He was going to say something but decided against it and vanished off to the lounge. Mom said goodbye to me and she hoped it was going to work out in a voice which implied she had no confidence it would, gave Linda a "what the fuck are you" look and went out to the lounge to be with stud muffin.

'You'll be sorry to go then?" Linda asked casually as I sat on the bed with my long face.

Well fuck, I mean it was a huge step for me and Mom didn't give a shit, not really.I was too upset to laugh so I just shrugged and shook my head, which was about the time the tears started. I just closed my eyes and put my arms out for her. She came to me and held me and as I sobbed into her shoulder I realized she really was my world. I had been so upset when Mom had been so offhand with me but now ,oh it mattered-I couldn't just pretend it didn't- but I had only existed at Mom's house.You know? It was like I was staying there waiting to start my life.

So now I was. When I lifted my head up my eyes were dry, red rimmed still but dry.

"You're everything to me," I said to her and I looked briefly into her eyes and then looked away.

"That's my intention sweetheart because you're everything to me too."

I looked into her eyes this time and we went into a kiss.A long I-don't-want-this-to-end kiss and I truly understood what it was to be really head over heels in love with someone.

The drive home was bitter sweet-I'd always wondered what that meant and now I knew. Mom's performance-oh it was more than just what she said, it was the way she looked, the way she turned her back on me. It was like she was saying, "oh, um, I never thought you'd amount to much but you've still managed to disappoint me." So it hurt. You know? Like she was the one person I had looked up to and who's standards I had tried to measure up to and who's approval I had always craved and she knew all that and still did that to me.

And I felt it. God did I feel it, she had left me feeling so flat. Linda was wild, I had never seen her so angry- I didn't even know she could get angry but she was. Her lips were thin and she would look over at me, shake her head and mutter nasty words under her breath.She held my hand and drove one handed. She didn't just hold my hand she stroked it and squeezed it and when we were stopped in traffic she would lean over and kiss my cheek, She was wonderful; she was my world, I've said that but changing from Mom's place to hers or ours you don't just walk through a door and leave everything behind. You don't, nature isn't that kind. The memory lingers and hurtful ones seem to linger longer.

We finally arrived at our place and I sat while Linda got out, came round to my side and opened my door. She crouched down and gave me such a hug. It was like she was trying to squeeze all Mom's nastiness out of me.But I'd been doing some thinking too and I figured Mom was just a bit jealous; her "man" was a sleaze ball, he was into her for thousands and always promising to make it up to her "tenfold baby" and getting another "its just a loan" from her and even if she didn't like lesbians -which kind of surprised me cause I'd always thought she might have leaned that way- she could still see how happy Linda and I were together.

"Take me inside baby, please?" I whispered up to her as she helped me out.

We went inside and she sat at the end of the sofa while I curled up against her. I felt her arm round me drawing me into her. Her other hand stroked my hair and she told me how pretty I was and what a fabulous person I was and how kind and -did I mention pretty? I did? Oh well she said it twice - and what a cute butt I had and how pretty my pussy looked shaved and with the rose tattoo.Oh and what great tits I had and they were miles better than those droopy things of Estelle's- best she'd seen ever in fact.

I was bathing in it, I lay there cuddled by her having these words wash over me; I loved it.I could feel the hurt fading and as I grew more content I grew, well, hornier.

"Where were we up to in your rope skills lessons?" I asked innocently.

"Well as I recall I was going to tie you up and fuck you with my strap on.I think that was it," and she looked away as if straining to remember.

I had my head on her lap and she was leaning over to kiss me. I looked up at her with my head on one side and said very quietly, "That would be nice."

Well she got me to strip off, she stayed dressed, and lie on the floor on my back. She went off and got her ropes and other crucial items as she called them importantly. I'd like to give you a detailed account of what got tied to where but I just closed my eyes and when she'd finished my wrists and ankles were tied up behind my head and there wasn't anyway I could move myself to cover my pussy- as if I wanted to!

She stood over me and stripped, I'd never lain on the floor and looked up at a woman stripping. Great view but finally she was ready and put the strap on in place. My pussy was dripping of course by now and she positioned it then rammed it straight up.

