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Everyone Has a Past


There was a look of shock on his face, an instant of surprise just before my right fist contacted his nose dead square. What is odd is that it all seemed to happen in slow motion, it wasn't really though.

He went down hard onto his rear end and rolled back a little, then sat there looking up at me, blood streaming down his face.

It took a few moments for him to recover, then he got up and came at me.

I let him get up. I didn't really have to, I could have just clipped him again on the way up but I stepped back to give him room.

He was big, bigger than me even and I am not small at 6 feet and 220 pounds. He also didn't have a clue, his arm came back, his head tipped forward as he rushed at me, I just dropped him again with a straight left hand.

That did it, he didn't want any more.

"I'm sorry!" He wailed. I turned and walked away, shaking my hand that suddenly gave me a flash of pain, well aware of faces turned my way in surprise at the sudden violence.

Sally, my wife of 17 years and I were at a company get together, it was more of a rally than a party but a few were drinking. There had been some speeches if that is what they could be called, it was all pretty boring.

I had noticed the guy corner her over by a tiny little bar they had set up, Sally was getting some soda pop since she never drank alcohol at all that I ever knew of.

I didn't think anything about it at first, but then I saw her body language stiffen, she glanced my way and back to the guy quickly, shook her head and came back to our table.

I knew instantly that something was wrong.

"What's up with that guy?" I asked her.

"Nothing, he is a salesman for one of our other units, he is just here for the party." Her face flushed and she didn't meet my eyes.

Not normal, not normal at all.

"Do you know him from somewhere?" I pressed.

"No, not really." She answered. I knew that there was something more but I didn't ask any more questions. Sally and I always respected each other, if something mattered she would just tell me.

That is what I thought, anyway. Hell, she never one time in 17 years ever looked in my wallet, I never looked in her purse. There was nothing to hide and no reason to look, if I needed the car keys I would ask her for them and she would open her purse and hand them to me.

Our relationship was as close to perfect as it is possible for one to be, it's really nice to have total trust and faith.

Then some music started and she wanted to dance. I never was much of a dancer, but I sure do like having my sweet lady cuddled up in my arms so we do a pretty good job of pretending to dance.

Later, the same guy asked Sally to dance but she refused. I saw that same expression of discomfort in her eyes. He got an angry look on his face and retreated, after first giving me one of those glances that are hard to explain. It was a deliberate "look me up and down" glance with an almost hidden smirk.

That kind of look is intended to be a challenge, the kind that just pisses a man off.

Sally was pretending to not notice, but her face was flushed.

A half dozen "what the fuck's?" popped into my head. Old boyfriend? An affair? Something was going on and I had no idea at all what it could be.

I was thinking maybe he was just an old boyfriend, something like that although it was odd that if that was the case I would have expected Sally to just say so.

Sally was no virgin when we met and I most certainly wasn't either, she had mentioned having dated this person or that in high school, but she never went into any details. I never asked, I simply didn't care. Sally was mine now and I was all hers, everyone has a past and none of that mattered to me.

We had met not long after college at a dance, what I liked about her was that she was a bit on the forward side. She had spotted me and liked what she saw, so she simply went for it. I was probably not particularly known as a ladies man at that point but I managed.

For some reason every single relationship I was ever involved in began when some gal approached me instead of the other way around.

"You are cute, what's your name?" She asked, stopping in front of me and looking up at me.

"I'm Danny, I...uhhh." Was as far as I got.

"Bashful, huh? Well, I will get you over that!" She just reached out and took my hand and we were dancing.

We clicked like butter on Popcorn, within a few weeks we were always within a dozen feet of each other. I even made a couple of less than artful passes at her, she resisted the more intimate attempts, although we did kiss and neck a lot.

When that developed into sex it was Sally's decision, I found myself dragged along to her tiny little apartment. Next she just climbed on me and made it quite clear that she was ready.

I was also, it was just fine. The light in the room was dim that first time, I could see her but barely as she slid out of her clothing. Her body was sleek and firm, I knew from her practiced motions that she had at least as much experience as I did.

