tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEveryone Has An Achilles Heel Ch. 01

Everyone Has An Achilles Heel Ch. 01


My name is Patricia, but everyone calls me Pat. I know I am not perfect but I have had a really good life. I grew up in an upscale neighborhood and never wanted for anything. My father and grandfather were local judges and community leaders. I was a straight “A” student in HS and was the Homecoming Queen at the Prom. I continued in college with straight “A’s” and was a regular volunteer at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. I got my masters in accounting, became a CPA and was making real good money. I am 5’6” with short brown hair, weigh 115 and have 36C breasts, thanks to the implants.

I have only had two lovers in my life and I married the second. My husband Ted came from a well-respected local family that also had a lot of money and he was right out of GQ. He was handsome, funny, brilliant and had a great physique. We were married right after he passed the bar and were the perfect couple. Together we made almost 7 figures, had a beautiful home and belonged to the local country club. Children were in the future but since were both 28, we thought we’d wait a few years. We had it all and many were jealous of our looks, success and money, especially his brother Bill. Bill was a wannabe and never worked for anything. He was in fact, a dirt bag who always seemed to be trying to look down my shirt or brush up against me.

One Sunday night Ted announced that he had to go to Dallas for an important case and would be gone for several days. I was very busy with tax season so I knew I would be working long hours and would not be seeing him often anyway. On Monday night around 11 PM I received a call that changed my / our lives forever. John Hughes, the managing partner at my husbands law firm was on the other end. He advised that it was important that he speak with me no later than tomorrow, but would not say why. We agreed to meet at his office at 7 PM the next night. I figured it was regarding my husband’s partnership and decided not to call Ted so he could be really surprised. Boy, was I wrong.

I arrived promptly at 7 PM and was led into his office. I had met him once or twice before and never really cared or felt comfortable around him because the way I felt he leered at me and other women. He was in his mid 40’s and was actually very handsome and distinguished looking, although a pig. He greeted me warmly and told me to take a seat. It was then I noticed a man and women sitting on the couch. He introduced them as Tony and Maria. Tony was head of Security and Maria was the head of Accounting. I was confused as to why they were there, but relieved someone else was in the room with the pig and me.

John was very deliberate, almost as if reading from a script. His words were like a thick fog that enveloped my body and I could not move or respond. He then told Maria to show me the papers and it was evident that Ted, my perfect Ted was embezzling from the firm and client accounts. John continued and said that he was telling me out of respect for my family so that we could prepare for the scandal that will certainly follow. I was devastated and cried uncontrollably. They all got up and said they would leave me alone for a few minutes to gather myself. Everything went through my head. The plan for a future and a happy family was ruined. It was like an out of body experience. I did not know what to do. It was then that Maria walked back in and closed the door.

She put her arm around me for what I thought was an attempt to comfort me and to tell me that everything would be all right. I was wrong again. She also went on to say that the FBI would be contacted in the morning and that Ted would be picked up, arrested and brought back for his arraignment. She continued by saying that Ted should expect to have his mouth and ass used regularly in prison, as that is what goes on there. I nearly fell out of my chair. I could not bear the thought of him being away and being tortured by the other inmates. It was then she said she might know of a way out. I was not sure I heard her and so she repeated it again, but said that they would both have to convince John. She asked if I was ready to do anything to keep Ted out of jail, the embarrassment in the community along with him being disbarred. I could not say yes fast enough. I figured they wanted the money repaid and maybe some favors from my dad, the judge. Once again, I was wrong.

She went on to say that all the money had to be re-paid with interest, to which I readily agreed. She then said that I had to be ready to do anything I was asked as the penalty for Ted’s illegal activity. I said, yes, anything. I did so, without thinking of what “anything” could be but was happy I may be able to get Ted out of this so we could continue our life together. Maria said she was going to get John and Tony and that I should not question anything or Ted would be arrested in the morning. They came back in and John asked why he was asked back in here and why were we wasting his time. Maria took the lead and began speaking.

Maria told John said that we would repay everything with interest and that I would do anything, as a penalty, to forgive and forget. John just looked at me, then Maria, and said I’m listening. Maria told me to stand up and she walked around in front of me. Before I knew it her hand slapped me right across my face. I felt my face tingling and a momentary daze but her words lingered in my ears as I tried to comprehend what she just said. I didn’t move and it was then she slapped me again and told me to strip. I looked at John hoping for some compassion but all he had was a shit eating grin on his face. I wanted to slap him, kick him or yell at him. This should not be happening to me. I did nothing wrong. Ted was a good guy and would make it all better. Just before the next slap I began removing my clothing. I stood there in my bra and thong hoping this game would end but Maria told me to take everything off or else Ted would be gone for a long time. I did, and stood naked in front of these three people I barely knew. Ted was the only other person to see me this way and I felt totally humiliated standing there like this.

