tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEveryone Sucks Raymond Ch. 02

Everyone Sucks Raymond Ch. 02


After Ray had the steamy hot sex session with his brother, he was horny pretty much all the time. His sex life with Debra revved up into full gear and they screwed at least twice a day. Debra was getting horny a lot more, too. She viewed "Switch Hitters" as often as she could, and was particularly turned on by one scene that involved a young women and three businessmen. The group go to a motel, where the woman strips the men down to their patterned boxers. Then, she blows them with their dicks hanging out of their shorts after which she gets royally screwed in her cunt, ass and mouth, with the sexy young men still wearing their undershorts. Debra was determined to recreate this scene down to the last detail. She hadn't sucked cock very much, but had been butt fucked by a 22 year old at work a few years ago. Although she almost passed out at one point from the intense sensations, she had orgasmed a good five times.

Although Ray was happy Debra was putting out more, he became much more aware of mens' bodies and started checking out his co-workers' baskets at work. In a few days he had determined that about three quarters of the guys wore boxers, while the rest chose briefs. Raymond was especially fascinated by the boxer guys, as they had huge baskets. One man that really caught his attention was named Jason, a 19 year old surfer dude type. Jason was six foot four and very handsome. He was bisexual, and checked out Ray's crotch as often as he could. The men exchanged a lot of smiles and winks. At least once a day, Jason pulled his white dress shirt up in the back and leaned over, showing Ray his striped boxers and tight butt. Ray slowly but surely developed an appreciation for boxer shorts on other men and started fantasizing what Jason would look like in his underwear with his cock hanging out of them.

As it turned out, Ray didn't have to have to wait very long. When he came home from work that day Debra had the video "Switch Hitters" in her hands. Ray knew it was the same movie he and Robert had sampled the first scene from, but decided to play dumb.

"What's that?"

"You know what this is Ray!" Debra was her usual sarcastic self. "Don't tell me you've never seen one before!"

"A few, here and there." Ray grinned.

"Well, I have a dare for you, big boy!" Debra patted Ray's crotch suggestively. "We put on a scene from the movie, and we copy what the couples do- EXACTLY!!"

"EXACTLY??" Ray's mouth dropped. "But you've never...."

"I know there are some things I haven't done Ray, but I'm willing to try. Are you?"

"Of course!" Ray bluffed.

"I just caught the beginning of one scene and there were one woman and three men."

"THREE MEN!" Ray hadn't expected this. "And where do we get the other two?"

"Well, I already asked Robert and he said 'yes' and I figured you could find another guy from work."

Ray thought quickly. "Well, there is this guy named Jason I probably could invite. He's 19 and a surfer dude type."

Debra's panties moistened at the thought of a virile young hung man sliding in and out of her very wet crevice.

"That'd be fine." she tried to act nonchalantly so Ray wouldn't sense her excitement.

"I'll ask Jason to come home with me tomorrow, OK?" Ray's cock lurched in his boxers thinking about Debra undressing Jason.

"Yeah, let's make it 7 o'clock...be there or be square!"

The next day was torturous for Ray, Robert and Jason at work. Their dicks tented their pants all day long and the hours went by distressingly slowly. Finally, it was quitting time. Ray and Jason picked Robert up and they all drove to Ray and Debras' house, each fingering his crotch in anticipation of what was to come.

Debra answered the door in a teal bra and matching crotchless panties. Ray practically fainted on the spot.

"MY GOD, DEBORAH!!" he exclaimed. "You never dress like that!"

"This is what the woman in the second scene is wearing...I'm just following the movie."

The group of four slowly mounted the steps to Deb and Rays' bedroom on the second floor. Debra put the movie in the VCR as the three men's jaws dropped. It started with a women dressed just like Debra slowly undressing three men out of their business suits. Debra smiled as she took off three very horny men's suit jackets, ties, shirts, shoes, socks, pants, and finally t-shirts. Her reward was three pairs of tented full cut boxer shorts. Ray's were blue plaid, Robert's were red checked, and Jason's were red and white striped. On the screen, the women reached into the men's boxers and started deep throating them.

Debra was a little tentative, but she reached into Ray and Robert's boxers at the same time and hauled out their rapidly hardening pricks. She tried to suck about 2 inches of their dicks into her moist mouth. Then she slowly throated 3, 4, and even 5 inches of cockflesh at one time. Ray and Robert moaned and groaned in extreme ecstasy, trying not to lose their loads which were already boiling in their nuts. After about one minute of frantic cocksucking, Debra turned her attention to Jason. Ray and Robert jacked themselves off furiously as Jason's long and thin dick gradually pushed its way out of his boxer fly and into Debra's mouth. Debra was able to deep throat his slender cock with little difficulty, causing the young man to swear up a storm.



On the screen, as one man layed on his back on the bed, another pushed the young woman's butt on top of his cock while he guided his own penis to her willing pussy. A third man cut off her stifled scream by pushing his prick into her mouth! All the men were still wearing their boxers, and the woman had pulled down her panties a little in the back.

"OH MY GODDDD!" Ray started to shake. "OH MY FUUUCCKKIINGG GODDD!" He had never dreamed in a matter of seconds his hard prick would be exploring every crevice of his wife's butt!

"FUCKING WILD!!" Robert grinned as he fantasized about plowing Debra's wet pussy.

"THIS IS GRREAT SHIT!!" Jason could hardly wait for Debra to keep sucking his dick until it exploded in her warm mouth.

As for Debra, she let Jason's prong slip from her mouth and looked at the men pleadingly.

"Be gentle guys, this is my first time for a lot of this!"

Raymond hopped on the bed in his boxers and pulled his cock and balls out of the fly. Then, Debra positioned herself so that her back was to his front and pulled her panties down in the seat. Slowly, she let Ray's dick rest comfortably in the cleft of her asscheeks. At the same time, Robert leaned forward and put about 3 inches of his cock in Debra's moist twat. The weight of his body on Debra's suddenly caused about 4 inches of Ray's rock hard dick to enter her buttcheeks.



Debra's shrill scream could easily have been heard in the next state!

to be continued......

(I know that's a cruel cliffhanger, but I promise Part 3 in a couple of days!)

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