tagErotic CouplingsEveryone's Girlfriend Ch. 01

Everyone's Girlfriend Ch. 01


Kaley was Darryl's girl, and everyone knew it. A true blue Aussie sheila, she was tall and tan, with a surfer's tight body and a cheeky grin that fired up everyone who saw it. Her hair was straw-blonde and straight, never worn in anything other than a simple ponytail. She didn't have time to spend on her hair and makeup in between surfing, lifeguarding, uni and fucking Darryl's brains out.

Oh yeah, Kaley was also a sex fiend. She sure didn't keep her voice down when she got fucked - which apparently happened quite often. In between raucous nights at the beach house, she would wander around in her favourite blue-and-white bikini, wiggling her ass playfully with every step. Seven of them had come on this trip: Darryl and Kaley, Alex and his girlfriend Tamsin, and three more single guys. Quentin was a big dude who liked to joke that he kept his six-pack safe under a layer of fat; Paul was a flamboyantly gay - or at least bi - Englishman who had come out to this sun-drenched corner of the world to study abroad; and Tom was the only one who seemed concerned about being single.

Six foot two and in decent shape, Tom was constantly grumbling about the girl he'd been seeing, who was supposed to come along on the trip with them but had dumped him at the last second. Now he lay awake most nights in the room next to Darryl and Kaley's, trying to block out the sound of the headboard-banging, squeal-inducing sex they were always having.

On the sixth day of the two-week outing, a Sunday, Tom was just about over it. With a mind to having a quiet word with Darryl, he hung back after everyone else hit the beach, waiting for the lovebirds to emerge from their hungover love nest.

Rather than Darryl, however, it was Kaley who stumbled out first, groaning at the sunlight which streamed in through the windows of the bach.

"It's ten o'clock already," Tom chuckled as he watched her fumble around the kitchen bench for her sunnies.

"Fuck you. Gimme some water," she groaned, groping for the tap. She still wore the bikini she had traipsed back from the campfire in last night, Tom noticed. It was a saucy little black number which showed off her C-cup tits remarkably well.

He poured her a glass and slid it down the bench, where she promptly missed the catch, fumbled the plastic tumbler and dumped it all over herself. "You cunt!" she mumbled, righting the cup and doing her best to drink what was left.

"You're in a swimsuit, you can't complain about getting wet," Tom pointed out reasonably.

"Fuck you," she said again, punching him on the arm with annoying accuracy for someone so hungover.

"Drink too much last night?" he said, wondering if he should just broach the subject with Kaley instead.

"Like ALL of the Coopers. Fuuuuck. I dunno if I can face the sun today."

"Hey, about last ni-" Tom began, but he was interrupted by Darryl emerging from the bedroom, yawning cavernously. He looked in far better shape than Kaley, though he still blinked at the bright light.

"Hey, babe," he said, throwing his arm around Kaley and kissing her on the cheek. "Sup, Tom."

"Don't kiss me."

"Wouldn't if you paid me." Darryl winked. He was a big guy, fit and muscled from his... what was it he did again? Bouldering or something? In any case, he was big. And if Kaley's tortured moans were to be believed, he was big in more ways than one.

Tom dispelled that thought quickly. "Gonna hit the waves?" he asked. "The others have already left."

"Sure," Darryl said. "Kales?"

"Nah," she said, taking another swig of water. "Might come out later if this headache fucks off, eh?"

"Good call, babe. Tom, you're not going out either? You'll shrivel up, mate."

Tom shook his head. "Just a bit tired today, that's all." There hadn't been an opportunity after all, he realised ruefully as Darryl made a beeline for the door, not even stopping to grab anything to eat.

"See you guys, then!"

With that, Tom and Kaley were alone again. She continued drinking water, eventually brightening up enough to hold a conversation.

"And then Tamsin fuckin' - she pulled the girls out, right there in front of Darryl and everyone. I could have slapped the bitch."

"No way!" Tom chuckled. "The things I miss when I go on a beer run."

"Pfft! Honestly, they weren't even that great. She's got Alex wrapped round her little finger, though. Did you know they sneak off and fuck in the shed, like every day? How nasty is that?"

"Wait, seriously? Ugh, is everyone on this trip getting some except me?" Tom groaned.

"What do y- oh," Kaley said, going a little red. "Guess you heard us last night, huh? Sorry, we were a bit wasted."

"Last night? Try every night," Tom said, grinning awkwardly as Kaley's eyes widened.

"Aw, fuck! You could hear us all along?"

