did not diminish. It would prove to be a very long, agonising evening for him as he awaited her return.

For her part, Ruth dressed casually in Jeans and T shirt, plus a little black thong Usha encouraged her to buy when they shopped together, although she was unsure as to why she had chosen to wear it tonight. She had told David that she was going out with Usha, which was nothing exceptional, and he was happy to stay at home with the children.

With a quick -- "Bye -- see you later -- don't wait up!" she left Brookfield, and drove over to collect Usha from the vicarage.


Ruth and Usha arrived at the rear entrance to the Bull at the agreed time and were ushered inside by a waiting Sid. The woman had said very little during the short drive, but the tension between them had been electric!

Without discussion, the two friends were separated. Jolene, after an appreciative inspection of Usha's minimal clothing, took her by the arm and steered her along the corridor, away from Ruth.

Ruth however, was taken to the office by Sid. Once inside the office, Ruth was shown a CCTV colour monitor with sound. She recognised the room the camera was covering as the function room upstairs. Her heart nearly stopped as she also recognised, on the screen, the four men standing, chatting and drinking. Her breathing became more difficult as her brother-in-law, Kenton, turned and smiled directly at the camera. In a numb trance she witnessed the arrival of Usha and Jolene into the room to join the expectant men.


As Jolene directed Usha into the function room she was equally as excited as the men, and jubilant when she saw their looks of surprise, amazement and pure lust as they discovered that the mystery guest for the night was none other than the beautiful, previously unattainable, wife of the vicar.

Usha strode into their company with a confident, sophisticated, almost aloof, manner. She returned their wide-eyed stares with a look that was simultaneously, quizzical, amused and challenging.

Usha's arrival triggered a whole range of reactions and private individual thoughts within the assembled men. Mike, Neil, Eddie and Kenton had each secretly harboured lustful thoughts regarding Usha ever since she had arrived in the village.

Mike Tucker often saw Usha around the village as each went about their daily business. Her professional demeanour and clothes had always reinforced Mike's belief that she was unattainable for the likes of working men like him. However, that had never prevented him from frequently fantasising about her when he masturbated alone in bed. Not that she, alone, featured in his imagination at such times; his daughter in law, Hayley, competed highly in that score.

Neil Carter, who had amongst other interests, responsibility for bell-ringing at the church, had observed Usha arriving at, and leaving, the vicarage on numerous occasions. The sight of her, however distant or fleeting, never failed to stir his desire for her. His sexless and unsatisfying marriage only fuelled his envy of her husband. Not even in his wildest dreams, would he have imagined that one day he would get the chance to have this Asian princess himself. Now that day had arrived, he was a nervous, speechless, shadow of a man. But he was still a man and his penis was anything but unready.

Eddie Grundy could best be described as rough and ready and thought nothing of looking at woman like Usha in the street with open longing. The fact that Usha was often to be seen out, running in tight fitting clothes, only reinforced his lustful thoughts. Like the other two men, he could not have anticipated the good fortune Jolene had bestowed upon them tonight. He intended to maximise his opportunity!

Kenton Archer returned Usha's gaze with a similarly, amused, mischievous smile. Nothing much fazed Kenton, although Usha's unexpected appearance had been a mighty close thing. He felt his penis grow as his bright, deep blue eyes studiously undressed the woman before him.

Jolene moved in close to Usha and, brushing her lips against the rich dark skin of the woman's neck, whispered in her ear -- "I hope you are going to put on a good show for my friends."

"Oh, I have no intention of putting on a show; this is for me not them," Usha whispered as she, in turn, kissed Jolene's ear -- "but don't worry -- I think they will enjoy watching us play together. You do want to play don't you? "

In reply, Jolene kissed Usha full on the lips and pressed her body against the other woman. Usha returned the kiss with open lips and felt her body stir as their tongues met and battled together. Her fingers found the zipper to Jolene's dress and it slid easily down, much to the vocal approval of the men.

The women kissed hard and undressed each other with haste. Unlike Usha, Jolene needed a bra, but this was expertly removed by Usha, leaving the two of them wearing only stockings, suspenders and tiny panties.

Falling to her knees, Usha reached for Jolene's panties which she pulled down slowly. Usha was delighted to note that Jolene's underwear was already damp, and she could smell her sexual arousal.

In unspoken agreement, the women swapped positions and Usha's panties, too, were removed without delay. As she worked them down Usha's toned thighs, Jolene was unable to resist planting a soft kiss on Usha's mound; as she did so, she breathed in the musky, heady scent of the woman's sex.

The contrast between the two, almost naked, women was pronounced. Jolene had pale skin, large full breasts and a totally shaved pussy, whereas, Usha's skin was a dark golden colour, her breasts small and her black bush neatly trimmed.

There was no difference, however, in their desire for the other's body and they fell each upon the other with a lustful appetite.

The men shouted their encouragement and moved around the mattresses to gain better vantage points from where to watch the two women as they openly enjoyed their lesbian encounter. Fingers, lips and tongues were employed by both women to lick, suck, finger fuck and rim the other.


