tagGay MaleEveryone Knows But Them Ch. 01

Everyone Knows But Them Ch. 01


This is not my first story, but it is my first M/M story. I actually like how it came out and most of my gay guy friends thought it was hot. I hope you all think so too. Feel free to leave comments &/or send me feedback. Positive and negative criticism welcome. Good reading to all of you.


Please note that all characters are of my own creation. If you relate to them, it is mere coincidence.


It's not everyday that Julian sees the most gorgeous creature on two legs. That being said, he's still a totally chicken when it comes to making the first move so Julian just end up following this god around Central Park like some kind of puppy/stalker type of thing. When he bent over to tie his shoe, Julian tried to keep sight of him, but on a Saturday afternoon, the park was crowded. When Julian stood again, he began looking for the man, but to no avail. It was then Julian heard the chuckling behind him. He turned to find the person he'd been searching for. Before Julian could do anything more than gape at the gorgeous man, he said, "Why are you following me, dude?"

Julian was more than a little shocked that he had known he was, but said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I just couldn't seem to help myself."

He extended his hand and with a smile said, "It's fine. Just kind of creepy, but I can tell you're harmless. I'm Derek."

"Hi, Derek. I'm Julian." Julian said as he shook Derek's hand and then continued, "You're right. I am harmless. I didn't mean to creep you out."

Derek laughed and said, "It's fine. It's a nice day though, I'm sure you have better things to do other than follow me around."

Julian looked into Derek's green eyes. They captivated him and he almost tuned him out, but Derek's voice had the most melodious tone that it was like listening to a song. Julian shook his head realizing that Derek was trying to have a conversation and said, "No. I mean, it is a nice day, but I don't have anything to do. I live a few blocks away, but I decided to come and see what was going on in our illustrious city and ended up seeing you. Which completely through me. I really didn't mean to follow you so long. I'm sure you have places to be, so I'll leave you to it."

Julian extended his hand again. When Derek shook it and let go, Julian turned to walk away.

"Julian, wait!" Derek called out after Julian had begun to walk a few feet away.

Looking over his shoulder Julian answered, "Yeah?"

Derek walked over and said, "I ... Um, I was actually heading up to White Plains for a barbecue at one of my best friend's house. Would you like to come?"

Julian raised his eyebrow and said, "You're inviting me, a complete stranger and the guy who just followed you around for the last 15 minutes, to go to a barbecue with you?"

"Um, yeah. I mean, it's not a date or anything. I'm not gay. I just figured it'd be cool to make a new friend that actually lives in the city. I'm from White Plains, but when I moved here, most of my friends stayed. I don't hang out here as much as I'd like because I have no one to hang with, so I you know, figured I'd try now and it'll give you something to do."

"I'd like that, Derek, but for the record, I am. Gay, I mean."

"I figured. I have a ultra sensitive gaydar. It's crazy." Derek said with a laugh.

Julian joined in and thought about being friends with this man. Julian's attraction to Derek was obvious, at least to him. It would be very tempting to get to know him more.

Before either of them knew it, they were getting into a taxi and heading to the barbecue. Julian found out that the cook-out was being thrown by Jason, Derek's best friend, and Jason's wife, Callie. Standing outside the house, Derek pointed Julian towards his childhood home, that was down the street and where Derek's parents still lived, before they moved towards the two steps that lead to the front door of Jason's house.

In the backyard, Julian watched Derek interact with a group of his friends. After the introductions, Julian just kind of moved away and let Derek enjoy being with them. It was like watching all the jocks engage each other back in high school. When Julian heard her voice, he nearly jumped out of his skin.

"I'm so sorry, Julian. I didn't mean to startle you."

"It's fine, Callie. I got scared because I didn't even know you were there."

Callie laughed and said, "That's interesting and probably explains why I've been having a one-sided conversation for the last 10 minutes."

"I'm sorry, Callie. What was it that you were saying?"

"I asked how long you've known Derek."

"Oh. We just met this afternoon actually."

"Really? How?"

Julian looked down. He was embarrassed, but answered by whispering, "Um .. I saw him and started following him. He snuck up behind me and caught me. Then after talking for a little while, he invited me here."

"You were following him? Why?"

"I don't really know. I just did."

