While I had been in the kitchen Linda had been on the phone and about ten minutes after I had joined them on the patio there was a knock at the door.

"Could you get that darling?" Linda asked casually. I gestured at my naked body. She nodded and waved me on too the door- people are waiting, lets not be rude- I don't know why but that simpatico thing with Maureen was working and I'm sure she was grinning behind my back. Whatever. I was so enjoying the naked thing that I strolled to the door and pulled it wide open.

My jaw dropped- it was Mrs Jensen, one of Mom's close friends.

'Um,Oh Hi Mrs um Mrs Jensen,um please come in, excuse me having no clothes on we've been out on the um patio and-'

"And you look sensational," she said interrupting me,"can I just get a look at this tattoo of yours sweetheart?"

How did she? Oh yeah. OK so I spread my feet a little bit and arched my back just a bit while she crouched down about six inches from my pussy and stared.

"May I?" she asked holding up her finger.

I nodded and spread my feet a little wider. She licked her finger and ran it from bottom up then while it was between my lips she brushed gently over my tattoo with her thumb. My hands went from by my sides to behind my head and I pushed my tummy out more for her.By now her whole hand was working my pussy and her other was caressing my butt and tickling round my butt hole-Oh and the front door was still open. Well there were bushes in the way so it would have been hard to see in but the breeze came through with both doors open and a breeze is always nice when you have nothing on.It gave a little edge to Mrs Jensen's attentions.

I was hoping she might start licking me but she stood up, kissed me and turned round. What is it with these older ladies wanting someone else to undress them? Well I did, she wasn't wearing much, just the tiniest thong I have ever seen and no bra! Once she was naked she held my hand and we went through to the patio. Maureen and Linda were seated at either end of the settee on the patio and patted beside them for us to sit. I sat by Linda,of course, and Mrs Jensen sat by Maureen.

I hated being away from Linda and I squeezed her hand and pressed against her. Mrs Jensen hugged Maureen then held her with their faces about a foot apart.

"Out of the closet at last Maureen?"

Maureen just beamed.

"About bloody time kiddo. How do you feel?"

Stupid question I know but its just one of those things you do in those situations.

"Great. I should have done this before but, oh I don't know it just all fell into place today so maybe this was meant to be but anyway I am so glad you're here with me. Yours was the only name I thought of when Linda asked if I'd like to ask someone over."

"ohhh," came the reply and some more middle aged snogging resulted.

Afterwards Mom told her what had happened, including what a shit she'd been to me and how awful she felt at how upset I had been. And I thought about that as she carried on with coming over and making up and so on, and I though that that was the first time I was aware that Mom actually cared about how I felt but it was obvious from how she spoke that she was frequently concerned about me and how I felt and I wondered if I hadn't just pulled the shutters down a bit myself and shut her out.

We do what we need to to cope, don't we? . Anyway I had Linda now and I had entered a new era with Mom that was going to be pretty damn special.

The afternoon progressed into evening. Linda did the bar-b-Que naked while I did the salads and so on and the two old dears did sweet FA.

We had a foursome after they had done the dishes and tidied up. Afterwards Maureen and I were tied up and fucked by the other two with their strap ons. The rule was that whoever was to be fucked next had to suck the cock clean so I got to taste Mom's pussy and asshole and she got to taste mine.

Oh and then, seeing as how we were helpless we both got spanked as well. Oh and we both had massive squirting multiple,yay, orgasms as well.

Well that was the start, Linda and I looked for a place of our own as did Maureen and Sandra (Mrs Jensen). We had a joint civil ceremony a year later, to make it formal, and we now live in adjoining units. Mom and I are more like sisters now and I'm a lot more confident in my self.

Both Linda and I work from home doing her,our rather, business which is doing very well and we're doing up the spare bedroom as a nursery because I'm expecting.Yes its a girl and the father is Linda's brother. He was as close as we could get to having Linda's genes in Victoria.

And that's it really. Oh just one last thing, Linda found that piece of paper I'd jotted the number and written Lady Tattooist on in my handbag. She bought a picture frame and put the paper in it then put it in pride of place on the wall in the lounge. I saw it and shook my head, oh gave her a hug too, but now its there on the wall and when people look at it and, not understanding what it means, ask her what it is she just smiles at them and says,"everything."

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