Those words of Mom's had made me want hard sex, not sweet caresses but hard jolting thumping sex and Linda gave it to me.She jolted me backwards along the floor as she rammed her cock into me and I felt myself squirting. I'd never done that and it felt fantastic but it went on and on, just squirts coming out and covering everything. Linda pulled her cock out and got her mouth over my pussy so she could get some .

She untied me after that and she limped a little and said she maybe got a cramp fucking me like that.Well you don't maybe get a cramp, you know damn well when you've got one- its the agony that gives them away, So I didn't mind her ending it, especially after she admitted her leg felt a bit sore, I knew that was Laura speak for she was in agony. I did the cramp relief thing where you, sorry? No you don't stroke their pussy. No I got her to lie on the floor-in my wet area yes- and leaned on her foot as she pushed it up into my chest. She finally declared that she was all better but I was suddenly Nurse Raewyn, Naked Cramp Fighter.

I got her to rehydrate and tried looking for salt tablets and she refused to drink the glass of salty water I had lovingly prepared, I had a sip- God it was vile so probably just as well. But it was lovely to be able to fuss around over her because I'd had so much from her it was nice to show I would always be there for her.

She lay back on the sofa after that, I put a cushion under the suspect leg, and fluffed around until she finally clicked her fingers and pointed down at her pussy.

"Now's good," she said looking away and a smile slipped across her face after she had said it and was trying to look enigmatic. I went down on her and licked between the lines taking pains to avoid her tattoo.Apart from my thumb which had to grip on it to pull her lips apart. Oh she was a brave little soldier- just the odd moan and the occasional sharp intake of breath with the long slow exhale.

Well she came of course and I sat there and stared at the pussy I loved as she had her orgasm. After it I just fell on her and clung to her. I was terrified of losing her and if I could have merged our bodies I would have.I could tell she was looking at me but I was scared of looking at her so I just closed my eyes and held her close.

She pushed away a little and looked me head on; I couldn't look at her, I wanted to but Mom had just totally done my head in and I was terrified I wouldn't be good enough and Linda would leave me because, well, I just didn't deserve her so I looked down at her nose.

"Fuck me she's done a number on you hasn't she?" she said shaking her head and that thin lipped look came over her. She pulled me in and hugged me tight.

"Think there's a chance I might leave you?" she asked and she held my chin up so that I had to look at her. The tears were running down my cheeks as I looked into the kindness in her eyes. I didn't know, I hoped to God no, but I didn't know, so I shrugged and shook my head.

She hugged me again and then said quietly,"I can't stand this, having you like this. You wait here, I'm going for a drive."

'No, no stay here," I pleaded,"I make a really good quiche and and lots of other stuff and I've got some great movies you'll love."

But she was dressing getting ready to go. She went into the bedroom and came back with her teddy bear. I had given up, I was curled up on the end cushion where she had been, still naked, when she handed me the teddy. I hugged it tight and looked up at her pleading with my eyes for her not to leave me. She leant over and kissed me then went to the door and was gone.

I sat there hugging the teddy and watching the clock. The hands moved slowly round, it was not much more than an hour but it felt like a week when she returned and she was not alone. Linda came in first and she was holding another woman's hand.

"Oh fuck," I thought", well, only myself to blame, if I had more personality, a bit more spark I might have kept-"

Then the other woman came in- Mom! Here was I naked and my Mom comes in to see me. So then Linda came over to me and got me to stand and as I was standing face on stark naked in front of my mother who had just crushed me that morning Linda spoke,

"Well, Maureen, what do you think? Not bad huh?"

Mom didn't say anything; she came over to stand right in front of me. Her face had a look of wonder on it and she turned back to Laura

" She's amazing," then back to me," honey I had no idea you were so gorgeous."

She crouched down and stared at my pussy with the rose tattoo.

"oh that is just perfect," she said then stroked over my pussy. and gently stroked the tattoo.

"Did it hurt?: she asked.

"Just a bit but Linda held my hand so I didn't mind," I told her.

While we had been talking Linda was stripping off then hugged me.

"Seventy three minutes twenty four seconds," she told me.

"More like twenty six really," I responded and I was happy again.

After she had stripped Linda started on Maureen. Mom just stood there, raising a leg or arm as required as Linda took all her clothes off her until she stood there as naked as us.