Callie looked at Julian for a little too long. Her gaze began to make him uncomfortable and she caught on. Then Callie said, "Oh! Wait!"

Julian looked at her and said, "Yes?"

"Are you? You know, gay?"


Callie grabbed Julian's hand and said, "Follow me."

It wasn't as if Julian had much of a choice as Callie was already practically dragging him into the house.

"Um, Callie, where exactly are we going?" Julian asked once they began walking down the hall.

Callie stopped in front of a door and after looking at Julian, she walked in. They were in what appeared to be a hobby room. Several different activities were going on and Callie motioned for Julian to sit in one of few chairs in the room. When he did, she sat across from him.

"Spill it." Callie said with a beaming smile on her face.

"Spill what, Callie? I told you everything that happened." Julian said with a confused look on his face.

"You're into Derek?"

"Sorta, but he already told me he was straight and I don't do straight men, so no harm no foul."

"Mmhmm ..."Callie looked like her mind was spinning.

"What are you thinking about?"

"You live in the city, right?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I have a friend. A gay friend. A single gay friend."

"Um, I don't need to be set up."

"That's fine, honey. I'm talking about introducing you to a new friend. What ever happens is between you two."

"Um, alright. I like having friends."

Callie smiled and Julian blushed. He didn't know why, but the woman seemed like she could get him to agree to anything.

"Well, how would you like to help me with the food, while I tell you about Victor."

Callie stood and Julian did as well and said, "I'd love that. I love to cook."

Callie laughed and said, "You're a dying breed. A man who can cook and actually lives in the city."

Julian laughed as well as they headed towards the kitchen. When they got there, Derek was leaning against the counter, but turned when Julian and Callie walked in.

"Hey! There you are. I thought you left or something." Derek said as they approached.

"No. I didn't leave. Callie and I were just talking. I didn't want to bother you with your friends, so I'm just going to help Callie with the food." Julian said. Callie was smiling at him and the unneeded attention was making him blush.

"Oh. Um, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to just abandon you like that. I know you don't know the guys. I wasn't thinking." Derek said as he twirled the bottle of beer on the counter. Julian tried to figure out if it was a nervous habit or if it was something that Derek, himself, didn't realized he was doing.

"It's fine, really, Derek. I know you don't get to hang out with them often. So I'm going to help Callie and we can talk and hang later." Julian said as he moved over to where Callie had begun chopping lettuce for the salad.

"Are you sure? I mean, I could help or something." Derek said as he watched Julian begin to peel the carrots.

"Help? Can you cook?" Julian asked surprised at the invitation. He didn't know many straight men that could cook.

"Well, no, but I could do that. Whatever that is." Derek commented as he watched Julian julienne the carrots.

Julian laughed and said, "Then no. I don't need you losing any of those gorgeous fingers of yours. Just go out back and hang with your buddies. We can handle it."

Derek looked at his hands. He couldn't believe Julian had called them gorgeous. No one had ever complimented his hands. Derek looked back at Julian to see the smile that had come onto his face and smiled back before saying, "Alright. Alright. But we'll hang when you're done. Promise."

"That's fine. Off with you then." Julian said without looking at him.

Callie just listened and watched the two interact. She could tell that outside from the fact that Derek didn't see himself as gay, the two were perfect for each other. She'd help them along. Get things moving and see where they landed. Callie smirked at the plan that was already forming in her wicked mind.

Once Derek cleared out, Callie and Julian finished cooking dinner in no time. By 7 o'clock, the two were moving dinner onto the table outside near the grill. Jason and the rest of the boys were able to get all the meat grilled and Callie was happy.

As everyone started digging in, Derek grabbed the plate of ribs to hand to Julian, who just shook his head no at the offer.

"What's wrong?" Derek asked as he sat the plate back down.

"No, nothing. There isn't anything wrong. I'm just a vegetarian." Julian said as he began eating the mac and cheese.

"Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"I didn't tell you. It's fine."

Derek looked down at his plate and although his hunger was raging, he couldn't bring himself to eat it in front of Julian.

"Derek ..." Julian began.

"Yes?" Derek answered.

"It's okay to eat. I just made the choice not to when I was still back in college. It'll keep me healthier. You like meat, so eat."

Derek just looked him, until Julian nudged the plate closer and smiled. Derek smiled back and ate.