Somewhere in there, I am not sure of the moment that I knew, but I fell in love.

I could mention here that she was gloriously beautiful, she wasn't. Rather, she was a reasonably pretty and nice looking young woman, the kind a man takes home to meet Mom and can be proud of.

Sally didn't dress naughty or tease, she didn't need to. She had an air of total confidence about her, and everywhere we went she had people coming up to her. My Sally was very popular, with everyone.

In seventeen long years of marriage we had the usual arguments, the usual upsets. We got through them all, we were just a typical married couple in every single respect.

We weren't even wild and crazy in the bedroom, that part of our lives was regular and fun.

Sally used her degree in business management to land a pretty good position with benefits, I started a small delivery service that developed over time into a dozen trucks running regular overnight hauls up and down the west coast.

We had good income, the word is comfortable. Several times I mentioned to Sally that perhaps she could come and help with my growing business but she always refused, saying the time apart was what kept us close.

Then came that night at her company shindig.

There were those few moments that I noticed that seemed odd, I sensed her discomfort.

Later that night things exploded.

That same guy, who I found out later was named Jerry, shouldered his way up to me as I was sampling the snacks they had set out.

"You are Sally's old man, right?" He asked, coming up behind me.

"Yes, I am Dan."

"Sally and I go way back." I noticed his face was red, his words slurred.

"Oh. That's nice." I started to turn and walk away.

"I don't know why she is so uppity now, like her shit don't stink or something!"

That stopped me in my tracks.

"What?" I asked.

"She used to work in a massage parlor, she has had her hands on my dick a dozen times and now the fucking CUNT won't give me the time of day!" He snarled.

Which is when I hit him.

Probably half the people in the room never even realized anything had happened, Sally saw it though. I took her arm and we left. She sat there with her face downcast, I glanced at her a couple of times, saw tears on her cheeks.

When a man loves his wife like I loved my Sally, tears in their eyes are painful.

At home I decided there was no point in pressing the issue, Sally had never kept anything back that I knew of.

At least I had thought so, anyway. I just sat down in my chair and clicked on the TV, she went into the bedroom. It was quite a long time before she came back out, she had her composure and looked normal. She sat down across from me on our couch instead of in her own favorite chair like she usually did.

"I need to tell you some things." She offered, finally.

"That's up to you, hon. I am sorry about disrupting the party."

"Jerry had it coming, he can be such an ass."

"Well, I haven't been in a fight since I was a kid, but he called you some names."

"Well...I guess maybe I deserve that." Her face reddened again, I got a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

My Sally? Having an affair with that guy? That didn't make any sense, the only time we were ever apart was when she was at work.

"When I was in college....." She began, then hesitated. I could see she was searching for the words. I just waited.

"I was broke, I lost that job I told you about at the clothing store."

She had told me that she put herself through college working as a saleslady.

"I was desperate, then I saw an ad for girls to work...work in a..massage parlor."

"Oh. I see." I actually felt some relief, it wasn't a sleazy affair.

"That started out as...just rubdowns, things like that. I was paid a commission, and the boss mentioned to me that I needed to do a few things..extra..to really make any money."

I nodded, I had a pretty good idea what extras meant. I had been in a few of the local massage parlors myself in my younger days.

"I had done that...you know..with a couple of boyfriends so I thought maybe it was no big deal. I told the boss that OK, I would, he was the first one, and he trained me."

"Trained you?"

"Yes, he showed me some tricks and things to do and I....." She stopped again.

"Like what?" I couldn't believe this, Sally was telling me that she used to work..as a prostitute?

"You know, with my hands, like I do with you sometimes."

"You mean you used to turn tricks..for money?"

"No! I never did that, it was just..hand jobs and things like that."

"No sex, intercourse? Or blow jobs?"

"Well, yes, a few I did give..with my mouth, not all of them. Then the boss, he...I..I let him."

"Not all of them, huh? Well, that makes this a whole lot better!" I said sarcastically.