Ruth couldn't believe her eyes! She had never imagined that Usha was anything but straight, yet here she was, locked in a 69 with Jolene and giving as good as she was getting by the look of things. Ruth had never tasted pussy other than her own, and then only from a cock after she had been fucked. But the sight of her near naked best friend engaged in lesbian sex was making her feel very aroused, indeed.

She was also transfixed by the sight of the men undressing, and then masturbating, as they watched the women and offered crude encouragement. These were men she had known since she arrived in Ambridge over 20 years ago, but she had never seen any of them naked, let alone fully aroused and proudly sporting erections. She noted that her brother-in-law was particularly well-blessed in the penis department and she was unable to drag her eyes away from his impressive erection. With dismay, she realised that her thong was getting wet with her own growing arousal.

Sid broke her fixation with the show by taking her by the hand and pulling her towards the stairway that led to the bedrooms.

"No!" she protested, "we have a deal."

"Well, deal or no deal you are coming with me!" Sid asserted. "Or would you prefer me to call your husband and ask him to come over and collect you?" he finished, and looked hard at her.

Ruth knew she was in an indefensible situation and, with head lowered, she reluctantly but uncomplainingly followed Sid to a bedroom. Once inside he pushed her face down on the big bed and roughly unfastened and then pulled down her jeans until he could free them along with her shoes from her feet. Casting the clothing aside he quickly pulled her thong to one side. He unceremoniously slid three of his strong fingers deep into her cunt and, at the same time, pressed his thumb against her puckered anus. Ruth groaned and submitted to his violation of her most intimate body parts.

"I thought you didn't want to play, you stuck you bitch? But I can tell how wet and ready you are! It's time for you to know your place, Ruth Archer -- now get up on your knees and spread your cunt. I'm going to fuck the arse off you, you slut -- just like your cowman did!"

Sid laughed as he watched her reluctantly obey his instructions.

Ruth reached back between her legs and spread her pussy lips with her fingers. Sid's cock brushed against her hand as he positioned himself behind her, making her spasm involuntarily.

"Keep still bitch," he barked, as he thrust his large cock deep into her in one move. She was so wet from her voyeuristic arousal that he had no problem getting into her and began to shaft her hard with long strokes. Unconsciously she continued to press her fingers against her clit and her thoughts went from her own plight, to visions of her friend in the other room.........


Ruth need not have been concerned on Usha's behalf. She was enjoying every minute of her liaison with Jolene. The two were giving and receiving pleasure in equal measure and Usha could feel her body building towards a massive orgasm as her clit was being tongue-lashed by the very competent Jolene.

Jolene was an expert at oral sex with both cock and pussy. With a sustained assault on the other woman's clit, she soon had the delicious Usha in the throes of orgasm. She rolled away as Usha's orgasm subsided and said with a smile -- "There you are, boys -- she is nicely warmed up and all yours -- well, for now, anyway."

With that, she headed to where she knew Sid had taken take Ruth Archer, as planned.

************ Jolene arrived just as Ruth began to near her own climax. The combination of the hard fuck she was receiving from Sid, the attention she was paying to her clit and the images of her naked friend and brother in law, were driving her to an unstoppable body-wrenching orgasm, the like of which she had not enjoyed since Sam left.

She was driven over the top when Jolene replaced Ruth's fingers with her own and brought her off at the same time as, with her other hand, she milked Sid's heavy, full balls. Ruth felt Sid unload into her as he pumped his hard cock deep into her cunt.

After both Sid and Ruth had come, they collapsed onto the bed, before Sid pulled his still semi-hard cock from her. Ruth tried to get up, but Jolene had other plans for her and pressed her back onto the bed. With Ruth face down and her legs open, Jolene had free access to her private parts, She first touched Ruth's wet open lips, then inserted a finger into her, followed by a second and a third.

Each time she added another digit, Jolene let out a satisfied little noise. Ruth was unaware of Jolene's intentions, and was still wet from her own fuck juice and Sid's recent deposit, so was reasonably relaxed and able to accommodate Jolene's fingers. By the time she realised what Jolene's mission was, it was too late to escape. Jolene studiously worked her whole hand into the helpless Ruth and then proceeded to fist her relentlessly.

"Did you really think you were going to get away scot-free and have that slut do it all for you?" Jolene sneered.

Ruth's cries of anguish and pleading only managed to fuel Jolene's sadistic streak and to engender fresh life into Sid's cock.


After Jolene had departed, Usha knelt on the edge of one of the mattresses facing the four men. They moved forward almost as one to form a semi-circle around her. Usha looked calmly from one to the other, before reaching out to take hold of Neil Carter's erect penis. Neil was so excited that he positively quivered in Usha's hand and she knew that he was unlikely to last long. 'Hardly surprising', she thought -- 'I doubt he gets much attention from his prudish wife.' Usha's mind then turned to Neil's daughter, Emma, who was a very different prospect and quite a fun girl if the rumours were accurate. As she took Neil into her mouth, some kink in Usha's complex brain conjured up an image of a naked Emma Carter being roasted by the Grundy brothers and a little tremor ran though her body.

After a few minutes attention from Usha's educated mouth, Neil was on the verge of erupting and, not wanting him to come yet, she stopped and turned to Mike Tucker.