"You really thought you were being quiet? Jesus, girl, everyone in the house could probably hear you." Shaking his head, Tom couldn't help but laugh. "I don't mind you guys fucking, but it makes it hard to sleep."

"Shit. Sorry 'bout that, mate." Giggling, Kaley stood and tossed her empty cup into the sink. "Ugh, that's better. I still need a shower though."

Devoid of anyone to catch him and tell him off, Tom gawked openly as she left the room, watching her tight ass wiggle away in those bikini bottoms. He heard the shower start up after a moment, and the door clicked shut.

A few minutes later, he was just contemplating the inevitably sad fate of returning to his room to jerk off to some porn on his phone when he heard a holler from the bathroom. "Tom!"

Rolling his eyes, Tom headed down the hallway to the bathroom and knocked. "What do you want?" he yelled over the sound of the water.

"Shampoo! I left it in my room!" Kaley called back.

"Okay, okay," Tom acquiesced with a grumble, traipsing down to the room Kaley shared with Darryl and heading inside.

"Ugh." The room even smelled like sex. Empty condom wrappers lay discarded on the bedside table... lots of them. A half-empty box of unused ones sat on the floor. Darryl had come prepared. Bastard.

The only clothes any of them had really brought were swimsuits, and Kaley was apparently no different. A truly absurd assortment of bikinis were strewn around the suitcase at the foot of the bed, in all the colours of the rainbow and many unfamiliar styles. Quickly he found the bottle of shampoo under a green bikini bottom and scooped it up, heading back to the bathroom.

Cautiously, he knocked on the door before opening it a crack and sticking his arm through with the bottle in hand.

"Come in here, you daft cunt. I've still got my togs on!" Kaley berated him cheerfully.

Rolling his eyes, Tom opened the door and stepped into the steamy little bathroom. Kaley was barely visible through the steamy glass of the shower door, but she was still definitely wearing the black bikini. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Kaley opened the door and reached out to take the bottle of shampoo. "Cheers," she said. After handing it to her, Tom turned to leave but Kaley snapped at him again. "Oh, stay and keep me company, for fuck's sake. I need to stay in here for, like, another hour, but it's boring as shit." Leaving the door open, she turned her attention to the shampoo bottle, squirting some of the creamy white goo into her hand before starting to apply it to her hair, leaving the door open so she could still see and hear Tom.

For his part, Tom watched in quiet awe. Even though she wasn't naked, Kaley was putting on a hell of a show. Her already-skimpy bikini was wet and plastered against her skin, showing off every curve of her body; a noticeable cameltoe had formed between her legs. Water ran down her toned body in rivulets, making her tanned skin glisten and sparkle. As the shampoo foamed up, clumps of bubbles floated around her.

"If you stare too hard you'll burn a hole in me," Kaley said over her shoulder, causing Tom to guiltily whip his eyes away.

"Sorry!" he said quickly.

"Don't apologise," Kaley giggled. "I kinda like it. See anything you like?"

"I uh... yes?" Tom answered uncertainly. What was she playing at?

"What do you see?" she prompted, closing her eyes as she rubbed shampoo into her hair.

Tom thought about it for a moment. Was this some kind of trap? But no, she seemed to just be teasing him. He figured he could play along. "I see Darryl's hot girlfriend," he answered honestly.

"Ooh, naughty!" Kaley wiggled her ass, mesmerising Tom with its movement. "Be more specific."

Tom gulped. "Really?"

"Uh-huh. Call this an apology for keeping you up all the time. So go on, tell me what you like about me."

This conversation was rapidly approaching dangerous territory, but Tom found he didn't care. "I like your ass," he said, revelling in the fact that right now it was jiggling just for him. "I like your tits, too, of course," he added.

"Reeeeally?" Kaley asked in a sing-song voice, turning back towards him and grabbing her tits in both hands, leaning forward a little smooshing them together. She giggled like a maniac at Tom's flabbergasted reaction. "Calm down, Jesus, I'm fucking with you!"

"I- I know," Tom said, diverting his eyes once more.

"Look at me." It was a command, and Tom's eyes snapped forward again before he could do anything about it. Kaley's face was serious.

"I don't think this is-"

"This is fine," Kaley said, cutting him off. "I can see your cock poking a hole through your shorts, by the way."

"You- I- fucking hell, Kaley!" Tom snapped, putting his hands over his junk in an effort to cover the tent he hadn't realised he was making.

"Don't tell me you wanted to fuck me, Tom. All this time, you were watching me, wondering if you'd get a chance to fuck Darryl's sexy girlfriend?"

