Everyone Said She Did It


"Such language." I pulled her slacks down and removed her panties before stripping myself. She was regaining her breath when I began to kiss her pussy, that started her off again and it wasn't until much later, after I'd come myself, that she calmed down.

I had come to realise that both sisters had a wild streak, the difference being that Loretta had suppressed hers while Carmen had allowed hers a free rein.

"Do you do this with all of your female clients?"

"Hell no! Shit, the soul searching that was involved before I made the decision that I wanted to be with you, not just to fuck you, although I must admit that I'm pleasantly surprised at our performance tonight, this totally went against my principles. Do you realise that you've corrupted me?"

"I'm glad, because you've had me doing things that I'd only seen in the movies or read about. Now I think we should shut up and continue corrupting each other."

"I agree with you."

"Shut up and fuck me."

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by Anonymous

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by TheOldRomantic07/13/17


Fun and intriguing. I imagined a twin sister, although I did not think they were so similar in their passions. Anyway, Carmen was not a bad person either, she was trying to protect Loretta.
5 * for you.

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