Callie and the rest of the group had gone silent as they all watched the two interact. It was adorable and neither Derek or Julian realized it.

By 9, Derek was more than a little tipsy and Julian had be up early the next day so they made their exit. Before they left, Callie handed Julian a piece of paper. Julian knew what was and just slid it into his pocket before giving her a hug.

Derek said his goodbyes as well and the two got into the cab and headed back into the city. Halfway through the ride, Derek turned and asked Julian what Callie had handed him. Julian told him it was the number for her friend Victor who lived back in the city. Callie thought the two would get along. Derek didn't say anything else. He just looked out of the window and wondered why it bothered him so much.

The cab pulled up in front of Central Park and let the two men out. Since they both lived within walking distance of the park, it seemed logical. Before they went in their respective directions, they men exchanged numbers and agreed to meet at a nearby sports bar on Thursday to watch the Patriots vs. Dolphins game.


The next day, Julian woke up around 8:15. He had half an hour to get to the gym he owned just a few blocks away. As he searched through the pockets of his pants from the day before, he retrieved his keys and looped through them was the piece of paper that Callie had given him. Without giving it a second thought, Julian added Victor's number to his cellphone contact list. Julian decided he'd call in a couple hours.

Making it to the gym, Julian opened up and went to his office. He had a few things to do before he could go home. Looking over the invoice for the new punching bags he ordered, his phone rang.

"Hello?" Julian said. He put the phone on speaker and continued to look at the invoice.

"Hi. Um, is this Julian?" the voice said a little hesitant.

"Yes, it is. Who is this?"


"Victor? Callie's friend Victor?"

"Yes. I'm sorry if I called too early. I guess I was just a little anxious to talk to you."

"That's fine. I've been up for a little while. Why are you anxious to talk to me?"

"Well, I don't get out that much. That is to say, I get wrapped up in my work. Callie called me last night and said I should give you a call because she thinks we'll be good together."

"Hmm ... So you call a complete stranger looking for a boyfriend ... I must say, I'm flattered. I was going to give you a call later. I'm working right now."

"Oh! I'm sorry. No. I wasn't looking for a boyfriend. I mean, if we hit it off and you want to be, I'm sure that would be fine, but I didn't mean it like that and I'm sorry to call you while you're working. I hope you don't into any trouble accepting personal calls on the clock."

Julian laughed and said, "Well, being that I am the boss, I can't get in any trouble. Sweet of you to be worried about that though. Say, Victor, I'm going to be busy here for another few hours, what are you doing this afternoon?"

"Um ... Nothing. I mean, I was going to grab something to eat and then probably just go to the market. Why?"

"Would you like to do those things together? That way we can get to know each other better. If you want."

"Sure! How about we meet for brunch at 11:30?"

"Perfect. Do you know where Dream is?"

"Know where it is?" Victor laughed and said, "If it weren't for that place, I'd have died of starvation during college."

Julian laughed. "You too? Well, I'll meet you there at 11:30."

"Okay. See you then. Bye, Julian."

"Bye, Victor."


At exactly 11:30, Julian was walking into Dream. He realized he had no clue what Victor looked like, but there were only a few men sitting alone inside the restaurant. One stood up and Julian was caught complete off guard. If this man was Victor, he would have to kiss Callie next time he saw her. The man standing a few feet away was about 6'2" with an olive complexion. He had hazel eyes and was well muscled. Black hair that was cut low, just the way he liked it. This man looked like many of the patrons at his gym.

Julian felt the man's eyes travel over his 5'11" stature. Julian was very blessed in the looks department. With his shaggy blonde hair and skin that was the shade of the perfect tan and sea blue eyes, he knew he turned more than a few heads. He often used his gym to keep his body perfectly muscled without over doing it. The plain black t-shirt clung to his body and the faded blue jeans gave him such a simple look, he knew the effect he had on men and women, for that matter.

Julian walked over to the standing man and said, "Are you Victor?"

The man smiled and said, "Yes. You must be Julian."

Julian smiled back. Enchanted by the Spanish accent Victor had that didn't come through during their earlier call and said, "I am. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise. Would you like to sit?"

"Yes, thank you. Have you ordered?"

"No. I was waiting for you." Victor smiled.

