Everyone Said She Did It


It took me three hours to travel the two hundred and fifteen or so kilometres to the town and a further half an hour to locate the cemetery and the grave stone. Reasoning that she wouldn't have made the round trip virtually non-stop I checked the local hotels and found that she had checked in at 7.00pm, dined in the hotel dining room, alone, stayed overnight, checking out at 10.00am the following day. I had proof that she was nowhere near her apartment on the night in question so she was innocent.

Next question; if she didn't do it who did? And why? And why was Loretta not willing to defend herself?

I thought about these questions on the return trip but was no closer to a solution when I arrived back at my office.

The next day I began my search for a motive and my first task was to track the movements of James St Clair in the week prior to the event to see if there could be something there. I hit immediate pay dirt. He had gone on a business trip that required him to be away from home for three nights, nights that he didn't spend alone.

Her name was Fiona Dawson and she was a business associate who just happened to be an ex-girlfriend, or was that an ex-ex-girlfriend. They dined together every night and spent every night in the hotel. The fact that there was no separate reservation for Fiona strongly suggested cohabitation for the period. Further research revealed that this was not the first time that James and Fiona had spent time together on 'business trips'.

I wondered if Loretta knew of this and listed it on the questions that I would ask her at her next appointment. Could jealousy have been the motive behind the attack?

I had to shelve my enquiries for a couple of days because of the intervention of my real work, but an idea was forming in my head that could explain the reasoning behind Loretta's actions. That was all thrown into a state of total confusion the day before I was due to speak with her again.

I was seated at my desk working on a case file when my intercom announced that 'Miss Martin is here to see you'. Even before I had a chance to tell my receptionist to ask her to wait my door burst open and Loretta strode into my office. Only it wasn't the Loretta of last week, this Loretta was a vastly different person. Her clothes were different, gone was the tailored suit and black stockings to be replaced by a short red leather skirt and a top that showed an obscene amount of cleavage, fishnet stockings and stilettos completed the transformation from an elegant business woman to a slut. What she did next completed the transformation.

I had stood up and walked around the desk to greet her when she shoved me back against it and taking my face in her hands she kissed me with a passion that I had never experienced before. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and almost down my throat. A hand reached between us and jerked the zipper of my trousers down and found my flaccid cock. As she pulled it free of my shorts she dropped to her knees and engulfed him with her mouth. My poor cock didn't know what to do, hide in fear or respond by hardening. It was sort of half-way between one and the other when she pushed me onto the desk and climbed onto it, straddling me. With a deft movement, obviously born from experience, she manoeuvred my cock into her pussy and pushed down on it forcing it deep inside her.

She moved in ways that I had only ever dreamed of and it was only a matter of minutes before he came. She quickly dismounted, took him in her mouth and sucked him clean, took a handful of tissues from the box on my desk, shoved them between her legs and walked out of the room. The whole incident had taken less than five minutes and left me confused beyond belief. Did Loretta Martin have multiple personalities and this one was responsible for her actions against James St Clair?

I sat and tried to collect my thoughts, to make some sort of sense of all of this. On one hand there was the elegant drop dead gorgeous Loretta Martin who looked as if she would never hurt anything or anyone, while on the other hand there was the alter ego, the one that had just demolished me and who looked capable of castrating a fly if it suited her.

Suddenly there was a resounding clatter as the penny dropped. I looked through Loretta's file and found the number for her attorney. He came on line and I told him who I was and requested an urgent appointment. After giving him a brief reason it was granted.

Peter Donaldson was a man in his fifties, tall and lean with dark hair tending to grey at the temples, in a word distinguished. He shook my hand, "Mister Lawrence, your phone call intrigued me, I have gone over the evidence and I can't find fault in the police investigation, and the only defence that Miss Martin has offered is that she is innocent, and you believe her?"

"Yes I do and I have proof. What I don't have, but I have a good idea about this, is the reason why she won't offer a defence."

"Go ahead, I'm interested."