I felt embarrassed; first I had been embarrassed being seen naked by my mother like that and now I was embarrassed seeing her naked. Well I mean she was my mother and they don't go wandering round, well mine didn't and now here she was stark naked. She stepped back in front of me, took my wrists in her hands and rested my hands on her shoulders.

'I was horrible, wasn't I?"

I gave her my stoniest stare and shrugged then nodded. She looked into my eyes and smiled. Oh she could read me like a book; I had to look down, she was just too strong for me and I was uncomfortable, apart from the seeing her naked uncomfortable.

"Linda told me how you were," she said very quietly,"I'd been hating myself after you'd gone and when she told me, well it was worse than I had imagined,I just despised myself. Sweetheart, I'm so sorry, I do love you and I do want you to be happy and I am so glad you found Linda she's amazing and she really loves you to bits."

She paused then put her arms out and asked,"hug?"

I looked up at her, yes I was in tears again, and fell into her arms.This hug was special; it just felt so wonderful to know I was loved by my Mom again and somehow the fact we were both naked made it feel more real.If that makes any sense, but it did.

Linda joined us and we had a three girl hug then stepped back a pace and stood all holding hands in a circle. Mom had more to tell me.

"Linda told me about the Estelle thing. Honey I'm sorry, Estelle has the brains and the drive but you got the looks. She is desperately insecure against you in the looks department honey and you know what else you got?"

I had no idea? The ability to cry a lot?

"Your father's personality. Your Dad was the sweetest ,kindest, gentlest man I ever knew and I have never met one yet that comes even close to matching him so when I see you I see him and I'm happy I have you and so sad I lost him- we lost him. He would have been so proud of you."

OK, well now I had gone from tears streaming to simply sobbing.They both hugged me tight and it was some minutes before I lifted my head and pushed back.

"Love you Mom," I told her and I looked her in the eye as I said it. She knew what I was doing and smiled back at me.

We moved over to the sofa and sat down kind of sprawled over each other.

"So what's being a lesbian like?" Mom asked me as she licked my ear.

"Wonderful," I replied and I licked her ear back,"just wonderful."

She smiled at me in a bit more than a mother daughter way and we both looked over at Linda.

"Oh, I'm included am I?"

I nearly slapped her. Instead I gave her a severe look and nodded. Maureen slipped off the sofa and swung round so her legs were resting on the middle cushion and her butt was off the floor. She clasped her hands behind her neck and closed her eyes.

"Rae?" she asked softly.

'Yes Mom," I replied automatically.

"Not Mom darling, Maureen,OK?"

'Yes," I paused-it felt really strange to be calling my mom by her first name-"Maureen."

"Darling I want things to be different between us- I want us to be more intimate, in every way but especially emotionally. Its been me, not you, that's built walls and made you feel, well, bad about yourself and I want you to know that I really do love you more than you can know- darling please forgive me.You can spank my ass if you like," she said.

There was, as you will have suspected, more than a slight hint of pleading in the last bit.

I looked over at Linda pulled a truly evil face and nodded. Slipping off the couch I stood directly over Maureen's face and said,

"Open your eyes slut."

Obediently she opened them and stared up at my pussy. A smile came over her face and it grew wider as I leant over and smacked her pussy. She closed her eyes obviously relishing the pain and I smacked her there again but much harder. This time she closed her eyes tight and clenched her teeth, her body tensed and then relaxed and she stared up at me.

"Count, Oh and say thank you," I told her.

"Yes Ma'am" she answered meekly and awaited my next smack.

It was about the same as my second one and I aimed dead at her clit. She gasped and said "One thank you Ma'am."

"Make those hands of yours useful,"I told her and pulled her arms down from behind her neck then placed her fingers on her tummy just above her pussy.

"Pull on your skin," I told her. She did and her clit popped out of its hood- it was hard. I stroked it with my index finger then slipped my finger into her pussy. It was wet and I slipped my finger right in. She pulled really hard to open it up more.

"You are a little slut aren't you?"

She nodded.

"I had better get on with your spanking, hadn't I?"

Again I smacked her, this time really hard on her exposed clit. Her body arched up and she stifled a shriek before saying,"Two thank you Ma'am."