Again she took Mike in hand and then her mouth and, as she did so, she wondered how often the widower got laid? She speculated that it was unlikely to be often, if at all, outside of the 'Cider Club' and that only happened once a month. She imagined him masturbating and hoped that he had at times thought about her has he did so.

Usha wasn't to know but Mike had often had her at the centre of his fantasy as he masturbated alone in his bed. He could hardly believe that here she was, sucking on his rigid cock. He was disappointed that she stopped when she did, but also relieved that he had managed not to come, despite being on the very brink of doing so.

Next she turned to Eddie Grundy. She had always found him to be somewhat course and crude, but tonight she wasn't concerned about his manners; just his cock, which like the others before, she took into her mouth and sucked expertly.

Finally, she turned to Kenton Archer. Kenton was a few years younger than the other men, taller and with, Usha noted with pleasure, a very good-sized penis, which stood proudly over a large pair of testicles. She took hold of him and looked up to his smiling face, her eyes meeting his and seeing the amusement that danced within them. She had always had a soft spot for Kenton; his cavalier, devil-may-care approach, although in total contrast to her own philosophy on life, somehow appealed to her.

Usha took her time to appraise Kenton and his cock, right there before her face. She ran her hands up his long, firm thighs and weighed his balls in one hand. With the other hand, she circled his cock at the base and, again, smiled inwardly in appreciation of its size and girth, her small hand just managing to close around it.

True to character, Usha's mind was running at full speed, even as she slowly manipulated Kenton's manhood. She was thinking that she was going to need a steady supply of quality sex; her husband was neither able, nor equipped, to provide the pleasure she sought. However, with someone like Kenton around, maybe she could have what she wanted, whenever she wanted it!

Returning all her attention to Kenton's cock, she leaned forward and licked the large pearl of pre-come from the eye of the bulbous cock head before setting about pleasuring him with a vengeance. She felt his balls begin to tighten in their sack and when she slipped her hand further between his legs and with care, but a firm pressure, raked her long, manicured, fingernail over his anus, he almost jumped.

Releasing Kenton from her lips, she turned onto her hands and knees before him. He needed no further invitation and knelt behind her. Reaching between her legs, she took hold of his weapon and guided him to her wet and very ready pussy. Kenton let out a loud, guttural sound has he slid effortlessly into the beautiful Asian woman. His buttocks clenched and his balls swung under him as he shafted her with long, powerful thrusts.

As Kenton repeatedly filled her, Usha again considered, favourably, the prospect of taking him as a regular lover. Her fertile mind moved into overdrive again, this time imagining her husband watching her with this stud; how pathetic he would look standing there naked, with his little cock sticking out as she was mounted and thoroughly fucked by this stallion.

Usha's thoughts were broken by the arrival of Eddie's cock close by her face. Without a seconds hesitation she greedily took him into her mouth and worked her tongue and lips on his shaft.

The evening was long and the action frenetic as she was used by the men in every combination and position imaginable. At one point, she recalled being fucked by Neil whilst simultaneously being buggered by Kenton's big cock and sucking off Mike.

Eddie, crude as ever, had sat astride her breasts, verbally abusing her and masturbating. When he ejaculated, he did so over her face and tits. Usha, sitting up, looked him straight in the eye and after wiping a drop of come from her face and licking it from her finger, she leaned forward to take his rapidly deflating cock into her mouth and sucked him dry. She was please to observe that, despite his earlier bravado and abuse of her and her husband, Eddie was unable to hold her steady gaze and turned away quickly.

Usha was a very willing and active participant, who, at times, could be heard, cajoling and spurring the men on, challenging them to give her their best. Indeed, they did the best they were capable of and then some. Each man came in one of her orifices, or over her tits and face at least twice during their sustained, and at times coordinated, assault on her body.

Usha, who was busy with Mike and Neil, was vaguely aware of Jolene rejoining the party. Although she was unaware, and if she was honest, unconcerned, about where the other woman had been. She half suspected that Sid and Jolene may have been having some fun with Ruth and that was why they had insisted that Ruth attend. 'So be it,' she mused. She had done all she could to help her friend.

Jolene sank onto the mattress beside Kenton and rolled him onto his back. Working her oral magic, she soon had him stiff again, which was a considerable, feat given that, only a short time before, Kenton had pumped his second load of sperm into Usha. Having achieved her goal, Jolene sat astride Kenton and lowered her hungry cunt onto his resurrected rod.

Sid, having had his fill of Ruth, rejoined the group a little after his wife.

Usha, having drained both Mike and Neil, was entertaining herself by watching Jolene ride Kenton. Seeing Sid enter the room, she stood and walked over to him. Directing him to one of the vacant chairs, she encouraged him to sit, then straddled him to enable his cock to slide up her gaping, over-used cunt. Sid allowed Usha to grind herself on his cock for some minutes before using his powerful legs and back to effortlessly stand, with Usha impaled on his thick rod. With Usha's arms and legs wrapped around him Sid walked her to a mattress, where sinking to his knees, he lowered her down on her back. With her legs now over his shoulders, having waited all night to have her, he began to fuck her hard.

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