"No! Goddammit, that's not what I-"

"Oh, don't lie to me," she said. "You thought about fucking me, didn't you? You lay in bed every night and listened to us, after all. Don't tell me you never thought about joining in?"

"I..." Tom was at a loss for words. He had, in fact, thought about doing just that. He'd jerked off to the idea more than once, in fact, though it was never something he'd do in real life. Darryl would knock his block off if he tried it.

"Oh, have you got your phone on you?" she asked suddenly.

"Uh, no." Tom was glad of the distraction. "I left it out on the- hey!" he protested as Kaley reached out, grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him into the shower, slamming the glass door behind him.

"Hey there," Kaley giggled, pushing him against the wall before pressing her lips against his for a swift, fiery kiss.

"What the fuck?" Tom spluttered as he pushed her away. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, stop being such a pussy," Kaley said. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bikini top and tossed it over the top of the shower, revealing her perfect, naked tits. Perky and bouncy, they looked just as Tom had always imagined, with little pink areolas and nipples that stuck out, raking his bare chest as she pressed herself against him, kissing up and down his jawline with gusto.

"Kaley! What are you-"

"Oh, for fuck's sake, Tom. I'm fucking you, okay?" she said, continuing to push her lithe body against him.

"What about Darryl?" was all Tom could say, but his sense of reason was rapidly being eroded by the touch of her naked skin and the light, rushed kisses she was now planting all over his chest and shoulders.

"Fuck Darryl!" Kaley shrieked. "Fuck him! He's not here right now! You are, and I'm horny. That's all that matters. Now take this out and fuck me with it!" she demanded, clapping a hand over Tom's package and gripping tightly.

Something snapped. The hell with Darryl, Tom figured. Kaley was one of the hottest chicks he'd ever met, and she was literally begging him to fuck her. What red-blooded male could say no? "Fine!" he said. "But you'd better not regret this!"

Grasping her by the shoulders, Tom turned around and pushed Kaley against the wall of the shower, holding her in place as he kissed her desperately. Still hammered by the hot running water, he fought for dominance over her lips and pushed his tongue inside, meeting Kaley's and wrestling with it. She moaned into the kiss, grasping his butt and pulling it against her. Tom felt his dick shift beneath his board shorts, now almost entirely hard as it bumped rapidly against Kaley's crotch.

Kaley broke the kiss and took in a deep lungful of air. "Let me see that!" she demanded, dropping to her knees on the shower floor and whipping Tom's shorts down. "Woo! What a fucking pipe!" she exclaimed when his dick sprang free, bobbing comfortably under the spray of water. Without waiting for a moment longer, she opened her mouth and plunged his cock inside, taking it down to the hilt effortlessly.

"Fuck!" Tom gasped, reflexively grabbing Kaley's head as she instantly deepthroated his not-inconsiderable length. "You're such a slut, Kaley!"

Releasing his cock with a delicious slurping noise, Kaley grinned up at him dreamily while she slapped his thick length against her own cheek. "You know it, big boy. Hey, your cock's bigger than Darryl's, you know? I wonder if it can go deeper in my cunt." With that, she sucked Tom's dick back inside her mouth, running the tongue over his head and pushing the skin back until it stood proudly uncovered, shiny and sensitive to the fat droplets of water that fell from the shower head. One hand fondled Tom's balls as she worshipped his cock, and the other squeezed and pinched her tits, causing her to shiver at each movement.

"Ohhh, fuck," Tom sighed happily as Kaley did her level best to choke herself on his knob. He had well and truly given up on his conscience by now, allowing her to set the pace and ignoring the niggling voice in the back of his head that told him this was wrong. Instead, he threw his head back and let himself enjoy the sensations she was providing as she lavished attention on his cock.

Pulling it out of her mouth, Kaley ran her tongue up and down the length of his member, mixing her slick saliva with the shower water before inhaling it again. The girl had almost no gag reflex; Darryl must do this with her on the regular. She slurped and moaned at every turn, deriving evident pleasure from worshipping the steel-hard rod inside her mouth.

After a couple of minutes, though, she stood up quite suddenly, still jerking his cock gently with one hand. "All right," she said, taking a deep breath that caused her perfect titties to wobble slightly. "You're gonna fuck me now."

"Sure?" Tom asked. It was her last chance to back out; he had to make sure to give her the option.

"So sure," she said, grinning as she stripped off her bikini bottoms and let them join the top on the floor outside. Her pussy was pink and inflamed already, obviously turned on and ready to go. As she guided his dick towards her opening, she leaned in and kissed him again. "I need this inside me now."