I carried on up to twelve and at twelve she came. She gushed actually and the liquid squirted up and back onto her tummy and chest. I stepped away, sat down as before and gently caressed her leg. We watched her as she had her orgasm and as she floated once it had passed. She looked up at me smiled, mouthed "thank you " and closed her eyes. Linda leaned over and we kissed.

I mouthed "thank you" to her and she mouthed "You're welcome" back.

Mom was back on her feet in ten minutes or so and pulled on my hands to stand.

"Thank you darling, Oh God I loved that.I hope I was a good girl for you?"

"Yes sweetheart, you were a very good girl,sit with me."

I sat down and motioned for her to sit on my lap. She sat down and wrapped her arms round my neck which led to our mouths being awfully close together and we moved forward into a kiss. I was kissing my mother as a lover. She was a sensational kisser, so passionate. Her tongue probed my mouth seeking my tongue and twisting round, flicking it then she would pull away just a bit with my tongue in her mouth and closing her lips to grip my tongue she would suck incredibly hard on it. She would open her mouth wide and move her mouth over my chin then back up and lick my cheek before going back into the kiss. As she did this she brought one hand down and caressed my tit.

"Can I get you off?" she asked me, oh so tenderly.

"What? Isn't she there already?" Linda asked innocently.

I pulled a face at her. Oh I couldn't do bitchy at her, even pretend.

"Darling you only have to look at me and I'll come for you," I told her," but not quite."

Maureen grinned at us and slipped down so she was on her knees in front of me. She pulled on my legs so I slipped down a little and my butt was hanging over the edge of the cushion then pushed my legs wide and up. I hooked my arms round behind my knees to keep them out of the way. Maureen's face was right over my pussy and I looked down between my tits which had flopped away from each other over my tummy and into her eyes. The realization made me quiver. Oh God I felt like such an exhibitionist and when she pulled my skin back my clit popped out just as hers had and it too was hard. She was gentle in her lovemaking, caressing and rolling my clit in her fingertips then, while still working my clit she pushed two fingers into my opening. I just relaxed completely and let my body respond to her attentions. Well it didn't take too long and I was convulsing, I didn't squirt this time instead my cum oozed out to be lapped up by my mother's eager tongue.

They rolled me off the sofa onto the floor and made me lie there with my legs up as Maureen's had been while they fondled my legs and tickled me- behind the knee is really, really ticklish, I didn't know that until then. But I loved it and I could feel myself coming again, and I did.

I lay there looking up at them and feeling secure about them.

About them both.

I was down there for a while and I had an urge to attend to the Star of the Show, the love of my life the one, the only Linda. So I stood and so did Maureen. She had seen me looking and she felt the same way, we were in that mother daughter telepathy thing, mood, whatever but we just instinctively knew what the other was going to do. We each held a hand and pulled Linda to her feet.

I leaned over, my breasts pushing against her arm and whispered in her ear,


Mom pushed her breasts against Linda's other arm and her hand came round under Linda's butt; I put my under her front and slid my pinky and ring finger into her wet slit while stroking down over her hood then used my thumb to push up and toyed her clit with my index finger. Meantime Maureen was massaging her butt and wet her fingers by slipping them round into her pussy and now had two wriggling round inside Linda's asshole.

We both just used one hand with the other arm wrapped tightly round her. Maureen came round to her mouth first and kissed her as she had me. It was wonderful to experience and it was nearly as good to watch. Seeing Linda's tongue seized in Maureen's lips and then both tongues twisting round the other with their mouths apart was a real turn on.

Then Maureen leaned over in front of Linda and kissed me . It was as fantastic as the first time and I was tingling.Its hard to describe in words but she is an electrifying kisser my Mom. Our lips parted. I know I was smiling happily at her and I got one of her smiles, then my lips sought Linda's. We kissed gently; I wanted her to know what I felt for her.

Maureen watched us then let go of Linda and pushed us together to be full on each other. When we had finished we opened and got her to come in for another three girl hug.

We had a shower after that, bit of a crowd but we were all well washed by the time Linda turned the water off. We dried, stayed naked and went out onto her patio. Naked was the new black as far as I was concerned and I happily worked in the kitchen getting things ready, making the drinks and bringing stuff out to them as it became ready.

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