I outlined my theories and the evidence that I did have and told him that I would discuss all of this with Loretta when she came to see me tomorrow. I left him with a list of questions that I felt he should ask the police witnesses. I explained my reasons for not wanting a resolution to this until the trial and that I needed Loretta's approval for some of it.

The Loretta Martin that sat in front of me the next day was identical in every way to the one that sat there on the first day. The suit wasn't the same colour but its cut was the same, the blouse was the same as were the stockings and shoes. She was once again the successful business woman.

"Loretta, I know that you are innocent of the charges laid against you and I can prove it. What I don't know, or can't prove, is the why and who you are protecting"

"I don't understand."

"I know that you think that you are doing the right thing but, believe me you are not. The person that you're protecting needs help, and more help than you are able to give. It's time that you realised that and left it to the professionals. I can help you with that, what I need from you is permission to do it."

Her face collapsed and she held it together with her hands. They were leaking tears so I took some tissues from the box and handed them to her. It took her some time to regain her composure. "I have tried, but I can't do it any more, I've failed her and I don't k now what to do. This is the first time in my life that I haven't been in control and I'm afraid. James has been no help in this and he'd become impatient with me. I can understand that, he has his career and his reputation to think of and to have someone like me and my problem is upsetting to him."

I took a chair and placed it in front of hers and took her hands in mine. "Look at me Loretta. What I am about to say to you might seem a little harsh and it will require you to act out of character, but, let me tell you, if you don't do this you will suffer both physically and mentally. I can help you, I want to help you, but to do that I need you to listen to me and believe that I'm doing this for both of you."

She looked at me and had the same frightened rabbit look that she had a week ago. She didn't say anything, just the briefest of nods to indicate acceptance.

When I finished outlining what I knew, what I thought, what was going to happen at her trial and why, she stared at me with a mixture of disbelief and relief. The disbelief was that I had outlined everything perfectly, what had happened and why and what needed to happen next. The relief was that it was now out in the open, or soon would be. She looked at me and squeezed my hands. "How did you know all of this and why are you helping me. I would have thought that your responsibility finished when you wrote your report."

"My responsibility doesn't finish until after I give evidence. I will be questioned on my report and the Prosecution will want to know why I went beyond what was expected to dig up the evidence that I have. Now do I tell them that it was because I felt that there was an underlying reason for the actions that you were alleged to have taken that needed to be explored or do I tell them the real reason, that I," I took her face in my hands, her look wasn't one of fear but one of understanding. To hell with my resolutions about not getting involved with clients. "I want to help you more than I'm being paid to because I'm attracted to you, I wouldn't be a normal red-blooded male if I wasn't, because you're a very attractive person, and there's every chance that I'm falling in love with you, I know that I don't move in the same circles that you do, that I don't have the same income that you do, that I'm totally out of your league, that, I think I'll stop talking now."

She leaned forward and kissed me. "Don't put yourself down like that, you are a sweet, kind and the most honourable person that I've ever met, and when this is over I want to take you to dinner and we'll discuss your feelings for me, my feelings for you and our feelings for each other. Is it a date?"

"Yes." For once words, other than that one, failed me. When sanity returned I rang Peter Donaldson. "She agrees, yes she will go along with it. I'll see you, do you want to speak to me before the trial? Okay I'll see you then."

The trial began with a succession of police witnesses who all confirmed the sequence of events, that Loretta Martin had dined with James St Clair, that the couple had attended the opera and had driven to her apartment in a hired limousine. The defence didn't challenge that evidence.

Then it was the turn of the Forensic Pathologist. He was taken through the procedural steps leading to his reaching the conclusion that Loretta Martin had caused the damage to James St Clair's genitalia. "You say that the possibility that Loretta Martin was responsible for this is 96.3 percent. What are the possibilities that there is someone out there who could be said to have been 100 percent responsible?"

"That would be extremely unlikely, it would fit in the one chance in a billion category. The percentage of this sample is enough to convict."

"Thank you that will be all." The Prosecution had already started their victory celebration.