Still unable to believe what was happening, Tom pushed forward into Kaley, sinking rapidly into her depths. There was little resistance; she was clearly used to taking big dicks, but her tightness was still impeccable.

"Ugh!" she moaned, gripping his shoulders as she threw her head back against the wall. "Oh shit, you're so big. I love it!"

The sight of her heaving neck and chest under the pattering water was a slick, shiny treat for the eyes. Tom leaned forward to kiss her exposed neck as he drew back his hips and started gently fucking her, pushing her ass up against the wall and driving up into the depths of her cunt. Gentle, wet slapping sounds grew in volume and intensity as Kaley's pussy greedily opened up to welcome him inside. Her voice started off soft, a gentle, satisfying 'ahh' every time he bottomed out in her. Her hands were all over him, sliding over his back, gripping his shoulders, squeezing his butt, wrapped intimately around his neck.

For his part, Tom reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Kaley's tight, supple ass, pulling her into him so roughly that her feet almost left the slippery shower floor. Christ, she was hot. Her nipples were like firebrands against his chest, her breasts still soapy as her body moved against his.

Feeling his secure grip on her ass, Kaley grinned and shifted her position, carefully lifting first one leg, and then the other, to lock tightly around Tom's waist. Tom grunted at the change in sensation, feeling her lithe, sexy legs enveloping him as he took her weight. She was light, and between her arms and legs she was well and truly attached to him, leaving him free to pound her against the shower wall, which he did with great gusto. Going slow was nice at first, but he was aching for her now and he could tell that she felt the same. The new angle, with her legs spread, made penetration easier, allowing him to slam his entire lower body against her pelvis, leading with his eight-inch dick. Pushing her hard against the shower wall, he increased his pace, feeling the wetness of her pussy sliding accommodatingly over his cock.

"T-talk dirty to me," she demanded suddenly, still licking and sucking at the side of his face that she could reach. "I need to get off quickly."

"Uh..." Tom had never been a very vocal lover - his ex had hated it - but he'd be damned if he was going to disappoint the slippery little vixen with her legs wrapped around him. He'd have to do his best. "You like feeling my cock inside you?"

"Oh yeah!" she gasped, jerking with pleasure as he slammed it into her again. "Tell me how dirty I am for loving your cock."

"Absolutely filthy," Tom said, feeling somewhat ridiculous. "You're a filthy little slut who gets off from being pounded by a dick that doesn't belong to her boyfriend, while he thinks you're sleeping off a hangover." Kaley closed her eyes and shuddered deeply, her face contorting. Tom felt a sudden wave of guilt wash over him. Had he gone too far by reminding her of Darryl?

"Ahhhhhh!" Kaley screamed, pushing her hips away from the wall to fuck herself back against Tom's cock. Her pussy clamped tight as her whole body went rigid, and her legs closed around him like a vice, preventing him from moving. For a full ten seconds she remained tense, the only movement the uncontrollable undulations and spasms inside her pussy.

Tom groaned. The stimulation was too much. He was here, locked in the leggy embrace of his best mate's girlfriend, hot water sizzling against his skin, as she rode a loud, vocal orgasm and squeezed his cock tight. It was without a doubt the best feeling he'd ever experienced. "Gotta cum!" he panted.

"Do it!" Kaley's voice was tight and tense, just like her body. "I can't move, just fill me the fuck up!"

That sent Tom over the edge. Nobody had ever pleaded for him to cum like that before. Abandoning himself to his basest instincts, Tom pushed his cock as deep inside Kaley as it would go and allowed himself release. "Unngghhhh," he groaned as what felt like a gallon of sperm blasted out of his cock, a hot, syrupy concoction that flooded the deepest recesses Kaley's pussy.

"Ahh, fuck, ahhhhhh, FUCK!" she cried as he filled her, the sensation causing her entire body to tremble once again. She had just been coming down from her first orgasm when Tom felt her body convulse again, her pussy greedily welcoming his cum inside.

Summoning up his strength, Tom managed to pry the two of them off the wall, standing unaided in the middle of the shower even as his cock - still buried deep inside Kaley - began to gradually soften.

Kaley sighed deeply and lustfully as Tom took her entire limp body weight in his hands, embracing him even more tightly and rewarding him with an open-mouthed kiss, sloppy and sex-drunk.

Tom kissed her back with relish, feeling the hot water of the shower wash their guilt away. She continued to kiss him even as she climbed down from his body, legs unsteady as she took her own weight again.

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