"Danny, I am so sorry. I didn't know you back then and I.... Please don't hate me!" She burst out into serious tears.

"I don't hate you, honey. I love you. That's all in the past and over now." I got up and went to sit beside her, taking her in my arms as she sobbed against my chest.

We didn't talk any more about it, later as we got ready for bed she came out of our bathroom. All she had on was a tiny pair of panties, that was different. She nearly always came to bed with a nightgown on.

"Now what's up?" I asked.

"I want you to know everything, I have been terrified for years that you would find out and hate me." She came over and sat on the edge of our bed.

"Sally, you don't need to....I can't ever hate you, no matter what."

"I want to. I want you to know what I did."

The combination of the way she looked in the dim light from the bathroom and the idea that my Sally actually would do something like do hand jobs and blow jobs for money made me feel the beginnings of an erection. She had used her hands, and her mouth on me many times, it was always wonderful, now I knew why. I had thought she had just known a few boyfriends before me, nothing to get jealous about there or even really think about.

"Turn over." She whispered. I did as she asked, her hands went to my back and she began to stroke me. Then she straddled me and used both hands to press out my upper muscles, my mind drifted off into what she was doing. Then her hands dropped down and she stroked up and over my balls, no way could I not react to that. After a solid 15 minutes of what was mostly sensual teasing, she had me turn over on my back.

Sally began long sweeping strokes, each time her hands came down and over my stomach her arm and side of her hand slid right down my length. She had done this before many times, for some reason this time was amazing. I barely managed to keep from just blasting off into the air. Then her right palm slid up and lifted my testicles, slid over them and up my rigid erection all the way to the tip. She repeated that over and over, bringing me right to the edge, then releasing me.

I was alternating between keeping my eyes closed and opening them to watch the way her bare titties moved as she played with my body.

"You...worked like that...naked?" I muttered.

"Yea, like this, but I kept my panties on. I didn't fuck any of them, Danny, not once!" Her hand was wrapped around the end of my cock by now, it came to a stop.

"Not even once? But you said...with your boss?" I asked.

"Well..yes. But now I fuck with you." I had never heard Sally ever say that word before. She lifted up and tugged the crotch of her thong aside, straddled me and pushed down. I felt her body go into convulsions as she slid over me, and she started sliding up and down, her eyelids fluttering. I lasted just seconds after that.

"So how many?" I asked her later as she lay cuddled up in my arms.

"Three, sometimes four a day for almost two years."

"Holy shit, that is..thousands?"

"Yea, I guess."

"So where does that Jerry asshole come in?"

"He was just a sometimes customer, I did him maybe a dozen times. He was always trying for more." Sally wasn't being shy about talking about all of this any more.

"I figured on that."

"He showed up at the office a few months ago, he didn't recognize me at first, but once he did he started in on me. I told him I was married and there was no way but he kept right on making comments. He is the only one that bothers me, though."

"What do you mean, the only one?"

"I have ran into a few others, but none of them say anything."



"Like who?" I was getting another of those sinking feelings.

"The man who manages the grocery store, and the mechanic at the shop where you have me get the car serviced are two of them. They are both married, though, so they won't say anything."

"Both of those guys are in their sixties!"

"Danny, it's been over 18 years. Most of them don't even recognize me, those two did though."

"This is just swell."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, we will just deal with it if anyone says anything."

"I bet Jerry won't bother me anymore." She giggled.

"No, probably not."

"So It's OK? I can just be your sexy little slut?" She giggled again.

"Hey, it works for me!" I told her as I reached for her.

It was about a week later, I now noticed a few changes in my Sally. For one thing, she seemed far more attentive, we made love every single day but one. For another thing, she was dressing sexier around the house which added to that.

Once I walked up behind her in the kitchen and rubbed her fanny, then I realized there were no panties under her dress. There was no bra either, that was rare. Another night she came out of the bedroom wearing just one of my oversize T-shirts, then she sat there and played peekaboo with me until she managed to get me to miss the last half of CSI on TV.