Maria told me to lie down, spread my legs and play with my pussy. After a minute, Maria took her fingers and put them inside me and finger fucked me for a few minutes. As she was doing so she told the men that I was really wet. I could not help it but I just wanted it all to be over. When she stopped she turned to me and told me to lick her fingers clean. After I suffered this indignity John told Maria to come to him and suck his cock. I continued playing with myself and was getting more aroused than I thought I could in this situation. While I watched Maria suck John’s cock I began to let out a low guttural noise that was the preview to my orgasm. John told me to stare at him while I touched myself and it was then I had a mind-blowing orgasm and screamed in ecstasy. It was the most intense one I had ever experienced. It was then that John pulled his cock out of Maria’s mouth and came all over her face. Maria turned to me and ordered me to lick her face clean of John’s cum. I had never swallowed before but I crawled over to her and began licking her face clean. Once finished, I was told to go and suck Tony’s cock. Both cocks were bigger and thicker than Ted’s and I felt like gagging but continued doing what I was told. Tony came pretty quickly and I thought my punishment was over. Wrong again. They had plans for me and told me to take a shower in John’s private shower and to make it quick. My night was only beginning.

As I got out of the shower Maria came to me and told me to lie down on the tile floor. When I did she lowered her pussy over my face and told me to lick. I tried to turn my head but could not and began licking my first pussy. I felt her squirm as her juices covered my face. She got off as soon as she came all over my face. Shw told me to dress and then we then left.

We went to a home but before going in I was told to put on a mask, as did the others. We walked in and there were about 20 people there. I was immediately brought to the middle of the room and was introduced as a new slut and that anyone or everyone could do what they wanted to do with me. It was then that two women came up to me and threw me down and began ripping my clothes off. Once naked they stood me up and handcuffed my hands behind my back. They then took a vibrator and shoved it in my pussy while everyone watched. I was not a homecoming queen or a respected member of the community. I was a slave who had to do as she was told.

I got fucked and had to suck cock, pussy and even was forced to lick someone’s ass. I was a defeated woman but only did this to save Ted. I was only glad that no one saw my face. The night ended and I was told to be back at the law firm at 8 PM the next night. What could be next I thought.

I arrived on time again and was told to strip and to wear the mask because we had some special guests tonight. I did as I was told. Three men entered the room, two white men in tuxedos and one was a black security guard. The first one came to me and pushed me to my knees told me to unzip his pants and take out his cock. It was not big yet but he forced it into my mouth and as I sucked it got hard and was big. As I was sucking I looked up and it was then I noticed one of the men remove his mask to fix it. I nearly collapsed because it was my father in law. It then hit me from the clothes and cologne that the cock I was sucking was Bill (Ted’s brother). He held my head and pushed it faster and faster until he shot his sperm into my mouth. If he knew it was me he would have gotten a perverse pleasure out of it. Next was my father in law whose cock was also much larger than Ted’s. Ted got the looks but the rest of the men got the packages. As I sucked my father in law I felt so humiliated and so low that I wanted to scream get up and run out. However, all I did was to continue to suck until he filled my mouth up too. The security guard just stood and my father and brother in law asked this guy if he wanted to fuck me. He removed his clothes and his big black cock was at attention. My in laws were laughing while they told him to fuck the white women. She is a slut who will do anything for anyone. He came to me and we fell to the floor and his enormous cock slipped easily into my pussy and he began fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before. He came pretty quickly and they told me to clean his cock with my tongue. I had no choice so I used my tongue as a washcloth.

They left and I collapsed on the floor. John and Maria walked in and asked if I enjoyed sucking relatives and told me they taped the whole thing for future use, if necessary. In addition, I would also be loaned out for a bachelor party next week for one of the lawyers and Ted would be there too watching me fuck and suck all his colleagues. Depending on how good I was they would decide if I could wear a mask or not. I began wondering Ted was really worth all of this or not. I guess I decided he was but also wondered when all this would end. After all you can only do things to a person if they allow you to do it. I allowed myself to become a cocksucker and cunt licker for the man I love and want to protect. I was thinking he is my Achilles heel as John's cock forced its way into my mouth.

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