"That's very sweet of you, Victor."

"Thanks. You know, most people just call me Vic. You can if you'd like."

"Vic it is. You can call me Jul or Jules."

"Jul. I like that."

The waitress walked over and took their orders. When she left, Jul and Vic got to know each other better. Both of them enjoyed many of the same things and Julian could feel that they would get along just fine.

Once the two left Dream, they went to the open market in Soho. They two had really hit off since they met.

"You know, you aren't what I was expecting." Vic said.

"Hmm ... Really? What were expecting?"

"I don't know. Just something else."

"Well, what do you think of me?"

"I think you are a intelligent, gorgeous, sexy, adorable, funny man."

Jul's blushed and looked down. Vic moved closer and lifted Jul's face until they were looking each other in the eyes. Vic just looked as if searching for the okay to proceed. Jul just moved in closer and Vic covered his lips. The two stood there. Neither deepening the kiss, but merely seeing what was there.

When Vic backed off, Jul said, "Wow."

Vic chuckled and wrapped his arms around Julian, who seemed embarrassed about having said that.

"It's fine, you know. It was a really good kiss." Vic said.

"I know, but ... I don't know. I don't do this sort of thing." Julian said as he wrapped his hands around Vick.

"Kiss guys or kiss guys in public?" Vic asked with a smirk.

"No. Not that. I don't mind being in public. I don't care. And I am gay, smart ass. I don't kiss guys I just met."

"Did you not like it, Jul?"

"What? No. I mean, I did like it. I'm just saying. I don't go around doing this."

"If I thought otherwise, I wouldn't have done it. Come on. I need to get a few things. Would you like to have dinner tonight?"

"I'd love to, but I have to finish up a few things in a couple hours."

"Aww. That sucks. Well, how about later this week? I'm free Thursday night. We could go for a movie and then have dinner."

"Thursday sounds perfect."


The two walked away heading towards the fruit stands. They ended up making out a few more times in the market before splitting up and heading home with the things they'd bought. It wasn't until Julian made it back home that he remembered he had plans on Thursday with Derek. He didn't know which man he should cancel with. Julian really wanted to see Vic again, but he didn't want to ditch his new friend either.

Having no clue what to do, Julian decided he'd give himself a few days to figure out what to do.


By the time Tuesday night hit, Julian had made his decision. As much as he wanted to hang with Derek, he had the potential of a relationship with Vic. Julian was sure if he explained it to Derek that he would understand, so before losing his nerve, Julian dialed Derek.


"Hi, Derek. It's Julian."

"Oh! Hey, man. I thought I imagined you until Jason told me that you really were at the barbecue."

Julian laughed. Derek had clearly been more drunk than he appeared. Julian said, "Yes. I was there. I was calling because I need to cancel our plans for Thursday."

"Plans? What plans?"

"You really don't remember anything past a certain point, do you?"

"No. The last thing I remember is eating at the barbecue. Did ... Did something happen between us?"

"What?! No, Derek. You told me you are straight. I respect that. I wont do anything that way towards you."

Derek was a little disappointed. He'd been dreaming about the blonde god for the last couple nights and although, he couldn't get his thoughts together about what they meant, part of him knew that he would have no problem with Julian making a move on him. It was just too bad that Julian hadn't gotten as drunk as him. He'd drank so much in hopes that he would be more open to things happening.

"Hello? Derek? You still there?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry, Julian. Just got lost in my thoughts for a minute."

"What were you thinking about?"

"Um ... Nothing. You said you had to cancel our plans Thursday night, why?"

"Oh. Yeah. I, um, have a date on Thursday."

"Oh! I didn't know you were seeing someone."

"I wasn't and well, technically, I'm not. It's with Callie's friend, Victor. We got together this weekend and really hit it off. He asked me out and I accepted before I remembered our plans. That's why I was calling. To see if we could hang out on a different night instead."

"You're going on a ..." Derek didn't like the idea of Julian spending time with someone else and it worried him that he was so irritated by the idea. When did it become that Julian was only supposed to spend time with him.

"Derek? Are you okay?"

Derek was again snapped out of his thoughts by Julian's concerned voice. He answered, "Yes, Julian, I'm fine. We can hang out whenever you have the time. Just message me when you know when you'll have the time. I have to go now."

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