I was fully embedded and Sally was thrusting right back at me when I asked her, a catch in my voice.

"Did you like working in that place?" She was quiet for a moment, then I felt her body flood as she got even wetter.

"Yea, I did. It was... fun...I...was...in..charge!" She panted as she thrust at me with more energy.

"So you like having a big hard cock in your hands, don't you, you nasty little girl?" I told her.

"Some of them were kinda little, not huge like...yours!" She giggled.

I am best described as completely normal in that department, but it felt good to hear her say that in the middle of a climax. If anything, it made me even harder as I pounded away at her, her knees pulled all the way back.

"I bet some of them were big, huh?" I asked.

"Yea, Walker was the biggest." She answered, just as I went off myself.

"Walker?" I asked a few minutes later.

"Yes, Walker. He was my boss, the guy I told you about?"

"You didn't tell me his name."

"I thought I did? He owned the Johnson Creek Massage Therapy place I used to work at."

"Johnson Creek?" Some memories flashed into my mind. I just happened to know who Walker was. He just happened to own the massage parlor that I had some experience with myself.

I didn't do a very good job of hiding my surprise.

"What?" She asked, an odd look on her face. Then it hit her.

"You asshole!" She said, taking a fake poke at me, grinning.

"What?" I was trying to pretend innocence.

"You have been there, haven't you?"

"I....uhhh...." I grinned at her.

"I didn't realize that that was the place you worked at, you didn't say."

"So you were in there getting your weenie pulled yourself? Hell, maybe I even pulled on it!" She grabbed at my cock, I managed to get out of her reach.

"No, I would have remembered you, no way could I miss these nice titties." I made a grab for her but she scooted out of reach.

"Which one of the girls did you go for?" Sally was really enjoying herself now. She sat up crosslegged, facing me. I knew she was well aware of the affect that would have on me.

"Connie usually." I admitted.

"Connie! The redhead? She was FAT!" Sally burst out laughing.

"Well, it was either that or Sarah."

"Sarah? The skinny flat chested one with all the tattoos?" Sally had a huge shit eating grin on her face.

"Yea." I blushed, good grief, we had been that close and never met.

"That's what you get for going in there on Saturdays. Just the leftover weekend shift, so you were one of the daytime guys, huh?" Sally was laughing at me now. It seemed one of my own secrets had slipped out.

"So you had both Connie and Sarah suck you off, huh?"

"Yea, well, you sucked off Walker and probably for free!"

"But now I just suck you off and I am better at it than they were!" Sally slipped up between my legs and engulfed my limp dick. I reached down and grabbed a tittie in each hand as she worked on me.

Then she sat back up.

"Hey, I want to know. Have you been back there since we got married?"

"No, the place got closed down. Darn it!" I laughed.

"Asshole! Well, I guess you are just stuck with me, then." She went back to sucking on me, then she scooted her fanny around and pressed her pussy at my face.

I knew what she wanted.

"Just one thing, honey!" I told her, just before I dove in.

"What's that?" She asked, lifting off my rapidly enlarging cock for a second.

"I will take the fucking car in for service from now on!"

She started laughing, which got me laughing too. Hell, that was so funny I lost my erection.

"Looks like we have to start over here, babe."

She grinned and grabbed me, I knew now why her hands seemed to flow over me like a glove.

"We sure are a couple of sluts, huh babe?" I said.

"Yep, I guess so!" She went back to my cock for a minute, then stopped and looked back at me.

"Danny, tell me. Did you ever lick that Sarah's pussy?"

The memory of doing exactly that, then climbing on top of her and fucking her popped into my head. The vision changed to doing exactly the same thing to Connie, and one other that for the life of me I couldn't remember her name. For just an instant, I felt the shadows of my own guilt.

I hesitated far too long to get away with lying.

"Forget it, I don't want to know." She went back to working on me furiously.

At that point it hit me that there were perhaps things I didn't want to know about, either.

Then Sally rolled over and stretched out, pressed solidly against me.

This felt so right, it was where she belonged.

All was just fine in my world.

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