Loretta was in the stand and in answer to their questions she denied any knowledge of the events of that evening. The Prosecution didn't ask the one question that would have cast doubts on the evidence, that was left to Donaldson. "Ms Martin, where were you on the night of Saturday September the 19, 2009?"

"I was in Richmond, some two hundred and seventy Kilometres away."

"Why were you there?"

"I was talking to my mother."

"But your mother is dead."

"Yes she is, but I've found over the years that if I have a problem and sit at her grave side and talk about it I often reach a solution. Some people talk to a therapist, I talk to my mother."

"When did you return from, 'talking to your mother'?"

"At approximately 1.00pm on the following day, that is Sunday the 20th."

"When did you become aware of the injuries to James St Clair?"

"The police were waiting for my return and arrested me when I drove into the car park of my apartment building."

"Why didn't you tell them where you had been?"

"They never asked me." That was the something that I couldn't put my finger on when I read the police report. Because guilt was presumed, after all James told them she'd done it, they didn't think to ask that question and she was in such a state of shock she didn't volunteer the information.

"But surely you could have volunteered the information, why didn't you?"

"I was shocked at first and afterwards I didn't, I had my reasons not to." Donaldson let it go at that. The Prosecution team thought that he didn't have proof and was merely sowing seeds of doubt.

When it came to the turn of the Defence to present its case it began by calling the manager of the petrol filling station. "Mister Jamieson, you have been asked to provide us with certain information, do you have that information?"

"Yes. I have here the transaction records and the CCTV tapes for the 19th and 20th of September 2009."

"Can you read to the court the transaction that occurred at 3.16pm on the 19th?"

"It shows a vehicle with the registration number LM 001 had taken on some 57 litres of unleaded fuel and the odometer reading was 56,734 Kilometres. The transaction was paid for by credit card and the name on the card was L. M. Martin."

"And the next day, the 20th at 1.07pm did the same vehicle refuel?"

"Yes it did."

"And how much fuel did it take on?"

"48 Litres."

"And the odometer reading this time was?"

"57,271 Kilometres."

"Were you on duty at those times?"

"Yes I was."

"Is the person who purchased the fuel at those times in the courtroom?"

"Yes sir she is." He pointed directly at Loretta.

"The CCTV footage will confirm that the person who purchased fuel was indeed the defendant Loretta Martin, and it is her signature on the fuel docket. Your witness." Donaldson sat down.

"No questions of this witness." The Prosecutor was looking daggers at the police.

The next witness was the manager of the hotel at which Loretta stayed. He confirmed, and presented the reservation records as corroboration, that she had checked in at 7.00pm, dined in the restaurant and checked out at 10.00am the following day. Again there were no questions from the Prosecution.

The next witness was a Professor of Forensic Pathology at the local university. "Professor Wilson you heard the Police Pathologist give evidence that the DNA was a 96.3 percent match to that of the defendant. Is there any situation where another person's DNA could be an almost perfect match for hers?"

"Research has shown that the DNA sequences of identical twins are a 95 to 100 percent match."

"So, what you are saying is that, if the defendant had say, an identical twin sister, that sister could have committed this crime and her DNA would have been a close enough match to that of the defendant?"

"Yes that is true."

"You were asked, were you not, to compare three tissue samples which we will submit as evidence. These were marked 1, 2, and 3. When you compared these samples, what were your findings?"

"I found that samples 1 and 3 were a perfect match and that sample 2 was a 96.3 percent match."

"If I told you that only sample 2 came from the defendant would you conclude that the other person was more likely to have committed the crime?"

"Yes, that would be my conclusion. That is also the conclusion reached by two members of my staff who were given samples to test. There can be no doubt that the other person is guilty."

The prosecution was in turmoil, their key piece of evidence had just been shot down in flames.

"Your honour to save the prosecution having to scour the countryside for the other person I would like to call my next witness, Carmen Martin."

Carmen came into the courtroom dressed in identical clothes to Loretta. Unless you were standing within centimetres of her you could not tell the difference, but I could because it was no longer hidden under heavy make-up as it had on the day that she raped me in my office, on the side of her neck was a small tattoo of a butterfly. That there was heavy make-up started me thinking about a tattoo and when I asked Loretta if Carmen had one she confirmed the butterfly on the neck.

She was sworn in. "Would you state for the record your full name please."

"Carmen Louise Martin."

"And the defendant Loretta Martin is your twin sister, is this correct?"


"Tell me Miss Martin, where were you on the night of Saturday the 19th of September 2009?"

"I was on a date with James St Clair."

"How was it that you were on that date and not your sister?"

"I arranged it."

"Was James aware of the change?"

"Not until I zipped him."

"How did you arrange it without your sister knowing?"

"After I saw James and that other woman I dropped in on Loretta and, while she was showering I borrowed her phone and redirected her incoming calls to a pre-paid phone that I had bought for that purpose. When he sent the SMS message inviting her to the opera I answered for her. I then told her that I had seen him with another woman and showed her pictures I had taken with my other mobile phone. She was a creature of habit so I knew that she would go and talk to our mother like she always did when she had a problem. I took her place. Simple."

"And did you at the end of that date take two zip ties, place one around his scrotum and the other around his penis and pull them tight?"

"Yes I did. The cheating bastard deserved it! He was cheating on my sister so I decided to teach him a lesson that he'd never forget!"

The gavel worked overtime but it still took several minutes to restore order. The prosecutor stood and sought leave to withdraw all charges against Loretta. The police were waiting to arrest Carmen. Peter Donaldson had already offered to represent her and I had offered to submit a report that, along with a psychiatric evaluation would see her placed in a facility where she could receive appropriate treatment for her personality disorders, of which there were several. Something that Loretta had found herself unable to do.

When I had arrived at her apart,ment for our date she had kissed me. "Thank you for believing in me, no-one else did."

"When I first saw you I couldn't not believe in you, I couldn't believe that you could have done what everyone said you'd done. When Carmen raped me in my office and I noticed the thick makeup on her neck I suspected the truth, all I had to do was find out why. Her behaviour gave me a huge clue, I've never met anyone so sexually aggressive, she was totally without inhibitions and it was no great leap to my believing that she would have been capable of maiming James. You've been trying to protect her for years haven't you?"

"Yes, ever since our mother died. I hadn't realised what Mother had done until I had to do it. I was being dragged down by her reckless behaviour, she had absolutely no inhibitions and would have sex with anyone who took her fancy. She didn't care if it was with a male or female and age wasn't an issue, I caught her having oral sex with someone who must have been at least eighty. And when this happened I didn't know what to do or who to turn to. You are a wonderful person for helping me."

It was a different, casually dressed and chatty, Loretta Martin who sat opposite me in a booth at Lorenzo's Pizzeria. In front of us was a half eaten Pizza Supreme and a bottle of Chianti. "This is so good. I'm enjoying being a normal person for a change and not the uptight stuck up bitch that I had become. And I have you to thank for that."

"You were so scared, so vulnerable that I had to do something. I was attracted to you from day one."

"You were attracted from the beginning?"

"If you really must know, but I think I prefer this Loretta to the one I had the hots for."

"Does this mean . . . "


"And you want to . . ."


"Your place or mine?"

"You choose."

"Yours it is."

"How fast can you eat?"

"Who's hungry," She picked up the half empty Chianti bottle and was heading for the door almost before I'd even stood up.

She definitely wasn't a stuck up bitch with her love making. She wasn't as aggressive as Carmen had been, but her inhibitions had disappeared at around the same time as my hand found her breast. Her nipple hardened under my fingers and her tongue pushed harder into my mouth. I had her blouse off and was kissing her breasts in turn while caressing them both at the same time. She was writhing around. "Oh my god, I'm going to . . Oh god this is so good, don't stop. Do you know I never had an orgasm with James. It was all about him, I had to suck him until he was almost ready to come and then he'd put it inside me and shove it in and out a few times before emptying himself into me. Then he'd get off me and go to sleep. I never realised that I could have an orgasm without a cock inside me. Fucking hell I'm coming again!"

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